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The populist revolt fueling non-mainstream political movements in both Europe and the US flows from a single source: you can not fool all the people all the time. The central lie of our time is that governments can and should forcibly assume control of individuals’ lives, in the name of vague and always shifting greater goods. The Command and Control Futility Principle holds that governments and central banks can control one, but not all variables in a multi-variable system. The number of variables global governments and central banks have arrogated to their purported control has grown beyond measure. Breakdowns are visible everywhere, and as those failures exact their ever-increasing toll on the masses, the masses are pushing back.

The last financial crisis was a watershed. Capitalism’s rough justice was obviously, and gallingly, not allowed to play out. Favored financial institutions didn’t face the consequences—insolvency and bankruptcy—of their promotion of various bubbles and their leveraged business models. They were bailed out with taxpayer funds. Especially galling was that they knew they were going to be bailed out. More salt on the wound: improvident homeowners and housing speculators who took on too much mortgage debt were, other than a few spotty government programs, not bailed out or even offered appreciable relief. Since the crisis passed, banks have operated on the assumption they will be bailed out again during the next crisis. Despite all the hype about improved capital ratios and cleaned up loan books, fractional reserve banking is still fractional reserve banking; a leveraged business model that is wiped out if enough loans and speculations go bad.

Still more salt: despite unprecedented government debt and spending, new programs, particularly Obamacare, central bank debt monetization, and ultra-low interest rates, the purported recovery is the weakest on record, with the labor force participation rate at a multi-decade low, the number of people on food stamps recently reaching a record high, and real incomes back where they were in the 1970s. Those ultra-low interest rates have destroyed the incentive to save and forced retirees back into the workforce (the one group whose labor force participation rate has increased), but provided cheap funding to the carry-trade set, stock options-laden corporate executives, and Silicon Valley moguls. Their trophy art, cars, mansions, and spouses grace the media. That’s beyond salt, it’s rubbing people’s noses in it.

The messes the globalist powers that be have made outside their jurisdictions are even larger than the ones inside. Led by the US, the Western powers have bestowed unending chaos on the Middle East and Northern Africa. They have achieved none of their goals, (see “How To Defeat Your Enemies”) but have created massive blowback with the spread of terrorism and the refugee inundation of Europe. Not only have the war-torn lands not been reordered along liberal democratic lines, but mountains of money and barrels of blood continue to be spent in perpetual war. Meanwhile, ordinary citizens in Western homelands, not the elites, are left to contend with terrorist attacks, refugees burdening already strained social welfare systems, and obnoxious and illegal behavior by some of the new entrants. The elites shun even acknowledging these problems.

It comes as a surprise only to the elites and their media mouthpieces that the peasants are revolting, tired of their prevarication, arrogance, and ineptitude. Don’t, however, expect them to pay attention to anything so insignificant as the popular will; they won’t go gentle into that good night. In the US, the establishment can live with Hillary, and if either Trump or Sanders—the revolution’s candidates—wins, the new president will soon learn who actually runs the government. Or he will have an unfortunate accident or heart attack. However, the Empire is leaving nothing to chance; it has already initiated a preemptive counterattack.

The counterattack has three overlapping fronts: war, the economy, and civil liberties. “The Quagmire to End All Quagmires” stated that “the US faces the danger of being dragged into World War III.” That phrasing may have been an error (SLL reserves the right, in perpetuity, to make mistakes, see “On Failure”). The US government most likely won’t get “dragged” into World War III; it will probably initiate it. If Turkey and Saudi Arabia invade Syria, assume they’ve been green-lighted by the US government, which will join them in the carnage.

As the economy goes down in flames, central bankers and the usual totalitarian creeps are embracing negative interest rates and bans on cash. Negative interest rates self-evidently destroy the incentive to save, the foundation of honest capitalism and progress. Many commentators have pointed out that negative rates lead to an increased demand for zero return cash, so the monetary Dr. Strangeloves have to ban it to drive money into the banking system. Although negative interest rates are patently absurd and counterproductive, always strong selling points for the Strangeloves, the real reason for locking money in the banking system is to prevent a systemic run. As in the last crisis, on a mark-to-market basis the leveraged banking system—with the largest US and European banks still massively exposed to derivatives—will be recognized as insolvent and subject to a run unless money is kept locked in the banks and expropriated.

This assault on financial freedom goes hand in hand with the war against civil liberties, a specious battleground in the concocted “War on Terrorism.” The mainstream media and even some of the non-mainstream blogosphere have been filled with articles about the “complexity” of the Apple-FBI standoff on encryption. The word “complexity” is often a tip-off that someone’s about to pull an intellectual fast one.

Encryption is simple. It’s one of those issues most people dread: an either-or. Either one’s computer communications are encrypted and safe from prying eyes, or they are not. There is no middle ground, and Apple is ostensibly cutting its throat asking Congress, of all people, to come up with one. Encryption that has been compromised, for any reason, is useless. At Apple and the rest of Big Tech’s behest an encryption “compromise” will emerge that fatally compromises encryption, cementing Big Tech’s partnership with government. Lovers of liberty and privacy will be left searching for quite possibly illegal encryption developed by smaller, guerrilla software outfits.

