After viewing these charts and the data presented, it is clear the obesity epidemic has been purposely created by the mega-corporation purveyors of toxic processed food, with the cooperation and support of the mega-corporation media/advertising/propaganda entities, and the silent consent of parents across the nation. Parents are so frightened their little cherubs will be killed, molested, or abducted (taught to fear by the government control freaks), they don’t allow them to venture out of their houses (tombs) into their suburban paradises. Kids don’t ride bikes, play in the woods, dam up creeks, play hide and go seek, or start their own pick-up games of baseball, basketball, football or street hockey. Riding your bike to school is unheard of. Parents drive their kids five houses down to the bus stop in their monster leased SUVs.

Letting TV raise your children, letting fast food mega-corporations and mega-corporation food companies poison your children with toxic processed crap peddled on TV, locking your children in all-day holding pens with minimum wage workers, and shuttling them around in one of your three leased vehicles to organized sports events where they receive trophies for finishing in 6th place, is the ultimate in failing them.

Look around. Failure is everywhere. We are a failed nation, but we think we’re winners. How pathetic.

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There’s no question that America’s youth is fatter than ever: Obesity rates have more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents , according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But what’s behind this supersizing of our kids? And what can be done to stop it? One of the latest targets is the school bake sale — yes, the tradition of selling cookies and cakes to support any number of school programs. As the Michelle Obama-inspired Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act goes into effect, it’s prompting some school authorities to curb bake sales to comply with the tighter rules regarding food in educational settings. But to hear obesity experts tell it, selling treats to benefit the band program may not be the only issue at hand. Here are six charts and tables that speak to what experts say could be the real culprit.

Charles Passy

Americans are now consuming more than 30 times the amount of sugar they did three centuries ago — some 132 pounds per person per year. And children are no exception. In fact, the Mayo Clinic reports that 16% of the total calories in kids’ diets comes from added sugar — well beyond the recommended 5% to 15% range. The problem, says the Mayo Clinic, is that “added sugar means empty calories (no nutrients beyond calories) that put kids at risk of obesity.” Even more worrisome, says James Greenblatt, chief medical officer at Walden Behavioral Care, a group of treatment centers that specialize in eating disorders, is that sugar is essentially addictive. That’s especially true of sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup, Greenblatt adds: “The more you consume, the more you want.”

Having a sweet tooth is one thing. But having an appetite for processed and fast foods may be the bigger problem. These days, children are getting the majority of their calories from items like pizza and burgers, not from healthier fare that can help keep their weight down. Even worse, says Wendy Scinta, a board-certified bariatric physician, is that lists like this show that kids are not eating many of their meals at home in a family setting. “We eat in our cars, in front of the TV, while texting, etc.,” she says. Such social isolation, says Scinta, only contributes to the obesity problem.

American households are watching more than eight hours of TV a day — a sizable increase from a couple of generations ago. (In the early 1960s, viewership averaged five hours a day.) The issue is that more time in front of the TV means less time engaging in physical activities, say obesity experts. Caroline Cederquist, co-founder and medical director of bistroMD, a weight-loss meal plan, points to research that shows that adolescent boys who watch several shows per day are twice as likely to have insulin resistance, which is correlated with weight gain and can lead to a host of serious medical problems, including diabetes. Look at the household viewing numbers and Cederquist points to a further troubling reality: “The American child spends more time watching TV than he or she does in school.”

It’s one thing that children may not be getting enough exercise. But apparently, even how they get to school could be contributing to the obesity epidemic, say researchers. They point to the fact that over the past 40 years, kids are far less likely to take their bikes or walk and far more likely to hop into the backseat of the mom (or dad)-mobile. And even that little bit of daily exercise counts for something, says Claudia Borzutzky, medical director of the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Empower Weight Management Clinic. In turn, the math becomes simple: “More calories in + less calories out = greater accumulation of weight,” says Borzutzky.

If it sometimes seems as if our kids’ eyes are too big for their stomachs, perhaps it’s not their fault. The fact remains portion sizes have dramatically increased since the 1950s — a situation the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has dubbed “The new (ab)normal” , saying the connection between serving size and our expanding waistline can’t be overlooked. The CDC goes so far as to encourage diners to “ask the managers at…restaurants to offer smaller meals.”

