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It’s funny how the MSM breathlessly reports the decline in gas prices and how it is truly a tremendous savings to the American consumer. But they are strangely silent when gas prices surge by 22% in the last 45 days. Is this somehow beneficial to the American consumer too? Yellen is worried about deflation. Are you? Rents are surging. Home prices are off the charts. Food costs are rising. Obamacare related healthcare cost increases are destroying middle class households. Tuition is increasing. Taxes are higher. Tolls have been increased. And now gasoline prices are skyrocketing. And Yellen doesn’t have the balls to raise rates above .25%. Yeah, she’s working for you alright.

Dear Bureau Of Labor Statistics, About Those Plunging Gasoline Prices…


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One of the major reasons for yesterday’s market surge to new record highs was the surprise drop and miss in the April wholesale inflation report, or rather make that deflation, when the BLS announced that PPI in April had dropped by 0.4%, far below expectation of a 0.1% increase, of which the BLS said “over 30 percent can be attributed to the index for gasoline, which decreased 4.7 percent.”

The implication, of course, being that with the US drifting ever further from the Fed’s desired 2% inflation threshold, not only is the probability of a June rate hike negligible, but the last time US macro data was this bad, the Fed launched QE2 (and Operation Twist… and QE3).

Which is all great, we just have one question for the BLS: just what “data” are you looking at?

Because a quick reality check reveals April gasoline prices not only did not drop 4.7%, they rose by 8%!


… leading to the following grtesque divergence between “data” from the US Department of Truth and, well, the real world.





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The MSM has been pounding the table about falling gas prices. And for once they are correct. The average prices has fallen by about 25 cents per gallon in the last two months. That is a 6.8% decline. Not too bad. I’ll take it. It will reduce the money coming out of my wallet weekly.

The MSM is breathlessly pounding home the fact that gas prices in August are the lowest in the last four years. We must be in a long-term downtrend that is saving Americans millions of dollars. It must be that shale oil miracle. It couldn’t possibly be the economy in recession, less miles being driven and weakening demand around the globe. Nah!!!

The MSM pundits like to describe gas price decreases like a tax cut for consumers that will free up cash to buy more Chinese made shit and revive our consumer economy. Here is where some perspective is in order. As you see from the charts, gas prices go up and down throughout the year. Every American that drives has to fill up their car every week. It is the average price paid throughout the year that matters.

Luckily the EIA tracks the monthly price of gasoline going back for years.

I downloaded the data and found some interesting factoids you won’t be hearing from the MSM pundits, bimbos, shysters, and mouth breathers.

  • The highest average price for an entire year was $3.62 in 2012.
  • The average prices paid in 2013 was $3.51. This was the 3rd highest price in history, behind the $3.52 paid in 2011. The three highest price years in US history have been the last three years. That is called perspective.
  • The average price through July of this year is $3.55. Remember 2008 when oil prices spiked and the price of gas hit its all-time high? The average price we paid though July of that year was $3.52. So, according to the pundits it was a disaster in 2008 but today we should be celebrating because we have paid 3 cents a gallon more than in 2008.
  • The average price in 2014 is on track to finish in the top four years in U.S history.

Now for some real perspective. Here are the average prices of gasoline for the last 15 years:

1999 – $1.14

2000 – $1.49

2001 – $1.43

2002 – $1.34

2003 – $1.56

2004 – $1.85

2005 – $2.27

2006 – $2.57

2007 – 2.80

2008 – $3.25

2009 – $2.34

2010 – $2.78

2011 – $3.52

2012 – $3.63

2013 – $3.51

2014 YTD – $3.55



Nothing like a little perspective to understand the truth. Do you think Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 2003 had any impact on the pocketbooks of average Americans?

Now to undermine the ridiculous CPI calculation foisted upon the public. The CPI gives only a 5% weighting to gasoline in their calculation. They are telling you that gasoline accounts for only 5% of the median family’s expenses. I’m not the median, but with four drivers in the family driving 50,000 miles per year, my outlay is over $6,000 per year. If prices were at pre-invasion levels, my annual outlay would be $2,400.

But, let’s look at the median family household. Their income is $50,000. Their expenses are approximately $46,000. With two parents working, they are likely driving 25,000 miles per year and using approximately 1,300 gallons of gas. At $3.55 per gallon, they are spending $4,600 per year on gasoline. None of these assumptions are off the wall.

The median household spends 10% of their budget on gasoline, twice what the BLS drones include in their calculation. The BLS also under-weights utilities at 5% and food at 8%. It’s funny how they seem to underweight the things whose prices keep rising relentlessly. According to the government, inflation has “only” gone up by 44% since 1999. From the prices above, gasoline has gone up by 211% over this same time frame. Anything that is oil based or depends upon oil for production or distribution (everything) has been adversely affected by the massive inflation.

So when you hear a pundit spewing propaganda about falling gas prices and energy independence, put it in perspective and understand you’ve been screwed by Federal Reserve created inflation and our never ending wars around the world.




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Have you noticed the mainstream media propaganda machine has been silent regarding gasoline prices? When they are dropping they gush about the huge benefits for the consumer and the economy. When they are soaring, the sound of crickets. They must keep the charade alive.

It seems gas prices have been accelerating at a rapid pace over the last two months, with a 12% increase since February 10. They are up 13% from the November low and up 5% versus last year. But don’t you worry. The BLS assures us that gasoline prices have been dropping for the last two months. Ignore the extra $10 showing on the pump screen when you fill up. It’s an illusion. 

Now for the kicker. Gasoline prices usually fall from February through until May. