In Part One, I asked questions your keepers don’t want to answer truthfully, while providing the contextual setting for how our over-populated world is progressing relentlessly towards a future of war and totalitarianism.

Totalitarianism Now

“Where the republican or limited monarchical tradition is weak, the best of constitutions will not prevent ambi­tious politicians from succumbing with glee and gusto to the temptations of power. And in any country where numbers have begun to press heavily upon avail­able resources, these temptations cannot fail to arise. Over-population leads to economic insecurity and so­cial unrest. Unrest and insecurity lead to more con­trol by central governments and an increase of their power. In the absence of a constitutional tradition, this increased power will probably be exercised in a dictatorial fashion.” Aldous Huxley – Brave New World Revisited – 1958


Huxley wrote his dystopian masterpiece in 1931 before the rise of Stalin, Hitler and Mao and their murderous totalitarian empires, sustained by torture, mass murder, surveillance, and fear. Orwell wrote 1984 in 1948, after living through the nightmare of World War II and witnessing the malevolent systematic terrorism inflicted upon innocent populations by psychopathic tyrants like Hitler and Stalin. World War II killed 65 million people. Stalin’s purges killed 20 million Russians, and Mao murdered 45 million of his own people. It appeared that Orwell’s gruesome vision of a future of brutality, surveillance, and fear would come true.

Instead, Huxley’s vision gained ground in the post war world of cheap oil, mass production, consumerism, and TV advertising. It was found that government through terror works on the whole less well than government through the non-violent manip­ulation of the environment and of the thoughts and feelings of individual men, women and children. Propaganda, amusements, materialism, easily accessible debt, and relentless media messaging convinced the masses to love their enslavement and never dream of revolution. It worked as long as energy and debt remained cheap and plentiful.

The 4.4 billion increase (157%) in the world’s population since Huxley’s warning in 1958 is attributable to vast supplies of cheap easily accessible oil, natural gas and coal, which have allowed technological and agricultural advancements that have vastly expanded food production, water purification, global transportation, and medical advancements. With the peak in traditional worldwide oil production reached around 2005, and modest subsequent production increases obtained only by mining tar sands, fracking shale and drilling in deep water at much higher production costs, the era of cheap plentiful energy has come to an end.

Propaganda and storylines about vast reserves and energy independence fail to acknowledge the concept of Energy Returned on Energy Invested (EROEI). Once it requires investing more than one barrel of oil in energy to extract one barrel of oil, the game is over. We are approaching the limits of growth because our remaining energy resources will require much more capital investment and higher prices for companies to make that investment. Oil prices were $25 per barrel when George Bush and the neo-cons launched their Iraq Freedom campaign in 2003. Eleven years later, with U.S. oil production at 44 year highs and consumption at 2000 levels, a barrel of oil is over $100 per barrel. The combination of increased demand from developing countries, vastly higher production costs, and global unrest in the areas of the world storing “our” oil under their sand will put a floor on prices, with spikes upward as resource wars flare up around the globe.

It is not a coincidence that the world economic system collapsed in 2008 after oil prices topped $140 per barrel. World food prices also spiked to all-time highs in 2008. The surge in food prices in 2011 to new highs was the impetus for the Arab Spring and social unrest across the Middle East and Africa. The FAO World Food Index spiked to levels only exceeded in 2011 earlier this year. Oil prices have surged as high as $106 and have averaged over $100 in 2014. Do you think it is just a coincidence that social unrest across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe has surged in the last few months? Rising prices and the increasing scarcity of food, water and energy resources push the desperately poor towards revolution.


Societal strife, economic decline, poverty, lawlessness, and resource deprivation in third world countries result in dependency upon a central authority to sustain the masses. In the poorest countries without a long history of democracy, the people turn to a strong leader to save them. Before long too much power is accumulated in too few hands and totalitarian regimes are born. The world is awash in the blood spilled by dictators (North Korea, Egypt, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Iran, Tunisia, Syria, Sudan) and presidents in name only (China, Vietnam, Nigeria, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, Russia, Argentina).

Dreadfully poor people with no hope for a better future turn to radical religion, extremist ideas, and psychotic leaders. A full belly trumps freedoms and liberties. It is not surprising that despots proliferate in the poorest countries with the highest population growth rates. The so called developed world in the U.S. and Europe had been able to sidestep and even take advantage of these developing countries until the 2008 financial collapse. The oligarchs have treated the third world as slave plantations to be reaped, plundered and pillaged. Their banker solution to a crisis caused by the fraudulent issuance of debt products has been to redouble their looting and pillaging campaign through the issuance of even more debt in order to further enrich themselves at the expense of the many.