Aside from being confronted with larger portion sizes, children are also being confronted with advertising for fast-food chains — lots and lots of it. And the numbers keep growing — up 8% to $4.63 billion in 2012 versus 2009, according to Nielsen. Critics of the fast-food industry argue that all this promotion leads to more poundage . There is “the need for continued concern about potential negative effects of fast food marketing on the diets of children and teens,” says the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity in a recent report.

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  1. Well, Ms. Obama’s recommendations brought the “healthy” foods like Weight Watchers Pizza (now with NO REAL FOOD!), Domino’s pizza, and Eggo Waffles to my daughter’s school lunches.

    “Experts” are farking idiots. Yes our sugar consumption is horrid, but that alone cannot explain the increase in our middles. The sugar blame would make the most sense if we had become obese when the country went from less than 4 pounds annual consumption in 1700, to 90 pounds in 1900. BUT IT DIDN’T.

    It did not happen until the last 1/3 increase in sugar consumption. Which totally blows this out of the water as a direct cause.

    Try this, in 1900 the gubment was not recommending 75% of your daily calories come from processed carbohydrates – primarily grains. Wasn’t until AFTER the likes of Kellogg’s and farmers got involved that this messed up “recommendation” become “scientific fact.”

    Sugar, including natural sugars and carbs, has always been consumed by man to PUT FAT ON. Nature really knew how to make this place, the fruits and grains become ripe and reaped at the EXACT time that earlier humans (and probably us again too) needed to put on a few pounds to survive the long, cold, hungry, winter.

    In absence of those long, cold, hungry, winters, or exhausting physical exertion, we humans simply do not need the mass amount of carbohydrates – of any kind.

    Kids are fat for the following reasons:

    1. Kids do not physically work, nor play, in the way every child that ever lived, prior to our modern world, did. Want thinner (and more focused) kids? MOVE THEIR ASSES. Play dodgeball (illegal), football (becoming illegal), run, chase, play tag, climb trees, ride bikes, walk to your friends, walk to the store. Just, simply, move.

    2. It is estimated a full 25% of our young men are drugged to combat “attention” problems. I have yet to meet anyone that has gone on these mind meds that has not ballooned up in size. I personally think squelching our brain’s survival instincts may have consequences that show up as emotional eating.

    3. Our food is not FOOD! I know people that LITERALLY, do not consume ANY real food, nor nutrition, unless it is added to their food in the factory. Even though your stomach may be full, and bulging, if your nutritional needs are not met you will likely feel like you are starving, all the time.

    4. Parents afraid to parent, thanks to things like being arrested for letting your kid go to a park. Parents that actually believe – thanks to experts – that telling a kid “no” is tantamount to abuse. Parents that would rather take 20 minutes to drive through a clown’s mouth, instead of taking 30 minutes to make dinner. Parents that can’t be bothered to do anything for their kids other than pulling out the plastic to buy them something.

    And of course, my number 5 reason why kids are fat: Our “experts” and media are paid to give us bad advice that has now become absolute truth in many minds. Including the minds of the medical fields.

    Here is a perfect example, I went with my dad to his doc’s appointment back in June. Every single person in the office commented on my dad’s diet, and his weight, and “reminded” him of what he should be doing to “lose weight.” Low fat! No salt! Fake food! Don’t eat too much fruit!

    “That’s great!” one would think. The problem is that EVERY single woman in that office, from the receptionist, to the medical biller, to the IT wench, the physician’s assistant, the nurse, and the freaking doctor were – at a minimum – 50 pounds overweight. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

    So, when all was said and done, I, as nice as I possibly could, pondered how can they all be struggling with their weight if the advice they are giving is so sound?

    Blank looks, confusion, then anger. What right do I have to question the “smart guys in white coats,” where is MY nutritional degree? Where is MY doctor’s license? Where do I do MY research and development? Never mind that I’m sitting there thinner, and happier, with glowing skin (natural fats) and not a maintenance drug in sight. Without the letters following my name, I know nothing.

