Switching Scripts

Switching Scripts


Almost all of us were raised to follow a more or less uniform script through our lives. Sometimes it was specifically taught to us, and other times we just absorbed it by watching others. But regardless of how we were trained, there are two primary problems with following this script:

  1. Following a script is unbecoming to a thinking being and leads in bad directions.
  2. Such scripts reflect what worked a generation ago, and yesterday is gone.

We all know the details of the script, of course. It goes more or less like this:

  • Do well in school.
  • Rebel with music from the entertainment corps.
  • Get shoes, clothes, and gadgets with the best corporate logos.
  • Get a university degree. (If your family isn’t rich, take student loans.)
  • Take a job at a big firm with good benefits.
  • Get a loan and buy a house.
  • Build a 401(k).
  • Believe in democracy.
  • Send your children to daycare, then school.
  • Buy brand-name goods.
  • Watch the best in entertainment.
  • Rely on Social Security and Medicare.

Do these things, and people in authority will approve of you. In fact, nearly everyone from the previous generation will approve of you. After all, you’re following the script that they wrote, back in 1984, a generation ago.

It No Longer Works

In 2014, however, this script no longer works. Manufacturing jobs are way down, selfemployment is down, and even the number of military jobs seems to be declining. We all know college grads who can’t find a job, and others who are working at Starbucks… and lucky to get that.

Poll after poll shows that the Millennial Generation (people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s) have very little expectation of doing better than their parents. The reason for that is obvious: The old script isn’t working. And while the older generation is emotionally committed to the 1984 script, the young generation isn’t. They know they’re being screwed.

Still, the old script is being promoted in media and by politicians. Almost the entire older generation – or at least those who are televised – do homage to this script, and repetitively.

What is promoted isn’t working for most of us, and government/corporate promoters will change last of all.

So, what is to be done?

Switching Scripts

The obvious answer to the question above is to switch scripts: to stop doing what no longer works, and start finding things that do work.

The problem with doing sensible things such as this, however, is that they’re scary.

Those of us who have gone to traditional schools and grew up surrounded by the televised culture (that is, almost all of us) were taught to stay within the lines and to take part only in things that have been authorized. Venturing outside the borders of the approved seems dangerous to us. That’s for weird people.

But what we find authorized is the script from the last generation, and that no longer works. So, we can either stay within the lines that were drawn for us, or we can act on our own judgment, go rogue, and work at improving our situations.

However dangerous leaving the authorized script may feel, it’s the only reasonable path to take. 1984 is gone.

So, What Is the New Script?

Obviously, there isn’t one. We have to start creating it ourselves. But if we don’t do this, the only alternative is 1984’s script – the one that worked for the generation that is in power now, and who sees the world through 30 year old lenses.

Furthermore, the most effective new ways of living won’t be handed to us from some genius authority. They will form in bits and pieces, based on the things that are working now. And it will come through many minds and by many examples, not from unified and authorized sources.

Come to Dallas in October

This October 17-19, we’ll be inaugurating a new festival, called the Going Rogue Festival. The purpose of the festival is to find, promote, and explain the things that are working now, outside of the authorized script. We’ll be covering everything from Bitcoin to home schooling to 3D printing to home farming.

We have a great group of speakers, with more to be added, but this is not just a seminar: It’s a festival. We’ll also have vendors displaying their products and services, catered meals, and a great group of people to meet, work with, and grow with.

Please come if you can. There is a discount for early registration. GoingRogue.co (When asked for a coupon code, please enter FMP)

Paul Rosenberg

[Editor’s Note: Paul Rosenberg is the outside-the-Matrix author of FreemansPerspective.com, a site dedicated to economic freedom, personal independence and privacy. He is also the author of The Great Calendar, a report that breaks down our complex world into an easy-to-understand model. Click here to get your free copy.]

7 thoughts on “Switching Scripts”

  1. The BEST way to “switch scripts” is to follow The Costanza Way —- Do The Opposite of what you normally do. It works like a charm.

    True Story. We had a fairly big lighting storm here yesterday. We’re sitting at the table and … CRACK!!!! …. a noise so loud we both jumped out of our chairs. Looked out the window. Lightning hit out huge tree in the front yard ….. split the fucker in half …. half still standing (it’s gonna have to be cut down) …. and half sprawled across the road. Thankfully, the power lines are across the street and the tree missed them, and it missed a parked car by literally just inches.