Huxley saw it beginning to happen even during the late 1950’s:

“Meanwhile impersonal forces over which we have almost no control seem to be pushing us all in the direction of the Brave New Worldian nightmare; and this impersonal pushing is being consciously acceler­ated by representatives of commercial and political organizations who have developed a number of new tech­niques for manipulating, in the interest of some minor­ity, the thoughts and feelings of the masses.” Aldous Huxley – Brave New World Revisited – 1958

I think Huxley underestimated the lengths to which a minority of criminal wealthy bankers, their crony capitalist corporate co-conspirators, and feckless bought off politicians would go in their sociopathic manipulation of the masses to gorge themselves upon the world’s resources and wealth. In 1958 the manipulators only had TV in its infancy and independent newspapers published by journalists who attempted to report the truth. They’ve come a long way baby.

The Deep State, Silent Government, Oligarchs, TPTB, or whatever term you want to employ to our Brave New World Controllers have mastered the art of propaganda, manipulation, distraction, and social engineering to such an extent the majority of Americans have come to love their techno-narcissistic, debt saturated, welfare/warfare, surveillance state. When a minority of evil minded men gain control of a nation’s currency, own and control the few remaining propaganda news outlets, run the mega-corporations selling toxic poison processed food and iGadgets to the masses on debt issued by Wall Street banks, pay-off the politicians writing legislation and tax codes, and brainwash the youth through government controlled education, your Brave New World nightmare has arrived.

Huxley believed that over-population was not an immediate threat to the personal freedoms of Americans and Europeans due to their long history under democratic constitutions. Of course our national debt of $276 billion in 1958 was only 57% of our annual GDP of $482 billion. The population of 175 million could easily be sustained, with ample supplies of energy, food and jobs. The standard of living for families rose consistently and an economy based upon savings, capital investment, and producing things flowed wealth across all classes – raising all boats. Banks accumulated deposits from citizens and leant money to small businesses. There were no stock options, derivatives, stock buybacks, or trading profits. People borrowed sparingly and saved for the things they wanted.

Huxley predicted trouble by the beginning of the twenty first century if the population of the U.S. continued to outpace the available resources to support that population. He was right again. The party ended in 2000.The National Debt has soared to $17.6 trillion, or 104% of GDP in 2014. Why did the debt go up by a factor of 64 while GDP only advanced by a factor of 35? In 1958, prior to the blossoming of the welfare/warfare state, there were little to no unfunded liabilities. Today the total exceeds $200 trillion. A country adding debt at this astronomical rate is a country consuming far more than it is producing. Depletion of resources, overconsumption, and economic decline lead to debt expansion and centralized government control. When 20% of all households depend upon food stamps to survive, your country has too many mouths to feed and a failing economic system designed to serve the oligarchs and impoverish the peasants.

Consumer debt outstanding in 1958 totaled $48 billion, all non-revolving debt mainly for auto purchases. The credit card did not exist. Consumer debt outstanding today totals $3.2 trillion. Has this 6,667% increase in consumer debt benefitted the average person or Jamie Dimon and his ilk? Is it a rational choice of consumers in a free capitalist market or is it a result of coordinated actions by the banking cabal and their captured government benefactors to enslave the masses in debt while keeping them dumbed down and distracted by electronic gadgets produced in slave labor camps overseas under the guise of globalization? Huxley didn’t anticipate Federal Reserve bankers and cowardly captured politicians purposefully inflating away 88% of the U.S. dollar’s purchasing power as they expanded the welfare/warfare state through monetary manipulation, abandonment of gold backed currency and unfettered debt expansion. The result is real wages haven’t advanced in the last 40 years, while corporate profits reach record heights and a small cadre of oligarchs reap the rewards of debt enslavement of the many.


The Ponzi scheme system created by the invisible “leaders” of the supposedly free developed world required never ending growth to support the never ending issuance of debt in order to keep the fleecing of the masses operation running smoothly. This is where increasing population and resource depletion have thrown a monkey wrench into their printing press operation. The autocrats harvested energy and minerals resources from third world countries, while utilizing the catch phrase of globalization, as a cover for their wage arbitrage mechanism to continue their worldwide pillaging scheme. The Ivy League educated moguls are extremely smart when it comes to figuring out new and creative ways to screw the common folk, but their unparalleled hubris and arrogant disregard for humanity blind them to the ultimate consequences of their malevolent machinations. There will be blood and they will not escape unscathed. War is coming, but not the war they anticipate.

The definition of totalitarianism is a political system in which the state holds total authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life wherever possible. Our two party farce of a political system is aligned to control our lives through laws, regulations, rules, bylaws, procedures, tax codes, taxation, inflation, and debt, enforced by government apparatchiks, bureaucrats, politicians, bankers, police state thugs, and when all else fails – the military. While the masses were distracted by facebooking, texting, twittering, instagramming, taking selfies, playing Words with Friends, engaging make believe enemies on their PS3 or Xbox, watching the Kardashians on one of their 700 cable TV stations, or shopping for Chinese produced crap at one of our 1.5 million cookie cutter chain retail boxes, those in control of this country covertly turned the nation into a surveillance state while militarizing local police forces. They know the endless growth story is over. Our oppressors fear the repercussions when the masses realize it’s all been a big lie and they are left impoverished and hungry. They are attempting to instigate foreign wars, while preparing for the coming civil war.

