Now you know why DHS has been militarizing local police forces. Coming to your town soon.

These decent folks really seem broken up by the shooting as they loot and pillage. 🙂


Via RT

Ferguson riots: Clashes, looting in Missouri following vigil for teen shot dead by police

A day of protests and vigils Sunday over the death of Michael Brown, a black teenager who was killed following an altercation with a Ferguson police officer, turned violent overnight with reports of riots and looting.

#FergusonShooting: Outrage as Missouri police shoot and kill ‘unarmed’ black teen

A gathering of mourners at the shooting site Sunday night for Brown, 18, who was to begin his first day in college today, quickly turned violent as people struggled to understand how police could shoot an unarmed teenager in broad daylight.

We are currently experiencing a riot,” a Ferguson police dispatcher said.

The sound of gunfire was reported in the neighborhood late Sunday.

About 150 officers in riot gear from throughout St. Louis County, along with canine units and a SWAT team, were sent to the area, a dispatcher for the St. Louis County Police Department said.

Hundreds of demonstrators – as many as 1,000 at the peak of the protests, according to police – gathered at the site of the shooting on Saturday, some of them shouting “Kill the police” and “Don’t Shoot,” a county police spokesman said, as quoted by the Chicago Tribune.

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There was no immediate word on injuries.

Although authorities are still investigating the incident, St. Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar said a struggle between Brown and a police officer somehow ensued inside of a police cruiser.

“It is our understanding at this point in the investigation, that within the police car, there was a struggle over the officer’s weapon,” Belmar told a news conference on Sunday.

Police cruisers in Ferguson, a town of some 23,000 people, are not equipped with dash cameras, which would have proven valuable to investigators, nor are there surveillance cameras at the apartment complex where the incident occurred.

Police officials will be hard pressed to explain why the victim was reportedly shot eight times in the course of the altercation.

Brown’s mother told local TV channel KSDK that her son was ready to go to college and was visiting his grandmother when the incident took place.

“He didn’t bother nobody,” she said. “They told me how many times my son was shot – eight,” she added.

The officer involved in the incident, who has not been identified, has been described as a six-year veteran and has been put on administrative leave, Belmar told reporters.

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The shooting has brought to the surface lingering tensions between “black residents of North County and a predominantly white Ferguson police force,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Meanwhile, officials have not disclosed the race of the police officer who killed Michael Brown.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay tweeted Sunday saying he stands with County Executive Charlie Dooley in his call “for a full and open inquiry into yesterday’s shooting in Ferguson.”

Meanwhile, Americans continue to debate exactly what is it about their society that makes such incidences increasingly commonplace. Sahar Aziz, Associate Professor of Law, told RT that part of the problem stems from US police approaching problems from an “egotistical” perspective.

“I think much of the brutality comes from a cultural problem where police officers have an egotistical approach and a power structure where they can get away with almost anything because they are ‘the police,'” she said.


The St. Louis County office of the civil rights group NAACP has said it wants the FBI to examine the case, with many in the community telling media that police in too many incidences use racial profiling when confronting individuals on the street.


51 thoughts on “ST. LOUIS ERUPTS”

  1. How do you respond to protect your stuff. With a bang stick. This will begin to occur more often as the decline continues.

  2. This is one of those times when I hope the Police kill these son of a bitches without mercy .These disgusting GOD DAMN animals make me nauseous. It’s second nature for these (people)to go out and destroy other peoples property. No one knows what really happened but the cop must be guilty so let’s burn down the neighborhood.This is one reason I will be glad when this whole fucking thing collapses. These fucking animals will have nothing to hide behind.

  3. Suburban my ass. Ferguson is outside the city limits barely and is still in the ghetto. The dead young man was an honor student and a dedicated father. He was just on his way to get skittles.

    The resulting riots is just an afro cultural event a preview of things to come in your neighborhood. Above all else be armed. It would be wise to avoid areas where it is so dark Tarzan won`t go there without a guide.

  4. Looks like the FSA in Ferguson was looking for some more free $hit last night and decided a dead teen would be good cover to go looting.

    It would be poetic justice if the cop that shot this ‘kid’ was black.

  5. Why don’t they band together, a Black Posse, and go after the copfuk?

    But, nooooo. When blacks are aggrieved to the point of violence, they burn down, loot, destroy THEIR OWN NEIGHBORHOODS. Dumbshits.

  6. Looting stores is no way to demonstrate that a wrong was committed. It’s more a way to reinforce the perception that a bunch of animals are looking for any thin pretext.

    Echo…. echo…. echo….

  7. “Now imagine when EBT cards start getting declined.
    It will be open season on blacks ”

    Not quite. It will be open season on looters and robbers. Skin color doesn’t force you to do anything (other than stay out of noontime sun if you’re light enough).

    But, probabilistically speaking… yeah.

  8. Well, should’ve known we were expecting too much from bb. Siding with the cops, as though the cops are always correct.

    People like him never believe the cops should shoot Wall Street people that loot trillions, only black people. Hopefully, some cop funks will beat the shit out of bb, maybe knock some sense into him.

    What a retard.

  9. phttt…nothing but a day care ruckus ….those nappy niggas up in Furgturd ain’t got jack on LA OGs.

    This is how a riot ‘sposed to look!


  10. Econman, I’m not sure what bb said since I skip and ignore anything he posts but I suspect he lost his sense from one too many head injuries (or inbreeding) so another head injury might kill him or turn him into a Rhodes Scholar. I vote for the former. Calling him a retard is an insult to honest retards.

    Try skipping anything he posts and see how pleasant TBP can be.

  11. If the FEMA camps aren’t for the jackboots and their families, then they will quickly fill up with the likes of these people.

    Which means they will either be corralled, and the PTB will have their hands full trying to keep the peace and feed them, OR, the PTB will be safe, fed and warm and WE will have our hands full.

    Read a story about the Asian businessmen in LA during the riots. How they formed groups, made up from their employees and families, and went up on their roofs to better defend their property.

    Nobody from Walgreen’s or Wally World, would EVER do that.

    I hold that story dear and will follow their proud, self-preserving, lead.

    While I’m totally on board with the original message – we citizens HAVE to put these militarized copfuks back in their places – but that becomes lost and almost meaningless when compared to the violence and destruction by the mob.

    Once again, fear them ALL, stay away from them ALL, condemn them ALL.

    Collapse sure is entertaining and colorful – from a distance that is.

  12. Obviously, the rioting begins in the poorest locations. I can’t remember the last time a gated community full of accountants, lawyers and doctors rioted.

    This should become a more regular feature as time goes by here. The looting biz is transient since after a couple of go rounds there won’t be anything left to loot. Anyhow, this looting pales in comparison to the looting being done of your pension funds and stock portfolios by the .01%.

    Eventually, the gestapo will be targeted directly, as they are in many Gang controlled neighborhoods already. At this point they will abandon the neighborhoods and just pen the inmates in, searching any cars leaving the neighborhood for guns. St. Louis is basically on the fast track to Detroit now.

    Most of the current residents will migrate out, leaving abandoned buildings where the remaining residents will fairly rapidly dwindle in numbers via drug abuse and violence.

    Those who migrate out will end up in other impoverished areas which in turn will suffer the same fate. The folks in the Gated Communities will employ the Gestapo to manage this downspin and keep the rioters from busting down the Gates over time.

    Eventually the numbers will swell exponentially as the long term impoverished are joined by the newly impoverished who fell out of the middle class. Then you get a Greece/Ukraine style situation where factions will develop.

    All you have to do is watch how things progress over in Europe, which appears to be 2-3 years ahead here in the timeline. These sort of local city riots were occuring there about 2-3 years ago. Canary in the Coal Mine.


  13. Ecoman and IS , just saying it’s the same old shit over and over .Blacks don’t like something they threaten violence ,then commit violence and then play the victim /race card .You will wake up one day when their burning down your neighborhood in the name of social justice.

