Ukrainian troops have launched a massive assault on militia-held areas. The Putilovsky Bridge, which is located near the Donetsk airport has been destroyed in the shelling along with countless buildings. Read More:

Anti-Kiev forces alleged to be the Novorossia Armed Forces (NAF) firing on Kiev positions just outside Donetsk with field artillery. The footage was reportedly filmed overnight on Saturday.

The suspected sound of a jet engine was heard moments before a rocket attack targeted the area surrounding Donetsk International Airport on Friday.


  1. Putin really has nothing to lose by supplying the rebels. It does nothing but make the West look weak. We do not dare get involved because the U.S. military couldn’t tame a bunch of illiterate fighters living in the 7th century, they would have their asses handed to them by a real army.

  2. @Nickel: I’m sure you know this but we ARE involved and started this whole mess by overthrowing the legitimate Ukrainian gov and installing our puppet.
    This will NOT end well for the U.S.

  3. I see Idiot Beck has been writing about the evil empire (the Russians, not the U.S.) Our media keeps on writing what they are told to.
    I try to imagine how the U.S. would react to anti missle systems put on our border. But NATO is of course the good guys.

  4. Recapturing the East has been ordered by the West (EU,NATO,US,UK,Tel Aviv) for all to see, all loans and assistance(ha) are conditional on it. So much for multilateral bullshit. Russians play a long game, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were in advance negotiations with German Industrialist, what a fuckin jaw dropper that would be…..

  5. Going by the 2nd video, they appear to be using Soviet-era D20 howitzers. Standard 152mm towed guns. Accurate, but slow to move around. Range: 19,000 yards. With rocket-assist: 26,000 yards.

    For those of you interested, 19,000 yards is about 10 and a half miles. 26,000 yards is about 14 and a half miles.

    The D20 is not to be confused with the much larger 2A65 howitzer which also has a bore diameter of 152mm. Without the rocket assist, it has a range of 29,000 meters (31,000 yards) all by itself.

    You can see the difference below.

    2A65 Msta-B Howitzer. Notice the looooong barrel.


    Here’s the D20. Looks a lot shorter and stubbier.


    If you pause the Number 2 video at 00:35 seconds, you’ll see that the arty has the shorter barrel of the D20, same muzzle brake.

    Just FYI – 10 miles might seem like a long ways, but it’s not… in military terms, it’s rock throwing close…

  6. The west can cause a lot of trouble but can’t moment a serious threat soon enough. Ukrainians are not capable of winning. Even when they were part of the ” coalition of the willing” they weren’t very impressive.


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