7 Harsh Realities Of Life Millennials Need To Understand

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They may not yet be the present, but they’re certainly the future. These young, uninitiated minds will someday soon become our politicians, doctors, scientists, chefs, television producers, fashion designers, manufacturers, and, one would hope, the new proponents of liberty. But are they ready for it?

Time after time, particularly on college campuses, millennials have proven to be little more than entitled, spoiled, anti-intellectual brats who place far too much emphasis on feelings and nowhere near enough emphasis on critical thinking. To the millennial, words are cause for the creation of safe spaces, alternative ideas must be stifled, and anything they perceive to be a microaggression is enough to send them spiraling into a state of mental distress.

It’s time millennials understood these 7 harsh realities of life so we don’t end up with a generation of gutless adult babies running the show.

1. Your Feelings Are Largely Irrelevant


Seriously, nobody who has already graduated college cares about your feelings. That means that when you complain to your boss because your co-worker mis-gendered you, he’s probably not going to bend over backwards to bandage your wounds. Given feelings are entirely subjective in nature, it’s completely unreasonable to demand everyone tip-toe around you to prevent yours from being hurt. The reality is that people will offend you and hurt your feelings, and they won’t stop to mop up your tears because they shouldn’t have to. Learning to accept criticism, alternative viewpoints, and even outright insults will make you happier in the long run than routinely playing the victim card.

2. You Cannot Be Whatever You Want To Be


This is a comforting lie parents have started telling their children to boost their morale in school. Unfortunately, millennials are now convinced it’s true, especially as society has now decided to push this narrative as well. The reality is if you’re 17 years old and still can’t figure out basic division, you’re not going to be a rocket scientist. If you’re overweight and unattractive, you’re not going to be the quarterback’s prom date. If you lack fine motor skills, you’re not going to be a heart surgeon. It’s okay to accept that you cannot be whatever you want to be. In fact, once you accept this, you’ll be able to focus on the things you can be — the things you really are talented at.

3. Gender Studies Is A Waste Of Money


You heard me. While some millennials taking useless degrees will claim they’re beneficial for teaching or research positions, the reality is that they just put themselves several thousands dollars in debt to learn how to be a professional victim. While you’re struggling to make ends meet after graduation because nobody who pays more than minimum wage is interested in your qualifications and you’re drowning in student loan debt, be sure to check out the next harsh reality before you start complaining.

4. If You Live In America, You’re Already In The 1%


That’s right. Even though you work at McDonald’s for minimum wage because you got a useless, outrageously expensive college degree, you’re still far better off than the vast majority of the planet. Don’t believe me? Fly to Uganda and check out the living conditions there. Fly to China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Iran, Russia, and even European countries like Ukraine and Greece, and you’ll quickly discover just how well-off you really are. While it may be cool these days to dump on capitalism, it’s the only reason you aren’t already worse off.

5. You Don’t Have A Right To It Just Because You Exist


That includes healthcare, guaranteed income, and somewhere to live. Just because you’re here and breathing doesn’t mean society owes you anything. Like the billions of people who lived before you, working hard is a better guarantor of wealth and the ability to comfortably take care of yourself than begging society or the government to do it for you. Demanding healthcare be a right, for example, is equivalent to demanding government force the taxpayer to pay for it. While that may seem like a good idea in theory, it only leads to rationing of care when costs become unsustainable, which negatively impacts not just your health, but everyone else’s, too.

6. You DO Have The Right To Live As You Please But Not To Demand People Accept It


By contrast, you do have the right to live however you please, so long as it’s within the confines of the law. If you want to cross-dress, smoke marijuana, drink lots of alcohol, have lots of sex, and, yes, even go to school for gender studies, then by all means, go for it. Government should not be allowed to legislate people’s behavior as long as it doesn’t infringe upon someone else’s rights, but that doesn’t mean society isn’t allowed to have an opinion. You don’t have the right to demand people keep their opinions about your lifestyle to themselves, especially if you’re open and public about it. I have as much of a right to comment on the way you live your life as you do to actually live it. Your feelings are not a protected right, but my speech is.

7. The Only Safe Space Is Your Home


No matter where you go in life, someone will be there to offend you. Maybe it’s a joke you overheard on vacation, a spat at the office, or a difference of opinion with someone in line at the grocery store. Inevitably, someone will offend you and your values. If you cannot handle that without losing control of your emotions and reverting back to your “safe space” away from the harmful words of others, then you’re best to just stay put at home. Remember, though: if people in the outside world scare you, people on the internet will downright terrify you. It’s probably best to just accept these harsh realities of life and go out into the world prepared to confront them wherever they may be waiting.

28 thoughts on “7 Harsh Realities Of Life Millennials Need To Understand”

  1. Meathead Millennials are what they are due to their baby booming dumbass parents.The group that has pissed away so much of our nation’s financial , moral and spiritual capital. We as a nation are just beginning to REAP what we have sowed .

    To everyone::::Just finished watching …. NOAH …The truth is bigger than you thought…. on YouTube. It is 3 + hours long but well worth your time.It is a trip throughout the first thousand years of human history before and after the flood… Stucky you need to watch this.It talks a lot about giants. Shows skeletons of giants from all over the world.

  2. Very good advice. Of course, there’s always room for moar!

    —– Stop complaining

    —– Stop blaming

    —– Stop believing that your parents, schools, the government, etc etc OWE you anything.

    —- Accept that the world is a harsh mistress.

    —- Be self-reliant as quickly as humanly possible.

  3. Stucky ,

    Radiocarbon testing method is still not capable of yielding accurate and reliable results. There are gross discrepancies , the chronology is uneven and relative, and the accepted dates are actually SELECTED DATES .The whole bless thing is nothing but 13 th century ALCHEMY…Dr Robert Lee.

    This important. Seems some of you kin folks lived less then 3000 years ago in Egypt. Imagine that ,you could have Egyptian DNA in your blood Stucky.Now watch the NOAH movie.

  4. bb

    Ms. Freud and I were at the movies. We always do a two-fer-one deal. So, the one movie ended. So, we went into the theater showing Noah … got there just as it started.

    We walked out 30 minutes later. Seriously. Hollywood barely attempted to be accurate. What a fucken joke of a move. I kinda feel sorry for you … that you rely on HOLLYWOOD for your information. smh

  5. Couldn’t have said it better myself, as a parent, the hardest thing in the world to do is to see your child about to fall/fail at something and NOT jump in to save them, but let them fall/fail in order to learn how to pick themselves up an try again.

  6. The following is what would have been said to these people when I was young:

    “If you don’t have something to do, we will find something for you to do”

    “Are you complaining? We can give you extra work……..it’s up to you”

    “Boy you Better get off your ass and get busy doing something”

    Well, I guess you get my drift. WE would have been ashamed to sit around sponging off our parents .We never heard of a special snowflake. All of that was before the niggerization of America.

  7. Haha, Bea, I had to laugh at this. It is EXACTLY what I say to my daughter when she is whine-ish (which isn’t often):

    “If you don’t have something to do, we will find something for you to do”

    It’s old school but it sure does work 😉

  8. bb – are you referring to the Noah Hollywood recent movie or some other video called “Noah”? You said it was on youtube, will you provide the link so we know exactly what you are talking about?


  9. #2 is the most important. The lie that you can ” be anything you want to” is one of the most pernicious that’s been pushed for 20-30 years. That’s why so many stupid young people waste years if not decades trying to be pro athletes or entertainers. If they would consider how little money they and their friends spend on sports and entertainment they should see how little money is in those things. The recording industry only earns about $6 billion per year, last I heard. That’s peanuts compared to car insurance. They should hang posters in grade schools: “Reach for the stars. You could be an insurance agent!”

  10. bb

    Oh? You were NOT referring to the Hollywood movie? OK … my mistake is YOUR fault.

    For fuck sake if you want someone to watch a video …. POST THE DAMNED LINK !!! Do you know how?

  11. This entire obsession with “millenials” is garbage, and all the edifices dedicated to dissecting them and spewing out these clickbait articles need to be trashed.

    The small and vocal minority of regressive whackjobs who embody “safe spaces” etc is an outlier. It’s like saying every teenager in the 70s was an acid-dropping flower-child. Stop this bullshit and nonsense.

    Overall, the generation labelled millenial has been handed an incredibly raw fucking deal. We’re being handed a world in far more fucked up shape than our parent’s got it. They’ve saddled us with debt that is unheard of in the history of planet earth, insane instability all over the world, ongoing conflicts we’ll have to fight, a completely rigged political system, legal bribery, massive and systemic corruption, simmering racial tensions, on the cusp of large-scale automation of even more jobs, global climate crises, resource shortage, higher education that is ever farther out of reach for many, rising poverty, the most outrageous wealth gap in modern times, resurgences of once-dead diseases by bullshit rebellious Baby Boomer anti-vaxxers, Islam reaching its terminal stage of development, a dearth of jobs, spiking housing costs, rising food costs, degradation of safety nets like Social Security, and so much more.

    But right, yeah, I forgot, I have a smartphone. I’m so lucky. I must be lazy and entitled and not understand the price of freedom – oh wait, I served my country honorably. Huh, weird.

    But here we are, the meek inheriting the earth. The earth the generation before us utterly milked dry for their own comfort and security – and left us with their huge bullshit mess. The mess they won’t even let us start cleaning up, because their skeletal hands still clutch the reigns of power right up to their graves, refusing to allow any change at all, refusing to acknowledge most of the problems even exist.

    Well, fuck them. Die already. Fuck the Baby Boomers. Rot.

    1. Anonthony

      Put your big boy pants on and do something about it, you whiny bitch.

      Classic millennial response. Blame everyone else rather than doing something to change the situation. Maybe mommy and daddy will save you from the big bad debt. You might have to sell your participation trophies to buy your Taco Bell lunch.

  12. Anthony; You haven’t received a world any worse than any other generation. The perceived greater problems lay within the added population. Every person either equates to a problem causer or problem solver. Every person is either a taker or giver. You complain about huge debt, yet it is your generation voting for it time and time again. The truth is, you have it easier than most any person in history. Until you stop falling for the lies of your leaders and handing them totalitarian rule art every turn you will always feel oppressed. Stop acting out in fear of some far away boogeyman and do the hard work to change your life personally.

  13. Well Anonthony, you have several options. 1. Suck start a shotgun and get it over with. 2. Educate yourself as to who the real enemy is. (hint: think central bankers and corporate owned politicians) 3. Get on with your life and quit blaming others.

    Your butthurt seems to run deep so option #1 seems prudent in your case. Besides it’s the easiest option for lazy millenials.

  14. That was the strangest video I have ever watched. Quite interesting I must say though. Am actually going to watch others offered by Trey Smith. Thanks BB

  15. Why the gross generalization of 83M people? Do you seriously think that EVERY person born from 1982-2000 needs this advice? Or maybe it’s just the annoyingly vocal minority, shunned by the quiet majority working to make a better life for themselves and their families, that create the sensational stories depicted by images #1 and #7? That sounds more likely to me.

    But what do I know, I’m an annoying, entitled, crybaby Millenial that worked his way through college and into a good career adding value to society. Definitely an outlier, no way I could be in the big part of the bell curve for my generation. Wish my parents had hit me more, that would’ve taught me what the world was really like!

  16. Millenial, recognizing your own shortcomings is the first step towards enlightenment. Congratulations but there is no trophy.

  17. As an autistic person these are My responses

    1. Only if those making the criticism are willing to do the same including but not limited to employers. Truth is most people’s criticism sucks because it is vague and lacks critical thinking so pot calling kettle.

    2. So, parents of the millennials are liars then, is that correct?

    3. Actually, this is true.

    4. Let’s say all welfare and social programs disappear tomorrow what would be the cost and standard of living of our society vs. others?

    5. Let’s say one is unable to OBTAIN or KEEP a job due to his disability does this mean your forcing the person to”transfer” one’s right to life according to this definition of inalienable right. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/inalienable-right

    In effect, they are forced into a position of suicide.

    6. This is a whole bunch of double think.

    7. Who gives a double-dealing shit about safe spaces? Let us all break out the logic and pizza too, drop all of the PC and actually discuss shit.

  18. “—– Stop complaining”

    Why? We had the American Revolution and Civil rights movement that started off with complaints. If we must quit complaining then you conservative and libertarian fucks must quit complaining about big government and welfare? Can we be consistent please?

    “—– Stop blaming”

    If someone commits a crime against me, why am I not allowed to blame the criminal? Why is blaming wrong?

    “—– Stop believing that your parents, schools, the government, etc etc OWE you anything.”

    Why? If one’s parents, schools, government, etc, etc told students as they were growing up half-truths and a whole bunch of horse shit then why isn’t one owed compensation for fraud?

    “—- Accept that the world is a harsh mistress.”

    I don’t accept that the world is a harsh mistress as absolutely true and here is why. The world is transitory and temporary. Things come and things fade away. Compared to 1000s of years ago and even 100s ago life is a lot better. Why can’t we accept that the world is less shitty but still shitty, let’s change it? Why am I wrong for this belief?

    “—- Be self-reliant as quickly as humanly possible.”

    Actually, I kind of agree with this.


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