HELL [email protected] YEA!!!!!

The last few years in Wildwood I haven’t gone to the beach much. I was content to sit on the deck, read a book, and watch the sights go by. But Joyce and Mike upgraded their Section 8 Estate in the off season by installing a storm door, so they could keep their door open all day long and allow their two yappy dogs to bark at anyone and everyone on the porch. So, the lesser of two evils is now to spend a few hours on the beach among the tattooed, pierced, obese, ignorant land whales.

Don’t get me wrong. There are your fair share of hotties in bikinis, but they are astronomically outnumbered by the morbidly obese diverse masses speaking foreign languages who find it funny to feed the seagulls with no concern for those around them on the beach. The ignorance and lack of acceptable social skills is breathtaking to behold. How 250 pound women think they can or should wear a bikini on a beach is beyond my limited comprehension. I need sunglasses to prevent my eyeballs from burning at the sight of some of these people.

I was surrounded by thousands of Obama voting, EBT using, future SSDI recipients. I find it amusing that the morbidly obese have absolutely no shame regarding their appearance. They are entitled to go to the beach, but if I was as big as these people, I would wear clothing that didn’t accentuate my sloth. I also find it amusing that these people reproduce at a greater rate than normal looking people. They are usually surrounded by a horde of mixed race unruly obese cherubs running across people’s blankets (Avalon was not happy getting sand kicked in her face).

The slovenly ignorant masses also seem to have enough Obama cash to smoke a few packs a day as they sit on the beach relaxing from their hard week of not working, puffing away and enjoying nature. The vast majority are day trippers who pile into their government financed GM SUVs and head to the shore. Somehow these “poor” can afford to spend $10 a pack for their cigarette habit and drive $40,000 automobiles, while sucking off the American taxpayer teat. The only thing that could arouse them from their funnel cake and fried oreo induced beach blanket stupor was the call of the Fudgy Wudgy man pushing his cart of ice cream treats. I’ve never seen the obese masses move so fast. Like a flash they surrounded the guy dishing out $4 for a 25 cent fudgy wudgy. It would hold them over until they hit Dunkin Donuts for some Munchkins on the way back from the beach. I thought it was fitting that the American flag was flying proudly over the obese beach land whales.

The first day we were on the beach we all settled into our chairs and I started to read a book. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something hovering in the sky to my left. I looked up and to my surprise saw my first real drone. It hovered above us as if it knew I was a dissident that needed to be watched. It stayed above us for about three minutes, then moved on down the beach. About ten minutes later it came back past our spot on the beach. I was half expecting a tiny missile to be launched in my direction. I really think the task of this DHS drone was to try and find a thin person on the Wildwood beach. Mission Un-accomplished.

The truth is that the government is slowly but surely desensitizing the ignorant masses to being under constant surveillance. I looked around the beach to see if anyone else even noticed the flying surveillance vehicle “keeping them safe from terrorists”. The masses were oblivious. They were too busy chowing down on their choco-taco ice cream bars. I’m sure the vast majority of people on that beach think drones are cool and don’t have the critical thinking skills or desire to think about the long term implications of unmanned surveillance vehicles protecting the shit out of them.

Avalon did a little research and found that the New Jersey Institute of Technology is being funded by the Department of Homeland Security and is conducting a “TEST” with drones to “protect” the good citizens of New Jersey from catastrophic weather emergencies. Yeah right. The Orwellian Federal Government funds local governments, who partner with educational institutions to keep you under control and monitored 24/7. They are using your money to spy on you. This isn’t conspiracy theory. This is truth.

During the Saturday night fireworks there it was again. It hovered high above the display on the beach. I was hoping for a misfire that would take it out. It was not to be.

After this eventful day, we went back into the water the next day. Poor Avalon. I don’t even know how to take a picture with my flip phone. She settled down on the blanket to read her book and then it appeared, like Godzilla from the depths of the sea. I glanced to my right and there before my very eyes was confirmation of everything I’ve been writing about. Some people think I’m exaggerating the degradation and ignorance of the masses. The land whale in the picture below was the mother of a horde of obese welfare recipients frolicking in the waves. She was proudly taking pictures with her $300 iPhone.

I made Avalon take the picture so I could prove how far humanity has fallen. You can’t see the front of the shirt where is has HELL in huge capital letters. But you can clearly see the Motherfucking Yea!!!!!!! on the back. This is a mother alright. If a grown middle aged woman would wear this shirt in public, how do you think her hoard of welfare babies by different daddies are going to turn out? She’s an Obama voter. She believes you owe her. She deserves to be supported by you working suckers.

It is clear to me that I will be a minority in this country in the very near future. There are just too many ignorant people in this country. Their entitlement mentality, lack of intelligence, and ability to be manipulated by consumerism propaganda will keep them enslaved in debt and ignorance. And if that starts to fail, you have the Orwellian Federal government arming local police departments with military weapons and widening their surveillance state with unassuming little drones watching everything you do.

Welcome to the machine. Off to the waterpark. I can’t wait to see what happens there.

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  1. I saw a similarly large woman with a strikingly close approximation of that shirt on my last trip down to Jersey. I would have been outraged 15 years ago when I thought I could make a difference, but now it’s just a wry smirk and a sullen shake of the head. If this is what people want, then I suppose this is what they’ll get.

    Our weekend was a mix of hard work, great food, naps in the shade, a farmer’s market, a magic show for the younger kids in the park, a cookout with some friends, fireworks on the beach at the lake, a bonfire at the farm, a few cocktails on the patio overlooking the fields and watching some favorite patriotic war films with the kids- Gods and Generals, The Patriot, The Thin Red Line- along with numerous explanations of war, why we do it, bad guys vs good guys and why there really aren’t either.

    This year was kind of wistful for me. I didn’t put out any flags, something I used to do religiously, because clearly my country dumped my ass for a newer model citizen. I was heartsick there for a while, but when you love something with all your heart and that love isn’t returned, the best remedy is to move on. Being a man without a country isn’t nearly as lonely as it used to be either as every day I meet someone else who has come to the same conclusion.

    Sorry you had to look at all that ugliness in such a beautiful location- I miss the Jersey shore something awful.

  2. the admin’s story is harrowing, no doubt. my story is less so but still disturbing. this past weekend a couple friends visited. both are “well educated” high IQ liberals, repeat obama voters. the economy came up in conversation. one friend declared that it is fine and getting better, noting the stock market rise. i couldn’t believe the ignorance. i suggested that a country with 92 million people who aren’t working, many of them obese slobs, isn’t conducive to a healthy economy. neither was the -3% GDP figure last quarter. and 50 million blimps on foodstamps, 11 million on disability won’t help. unmoved, they went back to reading the NYTimes, and told me i was a kook, everything is “fine”, to stop being so negative, and that obama is doing the best he can “under the circumstances”. their complacency was breathtaking. high IQ liberals are some of the dumbest fucking idiots on the planet.

    they were also unconcerned by the alien invasion presently underway on the border, domestic spying, the IRS scandal, the teetering debt, and everything else i mentioned. i was going to set my hair on fire. we’re surrounded by fucking morons. fucking unbelievable.

  3. “The truth is that the government is slowly but surely desensitizing the ignorant masses to being under constant surveillance. I looked around the beach to see if anyone else even noticed the flying surveillance vehicle “keeping them safe from terrorists”. The masses were oblivious.”

    Kinda like folks who don’t even notice or question the chemtrails above their heads. We get ’em all the time here in N.Va and I live near the airport and can say for certain they are not happening on normal flight patterns. Geoengineering my ass!


  4. Lol. We live in idiot land. Twilight zone. Crazy town. Stupid ville. FUBAR. We are doomed. Unreal. Embarssing to be Merican. Or am I a Mexican and don’t know it yet. I am so confused.

  5. Coming back to New Jersey about 9 years ago (big fuckin mistake), and having been away fro “the shore” for two decades, I couldn’t wait to go!!

    Jim, I swear on my soul, I saw EXACTLY what you did …. only probably worse, as I went to Sandy Hook State Park …. which is just a stone’s throw from Newark and Long Island Bennies, so the riff-Rafe was likely even greater . It was so god-awful I haven’t been back since.

    I distinctly remember from the days of my yoof when neegrows avoided the beach like the plague. They actually thought it was stoopid white-man thing. I guess these days it’s the only way they can take a bath.

  6. archie

    I feel your pain. I have a libtard Oreo-nut-sack-lickin seester. Can’t get rid of family, though. But …… you could get new friends!

  7. Several weeks back I noticed a weird sound in my yard. Come to find out the neighbors across the street have been flying a drone over their backyard, which is to say that they could be surveilling my entire yard and several others. Damned annoying, actually. Fortunately they seem to have gotten bored with their new toy and I haven’t seen it or heard it lately.

    Spent the weekend at the lake. These holiday weekends have gotten really crazy. Since most regional lakes are nearly dry, our little pass-thru constant level lake is overwhelmed with jet-skis and boats of all sizes, the drivers of which are sadly lacking in the nautical rules of the road. Next weekend it will hopefully be back to near-normal.

  8. Went fishing . Step over a log and got bit by a black snake .Hurt like Hell.I got in my truck and drove home .Watched tv the rest of the day .That was my vacation ..

  9. Citizens with our perspective are truly becoming Strangers in a Strange Land.

    I have given up trying to enlighten those near and dear to me. They think I’ve got nutty ideas. When I try to suggest a certain viewpoint in alignment with what loosely passes as the liberty movement, my comments are summarily dismissed. Well it keeps me humble anyway.

    I perceive that the number one issue is denial. People cannot summon the emotional strength to admit what is coming at them like the proverbial freight train. The number two issue is stupidity. Or is it ignorance? While reading Washington’s farewell speech (a challenging assignment) I was struck with the complexity of the structure, the descriptive phrases and clauses stacked on top of one another, requiring my brain to hold several ideas simultaneously to get through one sentence. Furthermore, this piece was meant to be comprehended with only auditory skills, making the task even more difficult. I could only conclude that the intellectual heft of the populace of 1796 was far greater than is apparent today. Our national brain is flabby -no, atrophied – from lack of exercise. No wonder Boobus Americanus is the national caricature. Blame the schools, blame the values extolling entertainment above thinking, blame television, blame the government, blame it all. That lady and her t-shirt are a perfect metaphor for our sad decline.

  10. I got together with my in-laws in a pretty modest celebration. We shot off about 100$ worth of fireworks, we spent more time sitting around the firecircle and bullshitting than we did boosting the chinese economy.

    The neighbors shot off about 1/3 of their takehome pay though. Large 40$ shells flying into the air continuously for hours on end. We know them fairly well, and know that any one of us adults make more than their combined income, and we don’t have a trio of little ones either.

    And yet they won’t deny their babies anything.

    Part of the problem in this country is that the bleeding hearts won’t admit when enough is enough. A brand new car, McMansion, 700 channel cable and iPhone 5S aren’t needs, they are wants.

    I have no problem helping my fellow man. I give hitchhikers a ride when able, will buy a homeless man food, and volunteer with my wife to help out the lesser school districts in our town.

    Education, health and family are all worth infinitely more than gadgets and gizmos, but the government can’t give those so its settled for a facsimile.

    Education: No child left behind and common core. We know your child can’t pass real classes, but they can still feel good about themselves.

    Health: Big is beautiful! Its possible to have a BMI of 36 and still be gorgeous! Appreciate your body!

    Family: Sometimes parents don’t work out, thats why the government has so many programs, to help make your broken home still feel like a normal one!

  11. I’d love to see some photos from the Jersey shore in ~ 1946. The men probably had BMI’s around 22. Everything is getting worse all the time.

  12. Greetings,

    I am at the beach as well but in Cervia, Italy. The people here, for the most part, are thin and in excellent shape. I do not see people dressed as clowns and anyone as obese as the woman pictured would go hide in shame.

    In the evenings, I sit in the courtyard and take on anyone who dares in a game of chess while a small crowd gathers to drink their wine and comment on the game.

    The best part about all of this is that the American middle class is now too poor to travel much beyond their own borders. I have not seen a single American here at the beach. I did, though, see some in Venice where they had just been disgorged from a cruise ship for their obligatory “one day stay” in Venice. Watching them huff and puff their way to St. Mark’s Square was, for the moment, more interesting than the scenery. The ridiculous land whale Americans stood out like a sore thumb. Everyone was fat but most shocking was the 200lb+ teenage girls trying to “show it off”. I wonder if they felt out of place or even realized how ridiculously retarded they looked compared to their European and Chinese (the Chinese were everywhere!) counterparts. Probably not.

    The American Empire, my friends, is at an end.

  13. A fat sixteen, or one, year old is tragic, they truly didn’t have a chance.

    A fat 25 year old, with multiple children, has willfully shot their health.

    This is what you get when you support free health care for the least productive.

    Sick, blowing out body parts, shooting out babies, soon to be shooting insulin and scooting around in their free Rascal.

    It dawned on me a couple years back, I’m avoiding public shindigs because I just cannot stomach the freaking entitled landwhales and their entitled offspring.

    I admit that I am a anti-fattite. I was raised by them, I have seen what obesity does to a body – and a pocketbook – and I cannot stand to have to compete for pay-for-it entertainment with them.

    It’s making me a recluse, ah well.

    Just think, everyone of the landwhales you spotted are going to cost everyone of us an ever-increasing amount of our daily labors.

    Thank gawd I’m not fat, somebody has to remain skinny enough to get up and go to work to pay for it all.

  14. We were on vacation at the other WB, Wrightsville Beach. I saw an RC quad copter my first day there, being run by a videographer, or at least, that’s what he said after I figured out it wasn’t a kite.

    The annoying thing was the helicopter runs being done out of the AFB near Camp Lejeune, 60 miles to the north. One of them actually harassed a 60′ fishing yacht by flying directly over it, then turning on it’s side to peer down directly onto the fishing deck.

    The most annoying thing was the 4 engine DHS speed boat that cruised through the 4th of July celebration at Masonboro Island a few times, with obviously the most expensive boat there, or close to it. The kids were waving, and a few stupid parents. Everyone else was wearing a WTF expression. I suggested throwing glass objects at them and they would get the idea pretty quick. No one seconded the motion.

    I consider it all harassment. I can’t wait for their party to end, and we take these fascists down. Patrick Henry said it best, and I won’t to any relocation camp peacefully. Or, I could be wrong and they come in peace. Yeah, right!

    BTW, I didn’t see ANY fat ugly chicks at the southern WB. PLEASE KEEP THEM UP THERE!

