3 thoughts on “MR. JONES”

  1. So I looked up some stuff about this song, and discovered that I am part of “Generation Jones”, or late Boomer/early Generation X, coming of age in a time when the Boomers have already sucked up most of the resources, good jobs, opportunities, etc, leaving those in that later cohort to “Jones” for something more than what is their lot in life. Also related to “Keeping up with the Joneses” expression of competition for empty status symbols.

    At least, that is the analysis of Wikipedia.

  2. Agree with Axel. Ever since the term boomer was coined I have not thought I belonged to it. Being 3 years older than admin magically transforms me and my characteristics to those of all those older boomers. I think not. I was a kid during Vietnam and did not get what was going on, missed out on the 60s cultural revolution (and its highjacking by the powers that be), did not get that all the assassinations were being directed by TPTB because THEIR power was being undermined if those individuals were left unchecked.


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