    IS ,why you beening mean to me ?I say something that hurt your tender feelings. Or is your foot causing you problems.?Tell me all about it.With me you’ll always have listening ears and a sympathetic heart .

  14. bb…you have to be the dumbest fucktard to inhabit this country. You are the biggest Pharisee on this website…I will say this once again…YOU are a complete ASSHOLE…and a total legalistic piece of shit…for your own good, STOP defending unconstitutional cop-fucks….ASSHOLE! FYI…I am not a woman, my dick is bigger than you are, fucking boomer FUCK…learn some English!

  15. The US pussied out in the 60’s when it should have put these cock suckers in their place. Now, everyone is paying for their lack of moral authority, and worse, the same pussies are refusing to close the southern border.

    I suppose a cheap, uneducated labor is not to be dismissed lightly. Let me know how that works out for you.

    Was it on here I read about the cost of treating homelessness versus the cost of criminalizing it? I propose taking up a collection for Stucky.

  16. Couldn’t sleep and catching up on some reading… Mac Salvo has this, These Two Businesses Did NOT Get Looted… Can You Guess Why?


    And Western Rifle Shooters Association re-posted this from Matthew Bracken penned in 2010 about Civil War 2,

    And lastly, Western Rifle re-blogged this from Twitchy about blacks encouraging the looters to take it to white neighborhoods,

    Ferguson descending into chaos in a matter of hours, and social media will enable it to happen with even greater speed. Don’t get caught like the truck driver who died during the LA riots in 1990.

    Roving bands of looters will be looking for targets of opportunity during any period of civil unrest. Be armed and trained. Once the violence starts, it will be too late.

  17. bb you’re a dumfuk. This is just like the Fox News watchers laughing at the occupy kids getting blasted in the face with pepper spray and brained by the cops… or the libtards screaming that the militia on Bundy ranch were traitors who should be shot. When you root for the oppressor it’s great if their boot comes down on the people you don’t like. Not so great when it’s grinding into your face. As events like this grow more frequent (AND THEY WILL), we will see more and more responses where the cops justify their military equipment and tactics. Just like in the Dorner case and with the Boston bombing. This is just another step toward the lockdown that will affect everyone in this open air prison. This is not something to cheer about asshole.

  18. TE,

    Another story that came out of the LA riots…

    Guy owned a gun store. He suspected that the Bantu’s would riot no matter what. His employees volunteered to stay with him and defend his gun shop. Some were up on the roof, some down at street level.

    Bunch of gang-bangers, unable to approach the gun store to loot it the “normal” way, decided to take their hoopty and ram it through the front of the store. They drove up and lined their hoopty up across the street.

    Thing is, they didn’t know that Mr. Gun Store Owner had a bonafied elephant gun – I think it was a Krieghoff – and when they gunned the engine and drove at the front of his gun shop, he fired exactly ONE shot into the grille of their hoopty. That one shot smashed through the radiator, and broke the engine block of their ghetto sled…

    The car rolled to a stop and bumped against the curb… the Bantu’s fled for their lives and nobody fucked with that gun store after that…

    As far as the “rioting” is concerned?

    Whoopty shit. One Bantu is shot dead by Officer Safety for whatever reason – which, I remind everyone, we still don’t know – and the Bantu’s respond by burning their own shit down. Derp.

    I never credited these fucking Homo Erectus throwbacks and evolutionary dead-enders with an overabundance of brains, but wouldn’t it make sense to go burn someone ELSE’S shit down if you’re pissed off?

    By the way, LOVE Yellow Sweatband Nigger on the kids bike, trying to look all hard-assed with a Red Ryder BB gun…. Oooooooo, I’m so fucking scared… BAHH-HAHAHAHAHHA!!!

  19. Billy –

    I know nothing about guns. But I made the same observation you did. I thought the Daisy was pretty funny in the hands of the gang-banger. Maybe he’s going to go out and plink cans.

