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Guest Post by Fred Reed

An Excursion into Northern Politics of Race

Race riot in he South, 1863. Wikipedia: “Rioters subjected black men to the most brutal violence: torture, hanging, and burning.” Eleven were lynched. The Southern mob depicted here were afraid that if the North won the Civil War, freed slaves would take the jobs of whites.

Virginian though I am, a son of the Shenandoah, and brought up among the lazy rivers of the state of Marse Bob Lee and Stonewall—rivers where the sun always seemed to shine and you could mostly catch catfish, and almost think that being alive was a good thing until further experience intervened—I have to admit the deep vileness in the Southern soul. Yes. It was this that brought forth such scenes as above. I cannot deny that the events portrayed happened in the South.

The south of Manhattan, anyway, the drawing being of the race riots of 1863 in New York, in which Yankee mobs killed 115 or so innocent people, many of them black.

Here was early evidence of the deep regard in which Yankees held black men—and still hold them if you look at actions and not protestations. There is nothing like a damn Yank to tell how good he is, how drowning in the curds and cream of human kindness, without in his actions displaying a trace of it.




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You should see the nice commercials SEPTA runs non-stop about the joys of using public transit in Philadelphia. What a fucking joke. The subways are filthy, with rats outnumbering riders. As you can see, feral dogs roam the underground stations. The smell of urine and feces wafts through the cold, dank, poorly lit corridors. Graffiti decorates the walls and subway cars. Bums sleep on the platforms. Just another day in ghetto town USA.


The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen in a Police State Is a Dead One


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Guest Post by John W. Whitehead

“Do exactly what I say, and we’ll get along fine. Do not question me or talk back in any way. You do not have the right to object to anything I may say or ask you to do, or ask for clarification if my demands are unclear or contradictory. You must obey me under all circumstances without hesitation, no matter how arbitrary, unreasonable, discriminatory, or blatantly racist my commands may be. Anything other than immediate perfect servile compliance will be labeled as resisting arrest, and expose you to the possibility of a violent reaction from me. That reaction could cause you severe injury or even death. And I will suffer no consequences. It’s your choice: Comply, or die.”“‘Comply or Die’ policing must stop,” Daily KOS

Americans as young as 4 years old are being leg shackled, handcuffed, tasered and held at gun point for not being quiet, not being orderly and just being childlike—i.e., not being compliant enough.

Americans as old as 95 are being beaten, shot and killed for questioning an order, hesitating in the face of a directive, and mistaking a policeman crashing through their door for a criminal breaking into their home—i.e., not being submissive enough.

And Americans of every age and skin color are being taught the painful lesson that the only truly compliant, submissive and obedient citizen in a police state is a dead one.

It doesn’t matter where you live—big city or small town—it’s the same scenario being played out over and over again in which government agents, hyped up on their own authority and the power of their uniform, ride roughshod over the rights of the citizenry. In turn, Americans are being brainwashed into believing that anyone who wears a government uniform—soldier, police officer, prison guard—must be obeyed without question.

Franklin Graham, the heir to Billy Graham’s evangelical empire, offered up this “simple” piece of advice for “Blacks, Whites, Latinos, and everybody else” hoping to survive an encounter with the police:

Most police shootings can be avoided. It comes down to respect for authority and obedience. If a police officer tells you to stop, you stop. If a police officer tells you to put your hands in the air, you put your hands in the air. If a police officer tells you to lay down face first with your hands behind your back, you lay down face first with your hands behind your back. It’s as simple as that. Even if you think the police officer is wrong—YOU OBEY.

Clearly, Graham’s message resonated with a core group of Americans: almost 200,000 individuals “liked” the message on Facebook, with an astounding 83,000 fans sharing his words of advice with their own friends, none of whom seem to recall that Jesus Christ, whom they claim to follow and model their lives after, not only stood up to the police state of his day but was put to death for it.




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Chuck Bednarik died at the age of 89 this past weekend. He was the last of the two way players in the NFL. He was an All-Pro Center and All-Pro Linebacker. It is unfathomable to think of a modern day football player being the best at two different positions simultaneously. These supposedly phenomenal athletes need a rest after every five plays. He played every down of every game and missed only three games in his entire career (two were in his rookie season). He was a real man. He was a real American.

This is one of the most iconic pictures in NFL history. Chuck Bednarik after laying out Frank Gifford with a clean hit in 1960 that put the receiver out of action for the next 18 months. Bednarik was 35 years old, having played for 14 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. He led them to a championship in his first season in 1949 and again eleven years later in 1960 against Vince Lombardi’s invincible Green Bay Packers.

