Consumerism allows inverted totalitarianism to exist and in return it provides the masses with the fantasy of being part of a working structure. Unfortunately, consumerism relies on a series of self perpetuating crisis because the fundamental ethos is ecologically and structurally unsustainable. Consumerism also acts as a “modern day religion, a kind of idolatry. The religious nature of consumerism allows for the total voiding of individual requirements to act responsibly to society. The leadership of inverted totalitarianism uses the religion of consumerism to justify large-scale immoral activity. For example, President Bush told people to spend after 9-11 rather than take the time to examine fact and self.


  1. With consumerism, fads and junk: junk movies, junk TV, junk music, junk communication – iPads – iPhones – shape our nation. The morons who willing consume this stuff are in charge.

    Let’s not forget constant change – just to sell more junk.

    Recently I had a problem with a DirectTV receiver (got a work around – thank god) that was about 10 yrs old. I explored getting a new receiver – the connections on the new receiver – HDMI don’t connect to my 10 yr old Sony Home Theater amp. Also the 10 yr old Sony Vega TV doesn’t have the correct inputs either. If something ‘goes’ – I have to replace all three components. If something does ‘go’ – I think I’ll junk it all – including DirectTV – which is basically 250 channels of shit.

  2. My only hassle with DirecTV is that of finally getting hold of a real live human. After that, I’ve had no cause for complaint.

    College feetsball and car racing. I never worry about all the other crapola. And the channels of the low 800s play a lot of music that I like.

  3. Sorry; I’m sure you’ll flag me down for this, but this guy sounds like a Truther or something. Just because people buy things doesn’t mean they’re “controlled” by their corporate masters. And they’re not forced to buy things from totalitarians… well, not until Obamacare, they weren’t.

    I think we’re all smart enough to not buy stuff we don’t need. Sure, there are brainwashed sheep out there who do, but let them waste their money if they want to. Isn’t the choice to spend or not spend better than the alternative (no choice)?

  4. LOL they buy a McDonald’s hamburger to feel prestige… Fucking smoking crack that’s a crock of shit. I think they do it cause they are lazy fat fucks who don’t want to cook a meal and are hungry – not to feel prestige. If you feel prestige eating a McDonald’s hamburger you are so beyond delusional it’s not even funny. I got a lot of things to sell u if u do.

    Eating shit out of the barn yard is more prestigious then a McDonald’s feed lot shit hole grease bombs

  5. I enjoy cable T.V. It’s nice having 800 channels to choose from. I never want to go back to the days when I was young with 6 channels and I was forced to watch the Brady Bunch. I also enjoy being able to go to Kohl’s and buy a nice shirt or shorts or whatever for $20. My clothes wear out and I need new stuff. No addiction to consumerism, just need new stuff.

    Sometimes I’m short on time(I have kids) and I enjoy the ability to go thru a drive through and get my food without having to go home and trying to feed four in a blind. And shockingly sometimes I actually enjoy fast food.

    I don’t define myself by my stuff, I’m not addicted to a consumer lifestyle. Hell, I own a home and have a family and stuff breaks down, gets old, new needs appear. I’m not going to feel guilty about getting consumer stuff. I’m glad I have the ability to get stuff. We would rather be like old Eastern Europe during the bad old days when even getting a bar of soap or shampoo was considered a major accomplishment for the day.

    I realize that there is too much consumer worship of stuff. This steams from some sort of a mental problem with the individual. They need to learn how to deal with this and overcome their insecurities and not worry about what others think.

    I’m glad I have a cell phone to call my wife and kids, I love my flat screen T.V. to watch sports, I enjoy my car so I don’t have to take the fricking bus to work, I enjoy my home with the stuff my wife and I picked out so we have a nice place to raise a family. I’m not going to feel guilty. If others can’t get their act together and deal with their stuff, then it’s their problem

  6. Give me a fricking break. Like you don’t go to Home Depot or any other big box store. Tell me you buy everything second hand or you make it at home.

    Brainwasher, what a joke. I happen to live in this society and I happen to take advantage of whats available. That doesn’t make me brainwashed, this makes me smart.

    Maybe I should become a prepper and move out to remote Montana and live like a hermit, off the grid with beef jerky and wild game. I can sew my own clothes and get use to smelling like a rotten dumpster in the middle of July.

    I’m telling the way it is. This doesn’t make me brainwashed, it makes me honest.


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