  20. The truck driver who’s life was destroyed – along with about 30 points of IQ if I remember the interviews I saw with him correctly – was Reginald Denny. I saw his beating live, it has never, ever, totally left my consciousness. Literally, that day changed my life, as that was the day that I realized I was dead wrong about us “all being the same.”

    Billy, absolutely. My (now deceased) father-in-law lived in Detroit as a youth, and owned a business there since the 50’s. Seeing the writing on the wall – both literally and figuratively – and when he married, he and his wife settled in the ‘burbs. Though Grandma stayed within the city limits until she could no longer live by herself.

    When discussing the riots and the general downfall of De’toilet, he would almost get misty eyed. He just could not understand how one of the most productive, hard-working and beautiful cities in the country, could turn into the shithole that it has been for decades. He lamented a people so stupid as to break their own things and shit where they eat. He told of how the stores went from European owners, to African owners (short time), to Asian owners, whom wisely decided to get the hell out in the ’90s, to the current Middle Eastern owners. Well that, or gone.

    How in the 50s there were dozens and dozens of places to eat, buy groceries, buy your wife or mistress flowers, take the trains and trolleys to shop and party, from all of that to nowhere to buy anything. And in the last few years of his life, a city struggling to come back but being destroyed again by the same forces that leveled it the first time.

    Their culture destroys everything it encounters, and they start at home. We’ve spent 40 years cultivating this attitude of acceptance of their destructive natures, then are shocked when we are forced to acknowledge it exists. We humans, especially we US humans, are very good at supporting the very things we say we want to fix/destroy.

    Ah well, thanks to this cultural need to destroy themselves (and then blame it on others), those of us that live close to the war zones will be given a chance. Albeit a small one, but a chance nonetheless to get the hell out of Dodge in time. Thankfully, I have family in the sticks. And I know where empty and abandoned houses are all over the place out there too. The trick will be in figuring out when the actually fan hit has occurred, then reacting to it even while being mocked and doubted. So it goes, I long ago accepted that I’m ready to fabricate a reason and run if I need to.

    Seeing the world for what could happen/is happening sucks. But I look upon it like fire insurance. Better to have it, and not need it, then to need it, and not have it. Have a plan, have a go bag, have a chance. Forewarned, is forearmed, as the gun shop damn well knew.

    For so many, even though they see the same things we see, they refuse to look for the meaning behind it. Those people will still be debating about cops saving them as the brothers pour out of their destroyed cities and descend upon our Costco stocked larders and neighborhoods.

    Our good friends and neighbors will be trying desperately to buy their insurance after the barn burns to the ground. Good luck to them all.

  21. C y 30 , didn’t you read what I wrote ?This shit happens over and over .Once again the Police were told to stand down and let the neegrows have their way.I will be glad when the Police or property owners shoot some of the bastards. Maybe it will be Mexicans that do it.Someone needs to stop this shit and if it takes revoking civil rights then good.Now piss off.Meathead.

  22. bb all they are doing is setting precedent.

    They already set up the totally “believable” story that some black kid who was about to go to college decided to struggle with the cop for their weapon. Yeah fucking right. As much as you are scared shitless of black people being some kind of savages, if there’s one thing that scares the shit out of black people on a one-off basis is the cops. Cops beat the shit out of everyone in this country, execute our pets, and rape the constitution with impunity. They also kill black people with no consequences. Is it justified all the time? Who knows, I’m not there. What I DO know is I doubt a kid who actually had something going on in his life beside gang banging is retarded enough to try and wrestle a cop for his gun. That’s goddamn suicidal.

    Back to my point:

    Our country is torn at the seams. The funny thing about the militarized police state being enacted around this town is it can be used in multiple ways. Ask yourself, what is more dangerous to the status quo? A riot of black people burning their own neighborhood or a group of like-minded, educated and armed citizens who freely engage in spreading real discourse and identify the enemy as the oligarchs who run the police state? Watching black people get suppressed by forces armed enough to battle ISIS in the goddamn sandbox may give you a stiffy you piece of shit, but this is just one step closer to the inevitable shitshow that we’re ALL about to get sucked into.