Here is Bednarik leaving the field with Paul Horning and Jim Taylor after the Eagles’ 17 – 13 victory over Green Bay in the 1960 championship game. With time winding down from the Eagles’ 22, Bart Starr threw a short pass to Jim Taylor, who headed toward the end zone for the go-ahead touchdown. But Bednarik, the oldest player on the field (35), wrestled Taylor to the ground short of the goal line and held him down as the final seconds ticked off the clock. The victory was the last time the Eagles won a title.

This is how real men celebrated championships in 1960.




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See these two misunderstood West Philly youths. They go to Overbrook High, along the very Lancaster Avenue I described in my last 30 Blocks article, which none of my regular websites had the guts to publish. They must have thought it was racist and too tough on the black community of West Philly. I wasn’t tough enough. These two feral dogs murdered a WHITE middle aged father in cold blood while he was walking his dog. He begged for his life, but these two fifteen year old pieces of human excrement shot him in the chest. They evidently needed some spending money – as if a man walking his dog would be carrying a wad of cash.   

What kind of animals could do such a thing? What kind of parents do they have? Oh yeah. This is West Philly. There are surely no fathers in the picture. The black community in West Philly was busy protesting the shooting of a black man by police because he was reaching for his gun in his car. 

I’m sure they will now be rallying around this white murder victim. I’m sure Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will be showing up and creating a college fund for the fatherless 13 year old daughter. Right?

How come Nutter’s tough gun laws couldn’t keep 15 year old high school students from getting a gun? I’m sure we’ll hear more bullshit from Nutter and his police chief about gun laws. You’ll hear nothing from them about the people raising these animals. Guns are not the problem. Black culture in West Philly is the problem.

There are many more feral rabid dogs roaming the streets of West Philly. When will the black community take personal responsibility for their children, their community and their lives? I’m sure James Stuhlman thought the Philadelphia police would keep him safe. The government promises to keep our streets safe, while doling out billions to the downtrodden poor. It’s a lie. If James was armed, it would have been a whole different story. Feral rabid dogs need to be put down.


OVERBROOK (WPVI) Police say a third teenager has been arrested in the murder of James Stuhlman, who was shot and killed while walking his dog in Philadelphia’s Overbrook section last week.

15-year-old Tyfine Hamilton turned himself in early Friday morning.




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I haven’t provided an update from the 30 Blocks of Squalor in a while, so here are some reflections I’ve made over the last few weeks. It’s a hodgepodge of observations with no overall theme other than West Philly continues to deteriorate and slowly descend into chaos and collapse. It’s a microcosm of Philadelphia in general, which is a microcosm of the country overall. It’s like watching a slow moving disease ravaging a once healthy human being. I’ve made dozens of posts about the 30 Blocks of Squalor and have been accused of racism by delusional liberals. Describing the exact conditions in West Philly I have observed every day for the last eight years is considered racist by liberals, do gooders, and Obama lovers.

Philadelphia’s mayor is black. Its previous mayor was black. Its City Council is overwhelmingly black, with a few Hispanics and liberal union loving whites sprinkled in. Its police chief is black. Its fire commissioner is black. Its school district is run by blacks. The population of West Philly is 76% black. And you know who is racist? The black leadership of Philadelphia is racist.

Last week we had two ice/snowstorms that struck the Philadelphia area. By the morning all of the roads in my northern suburban area were plowed and easily drivable. When I got off the Schuylkill Expressway at Girard Avenue and entered West Philly, the land where snowplows and salt evidently don’t exist, it was like I had arrived in a third world country where government services were nothing but a dream. At least the inhabitants of West Philly understand they live in a third world environment as reflected in this photo from Lancaster Avenue in West Philly. It makes you wonder where that 3.72% they extract from my paycheck goes.




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Only a government drone, liberal moron, or union douchebag couldn’t see this coming from a mile away. Instituting a mandatory $15 minimum wage is about the dumbest government enforced idea ever. When Seattle announced it, Obama and his liberal minion hordes applauded and declared victory in the war against greedy capitalists. Now it goes live in two weeks. The impact in the real world is already being felt and will really sink in after more small businesses close up shop, more workers lose jobs, and prices jump for everything in the socialist paradise of Seattle.

