Government data reports are so funny. The blaring headlines today tells us that prices dropped in December. We are all saving billions from the drop in oil and gas. Hallelujah!!!

The corporate MSM never digs into the numbers to get the real truth. These reports and their distribution to the sheep are designed to keep you sedated and calm. Facts are not necessary. How this data pertains to your everyday life is not important to the .1% who control the flow of information.

Here is a link to the detailed inflation numbers by category. We already know they massage these numbers to achieve a happy ending, but even the massaged numbers tell an entirely different story than the one peddled to the masses by the government and corporate media.

Below are the annual price increases for items that might impact your life on a daily basis:

Food at home – 3.7%

Food away from home – 3.0%

Meat – 12.7%

Fish and seafood – 5.6%

Eggs – 10.7%

Milk – 5.2%

Fruits & vegetables – 4.1%

Coffee – 4.2%

Butter – 22.5%

Natural gas – 5.8%

Footwear – 2.8%

Prescription drugs – 6.4%

Newspapers & magazines – 4.8%

College textbooks – 5.0%

Cigarettes – 3.1%

Apartment rent – 3.4%

Owners equivalent rent – 2.6%

Hotels – 7.3%

Water & sewer – 5.6%

Medical care -2.4%

Hospital care – 4.9%

College tuition – 3.4%

Postage – 4.1%

Tax preparation – 6.1%

I don’t know about you, but the costs listed above account for a significant amount of my budget. Do those price increases jive with the message being spewed by the government controlled media?

The credibility of their numbers is highly questionable in that they say health insurance accounts for .75% of a person’s annual budget. They actually have the balls to say health insurance fell by 0.5% over the last year. I’d love to hear from anyone out there whose health insurance premiums fell in the last year. Mine went up by 20%.

Your government keepers will continue to drown you in propaganda and misinformation. But the average person should know they are being lied to. They see how much money they have left over at the end of every month. If any.


  1. Not to change the subject but have you guys seen real money (gold) is soaring today. Now there is a real inflation fighter. I be lovin it.

  2. Even the breakouts are bullshit. Except for processed poison and chemicals, I did notice those prices coming back down some.

    My insurance is up 70% year over year. My cost of using it increased 300% for a once a year annual exam for my daughter’s eyes. We are not sick so I avoid the doctor until I am forced to go.

    The fact that in a “free” country a person that has no need of something is forced at gunpoint to buy and use it is beyond my limits of tolerance.

    I am already following Rand’s prophesy, as it becomes more complex and controlled to do things, we humans stop freaking doing it at all. I was reading on somewhere about Eastern and Western coastal towns that require architectural drawings for things as small as platforms for small satellite dishes. At that point of regulation and hassle, people just stop doing it legally, though some may decide to do it illegally and risk future punishment. There was a story of new housing that is having to use plywood sheeting to keep water out during storms. The area placed more emphasis on design aesthetics than long-term usability. We are a nation of idiots, I swear to god.

    Unless my home or business is falling apart, I refuse to do anything that requires me to invite government agents into my home. Unless my body is falling apart, I refuse to voluntarily go to a government agent in order for him to create a permanent government record about me and then prescribe me poison that will inevitably cause other issues. Thanks, but no, I feel just fine. And that is costing a whole helluva lot more than reported.

    Really makes one hope that evil liars that destroy people will burn in hell.

  3. Ayn Rand did not prophecy this…she worked, along with Greenspan, to ACHIEVE it thru her shitty ass fiction.

    You are superior, fuck equality, fuck everyone but the 1%.

    And people bought into that. Idiots.

  4. Admin, May I point out that many of the food items you mentioned have been shrunken significantly in size recently or quality

    The one pound coffee can is down to 11.5 oz, less for premium brands. Where sizes haven”t been shaved quality of ingredients have. Meats to have been bastardized, GRADE A CHOICE has been quietly replaced by much lesser quality by SELECT grade quietly and most sneakily by the major supermarkets in my area.

    The Bureau Of Lying Statistics always omits these factors in their calculations.

    Gotta hope your hamburg isn’t Pink Slime as well, the label will never tell you. Let’s not forget herbicide infected GMO Corn as well.

  5. Stuck, in commodity pits or grocery stores?

    The last time I opened a can of green beans, it appeared that someone else had beat me to it. The quantity of food has shrunk dramatically. I would have to believe a large family would be buying twice the packages they used to.

    I’m hoping it is a direct result of home gardeners putting up their own. I hope, but doubt 😉

  6. @TE Our health insurance premium increased from $3 a month to $191 a month with a worse “silver” plan; prescriptions are now $15 instead of $5, and doctor visits $40 instead of $5. All because I started receiving SS and that higher premium takes a huge chunk out of it.
    And don’t get me started on “building permits”. What a farcical means to tax us even more.

  7. I see the beef at the local store is so expensive i swear it is just sitting there going bad because no one is buying it because of how expensive it is.
    Milk and eggs continue to be cheap. I have paid 1.87 a gallon for whole milk and eggs are around 2.00 for a dozen.

  8. Had an argument today (yesterday now for you east coasters) with one of the bartenders from upstairs. He seemed to think the economy was doing just great! (The members tell him so–thus the members must be CNBS followers or something, def MSM.)

    I explained a few of the “flashing red” signals that are ongoing ATM, he really didn’t like what I had to say. Wants to keep his head buried in the sand.

    We’re still getting Prime A beef, and exotic seafood/other meat at work. I’ve had both goat and dolphin within the past 2 weeks (normally I wouldn’t touch seafood–fresh or saltwater–that I didn’t catch personally, but I was hungry).

  9. Oh, and if you want to know what I thought of those exotic meats, the goat was more “gamey” then beef, but less so then venison. The dolphin could have been bass as far as I could tell.

  10. I am so grateful to Lord Obombya for “fixing” the medical endurance industry.

    I am returning to my consulting business since I got laid off because the work moved to India.

    In 2013 (before obombya care), I had a decent insurance policy to cover me and my wife for the paltry sum of $1100/month.

    Today, I just signed up for a comparable plan, and it is $1900/month.

    Thank you Lord and Savior obombya!

    Thank you for forcing me to:
    1. buy maternity care (my 60 yr old wife might get pregnant again)
    2. buy pediatric care – my 38 and 39 yr old children really need it.
    3. pay for subsidizing the “poor” so they can pay 150 / month by taxing my income.

    I (and you) are being ass-raped by this fucking out of control government.

    We are living under a fascist totalitarian government.

    I know violence is not the answer, I do not know what is the way to change it. I just thank God that I am not immortal.

  11. @Taxslave

    We all make our decisions based on what we think is best or right for us. Why are you playing? You would have a sizable amount of money if you bank that $1900 per month for a few years.

    I am 100% sure that my household would go bare at the prospect of almost 2K per month. We are in good health and rarely go to a doctor, we don’t even have a regular physician. Medicare is on the horizon as we are both on the sunny side of 65.

    For myself, paying a big shakedown payment to these criminals would leave a taste so bitter and vile in my mouth that I would not be able to live with it. My heart goes out to you if there valid reasons that you must sign up for this insanity.

  12. “Inflation: 1. a sexual practice in which the practitioner inflates his or her stomach by inserting air or fluid into his or her rectum, usually with a pump”. (urban dictionary).

  13. Is anyone else now paying more for food each month than they spend on the mortgage? Or is it just me? I used to budget $100 per person per month for food for my family of eight. Now it is well over $200 per person per month and we are eating a lot if economy food: beans, rice, oatmeal and homemade bread.

  14. It’s because of what the government uses to measure inflation. They don’t do it the same way they measured it back in the 1980s. If they did, inflation would be about 7%. Now they measure it by the price of a bulldozer, the price of a 747 jumbo jet, the price of a locomotive, the price of a steam ship. Things that don’t go up because they’re already so expensive to begin with. A 747 might go from $50 million dollars last year to now $51 million. That might only be a 2% rise. That’s how they now measure inflation. Not by utilities or everyday items, but by big, expensive, durable goods.

  15. EVERYTHING has definitely gone up from the past few years yet SS is pegged up at only 1.7% or something I think.

    One for thee and three for me and – “we are here to help (ourselves)”.

  16. “The average price of bacon across America has risen 14 percent since June of last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Now bacon is going for a whopping $6.11 per pound, which is 41 percent higher than the per-pound price in June 2012.”

    This inflation shit is starting to get really serious.

  17. Admin

    Great comments about bacon. Most people don’t understand that bacon is “why they (Muslims) hate us.” Heh.

    Is it remotely possible to hear a concession comment from you over on the “How the Oligarchs Spend Your Money” thread? Thus far, sound of crickets. That thread may be the most humiliating beat down of Admin in TBP history. Worse than my stunning victories on Muslim support for terrorism, Southwest Airlines, and fracking.

    I just know you can it in your heart to graciously concede. Am I right?

    1. SSS

      I was attributing your brain fart to your advanced alzheimers.

      The chart refers to global spending. I know details aren’t a strong point for CIA agents.

      Worldwide GNP is $88 trillion. Luxury spending of $1 trillion worldwide is a given.

      Do you ever tire of having me publicly embarrass you?

  18. “The chart refers to global spending.”

    Go over to the thread and argue with my figures, which DO refer to global spending on luxury autombiles.

    You haven’t done so. You have chosen to cop out with a bullshit comment on this thread and not challenge my comments straight up, head-to-head. If you can crush my facts and figures with your facts and figures, I’ll concede. Otherwise, man up. You got your ass whupped.