  23. TE said:
    “Their culture destroys everything it encounters, and they start at home.”

    The trouble I don’t think they (meaning blacks) have a culture anymore. They have no sense of their own history or even self respect. If they have no respect for themselves or culture to follow it’s easy to see why they act like they do.

    As far as a specific SHTF moment goes……..don’t depend on seeing one. I think we are in for a long slow slide into turd world status similar to what has been going on since 2007. It may be punctuated by a few breathtaking accelerations like the market crash of 2008 but in general it will be a long. slow slide.

  24. C30 ,I get tired of hearing all sad stories people make up for these criminals. Go read the FBI numbers.Hell ,even the NAACP Admits crime is one of the biggest problems for blacks in the black community*They have been given every GOD Damn thing that lawyers can dream up and they still act like a bunch of fucking animals. People like you and these white liberal pieces of shit enable these bastards. Always making excuses. Its all I have been hearing for 50 GOD Damn years and I’m sick of it.

    And about those police . I may end up working for the state law enforcement. I have all my permits. I will especially target these black criminals and stupid fucking white people like you.Once again piss off Meathead.

  25. FAA just closed the low altitude airspace over Ferguson. Da Niggaz must be shooting at airplanes, just like in africa.

  26. I’m not making up excuses for them fucktard. There are a shit ton of criminals in black neighborhoods. There are also a fuck ton of self exploding ragheads in muslim countries too. Does that mean you level the whole fucking country? Do you make an entire AMERICAN neighborhood a Constitution-free zone where militarized police enter homes freely and enforce martial law?

    You take your little fascist ass stance against black people every goddamn second that you get. That’s your prerogative and this is a free country, but it’s a cowardly stance by a weak little man. You’re scared like a jelly-spine pussy of the black element so you default to “their all savages and deserve what they get”.

    You are a useful idiot. You are willing to throw an entire population into the police state meat grinder because you’re scared of a portion of it. The police state continues to grow as a result. You quote statistics and look at the scary niggers on TV as your justification. Fair enough, you can target them and even me if you’re feeling really lucky when you become a copfuk. FYI – I don’t hold my gun sideways when I shoot, you soon-to-be badge-hiding traitor faggot fuck.

    Village idiot indeed.

  27. C 30.,.not scared of blacks , at least the ones I know but I do get tired of all the excuses people like you make for people who will never help themselves. I get tired of having to pay 40% of my taxes to support the FSA or feed people in jail.I get tired of seeing people destroy other people properties over some stupid shit and then listening to people like you make excuses. I guess I have what AWD calls black fatigue ,white liberal fatigue , white stupid peoples fatigue.

    Why are you so afraid of police ?You seem to be the one who pisses in your pants at the site of a cop.What’s so scary big boy.
    Perhaps your the real Traitor and Thief . Now go stick your head up Obama ass .Meathead.

  28. C are right .If I never saw another black face or white liberal enabling idiot like yourself it would be a good day .Stay with your neegrows and you shit for brains white liberals. I hope those fucking animals eat you .Good bye meathead.

  29. BB – yes you are. You’re pissing yourself over the scary blacks encroaching on your AO. It’s comical.

    Name an excuse I made for them? Name one? Hold on, I’ll wait……………………………………………………………………………(crickets)……………………………………………………………………………………………..(crickets)……………………………………………………………………………………………………….
    Nothing yet? Hold on, I’ll wait more…………………………………………………………………………

    Ok done waiting. I get the frustration brother, but a lot of it is wrought by a combination of their glorification of criminal culture and our ridiculous laws criminalizing what you can/can’t put in your own body. Who’s to blame? Well, THEM OF COURSE, but who else?

    How did we let our country get to the point that we allow “elected” officials to take our money and hand it to them as a reward for not working, or having kids out of wedlock?