    A sure sign someone cannot win an argument based on facts is when they personally attack you but fail to dispute one fact.

    This is not the only area of modern ‘murkin life where this shows up. Hell, not even abject failure, like our War on Drugs, or obesity, will stop these overeducated dunces from spreading their corporate propaganda. Failure, after all, isn’t failure, it is just success that is taking a long damn time to get here.

  2. NOT RELATED TO THE ARTICLE … sorry, no other place to post this … I know we have some astronomers here …. see Saturn clearly without a telescope.

    “Sky gazers were treated to a stunning photobomb of Saturn by the moon last night, as the satellite dramatically eclipsed the planet. In Western Australia, the event could be seen with the naked eye as Saturn disappeared behind the moon and reappeared on the other side.”


  3. RosaDeLauro.jpg

    Help is on the way!! The Cum Dumpster above, Democratic Representative Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, is introducing her bill, the “Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax Act” … would levy a one-cent tax on manufacturers for every teaspoon of sugar in beverages.

    I believe that means a can of Coke will cost about $18.

  4. Nice rant, TE. If I may augment with your argument with two pictures …

    EATS GRASS (carbs)

    EATS MEAT (protein and fat)

    Now….do tell, which makes you fat?

  5. I hope she suck-ceeds in her tax, tax all the free shitters to death. If we have a nation of idiots, let them pay for their stupidity.

    TE, your posts are top notch, but where do you find the energy?

  6. How the hell does a household watch 8 hours of TV a day?

    I’m good for about 2-3 hours a week if that. I need to quit this here job thingy and get with the times apparently!

  7. abducted (taught to fear by the government control freaks), they don’t allow them to venture out of their houses (tombs) into their suburban paradises. Kids don’t ride bikes, play in the woods, dam up creeks, play hide and go seek, or start their own pick-up games of baseball, basketball, football or street hockey. Riding your bike to school is unheard of. Parents drive their kids five houses down to the bus stop in their monster leased SUVs.

    Brilliant satire !

  8. Goodstuff, the recipe book is pretty good too.

    People who eat fast foods all the time are just lazy and full of themselves.

    I’m not vegan, most mornings are a green smoothy and a banana.
    Lunch is fresh salmon or whitefish caught by the local Fish Monger, sometimes pheasant, rabbit or venison shot by me and cooked at work.
    Usually a nice spinach salad with assorted veggies bought at the local farmers market.
    Our eggs are from my buddies sisters egg farm, $2.00 a dozen for some of the biggest, most colorful, best tasting eggs around.

    My biggest vice is bourbon, I drink a lot of bourbon.

  9. @Card, thank you kind sir! I type, and talk, and usually think, pretty damn fast. My mind rarely shuts off and I ponder the problems of mice and men continuously. I’m sure that I should have been on Ritalin, if I believed in such things. Plus, as a gemini, I have the ability to do about five things at once, most of them not to my utmost best, but most passable. This week I am also running the shop while hub fishes in the Canadian outback. Which puts me in front of the computer more frequently.

    As for the “sugar tax,” wonder if it will apply to HFCS?

    I’m going to bet not, just like we already pay a sugar excise tax/tariff that no other country pays, which is a main reason in the big beverage makers switched over to High Fructose Corn Syrup instead of sugar.

    This will mean (be ready to be *shocked!*) that the small independent producers – those more likely to use sugar instead of HFCS poison – and the organics, and the imports (most other countries still use sugar because they don’t trust the chemicals and their govs don’t tax the shit out of sugar), will be the ones paying.

    Meanwhile, the price of the 64 oz (whom in the HELL needs that much of ANYTHING except water?) Big Gulp, or McD’s extra value meal, will not be increased one red cent. Or debit, whichever.

    Now add in the growing evidence that DIET sweeteners cause hormonal problems and can cause rebound sugar cravings that help push people into eating more sweets and carbs. Yea, this law will surely help.

    My hub calls me cynical. He is right. But, in my defense, I’ve watched these laws do nothing to “fix” the original problem, while simultaneously shoving it right directly up the small guys’ asses.

