We’ve regressed. Shit stains this week.


I don’t know what the hell is going on here, and quite frankly I’m too disgusted to even try to come up with something, so I’ll let you guys give me the low-down on what may have taken place. Because there HAS to be a good reason to be barefoot in a Walmart bathroom…right?


Apparently Becky got tired of just looking at that butt and went out and got her a badunk-a-dunk booty of her own! Clearly the guys like it.


Say what you want about his un-womanly physique or adam’s apple, but that dude knows how to pick out some serious shoes. Drop a goldfish in those things and I might lose it completely.


Looks like Elvis’s man titties are trying to leave the building.



There are sooo many things that are wrong with this situation that I need to take a few steps back and just kind of compose myself.


Just getting a quick bronze on at Wallyworld, no big deal. Push those stomped out cigarette butts out of the way and you’ve got yourself an ideal place to relax, catch some rays and people watch.


Big fan of the Blue Man Group? I don’t know. I do know you have “I make bad decisions” written all over your face. Scratch that, tattooed all over your face.


Is there anything better than being out in public and catching an unexpected titty fall out? Well, I suppose it being a front boob instead of back boob would make it better, but I’m still gonna take it.


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  1. We just had a merger of our two main grocery chains. Surprise, surprise, prices rocketed up. Options for consumers are diminishing. Aldi’s – where you have to rent a cart and they sell stuff like Frossted Flaekes, Whole Paycheck and the gourmet stores where they charge $20 a pound for salami. I was thinking about trying Costco – until I heard they were a libtard operation. I’ve only been in Walmart about 3 times and it seemed like a clusterfuck. Don’t think I can do Walmart.

  2. Iska, you may not understand this question but, how they hanging?

    I found, to my surprise after 10 years of boycotting Sam’s Club, that they are less expensive than Costco because they sell larger packages than Walmarts but smaller than Costco. I’m so ashamed and I regret my own stubbornness, if not for bb plugging Sam’s Club…

  3. I rarely buy food at either, but Costco stocks higher quality brands, Sam’s has lower. Always large packages.
    The premise of Aldi’s is grocery store-sized packages made by the name brand producers but sold unbranded. All 3 try to minimize in-store costs, in the case of Costco by virtually eliminating employee turnover (Henry Ford implemented his famous $5 a day pay scale for the same reason; Ford had a terrible turnover problem).

    Like the shoe business where 2 brands (Nike & Addidas), are run by brothers, in the grocery business 2 brothers each run their own (Aldi & Trade Joe’s).

  4. I cant wait till Walmart starts up a fine art gallery, the top sellers would be the dogs playing cards and of course the ever popular velvet Elvis.


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