    That being said, why do you care if they burn their own neighborhoods to the ground? Personally I don’t really to be honest unless I own property there. The one thing I DO CARE about, which I have been trying to tell you blatantly every time I respond (but you’re OBVIOUSLY not fucking reading my comments since you think I’m making liberal excuses) is I see an IMMEDIATE THREAT on the ground here, and it don’t have a doo rag and dreadlocks. I see people in the same getup that I had on in Afghanistan, in the same goddamn MRAPS rolling around the streets of an American city. I also see media blackouts (i.e. the “low flying aircraft ban) and the use of drones.

    So am I scared of the police? Not particularly, no. Am I worried about a standing army operating within our borders? Abso-fucking-lutely.

    Regardless, good luck on the entrance exam, Officer Farva.


  30. BTW – I can hardly make out what you’re saying. Your grammar is fucked and you can’t spell for shit. Jesus titty-fucking Christ. Post us your address so I can mail you the Hooked on Phonic book with the black people on the cover there, Adolph!


  31. @Cynical30

    bb is a government troll who changes “voices” on a regular basis – either sucking up via some infantile persona or spewing inflammatory rhetoric to see who takes the bait.

    If I remember correctly his IP has been blocked numerous times yet he still materializes using some sort of Tor (?) application to get around Admin’s security.

    Perhaps a thread discussing the psychological make-up of an American asshole sent here by his rulers to spy on his fellow citizens who advocate for the wild-and-crazy like constitution, honest money, self-sufficiency and what I’m sure is his biggest fear – dangerous freedom.

    He is getting paid to show his ass here.

  32. I am on my smart phone trying to do to many things including responding to you.Maybe you are worried about a police state but that will come about after rioting and blood shed in the cities . The state will use this to declare a lock down. I have as much if not more disgust with white leaders in general and white liberals in particular. I read just the other day that this government has spent 20 trillion dollars since the war on poverty and there is more poverty now then in 1965.
    Most of the blacks I have worked with are beyond hope.Everything is someone else’s fault. Most of the white liberals are beyond hope.Even the ones in my own family. Maybe I’m just getting old and worn out.

    Good night C 30.

  33. Ah fair enough. Well it was still fun slapping him around like the bitch that he is. I believe a hobbled dwarf with two broken hands would have put up more of a fight than he did. I almost started to feel guilty, like I was tricking the retarded kid in elementary school to trade his pudding cup for a rock. Try noot to dribble on your keyboard as you scramble for a response bb.

  34. Actually bb i agree with you on that point. We have become a “victim” society where no one takes accountability for anything. It’s sickening.

  35. Olga , I am not a troll .I have been coming to this site for years. I once believed in this nation ,it constitution , it laws and our way of life .My grandfather (WW2) and my Father (Vietnam) fought in these wars for our nation. I believe in 90% of what admin believes. I do get frustrated with some of the people on this site.Maybe I say things I shouldn’t but I am not your enemy. I hate watching this once great nation be destroyed and knowing there is nothing I can do to stop our destruction.

    Good night all ,I have to get up at 4am .Got to be on site at 5am.

  36. bb…There is not a chance in HELL you pay taxes in the 40% bracket, that would mean you make a considerable amount of money and you have an I.Q. lower than ALGORE and zero intellect…fucking troglodyte dumbfuck!

  37. Fuck all of you who feel sorry for these people. Sooner or later someone is going to cut loose on these blacks criminals. Then your sorry ASSES will run to the nearest white cop..There’s going to be racial strife in this country that will make the 60s look like child play. White people like you guys are disgusting . Go Fuck yourself 13 ,C30, and anyone else stupid enough to believe this is going to end well.You will fight or you will die.I’m done with you.

  38. Well no fucking shit bb, but I got news ffor you: I highly doubt anybody on this site is going to have to run for a cop to defend ourselves, which of course goes back to my point about knowing your real enemy.

