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I was born at Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital 51 years ago. It’s only 3 miles from where I grew up. It rarely, if ever makes the news. It made the news this week. A psychotic nutjob shot and killed his caseworker and tried to murder his doctor. He also had enough ammo in his pockets to kill a dozen more people. I bet he was surprised when the doctor, after being grazed in the head by a bullet, whipped out his own gun and blew three holes in his body. The only downside to the story is that the scumbag is still alive. The 2nd responders were only 10 minutes away. The SWAT teams and the rest of the police state apparatus arrived in time to clean up the bodies. Thank God our tax dollars are being well spent militarizing them.

Again, an armed citizen saved multiple lives because good guys with guns are the only ones who can stop bad guys with guns. You won’t see this story on MSNBC or any of the other Obama loving gun control networks. It doesn’t fit their storyline.





Female victim ID’d in fatal Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital shooting

By Cindy Scharr, Delaware County Daily Times

Thursday, July 24, 2014

— An exchange of gunfire that erupted in a psychiatrist’s office on the Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital campus Thursday afternoon left a mental-health caseworker dead, a doctor wounded and the suspect critically injured.

According to authorities, the suspect was wounded when the doctor fired back in self-defense.

Earlier in the day, authorities were uncertain as to how the caseworker, identified as 53-year-old Theresa Hunt of Philadelphia, was mortally wounded during the gunfight that unfolded in a small office in the Sister Marie Lenahan Wellness Center.

At press time, Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan said based on a statement provided by Dr. Lee Silverman, Hunt was shot and killed by her client, 49-year-old Richard Plotts of Upper Darby.

Gunfire was exchanged between Silverman and his patient, Plotts, who may have been transported to the office by Hunt for his scheduled appointment, Whelan and Yeadon Police Chief Donald Molineux said during afternoon press conferences.

Molineux said the doctor “without a doubt saved lives” by firing back on Plotts.

The district attorney said both weapons used in the shooting were recovered.

Silverman, who works at the hospital’s outpatient psychiatric facility, located across Lansdowne Avenue from the main hospital, suffered a graze wound to the head. He was treated at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital and was expected to be released Thursday night.

Plotts, who was shot twice in the torso and once in the arm, was in custody at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where he was listed in critical condition Thursday afternoon.

Thursday night, Whelan said it was his understanding that complications arose during a surgery performed on Plotts, but he was unsure as to the extent, as well as his prognosis.

Earlier, Whelan said investigators believed there may have been prior altercations between the doctor and Plotts.

According to authorities, Plotts has a history of psychiatric problems, including two suicide attempts, as well as a criminal record.

“His criminal record goes back to the early 1990s for three arrests for illegal possession of firearms and arrests for narcotics violations and assaults in Philadelphia,” Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said. “In Upper Darby, he has been 302’d (committed to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation) on at least three occasions. The last one of the three was in January 2013. … He’s got a long history of guns and mental illness.”

Chitwood said Plotts, a client of the Life Center of Delaware County, was repeatedly kicked out for fighting and aggressive behavior, and ultimately was banned from the facility.

Dozens of police vehicles, including the county’s Mobile Command Center and SWAT One armored response vehicle, converged on the scene in the minutes after the shooting, which was reported at 2:21 p.m.

Heavily armed tactical teams swept through the Wellness Center room by room to ensure there were no additional shooters, and additional teams surrounded the outside of the building. A tight cordon was established around the hospital campus and only police — some in SWAT gear — and medical personnel were allowed to approach the scene as helicopters buzzed overhead and curious onlookers and displaced hospital staff sought information.

Officials said the shooting took place in the suite shared by Silverman and other doctors on the third floor of the facility. Whelan said at least one other physician and a caseworker were in the office when the shots rang out, and were instrumental in subduing Plotts.

Sources at the scene said Plotts was a patient at the facility. Molineux said that Plotts entered the office together with the female victim, a mental health caseworker employed by the hospital.

Authorities at the scene said it would not be unusual for a caseworker to have transported a patient for a scheduled appointment to the Wellness Center.

