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Phila. Police Commissioner Says January 7th Street Incident Remains Unclear

(Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey gestures toward a video replay of an incident that took place January 7th near Broad and Girard.  Photo by Mike Dougherty)

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey did his best today to address an incident in which there are more questions than answers.

According to a published report, a 16-year-old boy who is a straight-A student at Mathematics, Civics & Sciences Charter School suffered a ruptured testicle during a patdown by police at 15th and Girard on January 7th.

The boy, Darrin Manning, underwent emergency surgery the next day at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

However, police commissioner Charles Ramsey says the boy and his family have yet to file a formal complaint and have yet to speak with the police department’s Internal Affairs division about the incident.

“We want to know what happened,” Ramsey said today.  “This is a young man with no history in terms of negative contact with the law.  My understanding is he is a good student.  I don’t know what took place, and I’m not in a position to say at this point in time because I don’t have all the facts.”

Ramsey showed reporters video of the incident from a police camera.  But the coverage is intermittent because the camera had been set to automatically pan back and forth across the intersection every ten seconds.

From what was shown, it looked like a routine patdown and struggle between a pair of officers and a young man.

Ramsey says the abuse accusations are in media reports.

“An allegation as I read it in the paper, the boy hasn’t said anything to us officially. So I’m only going… this is third party.  So take it for what it’s worth. I don’t know.  This is coming through someone else who apparently spoke to him and then wrote about it. Okay?” Ramsey said.

“Is that during the course of a search, he was grabbed by the genitals and there was a yanking that took place.  And according to what I’m also hearing from a medical report is that a testicle was ruptured.  Now how that took place, when it took place, who may have been involved… and I don’t know the answer to any of that.  And again, this is through other sources.  This is not the result of a statement.  We need a statement.  We need to know what happened.  And the person best suited to tell us that is the person who was injured,” Ramsey said.

In that report, the teen says a female officer is the one who searched the boy. Ramsey has pulled one female officer from the street until Internal Affairs completes its investigation.  In the video, it appears she wasn’t even involved in the struggle with the boy.  She is seen keeping passersby from getting too close to the tussle.

The teen is now facing three misdemeanor charges, including resisting arrest. Police say they’ve tried to speak to the victim’s family, but they refuse to comment as advised by their lawyer.

Eyewitness News spoke to the teen’s lawyer, who says the family will speak only if the charges are dropped.

Meanwhile, Ramsey says anybody who witnessed the incident is asked to call police to help them piece together the facts.  But most of all, he just wants the boy to speak with police and tell them his side of the story.

Contrarian​s’ Wildest Dream Coming True


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Contrarians’ Wildest Dream Coming True

By Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst

As most readers know, Doug Casey’s most notable characteristic as an investor is his highly successful contrarian nature. It’s how he bagged some of his biggest wins—not just doubles and triples, but 10- and 20-fold returns.

There’s only one way to realize these kinds of gains: You must buy when the asset is out of favor. Buying an investment that has already run up is at best chasing momentum and at worst a portfolio wrecker.

So, what’s the greatest contrarian investment today? Consider this pictorial data…

At the end of 2013, the sector with the highest level of pessimism, as measured by SentimenTrader, was the gold industry. It actually registered “zero” in mid-December.

Meanwhile, price-to-earnings ratios of the 15 largest gold producers are at their lowest level in 14 years, and less than half what they were when the bull market got under way in 2001.

The ratio of gold to the S&P 500 Index is currently at 0.66, its lowest level since the market meltdown of 2008.

The next chart, from our friend Frank Holmes at US Global Investors, measures gold’s 60-day percent change in standard deviation terms. It shows the metal’s actual gain or loss in relation to its average price change—and it’s never been this low.

Another chart from US Global Investors demonstrates that last year’s decline in the Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index (XAU) was the greatest on record, and further, that consecutive annual declines are rare. The XAU is one of the two most-watched gold stock indices in the world, and in 30 years it’s never had a losing streak of more than three years.

Also, JPMorgan noted last week that speculative positions in gold (defined as net longs minus shorts) dropped to record lows at the end of 2013.

(Source: Zero Hedge)

Finally, the XAU/gold ratio is at its lowest point in history, and the HUI/gold ratio—the other major gold stock index—shows that gold stocks are now cheaper than they’ve been since the beginning of this secular bull cycle in 2001.

Of course, just because something is cheap today doesn’t mean it will soar tomorrow. But given gold’s historical role as money, butted up against monetary recklessness today, the outcome seems all but certain.

As Casey Editor Kevin Brekke recently put it: “We are in this sector because of our belief that monetary and fiscal excesses have consequences. The only variable is the timing. We may not know where we’re going in the short term, but the long term is inevitable.”

And right now, some of the most successful resource speculators and investment pros are seeing the early hallmarks of a turnaround in the gold sector—which makes this the best time to invest in the yellow metal as well as top-quality, undervalued gold mining stocks.

New to the gold market? Don’t despair: the FREE 2014 Gold Investor’s Guide, a Casey Research special report, gives you all the basics on precious metals investing. Click here to get it now.



