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  1. Russian Retaliation: Putin Orders Ban On All Food Imports From Sanctioning Countries For A Year

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/06/2014 11:16 -0400

    Last week we noted Russia was considering banning fruit from Europe (as well as various other sanctions retaliations) but this morning Vladimir Putin has come out swinging by signing ‘a decree on countermeasures to Western sanctions’:


    So trade wars escalate externally and price controls internally. It appears the US (and Europe) will indeed feel “tangible losses” despite Jack Lew’s promises.

    Putin adds:


    As ITAR-TASS reports,

    President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed a decree on countermeasures to Western sanctions.

    The document entitled “On the Application of Certain Special Economic Measures to Ensure the Security of the Russian Federation” prohibits or restricts, for one year, the import of certain kinds of agricultural products, raw materials and food originating in a country that has imposed economic sanctions against Russian companies and (or) individuals or has joined such sanctions.

    In addition, local analysts consider all the possibilities:

    “Russia’s response to Western sanctions may vary from country to country. In relations with the United States Russia may raise the question of banning US fast food outlets, which treat their customers to products harmful to health. The same applies to the marketing of PepsiCo products and genetically modified goods from the US,” the expert said.

    “Some claim that tens of thousands of Russians may lose jobs in US fast food chains, while others argue that Russian businessmen are quite capable of opening a chain of domestic fast food joints selling natural fried potatoes, and not of Brazilian flour,” Delyagin said.

    “In relations with the United States the most sensitive measures may be taken in the banking sphere. Also, there is a possibility of replacing Microsoft software being used at Russia’s government structures with alternative substitutes,” the analyst said.

    “Also, Russia may stop letting NASA use its rockets as a means of delivering cargoes to the International Space Station, a service the United States is so much interested in. Or, if asked to go ahead with space cooperation, Moscow may address Washington with its own conditions,” Delyagin said.

    “As far as Germany as Russia’s main economic partner in the European Union is concerned, the two countries have strong bonds in power engineering and the automobile industry. But Russia may as well import high precision machine tools from advanced countries in the Asia-Pacific Region, which will surely result in direct losses for German manufacturers,” the analyst said.

    * * *

    US officials are not happy…

    “Assuming that they take this action, it would be blatant protectionism,” Clayton Yeutter, a U.S. Trade Representative under President Ronald Reagan, said in a phone interview.

  2. How weird this world is.

    Russia is the country sounding the alarm on our US exported frankenfoods.

    Russia has Snowden, so they damn well know that MS is in the hands of the NSA, us starting this fight just gives Putin the cover to do what they want to do anyway.

    Meanwhile, when we levy sanctions that restrict international trade, that is A-Okay! But, when a country dares to stand up and tell us to pound some sand, then THEY are the violators.

    How in the hell have I gone from fearing Russia, via bomb drills in the 70s, to quietly cheering for ANY country that stands up to this evil empire.

    Things that make one go, “ah fuck!”

  3. ZH comment on this article:


    Obama: “Russia doesn’t make anything.”

    Putin: “Fuck you, we can make our own food.”



    While many in the world are completely dependent on large scale agriculture, the Russian people feed themselves. Their agricultural economy is small scale, predominantly organic and in the capable hands of the nation’s people. Russians have something built into their DNA that creates the desire to grow their own food. It’s a habit that has fed the Russian nation for centuries. It’s not just a hobby but a massive contribution to Russia’s agriculture.

    40% of Russia’s Food is from Dacha Gardens

    In 2011, 51% of Russia’s food was grown either by dacha communities (40%), like those pictured left in Sisto-Palkino, or peasant farmers (11%) leaving the rest (49%) of production to the large agricultural enterprises. But when you dig down into the earthy data from the Russian Statistics Service you discover some impressive details. Again in 2011, dacha gardens produced over 80% of the countries fruit and berries, over 66% of the vegetables, almost 80% of the potatoes and nearly 50% of the nations milk, much of it consumed raw.

    While many European governments make living on a small-holding very difficult, in Russia the opposite is the case. In the UK one councillor’s opinion regarding living on the land was, “Nobody would subject themselves to that way of life. You might as well be in prison”; tell that to a nation of gardeners living off the land.