Law enforcement sources said the first calls came into the 911 Center at 2:21 p.m., and callers were told to shelter in place and lock their doors. Whelan said the Rapid Response Team reacted within minutes. Officers from nearly every jurisdiction throughout Delaware County, including their chiefs, in addition to federal Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents, responded to the scene.

The hospital was on lockdown for about an hour and a half and employees and patients were evacuated from the building by police vehicles and ambulances. At least 100 people were taken to a nearby building to be interviewed as potential witnesses to the shooting.

The area around the hospital was still swarming with police as they continued their investigation Thursday night.

Molineux said that local law enforcement agencies conducted an active shooter drill at the hospital just eight months ago.

“That worked in our favor today,” Molineux said.

The Wellness Center is home to a wide range of outpatient services and physician offices, according to the Mercy Health System website.

Hospital spokeswoman Bernice Manallo Ho issued a brief statement about the incident late Thursday afternoon.

“We are grateful for the efforts of the emergency responders and we are working with the Delaware County police departments to understand fully the details of the event and to do all we can to assist those affected,” Manallo said in the statement. “We will coordinate our communications with law enforcement and we will share information as soon as we are able.”

Another ‘Saigon’: US Evacuates From Libya

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Saigon Hubert Van EsOne month ago today, President Obama was congratulating Libya on a “milestone” election — even though the disintegration of the country after the 2011 US invasion was ongoing.

Said Obama in June:

I congratulate the Libyan people on the conclusion of the elections for a new Council of Representatives, a milestone in their courageous efforts to transition from four decades of dictatorship toward a full democracy.

Today, the US announced it has evacuated all US personnel from Libya. They piled into vehicles and escaped to Tunisia.

The only thing left behind was the hollow words of hollow State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf:

Due to the ongoing violence resulting from clashes between Libyan militias in the immediate vicinity of the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, we have temporarily relocated all of our personnel out of Libya.. …We reiterate that Libyans must immediately cease hostilities and begin negotiations to resolve their grievances.

Nothing better demonstrates the enormous disconnect between Washington’s rhetoric and actual reality than this, an emergency evacuation of the entire US diplomatic and military presence in Libya just weeks after a “milestone” election and just over three years after a US/NATO attack that was to bring democracy and prosperity to the country.

As the US and NATO attacked Libya in March, 2011, President Obama addressed the American people to explain his decision to attack.

Gaddafi was killing his own people, Obama claimed. That was a lie. He was fighting the very insurgents whose ongoing violence has forced the United States to flee the country.

US intervention would stop the violence, Obama claimed. That was a lie.

“Qaddafi has not yet stepped down from power, and until he does, Libya will remain dangerous,” said Obama.

But Gaddafi was forced from power — sodomized and murdered by US allies in Libya. The country is more dangerous than ever. The US has been forced to evacuate.

Obama claimed that the US/NATO invasion would end the violence in Libya:

[W]e were faced with the prospect of violence on a horrific scale.  We had a unique ability to stop that violence:  an international mandate for action, a broad coalition prepared to join us, the support of Arab countries, and a plea for help from the Libyan people themselves.

That was a lie. The violence worsened.

America was exceptional, claimed Obama in his 2011 speech. That is why we had to invade Libya:

To brush aside America’s responsibility as a leader and -– more profoundly -– our responsibilities to our fellow human beings under such circumstances would have been a betrayal of who we are.  Some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries.  The United States of America is different.

Libya was supposed to be the next “domino” in the fantasy of an “Arab Spring” pushed so hard by the US administration and its compliant media. Instead, Egypt is ruled by a US-backed dictator who overthrew an elected government and Libya is a completely destroyed no-go zone.

Reality caught up with Obama and the murderous rhetoric of the interventionists and neocons.

Moscow is next on their target list. Those in the US who push back against the lies designed to provoke a war with Russia are called “Putin’s best friend” and “Russian agents.” Just like they were called “Saddam’s best friend” and “Iraqi agents” just like they were called “Gaddafi’s best friend” and “Libyan agents.” The lies are the same, the results are always a disaster.

