Immigration During an Economic Decline Is Insane!

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According to the BBC, the German government has admitted that there have been almost 500 attacks on homes intended for asylum seekers this year. Politicians are clueless when it comes to managing an economy. In the USA during the 1840s, in the middle of the State Sovereign Debt Crisis, gun battles took place in many areas against the Irish who were blamed for the rising unemployment and taking jobs from citizens since that was the major wave of Irish immigration during the mid-19th century.


While politicians are lining their pockets and playing for Nobel Prizes, the reality of their actions are very different. This is what happens when lawyers rule government. They know how to write laws and then expect people to obey even when their laws go against common sense and economics.

You cannot legislate morality. Violence will rise in Europe as the economy turns down. This is going to be a very rough two years ahead.

The Real Reason for the Refugee Crisis You Won’t Hear About in the Media


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The Real Reason for the Refugee Crisis You Won’t Hear About in the Media

By Nick Giambruno

There’s a meme going around that the refugee crisis in Europe (the largest since World War II) is part of a secret plot to subvert the West.

I completely understand why the locals in any country wouldn’t be happy about waves of foreigners pouring in. Especially if they’re poor, unskilled, and not likely to assimilate.

It leads to huge problems. Infrastructure gets strained. More people are sucking at the teat of the welfare system. The unwelcome newcomers compete for bottom-of-the-ladder jobs. Things easily turn nasty and then turn violent.

But the idea that the refugee crisis in Europe is part of a hidden agenda – rather than a predictable outcome – strikes me as strange. And it’s a notion that conveniently deflects blame away from the people and factors that deserve it.

Interventions Destabilize the Middle East

The civil war in Syria has turned the country into a refugee-maker.

Syria’s neighbors have reached their physical limit on their ability to absorb refugees.

That’s one of the reasons so many are heading to the West.

Lebanon has received over 1 million Syrian refugees. That’s an enormous number for a country with a population of only 4 million – a 25% increase. Jordan and Turkey also have millions of Syrian refugees. They’re saturated.

The number of refugees heading to the West, by contrast, is in the hundreds of thousands. So far.

But it’s not just Syria that’s sending refugees. Many more come from Iraq and Afghanistan, two other countries shattered by bungled Western military interventions.

Then there are the refugees from Libya. A country the media and political establishment would rather forget because it represents another disastrous military decision.

Actually, it’s not just Libyan refugees. It’s refugees from all of Africa who are using Libya as a transit point to reach Europe.




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Greeks Vote Again – Why Bother?


greek-theatreI am here in Athens for the elections this weekend. I must state, at this point in the game it appears to be just Greek theater with the politicians playing merely parts with the strings beging pulled from Brussels. Whoever governs is almost really a moot point, for it seems that the political forces are not interested in any honest democratic process which was invented in Athens. The political forces appear to be simply prepared to fit in with whatever the country’s international creditors demand.

The Greek people seem to be staring into the abyss with no chance of reversing the economic decline. What governments do not comprehend is rather stark. When the people lose the right to vote, then dictatorship emerges. That historically leads to revolution. If the political forces of Europe do not listen to the people, this is what will lead to civil unrest, uprisings, and revolution. Often, government sensing it will face an uprising, then seeks and external enemy to blame. Revolution can then only be avoided by war with another nation. This is the cold blunt truth of history.


Europe’s Refugee Crisis


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Stumped Politicians

Europe’s welfare states are currently flooded with refugees. Many of these refugees are fleeing the chaos of assorted civil wars in the Middle East, primarily in Syria, Libya and Northern Iraq. Naturally, it would be utterly inhumane to simply send such refugees back to where they have come from. How could one possibly look oneself in the mirror after sending people back to territories controlled by ISIS, or bombarded with barrel bombs by Assad’s air force?


nickelsdorfRefugees after crossing the Austro – Hungarian border at Nickelsdorf today.

Photo credit: Leonhard Foeger / Reuters


This has Europe’s political class in a bind. The migration of people would pose no problem in a free society of property owners. Every property owner could decide for himself whether to accept refugees. In a free society communitarian enclaves would surely exist as well, and it is absolutely certain that private charity efforts would be orders of magnitude greater than in a society in which the State has arrogated all social responsibility to itself. It is hardly conceivable that migration would ever become a major bone of contention in such a society. It is quite different in welfare States with a severely hampered market economy.