The confusion, chaos, mayhem and war currently shaking the foundations of our planet are a direct result of too many people jammed into too small of a space with too few resources and too few opportunities for economic advancement. Poor, deprived, hungry people with nothing to lose begin to lose it. Revolution, civil unrest, radicalism, the rise of extremists and despots, and totalitarian regimes are the result. The invasion of Iraq was about oil. The overthrow of Gaddafi was about oil. The ongoing attempt to overthrow Assad is about a natural gas pipeline to Europe in order to isolate the Russians. The Ukrainian coup is about Russian natural gas and oil. The sanctions and saber rattling over Iran’s nuclear program is really about their oil. The United States is utilizing their military industrial complex and CIA assets to instigate turmoil and war around the world in an effort to gain control over the dwindling energy resources in the Middle East and Africa. Russia and China are blocking U.S. efforts at every turn, as the world inches ever closer to a major resource war.

Huxley’s Brave New World dystopian America had a good run from 1950 until 2000. Our keepers kept us fat, dumb, distracted, and in debt up to our eyeballs. Since 2000 Orwell’s 1984 dystopian Surveillance States of America seems to be taking shape, under the watchful eye of our very own Big Brother, the NSA. Fear, punishment, slogans (See Something Say Something) and appeals to non-thinking patriotism have replaced freedom, liberty, individual rights, the Constitution, personal responsibility for our own lives and questioning authority. The propagandists created the War on Terror as a way to keep the ignorant masses fearful and cowering behind the skirts of Big Brother. The 2008 financial collapse was another crisis that couldn’t go to waste. The Federal Government has expanded the spending of your tax dollars by 40% since 2007. The DHS concentrates on the internal enemy – you. The military industrial complex creates new foreign enemy threats every day – Hussein, Gaddafi, Ahmadinejad, Assad, and now Putin.

The monetary and fiscal policies of the country have remained in permanent crisis mode because the Ponzi scheme can’t be maintained without a constant debt fix. As our permanent state of crisis devolves into war, our remaining liberties will be stripped away in the name of safety, security and unquestioned support of the state. Huxley knew that we would consume, obey and submit until dictatorship became almost inevitable. Will you sit idly by while a small cabal of power hungry men destroys our country? Will you send your sons off to wars manufactured by tyrants as cannon fodder to further enrich the military industrial complex? Will you make a stand when they begin to round up subversives, dissenters, and malcontents under the guise of protecting you from domestic terrorists? Will you choose liberty and freedom over repression and descent into captivity and totalitarianism? The choice is yours.

“But liberty, as we all know, cannot flour­ish in a country that is permanently on a war footing, or even a near-war footing. Permanent crisis justifies permanent control of everybody and everything by the agencies of the central government. And permanent crisis is what we have to expect in a world in which over-population is producing a state of things, in which dictatorship becomes almost inevitable.” Aldous Huxley – Brave New World Revisited – 1958


Are you a believer?

“One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.” – Aldous Huxley – Brave New World

Or a truth seeker?

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad.” – Aldous Huxley


  1. I didn’t post in Part One because, well, it was too damn depressing.

    And Admin continues to heap coals of fire upon my head.

    It’s depressing because, for the most part, in my small circle of friends and acquaintances no one TRULY gives a flying fuck about any of this.

    — My seester and her beloved both have great jobs. They think Oreo is great and they’re happy he’s helping people not so lucky as themselves.

    — My parents are basically to old to give a fuck anymore. Their answer to everything … “Well, what can one do?”

    — Ms Freud says I obsess to much over this shit. That unless I can change things, I should move on to things that will make me happier.

    — My younger son just wants to talk about my 3 grandchildren and family life. The older one wants to talk about music and Jeebus.

    — Ms. Freud’s son mostly wants to talk about sports. He’s a stockbroker and he keeps telling his mom how great the stock market is doing and she should invest more of her money in that. Not fucking kidding. The daughter-in-law is a 250 pound (not kidding) corporate lawyer, and expecting her 2nd child, so she’s as useless as tits on a hog.

    — I have other friends I don’t talk about here. But, believe me for I speak the truth, they pretty much don’t give a fuck.

    I am a voice in my wilderness area crying out, ‘PREPARE YOU MUTHAFUCKERS!’, but no one cares.

  2. Well written Admin, you always put chills down my spine when you throw out stuff like ‘war is coming’ – I just don’t say it much and read it less, but know it to be true. I’m sending this and part I to a few on the fence, maybe this will rattle something loose. Yeah I know, I know……

  3. It’s a sad and scary state of affairs .We seem to have so little control of what happens .At least in the past people in Washington were somewhat responsive to voters. Now they just ignore the voting public.
    Good job admin, it’s a scary future but we know what’s coming. Thanks.