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This is why I continue to no longer support the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. I will never give them another dime of my money. The Catholic Church is the richest entity on the planet. They own more real estate than any other organization in the world. They own works of art worth billions. The hierarchy of the church knew for decades about the sexual abuse of children at the hands of pedophile priests. They covered it up. They allowed priests to be moved to other parishes and continue their deviant behavior. They allowed the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent children to be destroyed. They have used the statute of limitations to avoid prosecution. They have paid off families, while still keeping priests protected. The cover-ups continue. The Philadelphia Cardinal used church funds to pay the bail for a convicted priest a few weeks ago. That priest was responsible for re-assigning known pedophiles to other parishes. The Cardinal is also selling off all the Catholic owned nursing homes to raise cash for lawsuits. He is disgusting human being.

Parishes across the country are now using bankruptcy laws to avoid their financial responsibility for the actions of their Cardinals, Bishops and priests. I find it revolting and evil. The Catholic Church has the money to pay for their sins. But the hierarchy of the church wants to retain their wealth, exert power and control over their flock. The new pope has shown promise, but until he purges the Catholic church of all these evil Cardinals, Bishops, and priests, I will not be part of their church.

Catholic Diocese Of Stockton Files Bankruptcy; Priest Sexual-Abuse Scandal Blamed

Tyler Durden's picture

Between lack of cash flows, insurmountable liabilities, an untenable pension funding, even insider fraud, we thought we had seen all the various reasons for filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. And then along came the Catholic Diocese of Stockton which announced that it would join its host city and seek bankruptcy protection “in the wake of the church’s sexual-abuse scandal.” As WSJ reported, Bishop Stephen E. Blaire said in a news release Monday that the diocese would seek bankruptcy protection Wednesday, explaining that reorganization was the only option for dealing with mounting legal costs related to abuse by priests. The bishop said the diocese has spent $14 million in legal settlements and judgments over the past 20 years dealing with abuse allegations, and doesn’t have funds available to settle pending lawsuits or address future allegations. The punchline: “Very simply, we are in this situation because of those priests in our diocese who perpetrated grave, evil acts of child sexual abuse.

In the Stockton diocesan bankruptcy, the parties will likely agree on a figure that the diocese would pay, in addition to potentially pulling in funds from insurers. However, the diocese says it holds “relatively little property and assets.” Other holdings, including schools, parishes and several parcels of land, are incorporated separately.

And so the Stockton Catholics became the 10th US Diocese after Milwaukee; San Diego; Spokane, Wash.; Davenport, Iowa; Portland, Ore.; Tucson, Ariz.; Fairbanks, Alaska; Wilmington, Del.; and Gallup, N.M. to file bankruptcy. In addition, the Christian Brothers Institute, which operates Catholic schools and orphanages, also filed because of sexual abuse liabilities.

The Chapter 11 filing would halt pending litigation against the diocese and likely would ultimately allow it to discharge liabilities stemming from sexual-abuse allegations by setting up a trust to compensate victims. The diocese said it hopes to arrive at a resolution with victims and insurers through the process.


Joelle Casteix, western regional director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, called the bankruptcy “problematic on a lot of different levels,” noting that it would let the diocese avoid future civil cases.

However, while the local catholics’ financial woes may be put on temporary hold, their civil troubles are only starting:

Separately, a grand jury Monday indicted a former priest with the diocese, Michael Eugene Kelly, and a warrant for his arrest has been issued. Calaveras County authorities are seeking Mr. Kelly’s extradition from Ireland to face charges of three counts of lewd and lascivious conduct on a child, and one count of oral copulation with a child. Mr. Kelly faces 14 years in prison if convicted.

Not surprisingly, the Catholic church which itself is embroiled in numerous financial scandals recently, was unable to come to the Diocese’s rescue even though it has already paid out an estimated $2.2 billion to cover settlements, therapy for victims, support for offenders, attorney fees and other costs, according to a report by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

And with this filing, we are fairly confident we have seen every possible bankruptcy filing reason.



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It’s sure lucky I got four new tires last week during my annual car inspection. I wouldn’t have wanted to blow an old tire in the massive pothole at 34th and Girard Avenue. Last night I was making my normal hour long trek home, following my same route through the 30 Blocks of Squalor and making a left turn onto Girard Avenue at 34th Street. I’ve made the same turn from the same lane hundreds of times over the last seven years. It was dark, foggy and raining last night. You wouldn’t expect the bankrupt city of Philadelphia to have proper lighting at a huge intersection pictured below.

As I made my left turn, all of a sudden, I hit the biggest invisible fucking pothole known to mankind. My tiny little Honda Insight was almost swallowed whole by this crater in the road.

I bellowed SON OF A BITCH!!! at the top of my lungs. My next thought was, please God don’t let me have a flat tire on the 30 Blocks of Squalor as I’m about to go onto the Schuylkill Expressway. God was in a playful mood last night. My tire pressure warning light immediately came on. I had to make a split second decision. I’d be on the Expressway in another minute. The irony was that I was directly in front of the dreaded $28 million white elephant Zoo Parking garage that I have railed so much about. God was chuckling as he watched the panic in my eyes. My thoughts ran immediately to the headlines I see on the news every night.

