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Thousands of football fans clashed with police in Buenos Aires Sunday after celebrations at the Obelisco turned sour and some began breaking into stores and looting. Police used water canon and tear gas to deter fans.

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  1. Meanwhile, In Argentina: Riot Police Unleash Tear Gas & Water Cannons In Buenos Aires – Live Feed

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/13/2014 22:44 -0400

    With the nation teetering on the brink of default amid major inflation pressures at home and growing poverty (and Kirchner facing pressure into next year’s election), today’s loss in the FIFA World Cup final appears to have lit the blue touch paper. As RT reports, police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse angry fans in Buenos Aires. Following the mass gathering around the Obelisk during the game, fans clashed with riot police as the loss sunk in. There are no reports of civilian injuries but 8 police were hurt. Rio has also seen violence between Argentina fans and others (and Brazil’s Rousseff has issued a calming statement).

    As AP reports,

    Riot police are firing tear gas and using water cannons to restrain a group of youth who are hurling rocks and vandalizing stores at a rally in Buenos Aires to celebrate Argentina’s gutsy performance in a 1-0 loss to Germany in the World Cup finals.

    Parents with young children could be seen running down streets after police, who at first remained on the sidelines, tried to take back the area near the city’s iconic Obelisk after 9 p.m. local time.

    Local media reported 8 police officers were injured in violence late Sunday.

    The disturbances came after thousands of Argentines gathered peacefully at the Obelisk with families and neighbors to applaud Argentina’s best World Cup performance in 24 years.

    The Obelisk where fans watched the game…

    Has become a riot zone…

    And even in Rio there were problems after the match…

    Perhaps fearing the same in Brazil, President Rousseff issued a ‘calming’ statement:

    A letter written by Brazil’s President Dilma Roussef was released on Sunday, suggesting the national soccer team to “take advantage of the lessons learned in the tournament to improve more our football, both inside and outside the stadiums.”

    The letter refers to the team’s disappointing performance in the match against Germany, where Brazil was defeated with a score of 7-1, as well as in the 3-0 defeat against the Netherlands in the third-place match. Afterwards, the Brazilian team was harshly criticized by experts and fans.

    Rousseff’s message began saying that both the national team and the country’s football “are greater than any other fleeting result.”

    “What will stay stronger in the heart of our people are the moments of joy that you gave us in this World Cup and that will certainly guarantee us future championships,” the letter said.

    “Everyone of us, without exception, will know how to take advantage of the lessons learned to improve even more our football, both inside and outside the stadiums,” she added.

    Rousseff affirmed that “we, the Brazilians, did not raise the trophy, but we made the Cup of the cups. Without you, this would not have been possible.”

    “Our love and our gratitude for you,” said the letter.

  2. Some people use any excuse for a riot. If they had won, they would have used that for an excuse.

    It’s not just an Argentinian thing.

  3. Surprised there haven’t been any riots in Brazil. Then again, I haven’t been on the net yet this morning … maybe there were.

    I can guaran-damn-tee you that had Germany lost, there would not have been riots in that country.

  4. I was thinking the same thing .Those white boys from Germany can play socker better then all those people of color and they don’t like it worth a Damn.I think it’s funny. How about you Leobeer?

  5. I enjoyed the game, and coming in second isn’t all bad. I saw Angela Merkel give the short German guy (Mario Gotze) who made the point a little ear nibble.

  6. ??????? IT`s a game! Gives insight into the fools who think soccer,baseball,football and hockey are important. A profitable diversion by the elite who are laughing their asses off on their way to the bank.

    The dumb asse who think this stuff is important deserve what they get.

    Above all else be armed.

  7. Merkel and Putin at the World Cup. She looks like she could be his sister.

    Why Brazilians still love Germany after that royal ass whupping …


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