Will Americans notice what failures their leaders are? Will Americans demand an end to the disastrous interventions?

Let this sink in: three years after the US invasion of Libya that would “free” the country, the US has been forced to have a Saigon moment.

Does Russia (And Humanity) Have A Future?


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Guest Post by Paul Craig Roberts

Does Russia (And Humanity) Have A Future?
Europe is complicit in its own demise

The Russian government has finally realized that it has no Western “partners,” and is complaining bitterly about the propagandistic lies and disinformation issued without any evidence whatsoever against the Russian government by Washington, its European vassals, and presstitute media.

Perhaps the Russian government thought that only Iraq, Libya, Syria, China, and Edward Snowden would be subjected to Washington’s lies and demonization.

It was obvious enough that Russia would be next.

The Russian government and Europe need to look beyond Washington’s propaganda, because the reality is much worst.

NATO commander General Breedlove and Senate bill 2277 clearly indicate that Washington is organizing itself and Europe for war against Russia (see my previously posted column).

Europe is reluctant to agree with Washington to put Ukraine in NATO. Europeans understand that if Washington or its stooges in Kiev cause a war with Russia Europe will be the first casualty. Washington finds its vassals’ noncompliance tiresome. Remember Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s “fuck the EU.” And that is just what Washington is about to do.

The US Senate’s Russian Aggression Prevention Act, about which I reported in my previous column, does even more mischief than I reported. If the bill passes, which it likely will, Washington becomes empowered to bypass NATO and to grant the status of “allied nation” to Ukraine independently of NATO membership. By so doing, Washington can send troops to Ukraine and thereby commit NATO to a war with Russia.

Notice how quickly Washington escalated the orchestrated Ukrainian “crisis” without any evidence into “Russian aggression.” Overnight we have the NATO commander and US senators taking actions against “Russian aggression” of which no one has seen any evidence.

With Iraq, Libya, and Syria, Washington learned that Washington could act on the basis of baldfaced lies. No one, not Great Britain, not France, not Germany, not Italy, not the Netherlands, not Canada, not Australia, not Mexico, not New Zealand, not Israel, nor Japan, nor S. Korea, nor Taiwan, nor (substitute your selection) stepped forward to hold Washington accountable for its blatant lies and war crimes. The UN even accepted the package of blatant and obviously transparent lies that Colin Powell delivered to the UN. Everything Powell said had already been refuted by the UN’s own weapons inspectors. Yet the UN pussies gave the go-ahead for a devastating war.

The only conclusion is that all the whores were paid off. The whores can always count on Washington paying them off. For money the whores are selling out civilization to Washington’s war, which likely will be nuclear and terminate life on earth. The whores’ money will incinerate with them.

It is hardly surprising that Washington now targets Russia. The world has given Washington carte blanche to do as it pleases. We have now had three administrations of US war criminals welcomed and honored wherever the war criminals go. The other governments in the world continue to desire invitations to the White House as indications of their worth. To be received by war criminals has become the highest honor.

Even the president of China comes to Washington to receive acceptance by the Evil Empire.

The world did not notice Washington’s war crimes against Serbia and didn’t puke when Washington then put the Serbian president, who had tried to prevent his country from being torn apart by Washington, on trial as a war criminal.

The world has made no effort to hold Washington responsible for its destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria and Gaza. The world has not demanded that Washington stop murdering people in Pakistan and Yemen, countries with which Washington is not at war. The world looks the other way as Washington creates the US Africa Command. The world looks the other way as Washington sends deadly weapons to Israel with which to murder women and children in the Gaza Ghetto. Washington passes Senate and House Resolutions cheering on the Israeli murder of Palestinians.

Washington is accustomed to its free pass, granted by the world, to murder and to lie, and now is using it against Russia.

Russian President Putin’s bet that by responding to Washington’s aggression in Ukraine in an unprovocative and reasonable manner would demonstrate to Europe that Russia was not the source of the problem has not payed off. European countries are captive nations. They are incapable of thinking and acting for themselves. They bend to Washington’s will. Essentially, Europe is a nonentity that follows Washington’s orders.