I decided to pull into the Sunoco A-Plus gas station at 38th & Girard and start praying. The place was swarming with cars going in all directions. I was able to maneuver to the side of the building into a parking spot. I got out and heard the hissing of my deflating passenger side front tire. Decision time. I’m dressed in dress clothes and a tie. It’s raining and I’m the only white person in a 30 block radius. Do I ruin my clothes, get soaked, and risk my life by being out in the open? This is why I pay AAA that annual membership fee. I called AAA and got a nice lady who took down my info in order to dispatch a truck to my location. It was going to be an hour until the guy arrived.

The dispatcher lady asked if I was safe. I told her yes, even though I was thinking that I was stranded in one of Obama’s five PROMISE ZONES. Does that sound safe to you? I hunkered down in my car and tried to blend in. Luckily it was dark and foggy. Evidently this Sunoco station has a permanent crazy black guy who stands out front and whoops for no evident reason every few minutes. It is a little disconcerting to someone not from the hood. I just observed the comings and goings of the Squalorites from my disabled vehicle. I did not witness one white person the entire hour long wait. I did see Range Rovers, BMWs, and Cadillacs filling up during my stay. I don’t know if this is a black thing, but the parking lot was much like their neighborhood. No rules. Cars going every which way. People parking wherever they felt like it. I must have seen three or four close call accidents just in the parking lot.

I did have to take a piss, but I would have rather pissed my pants than go inside the mini-mart and use their bathroom. In my mind I was visualizing Otis Day and the Knights singing Shama Lama Ding Dong as I entered the mini-mart.


Bob, from AAA, arrived at 6:45 and assessed the situation. He said, “Yep, that’s a flat tire.” He proceeded to use real tools, not the dinky little crap supplied by Honda, to change the tire in about 10 minutes. I asked him if the spare would be OK to get me the 30 miles home. He didn’t instill confidence in me when he said “It should be good for 50 miles. Just don’t change lanes.” I gave him a nice big tip and he gave me some very wise advice – “Watch out for potholes.”

I tore out of that parking lot like a bat out of hell. The spare made a funny sound and the tire pressure warning light stayed on. As I got onto the Northeast Extension cattle shoot, with no place to pull over, warning lights about tire pressure started blinking. Jesus Christ, I really had to piss now. I just kept going and praying I could make the last 12 miles. God must have moved onto someone else, as I was able to make it home.

My wife thought the City of Philadelphia should be responsible for paying for my new tire. I just laughed. She found the City of Philadelphia Pothole Reporting website and typed in the location of the pothole with the comment “Car Swallowing Sized Pothole”. The city guarantees the pothole will be filled within 24 hours. Yeah right. They also guarantee that kids going to their schools will be educated. How’s that working out?

I don’t ask much from the city of Philadelphia. They extract 3.5% of my pay every week for their services to me. All I want is drive-able streets and stop lights that work. This seems to be too big a task for these union drones. I don’t even mind small potholes, but car swallowing potholes should be fixed immediately. Every day I hear the traffic report saying that stop lights at major Philadelphia intersections aren’t working. Water mains break every day, destroying streets, homes and businesses. Government is virtually worthless. They suck the life out of an economy and can’t even perform the most basic functions of a municipality.

I can’t wait to see if the pothole is repaired on my trip home tonight. If someone is fishing for carp in the pothole, I’ll have my answer.




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I was pleasantly surprised this morning as I drove to work and heard that my beloved Mantua section of West Philly has been selected by the Savior as one of five PROMISE ZONES in the U.S. Did you feel that hand going into your wallet? Obama and his do-gooder, liberal, Democratic, Keynesian minions are going to take more of your money and redistribute it to the fine folks along the 30 Blocks of Squalor. The Big O wants to channel $5 billion of your tax dollars into Promise Zones across the land, where government drones will decide the winners and losers based upon party affiliation, color and campaign contributions. The black Democratic mayor of Philadelphia, who has successfully driven the city to the brink of bankruptcy, convinced the black president of the U.S, who has driven the nation to the brink of bankruptcy, to funnel millions of Bennie Bucks into the shithole I like to call the 30 Blocks of Squalor.

Do gooders and wealth re-distributors always need a catchy name for their taxpayer funded fallacies. No Child Left Behind. Race to the Top. Forward.

They all achieve the same result. Spending your money and achieving nothing. Promise zones sounds so promising, unless you drive through Mantua every day for the last seven years, like me. I’ve seen government intervention at its finest. They used your money to build this $24 million parking garage for the Phila Zoo in Mantua. They built it on an existing parking lot. The net increase in parking spaces was about 350 spaces. That is a taxpayer cost of $69,000 per parking space built. The Phila Zoo attracts no one for 6 months of the year. The garage is empty on a daily basis. Except for about 5 weekends per year, there is absolutely no need for this monstrosity. But union construction workers were employed for a year and you paid for it.

(Dedication ceremonies are held at the Philadelphia Zoo's new transportation center, which includes a parking garage.  Credit: Steve Tawa)

Then there is the $28 million low income gated housing estate called Mantua Square, built with the 2009 Obama porkulus money. There are 101 luxury townhomes occupied by unemployed dregs of West Philly. There are Cadillacs, BMWs, Jaguars, and Mercedes sprinkled around this oasis of luxury in a sea of squalor. It has been open for three years now. The hovels on the streets surrounding this fortress of federal funding are boarded up and tend to collapse during heavy rain storms. The press release from Obama and Nutter three years ago declared that the 8 store fronts built into this Shangri-la of Squalor would revitalize the Mantua neighborhood. Thriving businesses would be knocking down the doors to serve the West Philly SNAP army. The picture below with vacant storefronts was when it opened. Fast forward three years and the picture is EXACTLY the same. NOT ONE FUCKING business has opened in the 8 storefronts. Not one.

The story below says that 51% of this neighborhood lives under the poverty line and it has a 13.6% unemployment rate. That’s a load of bull. The true unemployment rate is at least 40%. As I read the story I was seeking some info on what exactly a Promise Zone meant. All I found out was that they are a new way of doing business. Sounds to me like the old way of doing business. The Federal Government takes your tax dollars and funnels them to their constituents in order to get votes. I PROMISE you that this money will be pissed down the shithole we call Mantua. It is populated by lazy, entitled, ignorant, drug dealing lowlifes. The neighborhood is decaying and the only income is from welfare, SNAP, and drugs. The males impregnate multiple hoes and then go on their way. Single mother households proliferate. No matter how much money the guilt stricken liberals dump into this neighborhood, it will never become a functioning society. The people of Mantua are responsible for their condition. Ignorance is a choice.

The war on poverty continues to be waged and continues to be lost. Obama and his minions will continue to come up with catchy slogans as they piss away billions of your tax dollars.




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At one time Paul Farrell’s articles made sense. In the last year I think dementia has set in or someone at the Wall Street Journal told him what he was supposed to say from now on. He has been urging people to buy stocks at the all time high. Then he blathers about Wall Street being crooked.

He blames capitalism for all the woes in the world, when we don’t have anything resembling capitalism in the world. He is a global warming disciple on par with the grand poobah – Al Gore. His rhetoric is off the charts nutjob. The guy lives in San Luis Obisbo where the temperature never falls below 70 degrees. Send the fucker to my house. The wind chill tomorrow morning in Philadelphia will be 20 DEGREES BELOW ZERO. It will be the coldest day in over 20 years. Global warming my fat ass.

Farrell is an idiot in my humble opinion.

New ‘War of Worlds’: Capitalism vs. Planet Earth

Opinion: Global-warming rate today has impact of 400,000 daily A-bombs

By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — There’s a new “War of the Worlds” raging, and this one is for real. Forget the pre–World War II radio hoax by Orson Welles. Flash forward to 2005 and the Steven Spielberg–Tom Cruise version ? No, flash a little further. New technologies making Marshall McLuhan’s “medium is the message” dominate: new media, Twitter news, Google Glass, Big Data, Raymond Kurzweil’s “ Singularity .” Hot news. Staccato. Immediate. Now.

But how can we tell what’s fiction and fact? What is reality in this Big Money world?

In today’s bizarre reality of artificial intelligence and drones, there are only six really true facts you need to know about this new “War of the Worlds,” the final war between the old conspiracies of Big Money and Big Oil and Big Government and the Big TV Networks vs. an emerging but ragtag conspiracy of eco-activists and climate-change scientists and global-warming billionaires. This is all you need to know about your future and the fate of our world:

Fact 1: Wall Street’s fictional record highs

Like the Orson Welles hoax, the stock-market benchmark’s all-time highs are a fantasy. But, for now, they control the medium. Yes, the majority, the global “collective unconscious” actually believes that what it’s hearing in the media is factual. And most believe it when they hear from the news anchors that 2013 was the best year since the dot-com rally of the late 1990s.

New York Times


New York Times story on the effect of Orson Welles’s hoax on listeners.

But imagine a “War of the Worlds”–style cut-in: “We interrupt this program …” An alien invasion of Planet Earth, it says. Mushroom clouds. Panic ensues. And global retweeting. Once upon a time, in 1938 , we believed the cut-in. And maybe we still would. Except that today’s “alien invasion” is capitalism, attacking, dominating, depleting world resources.

So imagine that cut-in, today, with the message that Wall Street is winning. Big Money is winning again. And you, Main Street investor, are the loser.





On an inflation-adjusted basis, in today’s bizarrely zero-sum economy, Wall Street actually lost trillions in retirement funds for Main Street America’s 95 million investors, while inflating the inequality gaps. Yes, from 2000 to 2013, Wall Street was actually underwater.

Still, most of us believe what the Big Money–Wall Street conspiracy broadcasts. It owns the medium and, thus, the message.

Fact 2: Global warming is as deadly as 400,000 A-bombs — every day

Next, imagine alerts rapidly streaming across your monitor. Big headline flashing: “Earth’s rate of global warming is 400,000 Hiroshima bombs a day.” Suddenly, fade to black. An eerie silence. You wonder: Is this our new reality? We’re in the dark.