    1. SSS

      It’s like taking candy from a CIA agent.

      There were 72 million vehicles sold worldwide in 2014 with a total value of approx $2.5 trillion. $438 billion accounts for 17% of that total. That’s a no-brainer. Even for you.

      Luxury sales in the U.S. account for 10% of all vehicles sold.

      Let me make it simple for you. If 10% of worldwide sales are luxury vehicles, at a sales price of $60,000, what total do you get?

      You lose. AGAIN.

  19. I, Stucky, aka da Judge, initially self proclaimed but, now widely accepted as thus, do hereby rule, as permitted by the TBP Handbook Chapter 2, Paragraph 4.1, and also as demanded by the TBP community at large, issue the following forthwith: ADMIN IS THE WINNER over SPYBOY, aka SSS.

    Goddamn, this is sooooo easy, like taking candy from a blind spook. Maybe this job is better suited for someone with half a brain. Maybe bb.


  20. LOVE the cat-mouse pic. But, my favorite is still the one where you kick him in the nuts. Do you have it easily available for our viewing pleasure? TIA

  21. Stucky – fuck off, you parasitic prick. I’ve never witnessed someone whose character so totally resembles a lamprey eel, which feeds off the body of its host. I will grant you this. You’re a very, very intelligent person. Very. Except when you’re not.

    Admin – get the fuck over to the “How the Oligarchs Spend Your Money” thread and argue with my comments, facts, and figures. Straight up. Show me where I’m wrong. You always find a way to disparage people who disagree with you. Here’s your chance to show everyone on TBP what a blithering idiot I am. Don’t miss this golden opportunity.

  22. SSS

    I don’t have to show everyone what a blithering idiot you are. You already did it yourself.

    Time for Lawrence Welk and a bowl of oatmeal for you.

    You begged me to obliterate you. So I did.

  23. “a parasitic prick … whose character so totally resembles a lamprey eel” ——- SSS

    That’s a new one.


  24. Admin, you got a Hat Tip from the Daily Pfenning this morning:

    “Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later.. .What? Well, I’m talking about someone getting a wild hair and calling CPI what it is. A farce. I saw this and had to show you. The said that CPI had shown there was “no inflation unless you eat food, use water, live in a house or apartment, heat your home, get sick, travel, pay car insurance, go to school, mail letters or do your taxes”. About says it all don’t you think?

    For those of you keeping score at home, last Friday’s U.S. Data Cupboard told us that the U.S. CPI (consumer inflation) in December fell -.4%, marking the largest monthly decline in 6 years! Yeah, right, and I’ve got some land (questionable term) to sell you, that some people might call a swamp. Geez Louise, just because the price of gas has fallen, people are running around doing their own imitation of Chicken Little, screaming deflation is here, deflation is here! Well, maybe it is, if you don’t eat food, use water, live in a house or apartment, heat your home, get sick, travel, pay car insurance, go to school, mail letters or do your taxes! Sure.. gas prices are down, but so too are wages. But that doesn’t make up for all the other stuff that’s more costly!

    Oh, and the other pieces of the Data Cupboard last Friday, so we don’t forget, Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization were both down in December. IP was down a negative -.1%, and Cap Utilization was down to 79.7% from 80% in November. Signs that we’re falling back again. The 5-Man Electrical Band had a hit song in the 70’s called: Signs. Signs, signs, everywhere a sign, blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind, do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign? It was a battle song for us hippies back then. But the signs are all over the place here that the back side of that hurricane is fast approaching. Living in the eye of the storm was great these past few years.”

  25. @Onemeremember, re milk.

    Anything/one that continues to demonize naturally occurring fats raises my skepticism.

    We are not fat FROM natural fats.

    We are fat from stress and carbohydrates and unnatural additives, preservatives and hormones.

    Besides, do you know that most “problems” people have with milk do not occur in non-pasteurized milk?

    Animal fats are NOT our enemy. Too bad our government will starve us fat and sick trying to prove they are.

  26. @ Tax Slave —-

    Why in the Sam Hill are you forking over ANYTHING for “health insurance?” Wake up dude!
    * Close to 90% of your health stats & condition according to many professionals is a function of
    your diet, water consumption, excercise & sleep habits
    * Why bet against yourself? — isn’t that what “health insurance” is in the first place?
    * If health “insurance” was worth it to you, you couldn’t buy it at the prices offered
    * For nearly every health service you may need, a cash discount applies with a simple negotiation
    * For emergencies, you’re automatically going to be taken care of based on legistlation passed
    in the 1970’s
    * Why not proactively invest $1,900 / month in organic, non GMO food, supplements, proactive
    health modalities that can make a difference (various forms of body work, stress reduction etc)

    Stop supporting this non-sense regime and sending your life energy to big corporations who couldn’t give 2 shits about you. Invest in yourself….Save yourself…



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