Of course restaurants were going to close. All restaurants operate on very thin margins. That’s why very few survive over the long-term in the first place. Family owned restaurants are always living on the edge. This is how it works in the real world. Waitresses at restaurants are paid approximately $2.83 per hour. Oh the horror!!! A waitress working a 4 hour lunch shift or dinner shift at a moderately priced bar/restaurant can generally make between $80 and $120 in tips. That is $20 to $30 per hour, along with their $2.83 pay. According to the IRS, 10% of their total sales must be declared as tip income.

The restaurant only incurs $11.32 of expense for the 4 hour shift for each waitress. They incur huge costs for food, liquor, equipment, utilities, and the avalanche of taxes, fees, and regulatory expenses weighing them down from government drones. With profit margins of 5% or less, a mandatory $15 minimum wage for every waitress increases that labor cost by more than 500%. Their choice is to raise prices drastically, which will drive patrons away, or shut down. Consumers will not accept menu prices going up 25%. The restaurant is forced to close by government mandate.

It’s the same with mandatory sick days. Philadelphia just passed a law requiring small businesses to give every worker 10 sick days. In the restaurant industry, if you are sick you call a fellow worker to take your shift. It’s rarely a problem. Now the restaurant is stuck with the drastically higher expense of owing sick days to dozens of workers.

The control freak liberals act like they are helping the poor and disadvantaged, when all of their laws, regulations and taxes do is make more people poor and disadvantaged. What a fucked up country.


Seattle restaurants going dark as $15 an hour minimum wage goes into effect

Guest Post by Rick Moran

Seattle is about to embark on a civic experiment that most experts predict will be an economic disaster; a $15 an hour minimum wage is set to go into effect on April 1st. And some restuarants in the city have already shuttered their doors and are either going out of business or moving to friendlier climes.

This was entirely predictable – and was predicted when the measure passed the Seattle city council. Restuarants are particularly sensitive to this sort of increase in wages since most of their employees are paid at the minimum, and such a large percentage of their operating costs go to labor.




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Guest Post by Hardscrabble Farmer

My son and I have been painting a house. It has been a blessing to find something to do indoors in the midst of one of the coldest winters in our lives. It has been over a month since we’ve seen the thermometer rise above single digits and the nights have consistently been in the below zero range, cold enough to keep fuel in a slushy state. Every week an additional foot of snow falls until our roads and trails around the farm resemble the trenches of 1917 France. There is no place left to put the snow, no way to move it if there were. And so we have left the farm every morning after chores to prepare a home for it’s new owners.

Every summer of my childhood was spent, in large part, with my grandparents. My grandfather was overly fond of maintaining his home and insisted in having me help him as he made his way around and around, year after year, the small Cape Cod in a perpetual state of painting it to perfection. When I was small my contribution was nominal at best; we would walk to the lumber yard together and wait while they shook the paint in that fascinating- to a five year old- device. The gallon can would tip back and forth a thousand times a minute until the paint was thoroughly mixed and the man would set it on the counter and talk with my grandfather for a few minutes about baseball.

My grandfather would carry the metal can by it’s wire bail and hand me the flat wooden mixing sticks and we would make our way back out of town and across the fields to the house to work. To my grandfather every task was of supreme importance, now matter how trivial it seemed. He took great care to spread out his drop cloth along the foundation of the house, around the pachysandra and forsythia, stained by myriad spills in a variety of colors. He’d lay out his tools; paint scrapers and caulking gun, sanding blocks and steel wool and then set to work with me watching by his side. He was insistent on doing a good job preparing the surfaces and told me often enough so that I have never forgotten that the key to a good paint job was done before you picked up a brush. And so we would attack one side of the house each year with wire brushes, working together in the sun and shade to the sound of baseball on an AM radio.


Private Police: Mercenaries for the American Police State


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Guest Post by John W. Whitehead


Corporate America is using police forces as their mercenaries.”—Ray Lewis, Retired Philadelphia Police Captain

It’s one thing to know and exercise your rights when a police officer pulls you over, but what rights do you have when a private cop—entrusted with all of the powers of a government cop but not held to the same legal standards—pulls you over and subjects you to a stop-and-frisk or, worse, causes you to “disappear” into a Gitmo-esque detention center not unlike the one employed by Chicago police at Homan Square?

For that matter, how do you even begin to know who you’re dealing with, given that these private cops often wear police uniforms, carry police-grade weapons, and perform many of the same duties as public cops, including carrying out SWAT team raids, issuing tickets and firing their weapons.