Facts really are stranger than fiction. No matter what new broadcast technologies deliver our news — TV, LinkedIn, Hulu, Google Glass, “Star Trek” mind melding, Kurzweil’s “Singularity”— the fact is this: Global warming is running at a rate of 400,000 A-bombs hitting Planet Earth daily, dangerously overheating our world, day after day after day.

Big Oil is fighting to keep that info off Big TV News. But the fact remains that the 400,000-daily-A-bombs headline is real. It was first posted on and voiced by one of the world’s leading climate scientists, James Hansen, the head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies from 1981 to 2013, in a 2012 TED Talk . But since Big Money rules today’s reality, even if the conspiracy loses a round, its perpetrators will invest heavily a comeback. They can’t afford to lose the “War of the Worlds.”

Fact 3: Just 90 companies trigger 63% of all global-warming pollution

This, from the Guardian , is a show stopper: “Just 90 companies caused two-thirds of man-made global warming emissions: Chevron, Exxon and BP among companies most responsible for climate change since dawn of industrial age.” The opener hits harder: “We know who’s profiting from emissions—let’s bill them. Shell, BP, ExxonMobil and Chevron are some of the 90 entities discovered in a recently published research that contribute to most of the world’s emissions.”

Get it? Big Oil really is Big Polluter. “There are thousands of oil, gas and coal producers in the world,” observed Richard Heede of the Climate Accountability Institute, who looked at methane and CO2 emissions from 1854 to 2010. “But the decision makers, the CEOs, or the ministers of coal and oil, if you narrow it down to just one person, they could all fit on a Greyhound bus or two.” In effect, “Heede’s work debunks the myth that everyone (and therefore no one) is responsible for climate change.” In truth, Big Oil is Planet Earth’s biggest enemy.

Fact 4: ‘Big TV News’ conspires with Big Oil climate-science deniers

Wonder why you rarely hear about climate change on television news? Here’s why: Network television is a major climate-science denier in cahoots with Big Oil and all other climate-science deniers. Yes, to survive, “Big TV News” relies upon hundreds of millions of dollars a year in television ads from Big Oil.

The facts: About a month ago, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, the leading media watchdog group exposing bias in the news, released a new survey of national newscasts on CBS, NBC and ABC: “Extreme weather is big news. In the first nine months of 2013, there were 450 segments of 200 words or more that covered extreme weather: flooding, forest fires, tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes and heat waves.”

But, unfortunately, the television networks are now de facto climate-science deniers, aiding Big Oil. How? TV news consistently fails to analyze “the human-made climate change that is affecting … extreme weather.” Of those 450 segments, “just a tiny fraction, 16 segments, or 4% of the total … mentioned the words ‘climate change,’ ‘global warming’ or ‘greenhouse gases’ [while] 96% of extreme-weather stories never discussed the human impact on the climate.” Yes, Big Oil ad spending is influencing Big TV News.

Fact 5: 2013 was worst year in human history for climate change

If you owned stocks or are an ideological climate-science denier, you loved 2013. And you’ll ignore ThinkProgress’s “nine major reasons climate change, and the carbon pollution that drives it, helped make 2013 one of the worst years in human history”:

  • Global CO2 levels hit 400 parts per million in 2013 for the first time in recorded history
  • It’s getting hotter, faster
  • A huge number of animals and plants face extinction
  • The world suffered deadly heat, drought and wildfires
  • Choking pollution shut down population centers
  • Countries suffer disasters but still commit to doing even less about emissions
  • Sea levels broke records in 2013, amplifying the effects of storms and floods
  • Much of the world is doubling down on fossil fuels
  • We are woefully undercounting methane emissions

But few in Big TV News will broadcast this message about how humans cause climate change. We prefer to hear “Wall Street’s best year since 1997!” Better yet, tell us that “2014 will be better” and give us predictions of more big returns. And, yes, that’s what our brains, and the world’s collective unconscious, will hear because the conspiracy has Big Money on its side to control the media and message. Till it’s too late.

Fact 6: Both worlds are losing this new ‘War of the Worlds’

This “War of the Worlds” redux pits capitalism against Planet Earth. But, unfortunately, in today’s “War of the Worlds,” the old conspiracy of Big Money–Big Oil–Big Government–Big TV Networks is beating the ragtag eco-activists fighting against global warming and climate change.

How? Every single day Big Oil and other climate-change deniers are spending megabucks to control your mind, to manipulate what Carl Jung called the collective unconscious. Remember, just 90 organizations with a war chest of trillions are spending billions every day to get you to ignore that rate of 400,000 A-bombs a day — and not only that. They want to control your mind, the collective unconscious. The real “War of the Worlds” is for the control of your mind. And everyone else’s.

Why? Any admission that humans are responsible for climate change would result in new carbon-emission restrictions and taxes. Until then, the impact of those 400,000 daily atomic bombs exploding on Planet Earth remains in force, and the Big Money–Big Oil–Big Government–Big TV Networks conspiracy will keep winning. And Planet Earth will keep losing, unfortunately.



