Better late than never. Long night at the Shamrock.

Wait, We Need to Add a Spare Tire on Top

Rember, Rember, The Fourth of Julbermb

Those Who Would Give Up Money to Purchase a Quick Tattoo Deserve Neither

Ready for Your Fourth to Get Weird?

Bear it All, for Freedom

Mr. Fish is Looking a Little Confused

The Other Red-White Meat

Don't Celebrate Your 4th Like Anybody in These Fireworks Fails!

The Path to Healing and Reconstruction After This Terrible Weather Accident Begins Now

Surprise! Your Gold is Garbage and There's No Such Thing as Magic. Goodbye!

No One is Getting into This Fortress!

So What if the Emergency on an Airplane is Caused by the Emergency Evacuation Devices?

Classic: A Visual Representation of Your Week so Far?

Bippity Boppity This Steez Right Out Your Hakuna Matata

You Noly Live Twice, so You Better Nlive and Net Dine

KFC's Newest Menu Item? Deep-Fried Towel

Krystal Henderson, 29, and 7-year-old Oliver Hallam purchased takeout from a KFC branch in Killingsworth, according to the Express. At home, Oliver took a bite out of what he assumed was chicken, but recoiled seconds later. “He pulled it out of his mouth and when he did, it pulled away the batter – you could see the blue roll inside,” Henderson said, according to the Daily Mail. Henderson said that realizing Oliver had bitten into a paper towel was worse than if it had just been bad chicken.

What a Truly Unfortunaet Typo

How to Tell it's Too Hot Out There

This News Story is Like Every Rage Comic Come to Life

Think of the Toast Monstrosities You Could Make With This

Save it Until After the Third Date, at Least

What, He's Just Trying to Crack the Ice!

Get Off My Lawn!

Revved Up and Ready to Fail

Troll Science Will Fix Global Warming!

There are Ups and Downs With Being a Human Skipping Stone

If the Boat is a-Rockin... Somebody Will Get a Mouthful of Water

I've Come to Order a Bucket of REVENGE


4 thoughts on “SATURDAY FAIL”

  1. Congratulations! Out of 161 new emails, this was the first I opened, as it will help me get through today’s aggravations! Some of these will live on as classics, especially the REALLY fresh chicken takeout at the end.

  2. That water slide is awesome! I’d have built a ramp at the bottom!

    At Boy Scout summer camp in 1978, to get my Canoeing merit badge I had to paddle out into Two Medicine lake, sink the canoe and then right it and paddle it back to shore. Doing that was not so hard. The hard part was that Two Medicine lake is in Glacier National Park and being glacier fed, the water was cold enough to make it feel like my nuts were attached to my adams apple! After we got out they told us the water was 42 degrees. The really bad part was that if we did not already have our swimming merit badge, we were required to get back in the next day and complete the tasks to needed to earn that merit badge. Before I got out of the water some of my muscles were starting to seize up from the cold. I think some of those scout leaders were sadistic! To top it all off it rained for 162 of the 168 hours we were there. We still had a blast!

  3. Lopez is nothing, in LA Gonzalez is king. Martinez kicks ass in EP. Elsewhere Hernandez, Sanchez and even Torres is popular. For some unknown reason, PRs have names that end in ‘A’, Riviera, Vierra…How did so many Indians end up with Spanish names? I have no idea.

    Now the trend to English first names is something quite unsettling for us old timers. I was surprised to find so many Daisies and Lissettes in Central America back in the 80’s. That practice really got going in the late 70’s and early 80’s in the US. George Lopez even had a skit mocking this trend. Due to the popularity of the Disney channel, Mexico had to take steps to discourage English names, some civil registers at times refusing to record kids with English names.


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