    Within 15 minutes a copfuk shows up. I stay in the house for about 15 minutes, watching the copfuk, who is walking around the downed tree in the heavy rain, looking at the part remaining, walking around the tree some more …. it seems he was fascinated by this damaged piece of vegetation … maybe even wanted to give it a ticket for illegal loitering.

    Finally I go out to see what he’s scheming. My first instinct was to say, “Hey, copfuk, you didn’t taze that fucking tree, did you, asshole?” Instead, I did the opposite. I said, “Good evening, sir. What a mess, huh?”. He told me not to worry about it, that he already called the town to have someone chop it up and get it off the road, and meanwhile he’s going to put up flares, and that he would stick around until the town tree-cutters actually showed up. Sure enough, 30 minutes later the tree-cutters show up and chop it up enough to make the street passable …. at 8AM this morning they showed up with a wood chipper to finish the job.

    Now, all this probably would still have happened if I called him a ‘copfuk’, but why take that chance? Do the opposite, people.

  2. Stucky ,Good boy ,You are finally learning how to play the game with cops. Hard to hate cops when they help you get a tree out of your yard .I bet deep down inside you liked that cop.Now Harry will probably call you an ass kissing coward but that’s ok you lived to see another day .

  3. Mr. Rosenburg is right, the script needs to change because the stage and venue have changed.

    The problem is that having the courage to change, to go against the gubment, entertainment, corporate, media, medical, military, charity, religious complexes, and our own elders is near impossible.

    It can be done. It starts with some of us older fucks opening our millennial’s eyes, and encouraging them to (smartly) open their peer groups eyes. To doubt authority (my what I would give for an old-fashioned, sixties, fight the power rally), to question the status quo, to break free and forge a new way.

    But damn, is it tough.

    As for the Going Rogue festival, holy smokes! Going Rogue is freaking expensive!

    I would love to go. But going $1000+ air fare to attend is out of the question. Why is it only rich guys (not elite, just rich) that run this stuff? Crazy shit. Those that need this seminar the most can’t afford it. Sad that only the best off of the aware will be playing.

    So it goes…

  4. Hey bb?

    Stucky said the cop called to get a crew to clear the road. Not his yard.

    As far as Rosenberg’s epiphany, well where the hell has he been? By my reckoning, he’s something like 8 or 10 years behind the curve with that information…

    The “script” I wrote for my son..

    1. Do well in school, but never stop learning.
    2. Most “music” made in the last 25 years doesn’t deserve the name. Old shit is the best shit.
    3. Clothing – buy the best quality you can and fuck the name brands. That it lasts a long time is more important than whose name is on it.
    4. Gadgets are monumental time-wasters. Fuck them too. If you want a good stereo, buy a Carver system that will last 40 years.
    5. University degrees outside of the hard sciences suck ass. Learn a trade. Then you can soak those uppity upper middle management pukes for all you want.
    6. You’ll never get anywhere working for someone else. Work for yourself.
    7. Fuck bank loans. You will inherit our house and all the land it sits on. Be happy with that.
    8. 401(k)’s are for chumps. Invest in your property and also buy gold, silver and bullets.
    9. Democracy is mob rule. Fuck that shit. That’s the reason why we don’t have one.
    10. Daycare is just a gladiator academy for kids. If you want fucked up kids, dump them in “Daycare”.
    11. Brand name goods? A poor man can’t afford to buy cheap shit. Do your research, then buy what will last longest – even if you have to save a year to do it.
    12. “Entertainment” is brainwashing. And 99.998% of it blows goats (scientific fact!). Read a book.
    13. Rely on your wife, yourself and the strength of your own two hands. Everything else is in question.

  5. Billy –

    I don’t agree with everything you write, but those 13 points are beautiful! Your son is blessed to have such a wise father.

    Spot on.

  6. Tim,

    Thanks… I am.. not used to having anything I say complimented. This is awkward…

    My father tried to beat similar concepts into my head when I was young. Most of it didn’t take. I had to learn the hard way. About ten years ago, I apologized to my father for being such an asshole when I was young, and gave him a measure of vindication – told him he was right. About most everything.

    I can only pray that my son listens better than I did at his age… but I can’t live his life for him. To me, the mark of a man isn’t succeeding. It’s getting back up after you get your ass kicked into the dirt.

    I can only do my best to prepare him. It will take more than courage to face what’s coming…


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