Many will say that deliberate war, economic destruction, and technological repression are inconceivable; such a strategy is contradictory, counterproductive, depraved, deranged, diabolic, deadly, pathologic, sociopathic, psychotic, and out-and-out evil. All of the above, but if that’s your reaction, read, or reread, “Life, Or Death?” SLL recently posted Matt Bracken’s “Burning Down the House in 2016.” Bracken shares SLL’s forebodings of impending disaster, and it’s an excellent article, but he makes a mistake: granting the destroyers their stated intentions.

The proto-Marxist Jacobins of the French Revolution put it this way: “Out of order, chaos.” But first the Jacobins had to create the chaos, with an artificially engineered grain shortage leading to food riots, which they exploited for their revolutionary ends. Vladimir Lenin put it this way, when told that bread riots were breaking out in Russia: “The worse, the better.” The better for creating the optimal revolutionary conditions. The Black Panthers, revolutionary Marxists of the 1960s, said, “Burn, baby, burn.”

The currently existing social compact has to be burnt to the ground before the new world economic order can be built up from the ashes. This will be as true in 2017 as it was in 1917.

Regardless of the rhetoric—Liberté, égalité, fraternité; Dictatorship of the Proletariat; The Thousand Year Reich; The New World Order—the truth is that the means—destruction and death—are the ends. Psychopaths kill millions of people because…they enjoy killing millions of people. As SLL posited in “Life, Or Death?”, citing Ayn Rand, a malevolent desire to kill others is, at root, a desire to kill one’s self. The slogans, the supposed omelets that justify cracking all those skulls eggs, are dross.

That imparts analytic clarity to the future. When one understands that one’s life is on the line, one must fight with everything one has. Or else.


  1. Good article. It explains why immediately upon taking office Trump must:
    –Replace all senior military and law enforcement officials with loyal men, calling them out of retirement if necessary
    –A deep purge of the military, CIA, FBI, Justice Department, etc., must be conducted at once, with prosecutions to follow when appropriate
    –He should use the surveillance resources of these organizations against all Zionist, “Progressive” (Marxist) and Globalist leaders, with legal authority, so they can be charged when the evidence piles up
    –Surround himself with a cadre of absolutely loyal Americans. No Jews, no servants of previous administrations, no persons of dubious background. The Secret Service has to be rebuilt from the ground up. It is now a cesspit of incompetents.
    –A secret task force should be set up to identify those persons funding illegal and hostile activities against the security of the U.S. (Soros and his minions, for example). Preparations should be made to seize their funds and their persons, with foreign governments being told that failure to cooperate will be seen as an act of war against the U.S.
    –The MSM should be shadowed to allow instant seizure should any move be made to launch a coup – military or Watergate-style – against the new government. The MSM should be nationalized instantly if they try to play that game.
    –A plan to cut off food and water to major urban centers should be put together, for use in case of an attempt by the Marxists to use the underclass against the American people. A week without food and water will clam them down.
    –Form a National Militia, giving legal status to armed citizens meeting certain criteria (no felons, U.S. citizens, etc.). This militia would operate ONLY in non-urban areas, “As there are not enough regular troops, National Guard and police” to ensure security in these areas. This will give him a nation-wide armed body at the grass roots level to use to control most of the land area of the country with reliable units. Food, fuel and other vital movements can also be controlled in case of an emergency.
    –All of this must be done under legal authority, until events make that impossible. Then the law of necessity takes over.

    This is it, folks, There won’t be another chance. Forget all that crap about “The Constitution” and “The Rule of Law”. This is war and in war there is one rule: Win. The parasite class is not composed of “Your Fellow Citizens”. They are the Domestic Enemy and they must be crushed.

    You think this is extreme? You have no idea of the rage of the Progressives, Zionists and Globalists at the idea of Trump – the ultimate outsider – in the White House. They stand to lose it all and they know it.

  2. Good article and perfect title. This election may not go as smooth as many are thinking if an election happens at all. If TPTB actually know they are going to lose power with this election it will be stopped. A simple false flag event that creates civil unrest(such as food shortages) will usher in martial law and a temporary suspension of the election. Of course nothing is more permanent than a temporary goobermint measure.

  3. S.Sage, keep on dreamin’. Why the hell would Trump do any of this? He’s a Billionaire for Christ’s sake! He parties with the same people you want him to take down. Anyone who thinks he’ll do anything other than the status quo should he, God forbid get elected, is a fool. He has the money, his goal is simply greater power. Expect his kids to be chosen as cabinet heads.

  4. Southern Sage, consider me signed up. Please add that all US Debt owed to the Federal Reserve is void and all money and Federal Reserve property is immediately under the direct ownership and management of the US Treasury. A complete audit of US Bonds will be conducted and Congress will determine the preconditions for replacement issues (for example pension funds, foreign governments etc). All US government gold must be immediately returned to Fort Knox.


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