  4. Stucky, this may sound silly but having little bb (my cat) at my side helps me get through those days when I am depressed about our nation situation. I get up and feed him ,play with him a little while then I go to the job site .I can’t explain it but it works.

  5. “I have other friends I don’t talk about here. But, believe me for I speak the truth, they pretty much don’t give a fuck.”

    You might want to start hanging out with people who do. If nothing else, it’ll lift your spirits.

    My friends here in Tucson are pretty much a bunch of retired folks who have been quite successful in their former livelihoods, and they range financially from very comfortable to very wealthy through their honest, hardworking ethics. Doctors, engineers, lawyers, a major business college dean, business owners, large cap CEOs, you name it. And yes, our common bond is golf.

    What’s nice is they all listen to me (and I them), the one exception being a retired NYC investment banker who likes to argue with everything I say, no matter what the subject. I regularly destroy this know-it-all with facts and figures, and the rest of the guys privy to the conversation just enjoy the show and tell me later that they agreed with me 100%.

    It’s gotten to the point that many of the guys regularly approach me with “What’s your opinion?” on any number of diverse subjects, from current events to politics to defense spending to history to whatever (thank God English literature isn’t one of them). And I reciprocate in kind. Is it an ego boost? You bet. But it’s better than hanging out with ignorant, clueless blockheads.

  6. Admin

    You have tackled an issue huge in implication, a worthy topic for your upcoming best selling book.

    There are things I can’t grasp, like the mindset of the most desperate poor ( i.e. those in Bangladesh) who have lots of kids they can’t feed. I know a social scientist could justify it.

    I can’t grasp why governments of countries with low birth rates perceive that they must offer incentives for babies as the best solution to this ” problem.” I suppose an economist could explain it. (I understand the support of the old is the issue. Surely another creative solution is available.)

    I would like to study how religious perspectives impact this issue. I’m not talking about birth control per se, but rather the view of one’s place in the cosmic scheme of things, the perspectives on purpose of life, the matter of why hopelessness seems to result in breeding, and whether the natural/spiritual world is feared or exploited. Here’s where the philosopher comes in.

    I heard someone say that education and medicine had reduced the death rate in the world without concurrently reducing the birth rate. Unintended consequences play out again.

    Anyway, it is depressing as hell. Or as someone else suggested, it is hell.

  7. Damn people no one lives forever, at the end of the day we are all dead, enjoy your life.

    Stucky when the shit hits the fan you’ll be more than welcome to join my tribe. Sensetti was born fighting, I’am Irish, and do to a lack of sense, fear nothing. You can be camp cook, brush up on cooking in cast iron over a fire. Don’t worry I’ll have plenty of young Minnie’s to do the heavy lifting. Sensetti does not play, I will prosper in the Chaos without a doubt.

  8. Yeah but SSS……you’re in paper dude, they good will be sold to cover the bad. Tell ’em the truth, paper is for suckers…..stocks, bonds, annuities, pensions, ira’s/401k, savings accounts, money markets – all of it. When this thing buckles they won’t be looking up to you, they’ll torment and blame you. Back in ’08 I knew a couple of brokers that were getting a taste of whats to come, their ‘clients’ were pissed as hell and weren’t listening to any of what he had to say. Sounds like a bunch of boomers enjoying a game nobody else has the time or money to play…..paper tigers.

  9. Tommy good point. I’ve got a fair piece in paper my self but I value it very little and spend no time worrying about it. Now my horses and the ability to put my show on the road is priceless.

  10. This bullshit is not my circus and that’s damn sure not my monkey but when the tent goes up in flames Sensetti will be fine.

  11. Gosh. Why would anyone worry about the national debt? According to Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) the new flood of illegal invaders are going to help with that!

    Take a snort of this!

    CNSNews.com asked: “Do you think that allowing illegal aliens to stay in the United States and putting them on a path to citizenship will help unemployed Americans?”

    Van Hollen responded: “I think what we need to do is pass comprehensive immigration reform, and I just came from a hearing with the non-partisan director of the Congressional Budget Office, who testified that if you passed the Senate bipartisan bill, you will reduce the deficit and increase long-term economic growth in the United States,” Van Hollen replied.

  12. “you’re in paper dude, the good will be sold to cover the bad. Tell ‘em the truth, paper is for suckers…..stocks, bonds, annuities, pensions, ira’s/401k, savings accounts, money markets – all of it. When this thing buckles they won’t be looking up to you, they’ll torment and blame you.”
    —-Tommy @ SSS

    WTF are you talking about, Tommy? Yes, I have some paper, as you call it. Very conservative paper. Also gold, silver and cash. So do my friends. I’m not an investment counselor. Never was. My friends can do whatever the fuck they want with their money. And if “this thing buckles,” they sure as shit ain’t gonna torment and blame me.