  39. Ferguson Reignites As Police Shoot 2nd Man; Obama’s Response “Insultingly Inadequate”

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/13/2014 09:22 -0400

    Despite Police best efforts to force Ferguson residents off the streets, tensions reignited once again as night fell last night and, as The Guardian reports, a second man has been shot by police. Police officials told local reporters that the man was shot in Ferguson by a St Louis County officer after pointing a handgun at him soon after 1am on Wednesday. A crowd of around 250 young protesters were halted by police and separately a woman is being treated in hospital after being shot in the head during a drive-by shooting in the troubled city. Protesters exclaimed, “we have a right to assemble, a right to freedom,” said Paul Muhammad. “But here we are facing what looks like a military imposing martial law. It is not acceptable.” Interestingly, President Obama’s official response “urging reflection” has been rejected as insultingly inadequate by many African American residents of Ferguson.

    As The Guardian reports, a second man has been shot by police in Ferguson…

    Police officials told local reporters that the man was shot in Ferguson by a St Louis County officer after pointing a handgun at him soon after 1am on Wednesday, following fresh demonstrations over the death on Saturday of Michael Brown.

    The officer was responding to reports of shots being fired and men wearing ski masks carrying shotguns. The man was in critical condition in hospital, a police spokesman told the St Louis Post-Dispatch, Fox 2 and KMOV, and his gun was recovered at the scene.

    But chaos reigns in the city it would appear…

    A woman was separately being treated in hospital after being shot in the head during a drive-by shooting in the city. The incidents followed the peaceful end earlier to a tense standoff between protesters and police, prompting hopes of avoiding a third night of violence.

    A raucous convoy of about 250 young demonstrators, marching along a main route into downtown Ferguson, was halted about 30 yards from a wall of police assembled at the entrance to the street where Brown was killed by a still-unidentified officer on Saturday.

    As SWATified Police tried to keep control…

    Officers in military-style uniforms, some carrying high-powered rifles and wearing balaclavas, formed a line at least two men deep and blocking the entire width of Florrisant Street, the main drag where angry protests over Brown’s killing had flared for the previous two nights.

    Pitched behind two large armoured trucks, they repeatedly warned the demonstrators through a Tannoy system to “get out of the road or face arrest” – the same warning delivered on Monday night before officers fired teargas, rubber bullets and wooden baton rounds into the crowds.

    But for 40 minutes, the protesters defied the threat. Some hung out of car windows, while others raised their arms aloft and repeated what has become their defining slogan: “Hands up, don’t shoot.” A police helicopter swooped around the dark sky above, shining a bright spotlight on the faces of the almost entirely African American crowd.

    As the police declined to follow through with arrests, furious members of the crowd screamed obscenities at officers and urged them to “shoot those rubber bullets”. But after 40 minutes in which it seemed that a repeat of Monday night’s clashes would happen at any moment, the protesters abruptly melted away.

    “We have a right to assemble, a right to freedom,” said Paul Muhammad. “But here we are facing what looks like a military imposing martial law. It is not acceptable.”

    President Obama is not making any friends…

    In a statement on Tuesday, Barack Obama described Brown’s death as “heartbreaking”. Noting the FBI investigation, the president appealed for calm. “I know the events of the past few days have prompted strong passions, but as details unfold, I urge everyone in Ferguson, Missouri, and across the country to remember this young man through reflection and understanding. We should comfort each other and talk with one another in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds.”

    The official response to Brown’s death has been rejected as insultingly inadequate by many African American residents of Ferguson, a city of about 21,000 people where 67% of the population is black, yet 94% of the police force – and prominent figures in local government, such as the mayor – are white.

    Read more here…

    * * *
    Of course, all we have is Tweets and YouTube evidence since US airspace was closed to news choppers… welcome to Free America.

  40. TE has summed it up best:

    “We citizens HAVE to put these militarized copfuks back in their places – but that becomes lost and almost meaningless when compared to the violence and destruction by the mob.

    Once again, fear them ALL, stay away from them ALL, condemn them ALL.”

    I despise those cops who shot those people’s dogs, and I despise all the other examples of police abusing their power and authority. However, assembling peacefully is not the same thing as rioting and looting.

    Maybe those savage idiots will keep all the cops busy so that the rest of us and our dogs can be left alone.


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