Special Edition: Our Highest-Rated Speech of All Time

By Olivier Garret, Chief Executive Officer

Never in my life have I seen a round of applause like this one… and at an event normally composed of conservative, introspective investors to boot. But most surprising of all – and I must admit in my bias here  they were applauding a lawyer. A defense lawyer at that.

The usual fare at our conferences has much more to do with how to keep your money safe (and invest it to grow, of course). But we always prefer to mix in a few speakers to give us a real, on the ground reality check of what’s happening to our freedoms. Thus, when we invited constitutional law and criminal defense attorney Marc J. Victor to speak, we expected he’d share his insights into a slowly eroding respect for individual rights. He did not. Instead, he showed us just how bad things are getting and at a breakneck pace just beyond the public eye.

His talk was downright chilling. And now, for the first time, I’m excited to share his Casey Summit presentation in its entirety with all of you. He’s the highest-reviewed outside speaker we’ve ever gotten feedback on. This is a must watch.

But first, I’m sharing it with you now because Mr. Victor has agreed to appear once again at next month’s Summit with a complete update on his talk. I just checked with our events team, and they say that, per usual, the Summit will likely end up selling out the hotel. There are just over a dozen rooms left for next month’s conference. So, you must register now if you want one of the few remaining rooms on site.

And now, Marc’s full presentation:

Marc’s shiver-inducing talk is exactly the kind of amazing speeches our regular summit attendees have come to expect of our always sold-out events. If you’ve never been to a Casey Summit before, now is the perfect chance to try one. Click here for complete details on the upcoming conference September 19-21 in the beautiful San Antonio hill country.


Olivier Garret, CEO
Casey Research

5 thoughts on “POLICE STATE”

  1. Just listened to the whole thing.


    It would be great to hear his updated speech … as I wonder if he is now less, or more, optimistic. IMHO, he is too optimistic.

    There was a time when I DESPISED defense attorney. This is what happens when you watch pretty much every episode of Law&Order. Fuckin defense attorneys and their criminal bastard clients; rapists and murderers and such … who the fuck do they think they are??!!

    Ha! How stoopid I was. Sure, defense attorneys defend some nasty guilty critters. But, the are the last line (only line?) between you and the Gestapofuks. Long live defense attorneys.

  2. Marc Victor spoke early on of the Interstate Commerce Clause in Section 8 of Article One of the Constitution and then regrettably moved on too early. You can trace the insufferable suffocation of the federal government in your everyday life to the abuses and broad interpretations the Supreme Court has given to that clause. No Congress has ever passed ANY law to correct and narrow the meaning of that clause, which would thus invalidate tens of thousands of federal laws that exist today.

    And it started shortly after the Civil War in rulings such as the Slaughter House Case and has continued unabated ever since. The issue is totally under the radar and less than 1% of the public even knows what I’m talking about. Fix that problem and you defang half of the federal government. Instantly.

  3. “Pretty much the government can do what ever it wants.” – Marc Victor in the video accompanying this post.
    The only limitation on its power that the government recognizes is what it thinks it can get away with. – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, WSJ, 10/29/08.
    The US government and its courts don’t recognize Constitutional provisions that limit the power of the government. – Roger Roots, “Constitutional Dead Letters,” LewRockwell.com.11/12/2008.

    So if the Presidents, the Senators, and the Congressmen you’ve elected think your government can do whatever it wants, and the Justices your presidents have appointed and your Senators have confirmed say “right on” and enable, who are you to think different and question your betters?

    You say you’re curious about your country’s history and laws; You say you want your officials to know and obey those laws; You say you think the people and the press should always question and seek to hold your officials accountable….

    Well, I say… well, no, I don’t say, but those in government say and the press implies by its acquiescence, that you ought to go back to your TV, tunes, and Tumbler and let your betters do what’s best for them, their lobbyists, the lobbyist’s employers… and, you too, if your interests happen to coincide with theirs.

  4. Jacko, the government has no oversight, these journalism graduates have been taught in government funded schools. Without that check and balance, state power just multiplied. And then, if the cumulative IQ’s drop to the level of unconscionable, shit, your state planned utopia just came to pass.


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