    BTW, since you are so off-the-wall critical, what the hell are YOU doing that’s so goddamned superior to the rest of us unwashed masses?

  13. @SSS, relax. I just remember you digging in on your stocks a while back is all. You fucking successful boomers are so defensive. You said you were stocks people needed, not wanted, and more….that’s all. So there, shoot me for having a good memory – you said it, not me. And the fuck they won’t blame you. After all, you said it, its an ego boost. Otherwise, to answer your other question, I’m probably making lots of mistakes that I’ll later regret.

  14. SSS tommy is correct in one sense. You can have all the Gold Silver and cash you want, do you have a plan to be able to keep it in a collapse. The law will not protect you or your possessions that’s the piece people miss and where I shake my head at all the smart people with no survivable skills. They think money on hand will do the trick that will prove to be a false security .

  15. George W Bush bought a ranch in Paraguay. Why? Because he believes he can survive there and preserver his wealth, in other words, he has a plan. 99% of the retiree”s will be consumed in short order. They have no plan, no fall back position, their “cash on hand” has been saved for those who will take it.

  16. “Stucky when the shit hits the fan you’ll be more than welcome to join my tribe. ….. You can be camp cook, ” ———— Sensetti

    Sign me up, bro! I have a cast-iron griddle (for grilled sandwiches, burgers, etc) and a cast iron Dutch Oven. I am also becoming well versed in cooking with y new copper-infused cookware. I got it covered, baby!!

    Also, at Camp Sensetti, can I preach the Sunday Sermons? Fire & Brimstone & comedy all rolled up into one glorious Praise-de-lawd hootenanny.

  17. Stucky no mans an island. Like minds will survive. Preaching is good as long as drinking beer is blessed.

  18. All right, folks, Tommy and Sensetti in particular, who took potshots at me.

    Answer this question. What is ADMIN doing? He has a family. A wife and 3 boys if memory serves. I’ll bet you a bottom dollar he has “paper” for investments. I’ll bet you a bottom dollar he is trying his best to raise his family with safe, secure investments for THEIR protection. That’s just a guess, of course, because I don’t have a clue what he’s really doing.

    So why am I the grouchy, old Boomer when tens of millions of others are probably doing the same thing I am?

  19. Sensetti – Stuck will eat all your supplies, have his way with all your womenfolk and farm-animals, drink all your likker, and then ride into the sunset. You simply cannot trust a Austrian – ask Chamberlain how that worked out. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  20. SSS, you’re fine – it’s me. You’re like my brother that gets irritated really easy. Then when you get me back, everybody’s watching. I’ll go you one further though, no way Admin has his money in the bank. No way. The rest, that’s his deal. And you’re not grouchy, you’re just….um, sensitive.

    (Doing the same thing as millions of others isn’t recommended – its the moral behind the ‘small exits and large crowds don’t go well together’ maxim)

    You’ve earned it, keep it!!!

  21. SSS I took no pot shots at you. I simply stated facts. If this thing we call a financial system breaks down. Cash on hand, gold in the safe, will be worthless if you can’t protect it. Rich folks are buying land outside the US. They understand what the free shit army will do when the food stamps cease. A Gated Community is an invitation for invasion.
    To answer your Question I have no idea what Admin is or is not doing. But I bet he has options. Survival in the coming collapse will depend on ones preps beyond cash on hand. In the coming collapse many will start with zero cash on hand and become rich as will many with a trunk full of Gold succumb to death with a 40cent piece of lead.

  22. Sensetti – hell no, I will be too busy helping him with the likker, womenfolk and farm animals. We sneaky Redskins REALLY cannot be trusted.

  23. I own a copper still, shine will be in abundance. As far as women go, in Sensetti’s camp the women are small in stature where two can’t get on them and one can’t hurt ’em so no problem there as well.

  24. Is it just me, but it seems that a lot of actresses, female celebrities and entertainers are making a fashion/social statement by: getting pregnant, having babies, adopting babies, advertising their “bump,” flashing their “bikini body” after delivery, pimping their babies photos, etc.

    What is this?!!

  25. Is there a connection with female celebrities and singers popularizing their pregnancy and the mass influx of youth from Mexico and Central America?

    Is this how the US stimulates population growth prior to the coming war?

  26. The other day I got up before dawn and headed back down to the NYC Metro area to meet my son’s flight back from Geneva. As I waited for him to emerge from the International Arrivals gate I noticed that at least 75% if not more of those who came around the corner were immersed in their I-gadgets, neither looking up to meet the eyes of their friends and families who awaited them, nor engaging with their fellow travelers. Each one was focused on six square inches of glowing screen and two dozen buttons, furiously thumbing in whatever it was that mattered more than the world they moved through.

    When my son finally came around the corner he struck me as being something apart from the others- he was smiling broadly, engaged in a conversation with another backpack toting young man, both of them tall, physically fit and aware of their surroundings. His eyes met mine almost instantly despite the large crowd and we quickly found our way out of the airport and headed away from the dying city of Newark towards home.