    So, call me cynical, or a conspiracy theorist, all I know is my freaking butt is very sore and everytime a bitch like that introduces another “helpful” law, the pain grows.

    Why, oh why, did the earthquake, and ebola, and H1N1, and Sandy, miss? Why???????????

    @Stuck, yep, grains and carbs – without corresponding movement and burn – mean fat and lazy. High protein and soul satisfying natural animal fats mean leaner and healthier.

    Just don’t tell the AMA or FDA, they don’t like things like truth and basic biology/physiology to get out to the masses.

  10. In the sixties and early seventies when I was a kid alot of us use to hunt and fish.Was not uncommon to see kids walking down the street with shotguns or fishing rods . Now I never see kids walking with hunting guns.Most kids probably don’t fish anymore.Hell ,we practically lived outside . Hunting , fishing
    And camping was our entertainment.

  11. TE

    I should have posted the link to the Cum Dumpster’s sugar-bill. Fact is, the ugly woman herself knows it won’t pass … she doesn’t even think it will make it to the floor. She said it’s some kind of symbolic act to draw attention to the eeeevils of sugar. And, yes, there are exemptions … for example, “100% fruit juice” would not be taxed even though those drinks are often more sugary than water.

    Politicians are truly amongst the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet.

  12. Card – Bourbon will kill you!

    I recommend a Scottle of Botch.

    I mean a Bottle of Scotch.

    Think I need another one.

  13. Just going to add that there’s increasing evidence that high rates of sugar consumption (that includes carbs that turn to sugar in your bloodstream) can also lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Just imagine when all these kids get older — if diabetes doesn’t kill them first — how much of an impact that will have on our economic system.

  14. Stucky, to the naked eye Saturn would have appeared as a star next to the moon. Binoculars would have revealed the rings.

  15. If your gonna eat bread, don’t eat that bleached white bread shit. Whole wheat 12 grains or better.

    If your gonna eat a potato eat a red potato and don’t fry it.

    If your gonna eat / drink fruit dont use the ones with added sugar or fructose.

    If your gonna eat meat dont fry it, dont bread it, dont douse it with sugary marinades.

    If your gonna eat seafood..same as above.

    Drink beer? Drink low carb beer.

    Drink alcohol? dont use sugary mixers.

    Want a coke? That shit contains 45 grams of sugar and IIRC the label on the back says that is for one 8oz serving while the can is 12oz.

    Corn is for cows and potatoes are for pigs.

  16. card802, I sure would love to find a hunter to trade with (it’s illegal to sell it). I think nothing of paying $7 a dozen for such eggs (if fed an organic soy-free diet + lots of bugs to scavenge). Worth it. Soy-free feed makes a big difference.

    TE, if you don’t know them, you might like the dietary recommendations at Best I’ve seen–focused on what made some (emphasis on some) traditional peoples really healthy. Add some fermented foods to card802’s list above and you basically have their diet. I help out at a large raw dairy/pastured meats club and the ones that follow the Weston Price guidelines for their kids constantly tell me how infrequently need doctors. No cavities or braces either. Weston Price was a dentist who saw a sudden decline in his patients’ kids’ teeth and set out to find out why. He expected a vegetarian or even vegan diet to be ideal and was surprised to find all the important vitamins were in animal fats. The paleo members of the club almost always have flat stomachs and are athletic, but they’re not as healthy as those who follow Weston Price (maybe it’s the fermented foods and higher consumption of animal fats).

  17. The worst actor is FRUCTOSE which is 50% of table sugar and a main component of high FRUCTOSE corn syrup. Fructose is metabolized as a fat and not as a sugar. Simple sugars are a major bac actor to metabolic symdrme and adult onset diabetes. Through a small molecule sugars can turn into lomg chain fatty acids and the reaction is reversible. There are a number of non sugar sweeteners available now- Stevia and Xylitol come ot mind readily- sugar alcohols that are sweet but not metabolized to any degree. Adult onset Diabetes has been proven to begin decades before symptoms begin. Avoid sugar and staches ( long chain sugars) as much as you can. It won’t be easy. Sorry for the typos- not much of a typist.

