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You don’t have to make this shit up. Target has millions of customers per year. They are now in the process of removing all tags which indicate boys products versus girls products. According to their own corporate website, they are responding to “suggestions” from their customers. Give me a fucking break. The “suggestions” represent the demands of .00000001% of their activists who are pushing their warped agenda to blur the distinction between men and women. Here is the bullshit from their website:

Over the past year, guests have raised important questions about a handful of signs in our stores that offer product suggestions based on gender. We heard you, and we agree. Right now, our teams are working across the store to identify areas where we can phase out gender-based signage to help strike a better balance. For example, in the kids’ Bedding area, signs will no longer feature suggestions for boys or girls, just kids. In the Toys aisles, we’ll also remove reference to gender, including the use of pink, blue, yellow or green paper on the back walls of our shelves. You’ll see these changes start to happen over the next few months.

Notice they are not doing this in the adult men and women sections. Why not? Because their agenda is to capture the minds of innocent children and condition them at a young age that they can be a woman or a man, depending on how they feel or how their parents tell them to feel. Guess what Target. Your DNA reveals whether you are a boy or a girl.

The goal of the liberal control freak, anti-men, feminist/transgender lunatic brigade is to capture the hearts and minds of our children through public schools, reality television, advertising, social media and now our biggest retail chains. They want our children to become whatever they want them to become.

The rapid deterioration of the moral fiber in this country is breathtaking to behold and is being embraced by at least half of the ignorant masses. Propaganda and mind control is making them support the agendas of freaks and fools.

Everyone is free to shop wherever they choose. I rarely shop at Target to begin with, but I will not be shopping there again. I wonder how they would react if 20% of their customers decided to do the same thing.



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These big corporations like Target and P.F. Chang’s don’t give a shit about your personal data. The CEO’s and top executives of these greedy fuck corporations care only about their bonuses, stock price and manipulated EPS. They invest stockholder money in buying back their own stock to elevate EPS and drive their compensation higher. They could be investing that cash in IT to insure security of your credit card data, but that would cut into profits.

We received a letter from our bank saying they needed to send us a new credit card due to a data breach at a merchant. Of course, they didn’t reveal the merchant. These banksters and corporate scumbags prefer to cover-up their ineptitude, incompetence, and recklessness. I had to spend over an hour changing all my automatic credit card payments because these scumbags can’t secure personal data. Fuck em.

Make these fuckers pay for their incompetence and greed. Stop eating at P.F. Chang’s and crush their profits. You never see a cat around a P.F. Chang’s. I wonder why?

P.F. Chang’s probes customer data theft

By Priya Anand

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro says an unknown number of credit and debit cards used at the chain’s restaurants have been part of a “security compromise,” and it doesn’t know which ones.

The Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Asian chain with more than 200 U.S. restaurants first learned of the breach on Tuesday from the U.S. Secret Service, it said in a statement posted online .

P.F. Chang’s has moved to a manual credit card imprinting system that it will use while it investigates the breach with the Secret Service and third-party forensics experts, CEO Rick Federico said in the statement. “Because we are still in the preliminary stages of our investigation, we encourage our guests to be vigilant about checking their credit card and bank statements,” he said.

The restaurant says it is working with credit card companies to identify the affected cards. This adds to a wave of data compromises kicked off by Target’s (NYSE:TGT) epic holiday season breach that affected up to 110 million customers. There have been more than 100 breaches discovered just this year, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, with victims ranging from credit card company American Express (NYSE:AXP) to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, high-end retailer Neiman Marcus and the University of Maryland.