  15. You’re a braver man than I Jimbo. I stay as far from the stupid collective as reasonably possible and not so much as the inflated cost of eye bleach these days, but mostly from the realization that stupid people in large pack are very dangerous. And, I’m sure that speedo you donned didn’t leave you much room for a Glock 30.

  16. I wouldn’t worry too much-they’re dead once the free money runs out. Enjoy the show when they’re starving and devouring each other.

  17. My vacation.

    Drove the truck up to the garden center. Bought 15 bags of “organic matter”, garden soil and a 2 gallon bug sprayer.

    (Last week we had two black locust trees cut down. Later on in the week, Stump Grinder Guy showed up and took care of the rest.)

    My weekend was spent digging the combined dirt/wood chips out of the holes, combining some with the “organic matter”, backfilling the holes, tamping it all down, seeding the lawn-patch-job with fescue and some other seed we had laying around. At the bottom of the first hole, I found The World’s Oldest Lag Bolt. Given the level of corrosion and deterioration – and that it was under the tree, it probably dated to the construction of the house, about 100 years ago.

    Covered the whole mess with straw and watered it down… the rest of the dirt/wood chips we spread around the trees in the orchard to act as mulch…

    Still got a bit to do. Butcher bill was – one almost blown out back, one right rotator cuff, my right elbow and left wrist (no clue how I pranged my them). And a sunburn… Showered, ate dinner, 3 fingers of whiskey, some aspirins and then just wiped out on the couch… We settled down to watch 300 – Rise of an Empire. Not bad.

    Didn’t put out the flag.. didn’t have the heart.

  18. Just got back from a run to a tractor junkyard in Vermont. Had to drive through one of the few cities up this way, home to the county seat and the only WalMart for a hundred miles. The town is known for it’s heroin problem, high taxes, crappy, run down town center and a population of chronically unemployed and/or tattooed layabouts on the public dole. Right on the edge of the highway someone/thing had set up one of those cheap plastic baby pools and two morbidly obese 3 year olds were splashing in it, one text message away from becoming roadkill. My son noticed the kids and asked- “what happened to them?”

    What is the right answer for that kind of malady?

  19. Great rant. Glad it was you and not me. There is no shame anymore, anything goes and nothing matters. The welfare jackanapes are making the equivalent of $57,000 a year in cash, free food, free heatlhcare, free housing, tax free. They’re living the high life, and think they deserve it. There are so many obese white chicks screwing black dudes squeezing out mulatto babies (socialized black) that their going to give the beaners a run for their money in becoming the majority in this country. And 99.9% of black chicks are morbidly obese, disgusting filthy swearing offensive animals eating their weight in food stamps every month. It gets harder to go out in public anymore, it’s disturbing and offensive. Obama has increased welfare spending by 50%, and look at the results…..Socialism is great until Obama and the liberal progressives run out of other people’s money. The collapse can’t happen soon enough for me…..

  20. “What is the right answer for that kind of malady?” ——— HF

    Tell your kids they had BAD parents. And this is what your children can expect if THEY become bad parents (which I know they won’t …. but a little scare-lesson never hurts).

    “I lay the sins of the parents upon their children; the entire family is affected–even children in the third and fourth generation.” ———– Exodus 20:5

    There is nothing “religious” about that verse, per say. It IS a fact of life. Your children become what you teach them … and they learn by WATCHING what you do, not what you say, primarily. One bad set of parent(s) can set off a horrible chain-reaction that spans generations.

  21. Admin, you and I were both checking out hogs on the fourth but at different locations. Spent my fourth with a good friend roaming the woods of Southwest Florida hog hunting. Seen a couple of HOT country girls with their AR’s hunting also.

    I have a hard time getting out in crowds anymore. And to think I use to be the long haired red neck people would look at and scorn. Not anymore, seems the red necks know things are fucked up, and they will listen when you explain why. My old drinking buddies call me “The Professor” since I don’t watch TV anymore and I am always reading.

    They need to send some of those drones out over the country side where I play. I know Billy Bob would shoot that right out of the sky. Probably mount it also.

  22. Somebody should forward that 1950’s Wildwood photo to Kunstler, there’s several pair of swim trunks that would suit him.

  23. When their pancreas give out and their body stops working right they will expect sympathy from us. Ask them if they are type 2 diabetic . If their answer is yes just tell them they asked for it and they deserve their misery. Then tell them you don`t give a shit.

  24. It is funny how a pants pooping is always included in the people of Walmart. You can use baby powder scent and a motorized cart to try to maintain some dignity, but the truth always comes out at the end – obesity is very trying for a rectum.