    During the communist period school children were obliged to visit their local farms to get hands-on experience harvesting food (below left) at a time when about 90% of the nation’s food came from dacha gardens. During the same period every child would be expected to play their part in growing the family’s food from their small patch of Russia.

    While the percentage of food grown by Russia’s dacha has fallen since then it is still a massive contribution to the nation’s food and forms an important part of their rural heritage. Take a walk through the street’s of Russia’s cities, like St. Petersburg, and you will find people selling herbs, fruit, berries and vegetables from their dacha gardens. Unlike many cities in Europe and the USA, Russian cities are peppered with small corner shops (below right) selling locally grown food in all shapes, colours and sizes still carrying their native Russian soil.

    If you were to visit a typical Russian dacha you’re likely to be greeted with a welcoming dish called okroshka (below centre), a refreshing cold soup made from home grown cucumber, radish, spring onion, fresh dill and parsley all swimming in kvas (a home made rye bread drink) with sour cream or kefir.


    I believe this is an example of:

    noun. – reduction in the use of intermediaries between producers and consumers

  4. Also …

    I do believe Russia has already kicked out all the Big Accounting firms …. KPMG, Deloitte, etc

    They are considering banning commercial airlines from using their space ….. just a day or so ago I read that would cost affected airlines BILLIONS in extra fuel.

    And of course, they could really fuck up Europe, and indirectly the world, by just not selling gas.

    Sanctions …. a game BOTH sides can play. And Oreo said, “Fuck!! Really??”

    And oh, by the way ….
    —- what is the USA! primary space launch vehicle? A: The Atlas 5 rocket
    —- what is the main engine? A: The RD-180
    —- where is it built? A: Russia!! bwahahahaha

    The USA!USA!USA! is at least 5-8 years away from building it’s own fucking rocket engines.


    I think Russia has us by the balls. But what do I know?

  5. Political strategy is never going to be the Obama administrations strong suit, organizing presidential golf outings and vacations might be their strong suit but not political strategy. Could you imagine Putin and Obama sitting down to play a friendly game of chess, how many moves would it take Putin before he looked across the board and said to Obama, “checkmate bitch.” Not long.

    Is that not what is going on here with the sanctions and retaliations? A big boy game of chess. There is an old saying that says “if you don’t want any shit then don’t start any shit”. Well Obama started this shit and Putin is going give all the shit he can handle, and then some, right back.

    And all this over what???

    What a fucking tool!

  6. So, let me get this straight…

    The “backward” and “barbarians” in India, China and Russia have been told by their governments to buy, and save, gold and precious metals.

    And in Russia, they are so free they can grow food and SELL it without having a team of investigators and regulators descend on them. And RAW milk! Ah-ha! That is why we are going to war with Russia. Russia is violating the human rights of its citizens to consume dead, non-nutritious food! Oh the humanity!!!

    But “we” modern Westerners believe that fiat will always be there, our governments are protecting us, and that it is surely a threat to our sovereignty if we allowed ‘murkins to drink raw milk or buy jam from our neighbor.

    Up is down, black is white, democracy is communism, my head hurts…

  7. ” …if you were to visit a typical Russian dacha you’re likely to be greeted with a welcoming dish ….. all swimming in kvas (a home made rye bread drink) …. ” —— from the article

    This post is for TE, T4C, and other people interested in optimal health via good eating …… the rest of you can blow me.

    I am enamored by the world of probiotics as I am FIRMLY convinced that good health BEGINS in the gut.

    Russians have been fermenting beets (and other fruits and veggies) for a thousand years in order to preserve foods for the long, cold winter. The acid that comes from fermentation lowers the pH enough to kill bad bacteria — which means that drinking kvass is considerably safer than drinking questionable Russian water.

    Unfortunately, I have never been able to find a decent commercial kvass. It’s all crap that has killed the necessary natural bacteria —- real kvass is alive —- and you wind up with basically sugar and water. So, ya gotta make it yourself.

    Beet kvass contains rich sources of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorous, vitamins A and C, niacin, lots of B vitamins, fiber, and other trace elements. Fermentation boosts all this wonderful stuff into a medicinal powerhouse.

