Hitlery Is Coming For Your Guns


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Guest Post by Karl Denninger


It’s really not very hard to figure out folks.

Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of pandering to the gun lobby in a speech to a conference Saturday, organized by the Trayvon Martin Foundation to help families of gun violence victims, warning the audience about a Trump presidency that would put more children “at risk of violence and bigotry.”

Oh please.

“Little Tray” was apparently assaulting a man and was in the process of pounding his head on the sidewalk, a fact that was instantly evident in footage the media tried to bury by putting their damned logo over Zimmerman’s head so people couldn’t see the blood on the back of same.

Remember that?  I do, quite well.  A fist fight on grass does not produce a gash on the rear of your head; if you get hit you might get a bloody nose or similar, but how does someone you’re having fisticuffs with tear open the rear of your skull?  They don’t — unless they knock you down, mount you and then start bashing your head against something solid.

That, incidentally, is the point at which shooting becomes legally defensible since the standard for shooting is imminent serious bodily harm or death.

Having your head bashed against concrete meets the standard.

That’s why Zimmerman walked, and he should have.  I wrote extensively on this at the time along with the clear evidence that the media did their level best to conceal what appeared to be clear and convincing evidence that Zimmerman was being assaulted and justifiably feared he was going to die if he did not shoot.

Second, criminals don’t give a damn about the law.  Want to talk to me about gun violence?  Illinois requires a state-issued license to buy or own any firearm or ammunition.  Long gun, handgun, anything.  No license, no gun or ammo, and if you get caught with either without said license you go to jail.  That’s separate from the issue of handguns generally, which until a few years ago (and during the entire time I lived in Chicago) was flatly unlawful to own or possess inside the city limits unless you were a police officer or owned them since something like 1969 (when the law was passed.)




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I’m sure this dude is going to do wonders stopping black gun violence in Chicago.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel swears in new Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson who, for some reason, raises his left hand to take the oath.

Via Goodbye America (in a photo)



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446 School Age Children Shot in Chicago in 2012 with Strongest Gun Laws in the Country

Brownshirts & Republican Wimps


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Guest Post by Patrick J. Buchanan

Brownshirts & Republican Wimps

Friday evening’s Donald Trump rally in Chicago was broken up by a foul-mouthed mob that infiltrated the hall and forced the cancelation of the event to prevent violence and bloodshed.

Brownshirt tactics worked. The mob, triumphant, rejoiced.

And the reaction of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich?

All three Republican rivals blamed — Donald Trump.

With his “dangerous style of leadership,” Trump stokes this anger, mewed Rubio, “This is what happens when a leading presidential candidate goes around feeding into a narrative of bitterness and anger and frustration.”

Rubio implies that if Trump doesn’t tone down his remarks to pacify the rabble, he will be responsible for the violence visited upon him.

Kasich echoed Rubio: “Donald Trump has created a toxic environment (that) has allowed his supporters and those who sometimes seek confrontation to come together in violence.”

But were the thousands of Trump supporters who came out to cheer him that night really looking for a fight? Or were they exercising their right of peaceful assembly?

Cruz charged Trump with “creating an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discord,” thus offering absolution to the mob.

Friday night cried out for moral clarity. What we got from Trump’s rivals was moral mush that called to mind JFK’s favorite quote from Dante: The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis maintain their neutrality.


No Safe Space for the Wicked


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Hat tip Francis Marion

Guest Post by Jim Goad

No Safe Space for the Wicked

One of the most inane verbal constructions in the modern leftist lexicon—right up there with “rape culture,” “white privilege,” and “transphobia”—is the idea that the piteous lambs who constantly squirm under Evil White Maledom’s pale, oppressive thumb require “safe spaces” wherein they can segregate themselves without fear of reprisal.

In a deeply personal way, I can relate. Ever since my father punched my mother in the stomach while she was pregnant with me, I suppose I’ve been a trifle touchy about having my personal space invaded.

A year or so ago right here in the typically safe confines of the Taki’s Mag comments, someone brilliantly summarized all of politics as a struggle between people who want to be left alone and people who won’t leave you the hell alone. I just want to be left alone, but that’s difficult in a world where collectivist zealots not only won’t leave you the hell alone, their blind belief that they are fighting the “good fight” makes them feel entitled not only to openly harass you, but to invade every aspect of your personal life until you’re jobless and homeless.

As with everything that hangs leftward these days, the progressives’ idea of a “safe space” is based on a rancid double standard. Just as nonwhites are deemed incapable of racism…and women cannot possibly be sexist…and gay people can’t possibly hate heterosexuals…there are to be absolutely no safe spaces for straight white males. Instead, every inch of their terrestrial and neurological territory is to be invaded, conquered, and occupied.