  25. Spent my 4th on the front porch reading a book about druids watching the thunder and lightening, along with the massive amount of rain. I started the day with a 4 mile run, well I call it a run, most runners would say a jog, but it burns off the beer that I so enjoy. My kids are fortunately both slim, I am sure they have seen their dad for years get up early and either work on the house or go out running, usually both. I am neither athletic nor predisposed to excessive exercise but you need to keep the body in motion. My mother was the national champion for dance roller skating in her late 60’s. She had competed for 2 decades in this over 55 competition (Three of her partners died) yet she refused to quit. She is now 80 and still working selling real estate, as she has since 1973. I have seen shortcomings in my parents, but not for lack of effort. All four sons were in 4-H, we grew tremendous gardens, started work at 13, all could work on cars, all can do woodwork, we have all built houses some of us several, I have helped build over 500. is is not by chance, this is because my parents instilled upon us a work ethic that we took seriously. If we committed to a job we followed through even if our best interests were not fully taken in. I often think that the growing majority do not have the commitment to finish the job. So many want the easy way out. That will work until it doesn’t, and many will soon find out.

  26. NONANON…I love Wrightsville Beach but prefer Sunset Beach or Calabash. Myrtle Beach has too many loud mouths and fatties .

    I turned 55 today….I vowed NEVER to be one of those old guys with a huge gut. I work out 4 days a week and I’ve NEVER had a gut….I have too much respect for myself .

  27. Iska,
    I have seen pictures of many of these Ecuadorians and they , while not as obese, are surprisingly fat for oppressed people who had to travel such a hard road out of a country that terrorizes them, to collect the freedom they so have earned in America. I am stunned that so many Americans are falling for this invasion. They will be disappointed wit the final outcome


  28. HSF summed up how I feel: A man without a country.

    Venturing into public is like visiting a zoo nowadays.

    I started my fourth by mowing the lawn and some other lite yard work. We gave the dogs a bath then headed out to a small resort at a nearby lake where my best friend keeps a 5th wheel set up. We sat around drinking a few beers before eating smoked brisket with corn on the cob and homemade fruit salad. Just before dark we headed down to the beach and sat in the boat watching fireworks.

    Saturday I worked on the neverending front yard landscaping project. Sunday I did my best imitation of a waste of human skin before making a costco run and then taking my wife out to dinner.

  29. AWD that jet ski is a 2014 Kawasaki ultra 310
    Bad to the bone. I am going to buy one this Winter after season is over.

  30. Dayammmmm……these beats are so FRESH!
    It just wouldn’t be summer without a righteous Wildwood Story…………..For some reason I think I saw the same people you were talking about in the post…….but I can’t figure it out, …….you know? because…..well, I was in a WalMart in Alabama………..

  31. Gayle says:

    ” While reading Washington’s farewell speech (a challenging assignment) I was struck with the complexity of the structure, the descriptive phrases and clauses stacked on top of one another, requiring my brain to hold several ideas simultaneously to get through one sentence.”

    It’s just wordy. Like Washington, Melville commits many sins a modern English teacher would not forgive. At least when I went to school, teachers taught that every new idea should have its own paragraph. Back then, they just inserted every new idea without using parenthesis. Simplicity without simpleness is the basis of modern writing since Cervantes’ time: “If that is the way you tell your tale, Sancho,” said Don Quixote, “repeating everything you say two times, it will take you two days to finish. Just go straight on with it, and tell it like a reasonable man, or else say nothing.”

  32. Reading what everyone did on the 4th is really interesting.

    Mine — which no one will want to hear details about — was most like Billy’s. But, over the course of four days, I got the 30 items on my “to do” list crossed out. Blisters to prove it, but it feels great to finally finish that damn list.

  33. There are all kinds of beaches here in SoCal, tourist beaches, private beaches, nudist beaches, beaner beaches, whitebread beaches (butterfly beach), out of the way beaches, Hoity toity beaches.

    Wildwood sounds like my kind of beach. I’ll be heading that way soon as I stop in Colorado for some Ganja (for my diabetes 2, you know).

  34. I live twenty to thirty miles from several decent beaches and I can’t remember the last time I was at the beach. Been to the docks and marinas recently but the beach lost my interest around when I was 25 and got married. But Fort Lauderdale beach in the early 80’s was very cool, cops were even decent.

  35. This last few months, I’ve started a new hobby-IDing plants and learning what’s edible or useful and actually eating them.

    Today, after work, I took my spouse and baby out to go wild berry picking. We got nearly a quart of wild raspberries, black raspberries, and black berries in an hour or two of ambling around in the heat and humidity.

    It’s nice to get out and find free food in the “wild” around my neighborhood and the nature trail. I always carry a field guide to ID new plants and see what useful things are in the area. I wish I had started this hobby sooner-there are so many useful things just out in the open. No one knows what they are. I’ve met 2-3 other people who pick, too, but generally I find the bushes undisturbed. I had the mulberries all to myself this season. The black raspberries were practically untouched and the raspberries appear to be mostly untouched, as well.

    That’s fine by me; I’ve already cooked one wild berry pie for my family during our beach vacation 2 weeks ago. It went well with my wild mint ice cream-I hand-cranked it, myself! I’ve also frozen 2+ quarts of berries for future use. I’m wondering what to do next; wild jam, pie, or save them for the winter.