If the Russian government hopes to prevent war with Washington, which is likely to be the final war for life on earth, the Russian government needs to act now and end the problem in Ukraine by accepting the separatist provinces’ request to be reunited with Russia. Once S.2277 passes, Russia cannot retrieve the situation without confronting militarily the US, because Ukraine will have been declared an American ally.

Putin’s bet was reasonable and responsible, but Europe has failed him. If Putin does not use Russian power to bring an end to the problem with which Washington has presented him in Ukraine while he still can, Washington’s next step will be to unleash its hundreds of NGOs inside Russia to denounce Putin as a traitor for abandoning the Russian populations in the former Russian provinces that Soviet leaders thoughtlessly attached to Ukraine.

The problem with being a leader is that you inherit festering problems left by previous leaders. Putin has the problems bequeathed by Yeltsin. Yeltsin was a disaster for Russia. Yeltsin was Washington’s puppet. It is not certain that Russia will survive Yeltsin’s mistakes.

If Washington has its way, Russia will survive only as an American puppet state.

In a previous column I described the article in Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Washington foreign policy community, that makes a case that the US has such strategic advantage over Russia at this time that a “window of opportunity” exists for the US to remove Russia as a restraint on US hegemony with a preemptive nuclear attack.

It is almost certain that Obama is being told that President John F. Kennedy had this window of opportunity and did not use it, and that Obama must not let the opportunity pass a second time.

As Steven Starr explained in a guest column, there are no winners of nuclear war. Even if the US escapes retaliatory strikes, everyone will die regardless.

The view in Washington of the neoconservatives, who control the Obama regime, is that nuclear war is winnable. No expert opinion supports their assumption, but the neocons, not the experts, are in power.

The American people are out to lunch. They have no comprehension of their likely fate. Americans are an uninformed people distracted by their mounting personal and financial problems. If Europeans are aware, they have decided to live for the moment on Washington’s money.

What life is faced with is a drive for hegemony on the part of Washington and ignorant unconcern on the part of the rest of the world.

Americans, worked into a lather about Washington’s unfunded liabilities and the viability of their future Social Security pension, won’t be alive to collect it.



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We’ve regressed. Shit stains this week.


I don’t know what the hell is going on here, and quite frankly I’m too disgusted to even try to come up with something, so I’ll let you guys give me the low-down on what may have taken place. Because there HAS to be a good reason to be barefoot in a Walmart bathroom…right?


Apparently Becky got tired of just looking at that butt and went out and got her a badunk-a-dunk booty of her own! Clearly the guys like it.


Say what you want about his un-womanly physique or adam’s apple, but that dude knows how to pick out some serious shoes. Drop a goldfish in those things and I might lose it completely.


Looks like Elvis’s man titties are trying to leave the building.



There are sooo many things that are wrong with this situation that I need to take a few steps back and just kind of compose myself.


Just getting a quick bronze on at Wallyworld, no big deal. Push those stomped out cigarette butts out of the way and you’ve got yourself an ideal place to relax, catch some rays and people watch.


Big fan of the Blue Man Group? I don’t know. I do know you have “I make bad decisions” written all over your face. Scratch that, tattooed all over your face.


Is there anything better than being out in public and catching an unexpected titty fall out? Well, I suppose it being a front boob instead of back boob would make it better, but I’m still gonna take it.


See more freaks at People of Wal-Mart


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No wonder they needed a false flag.

Footage of the vaporized leftovers of the Ukie 79th Airborne Brigade


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U.S. Intelligence Agencies (an oxymoron) confirm that Vlad Putin is responsible for the white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge. Tune in later to hear new evidence that Putin was also responsible for 9/11, the JFK assassination and Pearl Harbor.



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“Poverty is not caused by men and women getting married; it’s not caused by machinery; it’s not caused by ‘over-production;’ it’s not caused by drink or laziness; and it’s not caused by ‘over-population.’ It’s caused by Private Monopoly. That is the present system. They have monopolized everything that it is possible to monopolize; they have got the whole earth, the minerals in the earth and the streams that water the earth.”

Robert Tressell, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists