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I’ve written dozens of posts about the fraudulent figures put out by the propaganda arm of the government – the BLS. Looking at today’s laughable report proves once again how our government desperately needs to convince the clueless masses that inflation is under control. Beef prices hit a 27 year high today, but the BLS says the price didn’t go up because you substituted beef with chicken. The figures below show that new car prices have not risen in the last year. That’s funny because all of the car companies announced 3% to 5% price increases. The BLS says the price didn’t increase because you now have an ass warmer in your seat and a beeper for when you back up.

But the most outrageous lie within the BLS propaganda is the price of gasoline. They have the gall to report a 1.7% DECLINE in March after a 1.7% DECLINE in February. Please see the chart below of actual gasoline prices for February and March.

The price of gasoline on February 1 was $3.27 per gallon. The price on March 31 was $3.54 per gallon. By my calculations, people in the real world paying real money for real gasoline experienced an 8% increase in gasoline costs. How can these government drones blatantly publish false inflation data when anyone with a smattering of research skills can disprove their bullshit propaganda? Am I the only one who gets pissed off by this shit? Maybe some Ivy League educated Wall Street economist or CNBC faux journalist bimbo can explain to me why the BLS figures are accurate and beyond question.

The price of oil rose from $97 per barrel on February 1 to $102 per barrel on March 31, with a spike above $104 during February. That is a 5% increase in two months. Natural gas is up 9% YTD with a huge spike in February. But somehow the BLS reports all energy costs are flat for the year. You’d have to be a shit eating retarded monkey to believe this crap.

It seems gasoline prices have continued higher in April, up another 2% since the end of March. I’m sure the BLS will report a 4% drop in gasoline prices in April. The BLS and our government keepers are a joke, except I’m not laughing.