    My baby loves it, too, but hasn’t figured out what is edible and what shouldn’t be touched and I have to pay a toll in berries as I pick to keep baby from just grabbing anything interesting off the side of the trail. She’ll try to eat anything from a dandelion puffball to random leaf to unripe berries and worse. I figure she earns them, since she’s patient enough to let me pick while she sings to herself and endures the heat and the occasional mosquito. I, on the other hand, come out of the brambles scratched and covered in blood suckers, but the little berries are worth it.

    Berries have been easy, and I’m waiting for the various local nuts to come into season. I’ve found some hickory and I’ll have mountains of acorns to pick later this year. One thing I haven’t gone out for yet are wild greens and tubers, but that’s on the list. I’ve already got tons of spicebush spotted around here, sassafras, and various forms of wild lettuce, thistles, and others.

    It might sound kind of peculiar, but I derive a certain joy every time I find and properly identify a new plant, especially since I’ve probably walked past it a million times and never known what it was. It’s sort of like… I dunno, like meeting someone new. “Oh, you’re a…. chicory. Hey, I know you-you’re what po folks used to make coffee from! Cool!”

    Last night, we went out too late to pick berries, but I took a couple beers with me and led the spouse and baby down into the woods to see the lightning bugs. I’ve never seen them in the massive numbers I do here; they turn the black woods into a twinkling, glittering light show. A camera couldn’t do it justice. That’s wayyyy better than TV.

    Top that, land whales!

  36. Boosh!

    If I didn’t know better, I would say you’re a Finster Films fan.

    “Johnny, does your mother still hang out at dockside bars?”

  37. Hey GilbertS, in my neck of the woods you need to be aware of bears as they are rather fond of berries.

    About twenty years ago my neighbor and one of his friends both had new babies and they and their wives went out picking huckleberries. The wives and babies were relaxing on blankets next to the trail at the top of the hill. As my friend was picking berries he heard a faint “B” sound as a blur went past him up the hill. He looked down the hill to see a black bear quietly munching his was through the berry patch. He walked to the top of the hill looking for his friend but the wives were jut sitting there wondering what was going on.

    The fool was so scared he ran a mile or so down the road leaving his newborn baby, wife and friends behind.

  38. We watched a good sized sow and two cubs eating berries yesterday from a safe distance while we picked berries. She chuffed at us to give us fair warning, but she never got up, just scooted her butt down some ledge to keep up with her young. A nice thunderstorm came up- that sweet cool breeze that precedes it filled with ionized air blowing in from the west.- and both of us looked each other over then slowly made our way back down from the mountain in opposite directions.

  39. HSF, the black bears are fairly docile as long as they know you’re there and you don’t push them. I don’t think I’ve heard of black bears getting aggressive in 20 years. I’ve never encountered a grizzly at close range but they are much more aggressive. I always make plenty of noise and shout or whistle frequently when I know bears are around.

  40. Thanks for the warning, but bears aren’t an issue here. Illegals are a bigger threat. They walk among us…

  41. LOL…when I comes to slinging metaphors Kunstler ain’t got jack on Ol’ Remus..

    It’s down here we also find the highest incidence of uber-obesity on the planet, although in some slight defense even this has been transformed into showbiz by adult women. The walk of choice suggests an homage to penguins, legs propelled by pitching them forward with the hips, a pronounced bobbing from side to side, lower arms deployed like flippers rowing in rhythmic counterbalance lest they tip over in mid-stride. When encountering them the overall effect is one of being stalked by steam-powered machinery. In response we’re urged to sprinkle their environs with vendors of yuppie-style health foods. How bizarre. Their puzzled disbelief would easily match ours.


  42. I was saddened to see those “beauties” in their bikinis. Where has personal pride gone that makes them think we wanna see that shit. Fuck them and all their grossness. Long live the gap!!!

  43. Gimme more, Spartacus! overthecliff got a woody but he doesn’t know what to do with it. Libertarians shore love to tell people what to do, what to wear at the beach. Ain’t nobody forcing you to look.

    You all are stuck on these Peter Pan version of women, well, when the shit goes shit-shaped, all women are going to look like anorexic stick figures. Look, go to any strip joint and only the chubbies have some real ass and boobs, everyone else is 50% silicone, even the trannies, yechh.

    My kids don’t like fresh orange juice, they say it doesn’t taste like the real stuff that comes in a carton. I think you guys have been admiring the silicone too long.

    Where is that beach, Sparty?

  44. Just saw this. Hilarious!

    I’ll post the video separately to make sure it shows up.

    A Florida man celebrating the Fourth of July with his friends and family on New Smyrna Beach noticed two middle-aged women trying to make off with his tent canopy, beach chairs, boogie boards, and kids’ toys. So he confronted them, with a cameraphone, and got an unexpected fireworks show.

    “Is that yours?” the man asks the two ladies, who appear flummoxed as they try to break down his canopy and abscond with it.

