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“And the little screaming fact that sounds through all history: repression works only to strengthen and knit the repressed.” John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath

Everyone has seen the pictures of the unemployed waiting in soup lines during the Great Depression. When you try to tell a propaganda believing, willfully ignorant, mainstream media watching, math challenged consumer we are in the midst of a Greater Depression, they act as if you’ve lost your mind. They will immediately bluster about the 5.1% unemployment rate, record corporate profits, and stock market near all-time highs. The cognitive dissonance of these people is only exceeded by their inability to understand basic mathematical concepts.

The reason you don’t see huge lines of people waiting in soup lines during this Greater Depression is because the government has figured out how to disguise suffering through modern technology. During the height of the Great Depression in 1933, there were 12.8 million Americans unemployed. These were the men pictured in the soup lines. Today, there are 46 million Americans in an electronic soup kitchen line, as their food is distributed through EBT cards (with that angel of mercy JP Morgan reaping billions in profits by processing the transactions).


Pictorial Essay: 18 Things I Did That My Grand-kids Can’t Do Without Someone Getting Arrested


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WE ARE RAISING A NATION OF WEENY-FIED CHILDREN!! Yes, we are! And, we will eventually pay the price. EVERY one of the actions below in today’s ‘Murika is frowned upon, downright illegal or,  subjects you parents to a visit from the State Gestapo, aka Child Protective Services.



(Of which I was on the receiving end of more than one black eye … to which my dad would say, “You’re such a pussy!“)

“13 Year Old Up On FELONY Charges For Throwing A Snowball That Reportedly Hit A Cop” ——- http://www.thedailysheeple.com/13-year-old-up-on-felony-charges-for-throwing-a-snowball-that-reputedly-hit-a-cop_022014


“Texas police shut down girls’ lemonade stand, demand permit” ——– http://abc13.com/news/police-shut-down-girls-lemonade-stand/776322/


ANNOUNCEMENT: 1st Annual TBP Outing / NYC


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OK, let’s get this ball rolling … the sooner, the better, for planning.

DATE:  OCTOBER 10, 2015  (2nd Saturday in October)

TIME:  1PM …. until the last train leaves the city

PLACE:  BLARNEY ROCK PUB  —– 137 West 33rd Street

web site —  http://blarneyrockpub.com/index.asp

(Blarney’s is a stone’s throw from Penn Station / MSG.  We can start there, we don’t need to stay there.)

FUNDS NEEDED:  $10 a beer …… apply for your 2nd mortgage today.

IDENTIFICATION:  Simple … wear a NAME TAG.  Seriously. “Hi, my name is Stucky!”  You can even make your own if you’re a cheap bastard.

You can even try to be funny.

I will probably also have a simple placard on the table “The Burning Platform”


1)  Do NOT ask for directions! This will mark you as a tourist … and potential mugging victim.  Penn Station is on 33rd Street … just walk down the fucking block.  No lollygagging … walk fast!

2) Do NOT look up at the skyscrapers. This screams “tourist”. Mugging victim opportunity #2.

3) Do NOT make eye contact. Do NOT give a friendly “Howdy, how ya doin’?”  Do NOT ever say “Excuse me” if you bump into someone. In all these cases, no one gives a shit. Mugging victim opportunity #3.

4) If someone bumps into YOU … immediately check your wallet.

4A) If your wallet is stolen, and that’s all, consider yourself lucky. Do NOT seek out a copfuk. They don’t give a shit. You also have a 68.5% chance of being tazed.

5) Know when you can, and cannot, breathe. This might help.



I am going … no matter what. Hopefully at least one STM shows up by 2:30. But, I understand that last minute shit pops up. Hey, if no one shows up, I’ll have a couple beers, do some shopping (Ms Freud’s birthday is in Oct.), chat with a hooker, and call it a great outing.

See ya then!


Why Didn’t The Bear Eat The Girl?


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Maybe because she’s a square shouldered, super-fit, double marathon-running, tree-hugging, deodorant-refusing, whale-saving, hairy-legged, bike-riding, rail-thin vegan with an Associate degree in Buddhist philosophy ….. and a voice that makes Hillary sound sexy?


Republican Civil War – Country Club Republicans Threaten The Survival of the USA

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TIME-Trump-Deal With It 8-31-2015Our computer, which has been projecting the rise of a civil war within the Republican Party, has a lot of emails coming in right now on this subject. Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s startling decision to pull out of the race for speaker of the House of Representatives has illustrated quite openly how the Republican Party is becoming bitterly divided between hardcore conservatives and Country-Club Establishment. This is reflected also in the rise of Donald Trump who has even been leading the polls in Florida beating Bush in his home ground no less Rubio and Hillary. Trump is the anti-politician and this highlights the rising tension in politics.


