16 thoughts on “OBEY”

  1. The game will go on until you quit playing……..

    Anon above is still playing and enjoys the “Big red, white and blue dick” up his ass that Carlin liked to joke about.

    The ONLY way to get even with these elites/oligarchs is to take their money away. Turn them into welfare queens.

  2. When the day comes that white people use the page out of the #blacklivesmatter playbook and yell “WE GONNA BURN THIS MUTHA DOWN”, then and only then will you have their attention…………………….meanwhile they laugh at you. Simple minds, they bank on it.

  3. I wonder if the world’s priciest escort, who married Rupert Murdoch today, promised to obey him?

    Meanwhile Tony Blair is probably still rooting Rupe’s ex, Wendy Deng, who I am convinced was a honey trap planted by Chinese intelligence. We hear so little of Chinese humint, but I would bet the farm they learnt a lot from Russian successes 1930s-1990 and have a massive network of agents in place.

  4. But they’re not doing the same thing over and over! They sometimes vote for the 2nd “OBEY” which is clearly different from the first “OBEY”.

  5. Bea,

    Like it or not you’re going to go along with whatever the elections decide.

    So vote and have a say in it or just let others dictate your future to you (including the probability of WWIII with Hillary if Obama doesn’t start it first).

    There may not be any, or much, difference between all the other Establishment candidates but this time you actually have a viable dissent vote in Trump if you’re not happy with the current Establishment rule.

    Vote for Trump if you want a chance at change, vote for any of the others if you don’t, or just don’t vote and accept what others decide for you (and don’t complain about it since it was your choice to let them)

  6. Anon- I already voted by taking EVERY DIME of my money out of stocks, bonds, annuities , bank accounts etc.


    Like I said……keep playing, it can only get worse.

    And for the love of Mike, please use your real moniker.


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