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As I was driving into work this morning I was listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Greatest Hits Album when Run Through the Jungle came on. A light bulb went off over my head. The 30 Blocks of Squalor has a theme song. It was written in 1970 by John Fogerty and was likely referring to the jungles of Vietnam. The song was used in that great scene in Forrest Gump when Forrest keeps rescuing his wounded comrades. Today, the 30 Blocks of Squalor are just as dangerous as the jungles of Vietnam. A little napalm would improve the neighborhood.

It is that time of year again. The Dean’s office adopts a poor family from the West Philadelphia 30 Blocks of Squalor for Christmas. The staff gives money,clothes, essentials and presents to this family. I detailed this effort in a post last year. The Dean’s office administrative assistants had no way to transport the 8 bags of stuff to the family, so they asked me if I could drive them over in my CRV. I gulped and said yes.


Myself and two tiny little women got in my CRV with 8 bags of goodies and drove to 50th and Sure Death St. I parked behind a $60,000 Mercedes. The only three white people who had been on that block in 3 years got out of the car and began to search for the lucky family. We identified the correct tenement and proceeded to lug the gifts. There was no elevator and the apartment was on the 5th floor. We had so much stuff, it would take two trips to complete our task. Two chances for assualt with a deadly weapon.


There is no feeling like being three white people on a block that is 100% black carrying hundreds of dollars worth of stuff in bags. We knocked on the door and heard commotion inside. But the door didn’t open. We knocked again. The door knob began to shake and three minutes later the door opened. It seems that they need a knife to open their door because the lock was broken. Lucky the place was a 5 alarm fire waiting to happen. The occupiers of this hovel were an 18 year old girl, two three year old kids, a 12 year old kid, one small TV on a crate, no furniture, baseboard heat that didn’t appear to be working, and dirt. This was truly squalor.


The occupants were not very talkative and didn’t appear thankful for the stuff we brought them. It was a weird scene, man. We made some small talk and departed as quickly as humanly possible. I was left empty by the whole experience. There was no feeling of having done something good for these people. Their lives will still be the same.


Giving stuff to people does not make them happy, better off, or self sufficient. There are two things missing from the 30 Blocks of Squalor. Fathers who take responsibility for their actions and the children they father. A desire for improvement through education. They go hand in hand. Without a functioning family unit, there is no way the children can get the support to value education and use it as a stepping stone out of Squalor. The black men of this neighborhood are responsible for the squalor. The white man didn’t do this to them. Society is not to blame. Personal responsibility by the black men is the only way forward for these people. There appears to be no effort in this direction. The shiftless, lazy men along the 30 Blocks of Squalor collect their welfare, father children and take no responsibility.


One huge benefit of buying a Honda Insight. There is no way I can fit 8 packages of gifts into it. I’m so sad.


Oh I almost forgot. As I pulled away from the tenement in my CRV like Santa Claus


He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”








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I was about to write a new 30 Blocks of Squalor Christmas article and wanted to go back and see what I had to say last year. After reading this post, I realized it couldn’t be topped. There is really nothing more to say. It’s a 30 Blocks Christmas Classic. I’ll just add a couple of anecdotes and let you enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the 30 Blocks of Squalor at Christmas.

I wanted to provide an update about the beggar who is stationed at the Girard Avenue off ramp from the Schuylkill Expressway. Earlier this week I noticed that he brought a chair to sit in while he begs. This beggar is a bit lazy. The good beggars will walk up and down the line of traffic at the red light and give you the sad eyes and downtrodden look, to guilt you into giving him money. This dude just sits there with his cardboard sign and expects you to summon him to your car. Secondly, the dude was wearing a new red LL Bean ski jacket with a beautiful brown scarf wrapped around his neck. He was wearing some pretty expensive work boots too. Next to his chair was a bag of trash with 6 empty coffee cups, $2 Deer Park water bottles and sandwich wrappers from 7-11.

I, of course, was wearing my five year old Dockers winter coat purchased at Kohl’s with a 30% coupon when it was on sale. In the seat next to me was my brown bag lunch that included a generic Wal-Mart 10 cent bottle of water. I made a pot of coffee at home and drank two cups for about 10 cents. I have a psychological issue with giving money to someone who is dressing and eating better than me. I’m not a scrooge. I give money to organizations that I know help people down on their luck like Manna on Mainstreet in Lansdale and the Ronald McDonald House in Philly. If a beggar can afford to spend $10 per day on food and drinks, he doesn’t need my money.

The second humorous anecdote is about some liberal shrew that evidently didn’t like this article when it was published last year. Somehow she concluded that I’m a racist. Liberal shrews must not have much to do other than tell other people how they should think and act. This particular shrew decided she was going to get me. She tracked down my work phone number and the phone number of my boss. She left a 5 minute screed on my voice mail about my outrageous racism due to my describing exactly what I see in West Philly. The message left on my boss’ voice mail included her reading parts of my classic Christmas tale that she found offensive. He sent it to me and walked in my office. I told him that liberals don’t like what I have to say and you can’t please everyone. He laughed and walked out. I hope the bitch reads it again and works herself into a frenzy of hate and retribution.

Now onto this touching heartfelt Christmas postcard for West Philly.   