This is the growing dilemma we now face as private police officers outnumber public officers (more than two to one), and the corporate elite transforms the face of policing in America into a privatized affair that operates beyond the reach of the Fourth Amendment.

Mind you, it’s not as if we had many rights to speak of, anyhow.

Owing to the general complacency of the courts and legislatures, the Fourth Amendment has already been so watered down, battered and bruised as to provide little practical protection against police abuses. Indeed, as I make clear in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, we’re already operating in a police state in which police have carte blanche authority to probe, poke, pinch, taser, search, seize, strip and generally manhandle anyone they see fit in almost any circumstance. Expanding on these police powers, the U.S. Supreme Court recently gave law enforcement officials tacit approval to collect DNA from any person, at any time.




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This is video of the latest in a series of explosive train derailments over the last few years. A 109 car CSX train derailed earlier this week in West Virginia. It was carrying some of that good old North Dakota fracked oil. Well, at least we know it burns just as well as regular oil.

And these oil cars were the new super safe railcars that are supposed to resist rupture. I think CSX may have been sold a load of shit, because these railcars didn’t resist too much.

I wonder if the costs of these unfortunate accidents are factored into the shale oil miracle storyline. Obama and his environmental nazi minions do everything they can to block the Keystone pipeline and other rational pipeline extensions. With oil at $50 per barrel, these pipelines probably no longer make much sense economically. But from a safety and environmental standpoint how can they possibly argue that sending oil by rail across our horrible rail infrastructure is a safer and more environmentally friendly method.




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I’m so proud. Not only are four of the top ten most dangerous cities within 90 minutes drive from my house, but the city where I work and my state capital are also in the top fifty two. Avalon was thrilled to find out the city where she grew up finished fifty-ninth. Norristown is only 20 minutes from my house. She’s hoping they can break into the top 50 next year.

I wonder how many of these cities have a black population above 30%?

I wonder how many of these cities are run by Democrats?

NeighborhoodScout’s Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in U.S.

Neighborhood Scouts records crime rate data from every neighborhood and reports
a list of the worst cities.

1 East St Louis, IL
2 Chester, PA
3 West Memphis, AR
4 Saginaw, MI
5 Camden, NJ
6 Detroit, MI
7 Flint, MI
8 Wilmington, DE
9 Atlantic City, NJ
10 St Louis, MO



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Stories like this make me wonder what percentage of the population is like this woman. Who raised her? Just her first name tells you she didn’t have a chance in this world. What kind of psychopath could do this to a newborn baby? I don’t have words to describe what I think about this woman.

Mom Accused of Setting Baby Girl on Fire, Killing Her

EDITOR’S NOTE: The details of this story are graphic and may be upsetting for some

A New Jersey mother is accused of burning her newborn baby to death.

Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier, 22, of Pemberton Township, New Jersey, is charged with one count of murder after she allegedly doused her newborn daughter with an accelerant and then set the child on fire.

Pemberton Township Police officers were called to Simontown Road just before 11 p.m. Friday after a resident reported a fire in the roadway. When they arrived, they found the baby girl on fire and quickly doused the flames.

Baby Girl Burned to Death by Mom: Police

[PHI] Baby Girl Burned to Death by Mom: Police

A mother is accused of burning her newborn baby to death. NBC10’s Randy Gyllenhaal has the story. (Published Saturday, Jan 17, 2015)

Davis Joseph said he saw Dorvilier set her baby girl on fire.

“She said it was poop,” Joseph said. “She said her dog pooped in her car and she was burning the poop on the side of the road.”

Joseph told NBC10 he realized moments later however that what was on fire was actually an infant with the umbilical cord still attached.

“My wife heard the baby scream,” Joseph said. “And then I slammed the door shut. She tried to run for it. Then I put her to the ground. That’s when we saw it was a baby.”




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In a surprising development, I’m really pissed off this morning. I watched the weather report last night at 10:00 pm. The big breasted bimbo who passes for a meteorologist on every local station, forecasted rain this morning. Not a peep about even the chance of ice. Confidence in their forecast was 100%. No qualifications.

As usual, I get in my little tiny Honda hybrid at 7:10 and make my way to Wal-Mart and Giant for the weekly grocery trip. I notice it has begun to drizzle. I also notice on my dashboard the temperature is only 29 degrees. I wonder whether this could cause me a problem.

I turn on the KYW news station about halfway to my destination and they are reporting a 60 car accident on the Schuylkill  Expressway, I-476 closed, The Turnpike closed, I-95 closed, and all the bridges closed.