  18. Wow, love how this went from a scathing document on our society, to the we want real health club!

    Freaking Awesome!

    Thanks Mike for the tip on the Weston Price stuff. On my list it goes.

    @Thinker, funny how the medical community “knows” that increased buildup of aluminum is found in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients, yet they utter not a peep about the reality of fluoride being a (toxic) byproduct of aluminum manufacturing. Strange, no? Filter that water folks! Just remember that Brita filters leave a lot of fluoride and chlorine in the water, it is better than nothing though.

    @Stuck, what a wonderful crop of politicians we have produced. By gawd they are the best and brightest the elite’s money can buy. Instead of that being a scathing representation of us voters, I prefer to believe it is a representation of the elite, and the limitations of money and power. If those people are the best their money can buy, their money’s value sucks!

    @skyking, great add.

    @Anonymous, yuck, low carb beer is fake beer, yuck. Just drink a glass of sugar water.

    All UNUSED carbs, no matter if “whole grain” or “white” or sugar, or fructose, will enter the liver where they are converted to fat for later usage. When the 2nd day you have not burnt them off through physical exertion AND consumed a whole bunch more carbs occurs, that is when your liver starts to turn “fatty” and the fat around your middle begins to accumulate.

    Screw “low carb” or “whole grain” anything. When I want a beer, I drink REAL beer, usually a good, dark, amber ale, or a red, or a stout. I trade the beer for eating calories, or make sure I’m drinking it on days I’m burning it off just as fast.

    As for bread, I prefer food with more nutrition than calories, so I opt for the multi-grains, but I do not fool myself with that selection. Carbs, even “whole” carbs, are still carbs. Burn it, or store it, those are the only questions. I’ve chosen to move more, and eat fewer “food” carbs, and that is what is working best for me. But day-ahm man, if I want a Guinness with my shepherd’s pie, well then, I’m going to enjoy every last morsel. I’ll just pass on the bread, or chips, and ask for a piece with extra meat in it (to combat the carbs in the Guinness and the potatoes).

    Thanks to you all, I’m sitting here with a huge smile on my face this morning!

  19. No doubt, our “sweet tooth” is a big problem. Everyone, starting with school teachers must learn about a “low carb diet” and should teach cooking courses to all school children showing the children how to make healthy low carb palatable meals.

    Staple foods must be cut out of the diet. This means white flour, corn, rice, and potatoes should be completely cut from the diet and replaced by vegetables, pulses, meats, fruits, and nuts.

    Stop using fluoride toothpaste. Make your own toothpaste with 50% coconut oil, 50% baking soda, and a drop of mint oil in a two ounce glass candle holder. Keep your toothbrush on a south facing window sill to allow sunlight to naturally kill streptacocus mutans virus responsible for carries. Dipping a toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide will also kill streptacocus mutans. Stop ingesting sugary foods. You won’t ever get cavities.

    Biking, running, walking a half hour each morning and one hour each evening should become habitual to oxygenate and condition the body. This is the secret of the fountain of youth well into the 50’s

  20. sorry that i am too drunk to read all the good posts, yet i am not fatter than a fifth grader, matter of fact if it was not for beer i would be skin and bones, the cheers for all the lazy fat ass useless children who have zero future, yet as long as play station works they will never realize mr bear waltzed in on madame’s obummers watch, of course moocho pitched a fit, so now she eats school food and bummer ole golfer has his private course in siberia, he gets lots of roll on his ball. his handicap is going down fast, next thing you know will be scatch, hey reggie come over here.

  21. When I want a beer, I drink REAL beer, usually a good, dark, amber ale, or a red, or a stout. -TE

    Surely I prefer those beers you listed but being diabetic (I take metformin) they drive my blood sugar up because they are high in carbohydrates.

    When I drink light beer it, using a glucose meter, drives my blood sugars down.

    Starchy foods, like potatoes, rice..drives sugar levels up.

    I would love to drink a 12pack of good beer, but then I would have to swallow more pills, which give me a baconator a la Stucky.


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