    I listened to his stories about his travel through the mountains of Europe and his observations about the differences between the people he met there and the ones he knew in America. Certain things stood out to him- the difference in body size (he rarely saw a fat European) the squalor and decay evident in the urban areas of Barcelona and the accompanying discord and anxiety among the population versus the easy going and harmonious relations he experienced in the alpine villages. He said that the one thing that had struck him was the absence of entitlement- his words, not mine- of the people he met. How working for a living was woven into the warp and woof of their lives, the communal water tap in the center of each village, the gardens and window boxes full of vegetables and flowers while the snow was still on the slopes, the well tended flocks of sheep and goats, the quietly grazing herds of cattle, each with a wide leather collar and ancient bronze bell and all of it watched over by smiling people tied to the land.

    We gave him a couple of days to rest and catch up with his friends, but on Monday he was back at it with me, working in a comfortable harmony on the various tasks at hand, joking and exchanging comments on occasion, but most often silently immersed in our own thoughts. He has shared with me how much he enjoyed his adventure, but how it only convinced him further how much he belonged here, how much he had missed the smell of the air, the particular green of our forest, the soft roll of our ancient mountain as opposed to the violent glacial crags of the Pyrenees. We sent our oldest son off right at the end of his childhood and he came back fully a man, capable of feats most people will only dream about, ready to do the kind of work that virtually no one is capable of in this day and age. Most of his friends are headed off to college, to begin a life with some hope of future happiness, but who will in short order find themselves indebted, disengaged from the world outside of their laptop or flatscreen, suffering from one disorder or another, alienated, frustrated, anxious in a world that is ever more unnatural and headed in the wrong direction.

    Today we will work together again and eat the food that came off of our land and hopefully learn something new from each other. I know that’s there’s nothing much any of us can do as individuals to change the course of history or alter the path that we as a nation are collectively making our way along. Sometimes it’s frustrating to see the wanton disregard for everything we hold dear becoming the defacto policies of our elites, but that is the curse of being borne to a time and a place. Certain things are inescapable, but in so many other ways we have far more freedom than we imagine. We can be effective providers for ourselves and our families, we can choose to be producers rather than consumers, to look out into the faces of the crowd rather than gaze into the abyss of cell phone screen and to make each day something worthy of the hours we have spent on it.

    I wake up in the morning stiff enough to have to limp into the bathroom, but then I brush my teeth, wash my face and find that somewhere deep inside I am more limber than I thought I was. I still check out the world through a feeble Internet connection much in the same way I look out of the window to check the weather each day, but neither deter me from going out and doing whatever needs to be done no matter how poor the outlook might be. And now, thanks to the hard work and dedication of years spent raising the young man I am proud to call my son, he provides a renewed energy and excitement, new ways of looking at the world and solutions for old problems that have been out of my reach. I don’t know if he will change the world, but I know he will improve a part of it and that keeps me going no matter how bad things might seem.

  27. What a great essay Admin – thank you.

    Unfortunately if passed on it would not be appreciated by most in my circles – the mind-control is a powerful force and I’ve had to dial down the doom if I want to have a social life.

    Paul Craig Roberts writes about people who are unwilling to tolerate problems without solutions – as if the actual historical edification, comprehension and pondering are a silly side-tracking waste-of-time rather than the requirements for solutions.

    How many times have we heard something along the lines of “what can I do about it?”

    One of my greatest fears is if the “dumbing down” is so pervasive in my own cohort – [b. 1960] – then what the hell have I allowed to happen to my own kids.

    Epistemologically naïve – people who don’t know why they believe what they believe – they just believe it.

    Perhaps a study on what/how/when others “woke up” – and why they continue even in the face of social seclusion – is in order.

  28. “A post asking the question “What woke you up?” might generate a fascinating thread.” — Gayle

    Patience, grasshopper. I’m working on it right this moment.

  29. Nice comment as usual, HS, about your son’s trip abroad. My one and only offspring has 2 more years of college and is mindful of today’s situation w/regard to employment, debt, and an uncertain future. I’d like to be here in the states until he graduates and gets a decent job, with both moral and financial support until then. But at the same time I really want to pack up with the wife and head to Central or South America where my retirement money and savings will go further. (It may already be too late, but it’s still worth planning and hoping for.)

    A big war is coming…God help us all.

  30. I stopped reading when oil prices weren’t being corrected for the money printing and the wars and the cartel operation of the business sector. It is these and other factors that keep oil prices high intentionally. consumption is down because well we are all being impoverished through monetary and economic policy.

    I usually think of gasoline in terms of 90% US silver coin. In those terms it is as cheap as ever. If anything the price of silver is being driven downward while the price of gasoline is pushed upward by cartel actions that started in the 1990s with refining operations. Thus unless there is something odd going on causing silver and gasoline to move in parallel what we really have is a dollar problem, not an oil problem.

