5 thoughts on “SUNDAY FUNNIES”

  1. World Cup Refund


    After Nigeria was eliminated from the world cup the
    Nigerian captain personally offered to refund all the
    expenses of fans that traveled to Brazil. He said he
    just needs their bank details and pin numbers to
    complete the transaction.

  2. Leobeer , I think.you have a mental illness or maybe just good old-fashion demon possession. Anyone that likes socker is suffering from some sort of mental derangement.You need help . Lots of help.The devil got you boy.

  3. The incredible shrinking Man …..1958 like that movie.I would never take little bbs catnip.I might take bite of his food ever now and then but never his catnip.I just got through giving him his weekly bubble bath .He smells like roses and he is happy as can be .


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