I knew it would happen eventually. There was a big accident on the Schuykill the other night and I had the pleasure of another trek on the 30 Blocks of Squalor under the Market Street El and through the lovely 69th Street shopping mecca in Upper Darby. No matter how hard I try not to think while I travel through this bustling ghetto of  Obama voters, I can’t help but be amazed at the unbelievable sights and reach conclusions that would make Rachel Madow and Chris Matthews foam at the mouth in anger.

It now gets dark at 4:30 every night, so my daily trek through West Philly has taken on a new complexion. Did you know it’s hard to to see black people in the dark? I’m extra vigilant when driving at night through West Philly. My biggest fear is a Bonfire of the Vanities moment where I run over a black person and have to decide whether to flee or stop and be confronted with irate Obama phone toting voters. The chances of hitting a black person are higher than you might think because they really don’t give a crap about stop lights or walking on sidewalks. There is one crazy ass black lady who walks down the middle of 37th street on a regular basis with no concern whatsoever for being run down. Her crack addled brain is incapable of worries about safety. You’ve all seen the type.

Another general observation regarding West Philly in the dark is how dark it is. I’ve been wondering about this for some time. The row homes along 37th street are dilapidated, decaying, rat infested hovels. The vacant ones have boards over the windows. The average price of these dumps is about $25,000. In the summertime there are 300 pound welfare mommas sitting outside as their bastard children play in traffic. There are automobiles parked in the street in front of these Obamaville slums. But as I drive by every night I notice there are no lights on in 90% of these low income estates. My first thought is they must still be at work. Then I come to my senses and realize no one works in this community.

The unemployment rate on this block is easily 80%. But that doesn’t seem to be impacting the corner bar that always has plenty of patrons. I can’t help but come to the conclusion that these people are living in these hovels without electricity and/or heat. My guess is their electricity was cut-off due to non-payment. It’s almost like this neighborhood is in 3rd world country, except that everyone has a cell phone and there are Cadillac Escalades, Lincoln Navigators and BMWs parked on the filth covered streets. This is one of the neighborhoods that voted 100% for Obama. After 47 years of welfare programs pushed by progressive do-gooders and urban enclaves completely run by the Democratic Party, the black people who inhabit this squalor have no jobs, no education, no self respect, no inhabitable shelter, and no incentive to change or improve their condition in life. Only in the bizarro world of the United States would these people vote unanimously to retain their right to live in squalor.


When you drive into my neighborhood at this time of year, it’s like a winter wonderland of lights and decorations. When you drive down 37th Street in West Philly there isn’t a Christmas decoration or twinkling light to be seen. Not one. They have bars on the windows, but not Christmas lights. You’d think someone in this squalor would have the Christmas spirit. But, I guess they figure Obama Claus delivers their EBT presents on the 1st of every month, so no need to celebrate just in December. The only Ho Ho Ho you’re likely to see in West Philly is this one.

Shortly after turning onto Market Street I noticed something new, in addition to the hundreds of newly installed wheel chair ramps on every street corner. We all know the millions of taxpayer dollars spent putting wheel chair ramps on every corner in West Philly has created thousands of union construction jobs and jump started the West Philly economy. Don’t worry about the water mains that burst every other day and cost taxpayers millions when they flood homes and businesses. At least the rascal and hoveround ghettomobiles can manuever easily from block to block. These dudes are really happy.


You will be thrilled to know that the brilliant government leaders of Philadelphia have dramatically improved Market Street by painting a bike lane in each direction. This is considered a major improvement in a corrupt, bankrupt city that has been in non-stop decline for the last 50 years. It was such an accomplishment that our African American Mayor Nutter brought his big scissors to the grand opening of a freaking bike lane. Meanwhile four more people were gunned down in cold blood in other parts of Philly while Nutter was celebrating some paint on a street. If we can just have a productive last four weeks, we can have the Christmas gift of a five year homicide high of 330.

I couldn’t help but find the whole concept amusing. The dimwits who run the City of Philadelphia evidently haven’t spent much time in West Philly on Market Street. Over 90% of the people are obese and only exercise when leaving the scene of a robbery or murder. Black people in West Philly don’t need to ride bikes because they don’t need to go anywhere. Their welfare payments, food stamps, and SSDI payments are all delivered electronically. They certainly don’t need a bike to get to their jobs.

I wonder if anyone else finds it amusing that the painted symbol of a biker through a neighborhood that is 98% black is as white as a ghost. This painted white stick figure is the only white person who will ever occupy this bike lane. I wonder why the city decided to have the bike lane abruptly end at 56th street? Maybe they did a study that told them that no one on a bike in this neighborhood would make it past 56th Street alive.

As I continued down Market St. the commercial success of Obama’s economic policies are evident for all to see. His 2008 campaign visit was the only and last time he will ever set foot under the Market Street El. The yellow tape is actually designating a crime scene. Notice the mural of black people doing great things in the background. There are at least six murals like this one on this route.

Live Blogging the Pa. Returns

The murals are far outnumbered by the number of vacant, crumbling buildings that once housed businesses and have been abandoned to the rats and vagrants. I’m sure four more years of Obama economic policies will surely revive the entreprenuerial spirit that lurks just below the surface in West Philly.