  31. And this is a breakdown of US government & ge Fed’s successes!

    Wait until admin writes about the stuff they really fucked up.

  32. Stucky’s family sounds like 99% of American families. After the collapse they’ll want U to explain it, but then it’s too late.

    Someone said admin wrote a tour de force. Only 1 better was by .38 Special.

    Gonna ride my bike to Sturgis…

  33. There will definitely be a monolithic “government” during the crash, which will really just be a bureaucracy administering essentials, buying up and distributing food, running surviving services etc.
    Without it there would only be chaos. It will not be ideologically driven, completely unnecessary.
    This would follow on from the debt wipeout. There will be no country, bank or other lender debts. No bank assets either. No banks, period! We have to restart from scratch. Current banks will be history.
    The new [poorer] societies will all start from a new base.

  34. Many years ago I conjured a vision… I was standing on a railroad track with speeding freight trains approaching from opposite directions, clearly incapable of stopping, obviously to collide head-on where I stood. What to do but just get off the tracks and move a safe distance away as quickly as possible? I couldn’t hold my arms out and stop them. I had no concept of why they were there at that particular time, who missed what signal, who if anyone was in control of them, why they were going where they were going… all I knew was what I could observe, they were coming, black smoke billowing, engines roaring, running full tilt, and all I could do was get out of the way. This is the way I see the present situation. The prepared have the best chance to make it, but motivation to prepare is based on not accepting any information issued by the ministry of propaganda at face value, or buying into the general cavalier disinterest reflected by an ignorant and feckless public, going about their mirthful ways without care for the future. One must see it, make one’s own discernments, and act decisively if incrementally. Don’t try to convince anyone else, it’s a waste of your time and energy. If anyone else is going to see it, they already have. The rest will believe it could even possibly happen only after it has happened, and over half of them will be misled into believing it happened due to causes in no way connected to the truth. Expect them to react foolishly, impulsively, and dangerously all based on entirely wrong narratives.
    SSS, my Tucson neighbor, have faith, you have many friends here.
    Thank you for your encouraging observations, hardscrabble farmer. We all need such positive thoughts.
    And James… thank you for this fine effort. You are in good company amongst my most credible sources.
    For the rest of you, please dig into Joel Skousen’s work about the ruse of the Soviet Union’s collapse and you’ll get a good view of where we’re heading. The reasoning all adds up.

  35. I followed politics for years, but all it did was piss me off. I could not handle the obvious lies and failure to actually do anything meaningful about the problems they were all bitching about.

    I am a expert at what I do, and I make an effort to do it well. I am an old school gear-head, and solve problems with complex systems for a living. I never thought I would be interested in economics, but now have studied it as a hobby for the last 13 years. It’s just another machine, really. My learning has been mostly informed by reading papers like this. Thanks, Admin. I admire your work.

    To all of you who care and prepare, good luck and I hope I get to meet you one day. I wish we could form a peaceful, isolated community somewhere. Do the Amish grant franchises?

  36. The last time bb came over their was pee all over the bathroom floor, the toilet seat, soiled as it was, was up and I got pregnant.

  37. If you can see your hands, or feet, in your dreams you can change them. Wait till you see the running man in your dreams Falconer. Don’t move.

  38. The older one wants to talk about music and Jeebus. -Stucky

    The Gospel of Thomas [family of Yeshu [Jesus]] appears nowhere in the bible. I see people with stickers on their windows saying Jesus is Lord, or God. When his gospel isn’t in the Bible.

  39. @Kill Bill – +1000

    “At the very beginning of the twentieth century three separate fragments from Greek versions of the Gospel of Thomas were discovered during archeological excavations of an ancient library in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt. (Fragments of the Gospel of Mary were also found at Oxyrhynchus.) The three papyrus fragments of Thomas – known as the Oxyrhynchus fragments – date to between 130 – 250 CE.”

    “There is a growing consensus among scholars that the Gospel of Thomas – discovered over a half century ago in the Egyptian desert – dates to the very beginnings of the Christian era and may well have taken first form before any of the four traditional canonical Gospels. During the first few decades after its discovery several voices representing established orthodox biases argued that the Gospel of Thomas (abbreviated, GTh) was a late-second or third century Gnostic forgery. Scholars currently involved in Thomas studies now largely reject that view, though such arguments will still be heard from orthodox apologists and are encountered in some of the earlier publications about Thomas.

    “Today most students would agree that the Thomas Gospel has opened a new perspective on the first voice of the Christian tradition. Recent studies centered on GTh have led to a stark reappraisal of the forces and events forming “orthodoxy” during the second and third centuries. But more importantly, the Gospel of Thomas is awakening interest in a forgotten spiritual legacy of Christian culture. The incipit (or “beginning words”) of Thomas invite each of us “who has ears to hear” to join in a unique quest:

    These are the hidden words that the living Jesus spoke,
    and that Didymos Judas Thomas wrote down. And He said:
    “Whoever finds the meaning of these words will not taste death.”