To my memory, the last time I can recall a large-scale white mob attacking leftists was during the Hard Hat Riots in Manhattan—and that was over 45 years ago.


The Red in the Streets of Chicago


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Via Stop Shouting Blog

The raging 40 yard dumpster fire that is Chicago and the almost Trump speech has cleared the decks of all other news items.  Many Americans who might see the events and maybe even read about them here (less likely every year that the Dept of Education works at it) may not have the reference points of the Cold War and actual experience with Commies.

Let me lay a few things out for you here regarding Commies… they are relentless.  They employ a range of tactics that Americans, inculcated with “football”, “basketball” and “golf” have no concept of.  Consider if you will that the national sports of Russia include Chess and Fencing, while ours appears to be a combination of taking “selfies” and the childs’ game of “checkers”.

For a bracing look at Communist tactics, go read THIS.  I follow with this summary:

“The TRUTH about the anti-Trump Chicago riot”


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Hat tip Francis Marion

Via The Rebel

Paul Joseph Watson analyzes the footage, and shows who was at the anti-Trump riot in Chicago last night — including a “non-violent activist” and 1960s domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Most of the mob, Watson says, were Bernie Sanders supporters.

The rest of the media will probably edit out the video showing communist hammer and sickle flags, and “forget” to report on the rape threats made against female Trump voters.

These self-proclaimed “anti-fascists” are shutting down free speech and the democratic process, and don’t even seem aware of the irony.

Watson says it was the liberal media and political establishment that encouraged last night’s riot, because they are the same people who praised the #BlackLivesMatter movement as “legitimate.”

So Guess Who Showed Up Last Night?


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Guest Post by Karl Denninger


Yesterday there was a protest while Trump was speaking in St. Louis, and then again in Chicago; the latter prompting Trump to cancel his campaign rally.

Trump did the right thing. But folks, if you’re on the fence, or anything other than a supporter of both communism and terrorism, you cannot stand for what happened yesterday.

These people weren’t “protesting”, they were attempting to denying a man’s First Amendment right to speak by threatening violence.

In St. Louis this featured at least one man stomping a flag while wearing a “**** the police” t-shirt.

In Chicago there were many Mexican flags flown, including some being worn as clothing, among the crowd, panned across repeatedly on live TV. And who else was there, probably instigating it all?

Former leader of the Weather Underground (that’s a domestic terrorist organization that actually set off bombs at the Capitol, the Department of State and the Pentagon along with blowing up a statute in Chicago, committing arson in New York City) Bill Ayres.

Obama literally began his political career in Ayres living room.




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Obama should settle down on the South side of Chicago when he retires as Liar-in Chief. He should walk the talk. His Secret Service detail should be unarmed as he strolls the safe streets of his home town. Chicago already has the toughest gun laws in the country. Tougher gun laws always deter criminals. Right? Do you think Obama’s gang bangers in the windy city acquired their weapons at a gun show? Let’s stop white America from obtaining guns to stop gun violence that is 90% concentrated in the liberal Democratic run urban kill zone ghettos, created by their welfare policies over the last 50 years.

Community activist Lamon Reccord protests with Father Michael Pfleger and the Rev. Jesse Jackson in Chicago Dec. 31, 2015, against gun violence in the city. Activists are keeping up the pressure on Mayor Rahm Emanuel over fatal shootings by police and gun violence in the city. (Ashlee Rezin/Chicago Sun-Times via AP) **FILE**

100+ shot, 19 killed so far this year in Chicago

By Andrew Blake – The Washington Times
Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More than 100 people have been shot in Chicago since the start of 2016 as law enforcement blames the latest surge in violent crime on “chronic gang conflicts.”

Statistics maintained by the Chicago Tribune suggest that the city has already seen 119 shooting victims from Jan. 1-11, including at least 19 deaths.

Seven of the fatal shootings occurred last weekend, including one at a party held only four blocks from Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home, the Tribune reported.

With at least 119 people having been shot since the first of the year, 2016 is already on track to shatter last year’s tally of 2,986 shooting victims, or an average of eight per day.

Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, told the Tribune that gang violence was the reason behind the latest rash in violent crime.

“Every year Chicago Police recover more illegal guns than officers in any other city, and as more and more illegal guns continue to find their way into our neighborhoods it is clear we need stronger state and federal gun laws,” he said in a statement. “So far this year, the majority of the gun violence we’ve seen are a result of chronic gang conflicts driven in part by social media commentary and petty disputes among rival factions. Despite an overall lack of cooperation from gang members, detectives are working aggressively and making optimistic progress in several cases.”