If you honestly observe the reality of Market Street today, you realize that fifty years of failed welfare policies have caused this travesty. The only operating businesses on this corridor are nail salons, hair salons, check cashing joints, bars, and porno video stores. The best selling products in West Philly are roll down steel gates, plywood, illegal hand guns, and crack. The worst selling products are books, condoms and wedding rings. It seems commerce in recently owned appliances, furniture, and electronics on the sidewalks of Market Street is thriving. The former owners of these products probably aren’t thrilled.


The parades of the 1950s down a Market Street of thriving businesses watched by hard working middle class married white familes are a distant memory. The population of Philadelphia reached its peak in 1950 at 2.1 million people. Today, there are only 1.5 million people living in Philadelphia. That is almost a 30% decline in 62 years. Meanwhile the U.S. population grew from 152 million in 1950 to 315 million today, a 107% increase. The State of PA.’s population grew from 10.5 million in 1950 to 12.7 million today, a 21% increase. In 1950 80% of the Philadelphia population was white and 18% was black. Today, 30% of the Philadelphia population is white white (non- Hispanic). Over 44% of the population is black and 12% hispanic, with many parts of the city (aka the 30 Blocks of Squalor) at 95% black. The white flight from the city to the suburbs was not due to racism. It was due to the government policies instituted by liberal do-gooders who thought they could create a welfare paradise.

The city inflicts a 4% wage tax on all residents and a 3.5% wage tax on non-residents like myself. The state wage tax rate is only 3%. The city has had a Business Privelage Tax and a Net Profits Tax for decades that crush businesses. For the privelage of doing business in Phila, they tax your gross receipts. They don’t care if you are making money or not. They take their slice off the top. What business in their right mind would choose to open in Philadelphia? The city is completely captured by unions. The government drones are all union, the construction industry is union. This puts a 30% premium on every expense in the city. The real estate taxes on businesses and homeowners are off the charts to support one of the worst government run school systems in the nation. As more people flee this urban nightmare, they raise the taxes on the remaining producers. Philadelphia is an example of what the nation will become after a few more years of Obama policies.

We don’t need hard working married families anymore. We have the government, welfare, Obama and shovel ready wheel chair ramp installation jobs. Market Street and West Philly are a tribute to government solutions. Maybe another PR campaign and a coat of paint on streets strewn with garbage and debris will revive Squalorville. If not, just raise taxes on the producers so the parasites can retain their free shit.

As I got closer to 69th Street the route actually deteriorated. The people who occupy this stretch of squalor are ignorant and angry. They have no self respect or respect for others. The average educational level of these people is at about a 5th grade level. During this Christmas season I’m reminded of the Island of Misfit Toys, where all the defective toys live. The 30 Blocks of Squalor is the Island of the Ignorant & Uneducated Gang Bangers, where all the dregs of our society live. Maybe Obama Claus will arrive soon and deliver them more of our tax dollars.


As I approached 69th Street I experienced another example of ignorance and disregard for others. A van driven by an ignorant resident of the Squalor just stopped in the middle of the street to chat with one of his homeys on the sidewalk. He didn’t care that there were four cars behind him who couldn’t get by. There were parking spots available for him to pull into, but it was easier to just sit in the middle of the street and converse about the latest goings on in the hood. After about 3 minutes he decided to pull over. I didn’t dare honk my squeeky Honda horn. It would be like the scene from Animal House when they walk into the black bar and everyone stops and looks at them. And then the black guy pulls out his switchblade.

As I entered the 69th Street area of Upper Darby, more observations about the deterioration of our daily existence came to light. The 69th Street Terminal is a transportation hub where various trolley lines, train lines and the Market Street El meet. There are four stop lights that must be timed properly in order for the traffic to flow properly through this congested area. This is a basic function of government. As I entered 69th Street it was complete and utter gridlock. The stop lights were completely out of sync. Intersections were blocked. One light was red when the light 20 yards away was green. Nothing but honking horns and pissed off drivers. As I sat in the gridlock, I looked up at the famous 69th Street sign that has been there for decades. At night it is supposed to be lit up. It is a basic government function to keep it lit properly. Today at least 70% of the lights in the sign are out.

Just another example of government incompetence and attitude of indifference about the basic things that need to be done. The zombies shuffling around this decaying urban enclave amidst the garbage thrown on the streets really put me in the Christmas spirit.

The lesson to be learned from the 30 Blocks of Squalor is that you get more of whatever you incentivize. If you tax the productive members of your city into oblivion they will flee the city, leaving only the non-productive eaters. If you penalize businesses and business owners with excessive taxation and union level prices they will leave or close up shop. If you take from the productive and give that money to the uneducated and unemployable, they will not educate themselves or seek employment. In It’s A Wonderful Life the terrible future was Potterville, where the capitalist pig Potter owned everything and kept the workers trapped in his slums. In West Philly 50 years of Democratic welfare policies have created Squalorville, where government do-gooders have created a wasteland of filth and dependency.

Now that I’ve gotten this out of my system, I’m ready to hang the Christmas lights and decorate the tree this weekend. Merry Christmas from the hood.