    “Yeah,” one woman tells him, “but we don’t know how to do it.”

    “Oh,” he says, almost snickering. “You need some help?”

    “Do you know how to do it?” both women ask him.

    “Yeah,” he says. “This is our stuff.”

    After a long, awkward pause, the ladies try to double down and claim the gear is theirs. “No,” says the man. “It’s all ours. All of it. The chairs, the bags, this is all our stuff… My kid’s, yeah, that’s my kids’. I’m sorry,” he says, as the shocked women look at each other and try to figure out their next move.

    “That’s okay,” he says, “we’ll let it slide. I’m glad I made it [back] in time.”

    The ladies do not let it slide. Rather, they appear to assault him. One of the women yells at him for recording the event, chasing him to get at the camera, and appears to hit him. “Seriously?” he says, laughing, as the video cuts off.

    I reached out to the man—who asked that we refer to him only by his first name, Rich—through a mutual friend, and he gave some additional background on the encounter, including what happened after the video cut out; it involves one of the women screaming at Rich, “I’ll grab your dick!”:

    We were enjoying a great family day at the beach. My sons needed a nap. We were staying a block from the beach and decided to walk them home, and leave our chairs and canopy set up. I’ve been to New Smyrna Beach a thousand times and felt it was safe enough to do so. We were gone for about an hour and a half.

    My dad is a local and mentioned that Beach Patrol may pick up items that are left alone. I was skeptical but volunteered to check.

    My sister, Lib, offered to join as I was walking out the door but I told her I’d take care of it. From the boardwalk I was dismayed that I didn’t see my canopy set up. Then I spotted our chairs loaded up in our beach cart with two women (attempting) to break down the canopy. I ran down the ramp to the beach and pulled out my iPhone to share what I was seeing with my wife and sister back at the house.

    If I were to judge a book by its cover, theft would not have been my first thought. I honestly thought they were being neighborly because NSB is Mayberry on the beach. I was surprised when they said it was theirs and stuck with the story. They were grasping for straws by saying my oldest son’s beach toy belonged to them. I offered to let them move along but the one woman “was not making it slide.”

    Her partner aka Tankini threatened to “take that camera and put it in the grass.” There wasn’t a blade of grass in sight so you know she meant business. She slapped at my phone, scratching the screen with a ring. I thought it was hilarious that this lady that was clearly in the wrong was actually coming at me. I did not intentionally stop the recording.

    What followed was pure gold. I continued to back up as we went around the canopy frame. In the most bizarre moment she gnashed her teeth, lunging at me with an open palm and said, “I’ll grab your dick!” I appreciated the offer but didn’t feel the chemistry was there.

    The two then said they needed to call “Pat”, which may or may not have been the androgynous SNL character. He or she was going to apparently clarify what they were doing with my stuff. Lady in Red said, “We need to get a phone, but not his. His phone is tainted.” They then scurried off towards the parking lot.

    I couldn’t believe what just happened. I messaged the vid to my wife and sister back at the beach house, just the video without a message. The way the video ends I can now understand their concern. They told me they got in the car immediately and called the police right away. My wife, sister, and niece arrived a few minutes later, Beach Patrol a few minutes after that.

    I explained that nothing was taken and the “assault” didn’t warrant filing a police report or pressing charges. The Beach Patrol Officer explained that this never happens in New Smyrna Beach, which I agree with wholeheartedly. The 4th of July holiday brought out large crowds of beachgoers and a few bad apples had less than the best intentions. We’ve definitely learned that you shouldn’t leave your belongings unattended, even in Mayberry.


  45. Wow, what nice ladies.
    Gotta love that accent, too.
    And why would you try to pretend you own a child’s toy?

  46. That’s hilarious, those fat pigs at the beach in bikinis. Absolutely disgusting, no shame, they could care less if the make people want to puke. No self-respecting white dudes would fuck those pigs, ever, and nowadays, 2/3 of chicks are fat asses. So what happens? It’s a bonanza for black dudes (and Mexicans), who will literally fuck anything, but neegrows love morbidly obese chicks (just like 99% of their “mommas”). As Admin said, there are more mulattoes running around like wild animals, and white birth rates are dropping. Another generation and whites will be outnumbered, as the fucking government is running their welfare breeding program, where they pay for every single mulatto welfare baby being born, then for 18 years of free shit, compounded by the number of black baby daddies the fat white pigs can fuck. What a fucking country we have become. We’re doomed.


  47. @Balzytch, that picture is telling on so many levels.

    Look at their eyes, the woman is elated, happy, in love. The guy’s face is closed and he appears to already be searching for the next woman to mount.

    The story of the beach blanket bitches is yet more proof of how screwed up we have become.

    Middle aged, white, women, stealing on a holiday. I doubt they were taking it to pawn it, well all of it. I’m sure they just wanted it and felt that since they were the first to “claim” it, it was theirs. Finders keepers and all that.

