1. I don’t know if they’ll drop the bomb BUT I’m SURE that they’ll shoot down a commercial airplane in a desperate attempt to isolate Russia and counteract Putin’s growing popularity worldwide.

    “They” being YOU American’ts.

  2. In the absurd heat and sweating humidity I hear only the cicadas weep out their rattlesnake song.

    And nary a vocal from ufmat.

  3. And so I switched the aircraft battery power on and fired up the APU. Next I checked the buss

    Boost pumps on.

    Air pressure good.

    Spin up the engines. 37%

    Throw fuel to it.

    Increase in N1 and N2

    EGT verifies light off
    \Engine 2

    Start valve open.\
    All normal.

    N1 at 37%


    at 10%


    Tower, clear for takeoff?
    Full throttle [EPR shows good]


    V2 gear up.

    V3 [positive rate of climb]

  4. Anonymous: As one of the few old bold pilots you’ll ever meet, I am absolutely positive the the laws of physics require you to get a bit of V3 before you drop the plane on the runway by having V2 slip in first.

    Just because you rotate at V1 doesn’t mean you take off.

    Just say’n….


  5. Just finished watching the Prepper grid downage vid from NatGeo off of ZH, then I get down to this…

    While I am now gainfully employed (at one of the local country clubs, (dishwashing for the fucking 1%’ers). I have been doing my best to “prep.” I’ve not been buying food/gold, I’ve been stockpiling .22 LR ammo. Nearing 1000 rounds before long. But I see there are some other simple things I need to be doing that I’ve already been telling relatives in earthquake prone areas to do for years (stockpile water in retired soda 2L’s)…..

    Looks like I need to get the jump on canned goods as well.

  6. Varn,

    Your story reminds me of the scene in Mexico somewhere in the 70’s when the truth of the 1%ers became a bitter truth and the perpetually poor began to rise up to challenge the privilege of the rich. Petty crime became open criminality and kidnapping a thriving business model. As Pearl Buck wrote: there is a way when the rich are too rich and the poor too poor.

  7. Pitchforks and Guillotines

    Once and only once have I seen a Lamborghini around here, and it was at that country club. MN plates.

    Sure I saw one or two when I lived in LA, but that’s a different beast, that shit is expected there.

  8. Just because you rotate at V1 doesn’t mean you take off. -MA

    I have ridden in many a cockpit and warned pilots that the flaps were not at the correct position though they both agreed upon the call-out. Sometimes they even have the stabilizer in the wrong setting.

    But, you are correct, just because you rotate at V1 doesnt always mean your going to spring into the air.

  9. I was working in Sacramento, when the Evergreen DC-8 went down because of weight and balance misconfiguration, the pilots did the best they could, they ‘porpoised’ about the airfield, trying to come around to land. They didn’t make it. The sound of that I will never forget. A fully loaded DC-8 with full tanks.

    Some Yahoo with no license basically fucked up. And three men died because of it. The DC-8 crashed in a junkyard off the end of the field.

    I stopped working on aircraft shortly thereafter

  10. My family thinks I suffer from PTSD. Maybe so.

    I cannot get these images from my mind. I drink too much. I don’t want psychotropic drugs.

    And I apologize for my rants when I text drunkenly. At least I wasn’t driving.

  11. Texting while drunk is only dangerous to yourself if you are driving, no one here has suffered any lasting damage.

    Concerning PTSD. Never experienced it. But I mentioned the strange state of mind after the Challenger accident. Good thing I was already drinking heavily by that time, if you can call a little old case of beer a night heavy drinking, so I can’t say that caused it. It took me another year to reach the point where i was heaving in my sleep. Projectile vomiting would have followed soon after if I had not quit.

  12. This comment thread is bizarre, insightful and knee-slapping funny at the same time. Only at TBP. Pink Floyd indeed.

  13. KB: Don’t fret it. Memories of horrors oft pop forth with the assistance of alcohol.

    Every now and then I dream of a Cessna 210, pilot and 4 people, full tanks and a huge load of luggage take a run down a 2500 ft. airstrip, mid-summer, maybe 90 degrees, runway elevation of 6,500 feet at Ely, Nevada.

    I was in the FBO’s office about to start a ground instruction session with 3 of my students.

    We all watched the aircraft accelerate down the runway, rotate and – still on the ground – drive off the far end of the runway into the desert, ripping away the nose gear, sumersaulting nose to tail and promptly blowing up.

    Density Altitude killed 5 people that day because the pilot overloaded the aircraft and did not calculate local temperature and runway elevation to see how far it would take him to achieve flying speed. Turned out he would have taxied, nose off the ground but nothing else clear to his destination as between his overweight weight condition, the density altitude guaranteed that he would never achieve flying speed on that hot Summer day at 6500 feet.

    I lost one student that day but the next lesson my other students got was using the data from the crash to prove to themselves the importance of load, atmospheric temperature and runway length. To my knowledge both of those students are now ATR’s, one’s still flying and other works at Boing having flown as an ATR for 30 years.

    So that day was really bad for 5 people and really good for 2. Somehow that doesn’t seem to balance out but life ain’t fair.. You tend to remember seeing things like that in quiet moments in your later years.


  14. If anybody has a MA reader, could you please post it somewhere? it would take a bit of research to gather up his entries and I’d really like to read them all.

    Thanks, MA for your contributions! Here I thought Stucky’s scalpel wit was the only reason I kept coming here.

  15. Heh, Stucky is one of the ones on my shit list. Jim is the only reason I pop back now and again, 90% of the posts worth reading here are on ZH.

    Admin is one of the original people who opened my eyes after the 08 crash (via a different site, now defunct I think). He’s def the first that impacted me enough to want to “search him out” and find where the info was originally coming from.

    At least I look at the world with open eyes now. I feel like I was wearing a blindfold before finding TBP.

  16. He has his detractors. His humor is the kind that makes you laugh while he snips off your fingers. It’s not for everyone.

    I don’t keep shit lists. One day a person makes you laugh, the next he pisses you off, it’s hard to know if the guy pissing you off today gave you moral support or a kind word or shared some worthwhile knowledge with you. I don’t keep track of that shit.

    I have got enough of a job remembering who the fuck I am, without trying to categorize strangers on a blog.

  17. Mr Chen – if you would keep one name instead of changing it all the time, maybe it would be easier to remember who the fuck you are. Just saying.

  18. Aw, it’s a figure of speech, of course I know who I am. Someone hijacked my El Coyote so I had to go back to Chen, but Chen is sort of a dick, I may have to go back to an alternate identity.


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