4 thoughts on “FERGUSON GETS IT”

  1. The Ferguson looters are poor versions of Wall Street.

    When people loot & pillage with suits & ties, not only can U steal trillions, bankrupt the country & take over the government/get away with it, the average person will say nothing. People will get madder @ what’s happening in Ferguson = why America is fucked. The levels of anger don’t fit the levels of crime & people have been brainwashed into submission.

    Look @ the level of anger in the comments on TBP.

    Also, why is it when a nutcase shoots up a movie theater & is white, he makes it to the squad car & is not shot unarmed. Timothy McVeigh even made it to the squad car alive & well.


    1. Econman

      You are the one viewing things myopically. You are solely focused on the scum in Washington and the scum on Wall Street. TBP does not miss any chance to reveal their evilness and pillaging of the national wealth.

      But, personal responsibility, living within the norms of society, working hard, educating yourself, and acting like decent human beings, is also praised on this site. The country is made up of people. The people in Ferguson and many other ghettos have shirked their civic obligations and have chosen to live lives of dependency and anger.

      If you want to get educated, read a book. Then read another book. Then another. There is no excuse for not being able to add, subtract or read.

      You give these people a pass because you are only focused on the big guys. Sorry. That is narrow minded thinking.

  2. Economan, two wrongs DON’T make a ‘right’. Yes, America has a problem with white collar and political corruption. AND a problem with race and an underclass which has CHOSEN to act and think like animals. BOTH hurt us.

  3. The 1st problem is the programs shouldn’t exist in the 1st place to allow an underclass that can’t provide for itself. But, why can’t that underclass provide for itself? It doesn’t have the reigns of power in its hands to make the decisions that move the economy.

    Those at the top know damn well that the deindustrialization, NAFTA, etc. would cause this creeping blight that is the inner city. It is starting to effect “the sticks” as many so eloquently put it also.

    So, I blame the people in the ivory towers (of which I am around every day, sadly) pulling the levers of power 1st, then those effected 2nd. The people in Ferguson are not educated enough to know they’re being played for fools, but anyone above should.

    Read a book admin.? Come on.

    I’m on the inside, just trying to help people see the slight of hand these psychos I have to hobnob with are up to. Do U not think they have agent provocateurs in the midst of Ferguson? With so many desperate minorities, do U think that they don’t have sycophants stirring up trouble on purpose?

    Have U guys been paying attention to how every “terrorist plot” is started by certain alphabet agencies who, after the USSR fell, were about to have their budgets slashed but magically the endless “war on terror” materialized?

    Don’t shoot the messenger. My focus isn’t narrow or myopic, it’s so broad most can’t understand.

    But, eh, every man for himself & good luck to people.


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