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  1. 1 The Ebola virus is now out of control in Africa. The medical professionals there have lost control.

    2 The medical professionals that went to Africa to help fight the disease took all appropriate precautions to protect themselves, so they were in no danger – Right? — Wrong- some of them still became infected.

    3 Two infected medical professional that became infected despite the fact that that could never happen because they are professionals that know how protect themselves have now been transported to the US for further treatment but don’t worry they know how to prevent the virus from spreading—they’re professionals and are taking all appropriate precautions.

  2. Those who fail to learn the lessons of history ——-

    Remember the researcher that transported the African Killer Bees to South America to study and do research on them and that he took extra precautions to prevent them from ever escaping. Multiple layers of fool proof precautions to guarantee they could never escape. There was no way they could escape.

    We know how that turned out.

    Wouldn’t it have been better to have done the research in Africa?

    Wouldn’t it be better to treat those two in Africa?

  3. There is now a possible ebola case in NYC.

    Therefore, I am not leaving the house again until it’s all over.

    I am scared. Very scared. Cowering in fear scared. The government MUST do SOMETHING goddammit. Have they declared war on ebola yet?? No!!! WTF are they waiting for?? The farmers market is four days and if I can’t buy my watermelon and heirloom tomatoes I will fucking go postal. You have been warned.

  4. Could this whole scenario be any more predictable? The focus is now off Obama’s disastrous immigration debacle, our shitty economy, and the false flag airliner shot down in the Ukraine.

    The MSM is running around like their hair is on fire attempting to scare the sheep. The sheep are complying as usual.

    The whole thing is pathetic and the usually rational alternative websites are even falling for it. I guess they need to sell their books and newsletters.

  5. Ebola won’t be a problem as long as it is in the black/hispanic/drug/gay community. Once a straight white guy gets it then the government will decide that it is a problem.

  6. @Leobeer, I believe the doc that was flown in to Atlanta was white and straight.

    Ok, I don’t know who he bangs/loves, I do know he isn’t a minority.

    So, too late!

  7. Yeah, why couldn’t they send the vacine to Africa instead of bringing the desease to America? I know, we’d have to start passing it out to Africans. Tha might cost what we spend in a couple of days bombing Palestinians. Anyway, can’t just give it to a couple of whities stuck in Africa…that wouldn’t be P.C..

  8. @Erasmus, there is NO vaccine. The CDC patented the genes so that when a vaccine is created, then the US gov already owns it. Besides, generally speaking, vaccinations do NO good in an already infected individual. Once you are infected your body creates the antibodies, so exactly what good would injecting more of them serve? Vaccinations are NOT cures. NOT foolproof and can be more deadly than the offending disease.

    Though, I am sure, that once said vaccination appears, the production will be awarded on a totally fair, unbiased, and graftless, choice on whom would be gifted billions, ‘er I meant the “contract.”

    During the H1N1 scare I wrote our politicians in WDC, and Lansing, stating my abject horror at their considering ANY mandatory vaccinations.

    I was informed that as a sheep, I have to bow down to the majority, even if it kills me, or mine.

    I love being free. The freedom is so intoxicating, it is almost like I’m living a dream.

    Someone else’s dream, this shit is my living nightmare.

  9. Leobeer,

    As a gay white guy, am I minority enough to ask all you “Social Warriors For Great Justice” to can the oppresion Oylmpics? Self-Aggrandization doesn’t really accompish anything than pissing people off. Especially since in these comments NOBODY BROUGHT UP RACE OR SEXUALITY.

  10. I looked up the dates for the hajj (muslim religous pilgramage) and its October 2nd through the 7th. I know we talk about Airports as the perfect vector, but have you seen the pictures? That would be beyond instant epidemic, and it be global as everyone would go home right after.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSzNlUf_SQxDSKRaFxWldg7AMKtDtY8SM-cw-fqsfQRJ6j4rii_6Y0_x8PY

  11. It is scary people. But, let’s face it. The day some virus (most likely) or infectious pathogen poses a true risk of global proportions, the contagion will be rapid, and you will see people everywhere dropping like flies. I really doubt this is it. TPTB would be scared shitless (I might be too) to allow anyone to be repatriated if that was the case. They may be borderline psycho but not suicidal.

  12. Spinolator, I agree with that a little bit, but what if it was here before the shakers and movers could stop it. If I was them, I’d be calling for calm while grabbing everything I could to prepare to seal myself off.

    Public health is the art of calling for calm until you can incinerate everyone in quarantine.


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