The Allure of Mass Murder


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Guest Post by Patrick J. Buchanan

“Seems the more people you kill, the more you are in the limelight.”

That blog post on the email address of Oregon mass-murderer Christopher Harper-Mercer was made after Vester Lee Flanagan shot and killed that Roanoke TV reporter and her cameraman.

“I have noticed,” said the blog post, “that people like [Flanagan] are all alone and unknown, yet when they spill a little blood, the whole world knows who you are.”

Harper-Mercer had found the key to his future, and given us a truism for our time.

For the world now knows who Harper-Mercer is.

We have seen his face on TV. We have read how he murdered eight students and a teacher at Umpqua Community College, how those who admitted to being Christian were executed in front of the class with a bullet to the brain.

When detectives arrived, Harper-Mercer was wounded in a firefight, fled back to his bloody classroom and shot himself. From start to finish, the worst shooting in Oregon’s history lasted half an hour.

When the news broke, predictably, President Obama was back in the White House briefing room calling for new laws to control the sale of guns.

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste,” said Rahm Emanuel.




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“The terrible, cold, cruel part is Wall Street. Rivers of gold flow there from all over the earth, and death comes with it. There, as nowhere else, you feel a total absence of the spirit: herds of men who cannot count past three, herds more who cannot get past six, scorn for pure science and demoniacal respect for the present.

And the terrible thing is that the crowd that fills the Street believes that the world will always be the same, and that it is their duty to keep that huge machine running, day and night, forever.”

Federico Garcia Lorca

“A true opium of the people is a belief in nothingness after death – the huge solace of thinking that for our betrayals, greed, cowardice, murders we are not going to be judged.”

Czesław Miłosz

Edward Snowden’s New Revelations Are Truly Chilling

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Submitted by Sophie McAdam via TrueActivist.com,

Former intelligence contractor and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden told the BBC’s Panorama that the UK intelligence centre GCHQ has the power to hack phones without their owners’ knowledge.

The Impulsiveness of US Power


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Guest Post by Paul Craig Roberts

Washington’s impulsive use of power is a danger to America and to the world. Arrogant Washington politicians and crazed neoconservatives are screaming that the US must shoot down Russian aircraft that are operating against the US-supplied forces that have brought death and destruction to Syria, unleashing millions of refugees on Europe, in Washington’s effort to overthrow the Syrian government.

Even my former CSIS colleague, Zbigniew Brzezinski, normally a sensible if sometimes misguided person, has written in the Financial Times that Washington should deliver an ultimatum to Russia to “cease and desist from military actions that directly affect American assets.” By “American assets,” Brzezinski means the jihadist forces that Washington has sicced on Syria. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article43059.htm

Brzezinski’s claim that “Russia must work with, not against, the US in Syria” is false. The fact of the matter is that “the US must work with, not against Russia in Syria,” as Russia controls the situation, is in accordance with international law, and is doing the right thing.


Question of the Day, Oct 8


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Who will be the next speaker of the house?



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Holy Chinese New Year Batman!!!

50 fucking lanes of traffic???

Merging into 20 lanes of traffic???

This makes my daily commute seem like a drive in the park.

I’ll just keep this visual in my mind whenever someone cuts me off on the Schuylkill.


Traffic after the holidays tend to be pretty awful. But China may have just turned every driver’s worst nightmare into reality as hundreds of millions of people headed home at the end of a Golden Week, a week-long national holiday.

Thousands of motorists found themselves stranded on Tuesday in what looks from above like a 50-lane parking lot on the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, one of the country’s busiest roads. Some are dubbing the traffic jam a “carpocalypse,” while others are calling it “carmageddon.”

Though foggy weather may have played a role, the real culprit is a new checkpoint that forces traffic to merge from 50 lanes down to just 20, according to The People’s Daily. Traffic was reportedly backed up for hours.

China is no stranger to these ridiculous traffic jams, especially on national highways. In 2010, gridlock spanning more than 74 miles on the stretch between the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Beijing left drivers with nowhere to go for a staggering 12 days. That time blame fell on everything from road construction to broken down cars and fender-benders.

People played cards to pass the time while nearby vendors took the opportunity to sell food and water at premium prices. “If you said ‘no’ or complained about the price they threaten to break your [wind]shields,” one driver told the Inner Mongolia Morning Post.

In 2012, the government’s decision to grant free road travel during the same national holiday turned 24 motorways in 16 provinces into a massive parking lot with more than 85 million people stuck in their cars.

Reuters/China Daily

Reuters/China Daily



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