I decide I better make this a quick trip to be safe. I rush through Wal-Mart even quicker than normal. I move rapidly through Giant and I’m done my shopping in less than 35 minutes. I push my cart out of the store and it is pouring rain. And the rain has turned the parking lot and every road in my area into a solid sheet of ice. You could have played ice hockey in the parking lot.

I attempt to pull out of the parking lot and see about 6 cars sideways on the hill blocking my route home. I u-turn and go out the other exit. I travel at 10 mph to the stop light and make my left. There are pickup trucks pointing in the wrong direction in the intersection. Traveling up the hill I see an ambulance sideways in my lane. Myself and three other vehicles go around it and see four more cars that looked like they were playing bumper cars.

Everyone puts on their flashers and proceeds at about 15 mph. To say it was a tense situation is an understatement. I was  shitting my pants. I’m driving a car that weighs about 300 pounds and is made of plastic. Going down a hill on Sumneytown Pike I had to use the brakes. The anti-lock brake system was working overtime. I realized the best way to survive was to not brake the rest of the way home. So I didn’t.

It is a miracle I made it home in one piece. Avalon then got to hear me rant and rave about the idiots who pass for meteorologists. These people act like they are scientists, with their models and faux degrees. They blew this forecast only hours ahead of time. This morning they act like they knew it all along.

Three people have died this morning so far in these accidents. If these meteorologists had gotten the forecast right, they’d be alive. Penn-Dot did not treat the roads for possible icing because there was no forecast of possible icing. Big tits and blonde hair don’t make you a qualified weather expert. These weather bimbos have blood on their hands.



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The more I read about Ben Franklin, the more I like him. I like his philosophy about individuality and community. I like his practical views on religion. And I really like his views on hard work, saving, and living your life as an example for others. He was against government helping those who didn’t attempt to help themselves. Private charity would take care of the truly needy. He distrusted authority. He was cynical and skeptical. He was an anarchist. He was relentless in pursuing the truth. He knew how to use words and ideas to change opinions. He was a revolutionary who was willing to give his life for his country.

He lived in Philadelphia most of his life and published Poor Richard’s Almanack from 1732 until 1758. The Almanack contained the calendar, weather, poems, sayings and astronomical and astrological information that a typical almanac of the period would contain. Franklin also included the occasional mathematical exercise, and the Almanack from 1750 features an early example of demographics. It is chiefly remembered, however, for being a repository of Franklin’s aphorisms and proverbs, many of which live on in American English. These maxims typically counsel thrift and courtesy, with a dash of cynicism.

He founded the college where I am employed. The statue below is just outside the building where I work. I pass it every morning.

A few years ago they were replacing the walkway along Locust Walk and 37th Street. One of the classes donated money to have concrete slabs inserted along the walk with Franklin sayings from his Almanack. Every morning I walk over the saying below and it has inspired me to keep fighting when I’ve thought about shutting TBP down. There is no time to waste. Our kids and grand kids futures depend upon us doing the right thing.

Below are many more witty, wise and sometimes cynical sayings that appeared in Poor Richard’s Almanack over its 25 year publication time. Enjoy.

He’s a fool that makes his doctor his heir.

Eat to live, and not live to eat.

He that lies down with dogs shall rise up with fleas.

Where there’s marriage without love, there will be love without marriage.

Necessity never made a good bargain.

There’s more old drunkards than old doctors.

A good example is the best sermon.

None preaches better than the ant, and she says nothing.

A Penny saved is Twopence clear.

When the well’s dry we know the worth of water.

The sleeping fox catches no poultry.

The used key is always bright.

He that lives on hope dies fasting.

Diligence is the mother of good luck.

He that pursues two hares at once does not catch one and lets the other go.

Search others for their virtues, thy self for thy vices.

Kings and bears often worry their keepers.

Haste makes waste.

Make haste slowly.

He who multiplies riches multiplies cares.

He’s a fool that cannot conceal his wisdom.

No gains without pains.

Vice knows she’s ugly, so puts on her mask.

The most exquisite folly is made of wisdom spun too fine.

Love your enemies, for they will tell you your faults.

The sting of a reproach is the truth of it.

There’s a time to wink as well as to see.

Genius without education is like silver in the mine.

There was never a good knife made of bad steel.

Half the truth is often a great lie.

God helps them that helps themselves.

Grave men are taken by the  common people for wise men.

The general foible of mankind is in the pursuit of wealth to no end.