In such states, migration will always be cause for highly emotional disagreements, because citizens know they will have to pay for it all involuntarily – and the costs are exceedingly large. The political and bureaucratic classes, who themselves are parasitizing society’s wealth creators, are of course not directly affected by the decisions they are taking in this context. The eurocrats employed in Brussels will continue to receive their generous salaries and perks, no matter what. However, a number of politicians are likely to face problems in domestic elections, and as we will discuss further below, the outcomes won’t necessarily be desirable. While the political and bureaucratic classes are unlikely to lose out, for a number of reasons it is absolutely certain that the citizenry at large will.




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Clashes break out in Budapest as a crowd of football fans marches by a camp of refugees in the heart of the Hungarian capital. Meanwhile, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia have unanimously rejected a quota system for sharing migrants.

Hungarian police sprayed tear gas on migrants and refugees in the Roszke camp in Asotthalom on the Serbian border, after some of them tried to break out of the facilities on Friday.



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Syrian refugee pushes his wife and their young kid on the rail tracks after Hungarian police stopped a train with asylum seekers in the Hungarian town of Bicske not allowing them to continue their journey to Western Europe.

Obama & Iran Deal – Behind the Curtain


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Whenever there is some political deal, it is NEVER what they present to the public with such magnanimous fanfare. There is always a hidden agenda. Here, Obama tells the American people this deal will prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. Why the sudden change of heart? Surely, negotiations could have produced the same result five years ago. Ah – they will claim the sanctions worked. But is it suddenly the sanctions working or is there a darker inner truth? You have to clear the stench left behind by the lies.

This sudden deal with Iran is actually Part II of an attempt to cut off Russia and isolate it. This is part of Obama’s New Cold War against Russia. Part I was to prevent Syria from blocking a pipeline to be constructed through its territory to deliver Saudi gas to Europe to compete with Russia. Hence, we heard about the atrocities of the Syrian dictator and their people suddenly needed American troops to intervene, as did Iraq and Afghanistan. The entire Syrian folly was of course to overthrow the government to allow the pipeline to cut off Russia from selling gas to Europe. Cut off Russia’s energy market and you will starve the Bear.




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There is Only One Way Out For Greece


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ECM Greece

Brussels has been dead wrong. This stupid idea that the Euro will bring stability and peace as it was sold from the outset, has migrated to European domination as if this were a game of Thrones. Those in power have misread history almost at every possible level. The assumption that the DMark’s strength was a good thing and this would be transferred to the Euro, has failed because they failed to comprehend the backdrop to the DMark.


Germany moved opposite of the USA and moved toward extreme austerity and conservative economics because of its experience with hyperinflation. The USA moved toward stimulation because of the austerity policies which created the Great Depression and led to such a shortage of money many cities had to issue their own currency just to function. The federal government thought, like Brussels today, that they had to sure up the confidence in the bond market and that called for raising taxes and cutting spending at the expense of the people. The same thinking process has played out numerous times throughout history. Our problem is, nobody ever asks – Hey, did someone try this before? Did it work? This is why history repeats – we do ZERO research when it comes to economics. It is all hype and self-interest.

1000 drachma

Greece should immediately begin to print drachma. By no means has the introduction of a new currency been a walk in the park. There is always a learning curve as in the case of East Germany’s adoption of the Deutsche mark, the Czech-Slovak divorce of 1993, and the creation of the euro itself . However, the bulk of transactions today are electronic. That means we are dealing with an accounting issue more than anything.


Europe’s Real Existential Crisis

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Guest Post by Patrick J. Buchanan

Europe’s Real Existential Crisis

However the Greek crisis ends, whether with Athens leaving the eurozone, or submitting and accepting austerity at the dictates of its creditors, the European Union appears headed for an existential crisis.

Greece borrowed and spent beyond its means, like New York City in the ’70s, and Detroit, Illinois, and Puerto Rico today. But the crisis of Europe is about more than budget deficits and bad debts.

All the momentum toward One Europe — the dream of the generation of Jean Monnet that drove Europeans toward ever-deeper union — seems to have dissipated. The momentum is now toward separation and dissolution.

The Greek crisis exposed one fault line in the union, the desire of the Mediterranean nations to build welfare states that their economies could not sustain without huge borrowing abroad.

Paying these debts is going to force ever-greater austerity on those nations. Eventually, their peoples may choose, as debtors do, to walk away, rather than pay.

But not only economics imperils the EU. There is the call of tribe and nation that has often before torn the Old Continent apart.