4 thoughts on “DON’T WORRY MR. PRESIDENT”

  1. 31318

    President Obama to impeach President Obama

    President Obama is preparing an executive order to impeach President Obama.

    A strategy of impeachment will rally fellow-travelers to open up their beet rations and donate to the Peoples Democratic Party of Americas, thus rendering the Racist Republican Party of White Heterosexuals on the defensive.

    Speaking on the Senate floor, Senator Harry Reid said: “Look in the papers today, the American people are totally opposed to this.”

    In response to the calls for impeachment by the Senate Majority Leader, Speaker John Boehner made a public announcement on the issue of non impeachment: “We have no plans to impeach the President. We have no future plans…this whole talk about impeachment comes from the President’s own staff and from congressional Democrats.”

    Non-impeachment is a clear abuse of power by the House Republican majority, comrades. This obstruction of Dear Leader’s impeachment must not be tolerated.

    It is imperative for all like minded progressives to vocally demand Dear Leader’s impeachment. We need to blow up the phone lines and call all Senate and House Democrats and instruct them to proceed with President Obama’s impeachment NOW!

  2. I always wonder if our so called leaders read these cartoons? If I were one of them I’d have to skip the cartoons but then again I wouldn’t be a shyster, criminal scumbag.

    I’m actually too honest sometimes. At work, home and among friends I’m the first one to rat myself out whenever something goes wrong that I had even a tiny part in. This gives me reputation for being a good guy but I really enjoy it when some ass clown I might be working with tries to rat me out to the boss for something I’ve already informed them of. My current boss gets a kick out of it too. They rarely recognize they’re digging their own grave by being an ass kisser and they always seem so bewildered.

  3. ” Don’t worry Mr. President you can’t be impeached for just being completely incompetent”

    Well why the hell not?


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