  40. “The confusion, chaos, mayhem and war currently shaking the foundations of our planet are a direct result of too many people jammed into too small of a space with too few resources and too few opportunities for economic advancement.”

    The ‘Overpopulation’ canard has (and still is) a ‘favorite’ of the Elite. Much like ‘class-warfare’ – it works every time, which is why the idea is still proffered, because it has universal appeal. It’s actually a quite brilliant strategy because it fools both friend AND foe alike…

  41. Okay, here’s an even odder story: I have had psychic experiences since the age of 13. Starting in the mid 1980s, I kept getting messages that people should move to rural areas (with trees and creeks or streams). I wasn’t sure why, but I’ve come to realize that America has been slowly circling the drain for a long time. We’ve become a fat, stupid, sports-addicted, game-playing nation–Mostly stupid, in my opinion. All I hear and see are people parroting what they’ve heard and seen without them ever bothering to find out the facts. I don’t think a collapse will happen quickly; all I see is the long slide into a totalitarian third-world country where most people are too poor to buy what they need to survive. If you have a piece of Eden, you might not have much money, but you’ll have what you need to stay alive.

  42. Seed “libraries” shut down in PA by state agriculture dept.

    “The Joseph T. Simpson Public Library in Mechanicsburg was participating in an activity that put the entire ecosystem of the state at risk.

    In an astonishing act of hubris, they were running a seed library, right there amongst the books, in the very facility where small children go to have stories read to them.

    I’m not making this up. A SEED LIBRARY.

    If you aren’t sure what this is, it allows patrons to go in and get heirloom seeds, for free. The borrower plants the seeds, then at harvest time, saves seeds and returns them to the library.

    The horror.

    Apparently this violates the “Seed Act of 2004.” That’s right, there’s a Seed Act that makes this illegal.”


  43. If our complex society really does fall apart during my lifetime, it will be interesting to see if strong local communities develop. Providing enough food for everyone will be a challenge. The average population density per square mile in the U.S. is around 90 individuals. And of course a good chunk of the real estate isn’t arable. Obviously everyone can’t “live off the land.” And even if local communities cooperate in the production of food, crop yields (livestock need to eat too) will be far less per acre. The population will most likely shrink pretty rapidly once the wild animals have been shot for food. Scary stuff.

  44. @ Rise Up

    Not to worry: All those stupid totalitarian laws designed to protect corporate interests will easily be forgotten if the system collapses. Law and order will be enforced in a much simpler way — the way it used to be.

  45. Jim Willie: Derivatives Casino Is Wobbling Tower


    July 21-28th: Germany ready to flip East, BRICS currency developments with the two major new funds (Development Bank as a hidden Central Bank), Belgium Bulge of USTreasury Bond accumulation, evidence of dumping USTreasury Bonds, several big Western banks on verge of failure, as well as some fielded some online Questions submitted about land & property versus precious metals for investment, risks to pension funds in USTBond conversion, risk of direct confiscation of Gold & Silver, fate of Britain and RMB Hub developments, and prospects for a reformed IMF super sovereign basket of currencies with Gold & Silver

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4


    July 29th: Numerous major events in recent US financial and economic history are cited, analyzed, and reviewed, for their questionable motivation (to sustain a broken corrupt fraudulent USD-based system) and remarkably powerful negative outcomes with consistent unintended consequences, the main outcome being accelerated motivation by the entire world (including England to some extent) to develop a USDollar alternative for trade and banking centered upon the Gold Standard… grand US isolation comes


  46. The Utah Data Center is now all set up and running. It is just waiting for all this information to build a dossier on everyone on the planet.
    I hope that you can see how all this is now converging. Satan is setting this up for the “man of sin.” It’s breathtaking to watch all of this coming together. What an honor that God allows us to see this happening.
    Use all of this to draw closer to the Lord Jesus, so you can prepare, just as a bride would for the groom. There is NOTHING left for this world but “A” and “A”: antichrist and Armageddon.
    As for me, I look forward to the two blessings: The Blessed Hope of Jesus returning for His church, and the blessing of being called to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

  47. You guys just don’t get whats happening here,THE whole country is ran by Queers and butterfly chasers,THE END OF AMERICA IS AT HAND,and no one will lift a finger to stop it,TILL ITS TO LATE,and then the real bloodbath will start,I told everyone TAKE THE POLICE GANGS WEAPONS,cause they will protect the very TRAITORS who will destroy america ……now everyone will learn what demons from hell look like………………..

  48. Henry’s on the right track for OUR TOTALITARIAN FUTURE PART ONE


    YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE DATE IN THE http to 2014/07/28 and of course
    make sure it says part-one/

    date for part one is 28 NOT 29. I just did it and part one comes up that way.


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