    Due to the formation during fermentation of lactic acid and other acids, kvass in contact with the intestine has effects very similar to kefir and yogurt; it kills scads of harmful flora while supporting and increasing your own useful, and needed, bacteria. Kvass prevents a slew of intestinal disorders and other health benefits are too numerous to mention here. Look it up, and you’ll be amazed.

    I started making kvass about two months ago. It is soooooo easy. Couple notes about the main ingredients; water; it MUST be free of chemicals, particularly chlorine. Salt; the role of salt in lacto-fermentation is to prevent bad bacteria from forming. But, do NOT use iodized or regular table salt. Use only pure, unrefined sea salt. Any additives can have a detrimental effect on your ferment. Some recipes do not call for whey, but I also use a tablespoon, or so. Whey gives the fermentation process a kick-start while providing the same protection against harmful microorganisms as salt.

    Be forewarned …. Ms Freud HATES it. Fermented beet juice is sour-ish and definitely an acquired taste. I’ve been adding a small slice of fresh ginger, and that helps a lot.

    Here is a video of beet-kvass. Did I mention it’s simple? It’s a 5 minute job.


    And if you really hate beets, here is a bread kvass from some Russian dude. It’s a tad bit more work but has a totally different taste.


  8. Thank you Stuck, yep fermented is very, very, good.

    And totally illegal in the USA, everything must be boiled, or irradiated, or is deadly. At least that is what we have been led to believe.

    I hate beets, and have a story about pickled beets, my beloved grandpa, and the fact he never, ever, forced me to try a food I said I did not like again after the Beet Incident.

    Fermentation is one of the things we lost with prohibition. At one time there were thousands and thousands of men that understood it, and used it, and then *poof* overnight they were gone.

    I do some pickling, and have tried making my own yoghurt, but it is something that I really need to buckle down and learn more about. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. “And totally illegal in the USA, everything must be boiled, or irradiated, or is deadly.” —– TE

    Exactly. And that’s why one simply can not buy LIVE kvass … or most other healthy fermentation products. Boil the fuck out of it … add in some horseshit fortified manufactured vitamins …. and call it “food”. No wonder Americans have so many diseases. Thank You, FDA … now go fuck yourselves.

    I know you are a whiz at finding stuff on the internet. But, to get you kick-started in your search, here are two websites that have been enormously helpful to me;

    1)– Wild Fermentation Portal ———— http://www.wildfermentation.com/

    2)– Lots of products and free e-books —————– http://www.culturesforhealth.com/

  10. “I hate beets, and have a story about pickled beets, ….” ——– TE

    I would like to read that story …..

  11. Stucky and others,

    In case you’re interested, you can purchase water kefir grains from ebay for 5 bucks. They are a complex culture of bacteria and yeast living symbiotically. All you need is sugar (organic brown preferrably) chlorine-free water, organic juice and a small piece of organic fruit. The first fermentation is only with sugar (1 day). The second (1day), you ferment that water in another glass container with the fruit and some added juice, after sifting the grains and placing them in new fresh water and sugar. There are also many other recipes. If you let if ferment longer the second time it’s just like beer. It’s a great way to get probiotics, and it makes quite a tasty carbonated drink with just enough sweetness, but not enough to mess with your insulin. My wife and I have seen our “movements” improve. I agree with that you can’t be healthy if your gut isn’t.

  12. I used to not like beets much. Funny thing is beets are all over the place in New Zealand – FRESH beets and beet greens. Beet greens are fantastic cooked. If you like stuff like turnip greens or collard greens you will love beet greens. Roasted beets are also great – slice and coat in olive oil, maybe add a sliced red onion (perhaps thinly sliced ginger and/or garlic) and roast in the oven – great! Also beet juice is tasty. I make a juice of beets, carrots, ginger, one apple – really delicious.

    The traditional Kiwi hamburger has a slice of beet on it, I kid you not.

  13. “Russia doesn’t make anything. Immigrants aren’t rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity. … The population is shrinking.” A few graphs will make clear that this is way off the mark. The implication is that Russia is failing economically. So let us look at Russia’s GDP, especially under Putin. We can see it at a glance here:




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