You were wondering why retailers are reporting dreadful results? Look no further than Obamacare. Manufacturers overwhelmingly report higher employee contributions, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums and copays, with a lower range of medical coverage and a lower size and breadth of the network.

Have your health insurance costs gone down since Obamacare was passed in 2009? And now for the best part. Obama illegally delayed all the really bad stuff until after the November elections. It seems the Democrats don’t want to run on this abortion of a program.

I’m still waiting for my $2,500 of savings. I’m sure the check is in the mail.

Was Dear Leader misquoted?


Obamacare Is A Disaster For Businesses, Philly Fed Finds

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Remember all those allegations that Obamacare would be an unmitigated disaster for businesses, especially smaller companies? Well, now we have proof.

As the Philly Fed, which mysteriously soared at the headline level even as the vast majority of its components tumbled, reported moments ago, “in special questions this month, firms were asked qualitative questions about the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how, if at all, they are making changes to their employment and compensation, including benefits.”

What the survey found was very disturbing: not only did businesses report that as a result of Obamacare the number of workers they employ is lower than higher (18.2% vs 3.0%), that there has been an increase in part time jobs (18.2% higher vs 1.5% lower), leading to a big increase in outsourcing and most importantly, Obamacare costs are being largely passed on to customers (28.8% reporting higher vs 0.0% lower), the punchline was that while there is basically no change in the number of employees covered (17.6% higher vs 14.7% lower and 67.6% unchanged), there has been a big jump in Premiums, Deductibles, Out-of-pocket maximums, and Copays, which has been “matched” by a far greater reduction in the range of medical coverage and the size of the network.

In short a disaster.

And what’s worse, this sentiment will persist long after the current subprime auto loan-driven manufacturing renaissance is long forgotten.


  1. Even the people who supported this plan admit it’s a disaster, but they’re opposed to dismantling it, because to do so would be to admit that they were wrong, and they insist that “at least it’s doing SOMETHING.” Usually, they’re referring to the provision that requires people to be admitted with pre-existing conditions.

    I never cease to be amazed at how long and hard people will cling to losing positions just to avoid admitting they are wrong.

  2. “I’m still waiting for my $2,500 of savings. I’m sure the check is in the mail.”

    Admin, you have fallen into that trap, like so many others. Obama said that his Obamacare would result in savings of UP TO $2500 per family. For someone like you who struggles and works for a living, your UP TO IS ZERO. For your neighbors in the 30 blocks of squalor, THEIR savings ARE UP TO $2500. on Silver plans that cost $2502.

    Hee is one of hundreds of good news (not for you) Obamacare letters published by OFA.

    In Mississippi, Obamacare rolls out on wheels
    Al Jazeera America
    She turns her screen to show Taylor the results. Thanks to a subsidy from the federal government, a silver plan will cost him only 55 cents a month, with a $95 deductible. All he has to do is click “accept” on the email that she’s sending him and pay the first 55 cents by bank card or money order. Taylor doesn’t have a computer, but he gets email on his phone. She asks him to check the phone now and he says, “Need to put some credit on that one. But I’ll do it. Fifty-five cents a month? So far, so good.”

  3. I am sorry to have to correct 444, but I know that our dear Leader proclaimed it to be a success.

    Successful for those that wrote the bill.

    See o-bomb-ya was not lying.

  4. I just got my Obozocare health package in the mail…it was two tubes of KY jelly and directions on the correct posture when I’m bent over .

  5. Well, my employees are lucky that the canceling of our current (and working for us) corporate policy is only going to result in a 50% reduction in benefits and a 50% increase in their 20% they pay.

    See, success! Half the coverage, half the choices, and only half of doubling their out of pocket!

    And that, of course, is only if they don’t have kids, get seriously sick or injured.

    I thank gawd that we are all a healthy lot, with no maintenance meds or hypochondriacs. So I don’t have either of my employees crying too much about how hard they are taking it up the butt.

    Who needs annuals (remember to be honest with the Doc’s intrusive questions that have nothing to do with your health needs!), when the gubment is already this far up our asses?

    Can’t they just send us the diagnostics once in awhile? Think of the money it would save!

  6. Well my insurance policy was cancelled. Now I am without.53 years old and this my first year since the age 18 without some kind of health insurance. Feels like being naked when you need clothes.

  7. 11,400 per year for the wife and I
    we paid just over three thousand a year previously
    and the minimum out of pocket has doubled. no copays though. we pay all for everything. not sure wh we even have health care anymore. it doesn’t cover anything anymore, and costs a damn fortune.

  8. I have the best health insurance in the world. No copays, deductible, and it doesn’t cost me a dime. My employer pays about 2K/mo for my coverage. Starting next yr, everything over $10,200 will be taxed at 40%. This cocksucker has totally destroyed any incentive to get a good job with benefits. Fuck him and the rest of the dumbfucks that voted for him!

  9. Ragman,
    That tax on the “Cadillac” plans is going to be a major shit storm when it hits. Most of the union folks I know, and I know a number of them, have plans susceptible to this tax. They have no clue as to how hard this is going to hit them in the wallet. There will be a major backlash as the rest of this bill hits and the deterioration of the economy accelerates. Obama’s last year is going to makes Bush’s seem like a party. The irony is that they are so far into this mistake that any attempt to back out will create another host of unintended consequences that will create it’s own shit storm. Our government has so fucked this thing up there is no fixing it at this point, we need to let it blow up and start over again.

  10. My 2014 family coverage through Medica = $13,694 / year for an HSA plan with $5,900 deductible and $9,900 total out of pocket. Similar to Skippy’s (above). That’s a 34% increase from 2013 Why would insurance get cheaper when insurance companies don’t know how many AIDS & cancer patients will decide to buy insurance AFTER they’re diagnosed?

    Probably better to skip insurance and just pay the penalty unless the penalty (max 2.5% of AGI starting in 2016) approaches the cost of insurance. For someone making too much to get a subsidy, but not enough where the penalty is huge, better to just pay the penalty and go without insurance. That was Obama’s plan, right? Get more people to not have insurance?

  11. All these increasing deductibles present a problem unless they are prefunded.
    Imagine spending $300 a month per employee , $210 per month for the spouse, and $150 per month for each child (and everyone earns 35% on their contributions – guaranteed.
    With that type of growth, through sharing of our reserves, not through our investments or profits, deductibles from dollar 1 get pre-funded pretty fast.
    Of course, the higher the prefunded deductibles, the lower the premium, inculding medical trend.
    Don Levit
    Treasurer of National Prosperity Life and Health


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