Then-Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said in September that law enforcement officials had recovered more than 5,419 illegal guns in the first nine months of 2015 and had made 2,242 gun-related arrests in the same span.



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They could have been Obama’s sons.

Cops: Liquor store clerk fatally shoots 2 would-be robbers, 15 and 17

Two would-be robbers who were fatally shot at a liquor store in the Gresham neighborhood Saturday night have been identified as a 15-year-old boy and a 17-year-old boy, authorities said.

Keshawn Marzette, 15, of the 8300 block of South Throop Street, and William Larson, 17, of the same address, were pronounced dead on the scene, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Autopsies Sunday determined both died of multiple gunshot wounds and their deaths were classified as homicides, the office said.

The two were shot to death by a store employee about 8:30 p.m. when they tried to rob Z&S Food & Liquor in the 1300 block of West 87th Street, sources said.

Citing preliminary information, authorities said two people walked into the store, and one of them hopped over the counter.

That person hit the clerk standing behind the counter, while the other remained in front of the counter, authorities said.

Meanwhile, a relative of the store owner heard a commotion upstairs and saw the robbery suspects from a stairwell, authorities said.

He pulled out a gun and opened fire on the two, killing them, authorities said. At least one of them was armed with a gun.


Gun Stocks Soar Ahead Of Obama’s Gun-Control Executive-Action Tomorrow


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Tyler Durden's picture

Despite a bloodbath in US equities, gun stocks are soaring this morning (Smith & Wesson up 7% and Sturm, Ruger up 3%) as ABC News reports, as we detailed yesterday:


With the Oregon standoff continuing, it appears “the world’s greatest gun sales-man” has done it again.


As we previously noted, without a Democratic majority in Congress, and faced with a GOP that is firmly against any form of gun control measures, Obama has repeatedly warned that he would act on his own.

“We know that we can’t stop every act of violence. But what if we tried to stop even one?” Obama added. “What if Congress did something—anything—to protect our kids from gun violence?”


“The president has made clear he’s not satisfied with where we are and expects that work to be completed soon,” the White House spokesman added. In other words, it’s time for the president to micromanage yet another aspect of daily US lives, because Obamacare turned out so well.

One executive action that will almost certainly be unveiled is the “tightening” of rules for firearms sellers by requiring more of them to be licensed and, as a result, to conduct background checks on buyers.

Anything Obama does unveil will be met with stiff resistance.


Shoots and Leaders


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Guest Post by Stilton Jarlsberg

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, colorado, planned parenthood, shooting, chicago

Let’s get a few things out of the way first: the mass shooting at the Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic is an awful tragedy which should never have happened. Whatever the gunman’s twisted motives (which remain unclear, although he mentioned “no more baby parts” in a rambling, disjointed conversation with police) he is nothing more, and nothing less, than a psycho killer who deserves capital punishment as quickly as the system will allow.

Clearly, the world would have been better off if this lunatic didn’t have a gun. But Hope n’ Change is struck by the hypocrisy of the president declaring “enough is enough” over this shooting of 12 people (3 killed, 9 wounded) while showing less interest in the holiday weekend’s body count in Chicago (15 killed, 67 wounded) than he shows in sports scores.

And the reason is simple: Mr. Obama’s goal remains to take guns out of the hands of the law abiding while doing nothing to curb the endemic inner city gun violence which takes so many black lives (which apparently don’t #Matter to him much.) So his selective outrage is clearly political rather than moral.


About That Kid In Chicago….


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Guest Post by Karl Denninger

Obama has once again tried to turn a nutjob shooting people at a Planned Parenthood clinic into a call for “more gun control”, as if somehow passing more laws against murder will make murder less prevalent.

May I remind you that you may only prosecute someone for the first murder, no matter how many they commit or how many other crimes they commit before, during or after, because you can only serve one life sentence or give someone the death penalty once.

It is therefore idiotic to pretend that passing more laws on guns (the 50,000+ already on the books aren’t enough?) will stop murders.  A person willing to commit murder has already decided that the law is no object to their evil intentions, irrespective of whether you like it or not.

But then there’s this case — a 9 year old boy shot by a gang because the gang didn’t like his Dad.

Where’s Obama on that calling for these criminal gangs to be dismantled and every single one of the people involved being tossed in the hoosegow for life?

And why isn’t that shooting his poster child for gun control?

You know the answer, right?

It has a lot to do with the race of the shooter in the two incidents….. and the utterly common incidence of the second sort of thing in Chicago — where a nutjob shooting up a Planned Parenthood clinic is — fortunately — very rare.

Obama’s sons are always ignored when they do things like this, aren’t they?