    How freaking dare the guy that paid for it not let them take it!

    No shame, no morals, no personal ethics and obviously we have lost the joy in earning our own way. Proud of the day’s work, accomplishments and prayers.

    No longer. We rate our pride based on third party professional sports teams, our kids’ goals in soccer, our level reached in Candy Crack Saga, or what movie we saw, what tv show we follow, what car we drive.

    The majority can barely be called human anymore. The masses in Africa living in huts, eking out their existences, live fuller lives than the millions that inhabit this “first” world.

    God ain’t going to save, nor fix, this shit. These humans cannot be fixed. They live with pain, horrible sadistic medical tests, shortness of breath, reduction of life and mobility and choose to do little, to nothing, to change. I’m living this story and can tell you that the human’s ability to deal with the misery as long as they can sit on their asses and eat cookies and chips, is a sight to behold.

    So, since these people will NOT voluntarily change, we all know what the “fix” will be. The trick is in how we stay away from it and save our families. History shows us that the innocent escaping the chaos is difficult at best, I’ll bet near impossible in the maximum security prison we call freedom in the USSA.

    At least there is no doubt that I can run faster and survive longer than at least 40% of the population. My dearest hope is that the 40% will so clog the system and keep the feds busy and stretched and less able to worry about the rest of us.

    I doubt it, but there is the hope.

  48. TE

    Great comment. There is some higher power out there. There are still moral, ethical, spiritual people who do the right things, but not that many. The collapse is going to be biblical, the FSA is going to go berserk, the neegrows will line up for days to get section 8 housing vouchers, but can’t be bothered to get a job, stay in school, not break the law or murder/rape people, and screw morbidly obese white chicks and live off that fine welfare money, which Obama pays $57,000 a year for. They’re going to burn this country to the ground, which is probably a good thing. What this country has turned into hurts my brain, and our kids are going to be left with a giant shit sandwich.


  49. @AWD, yes they are. It was depressing enough thinking about the future for my 9 y.o. daughter, now that I have an 18 month old granddaughter, I can fall into absolute shock and horror. I’ve often wondered if I would have had her had I known 10 years ago what I learned a few short years later. Ah well, if “ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts, then everyday would be Christmas.

    The kids WILL be made to pay. Which is why I’m trying to teach them to believe nothing, question everything, value their health/bodies and take care of themselves, including how to feed, clothe and take care of a family if Wally World is shut down.

    The Silents and the Boomers chose to ignore basic reality, defer all personal responsibility to the bureaucrats, and believe in fairy tales as long as they were the recipients of the good.

    The Millennials and X’ers will be the ones that will have to pay for their parents and grand parents lives full of opportunity and wealth.

    And we won’t even get an “our bad,” nor “we’re sorry.” At least not in this life. Maybe in another.

  50. Yeah, all you can do is prepare, arm yourself, stockpile food and supplies, and don’t give the savages a chance. It’s coming, everyone’s been warned, if you don’t head the warnings and prepare, good luck. There is no going back…..


    Bling bitches….MOOBS


  51. Years ago I realized with sorrow that my then-future kids would have to be raised not to automatically trust old people. When I was little, it seemed like all older people could be trusted. If you needed help, you could generally rely on an older adult. It seemed like they were all WWII or Korea or even Nam vets and plain, upstanding folks. All my dad’s friends were vets and I looked up to all of them. Their wives were all nice folks, too. I never felt concerend or worried dealing with older folks. Now, my kids will get to deal with aging former hippies or prostitutes or meth heads or burger flippers. Those worthless snowbirds from the beach vid are a geat example. Trust no one, kids. Even grannies aren’t safe. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSkCLbb3sq1vGOtJVi_WI1GnhJ0Ka81JeOSdLqrawiePngQ2I7agrandma.jpg?w=190&h=300

  52. Baby Boomers are the most obese generation in the history of the world. They can’t stop shoveling food into their pieholes. The National institute of Health says 300,000 people die from obesity every year, but it’s much higher. The legacy of the baby boomers. Now there is no shame, anything goes and nothing matters. And Obama is giving free food stamps to 50 million people to throw gasoline on the fire.


  53. Here’s a vid of an Atlantic City Beach vendor who gets bullied for some reason, but ends up the winner of the confrontation. (The direct YouTube link requires to verify your age–which is stupid since there is no nudity or cursing. Guess YouTube/Google likes playing nanny to all of us).

    The link below describes the encounter:

    “As you watch the video pay close attention to the street vendor’s right hand. While he attempted all methods of avoiding confrontation – stepping backwards from the fight, walking away, and even putting his hands up in a universal non-confrontational manner – it is clear that he went into the situation with the assumption that this individual might take it further than just a screaming match. As such, he concealed what seems to be some sort of metallic weapon in his right hand.”

    But if you watch closely, you see the vendor move the “weapon” from his right hand to his left hand just before landing the blow. I think it’s a knife and he was reluctant to use it, rightfully so. The punch was all that was needed.



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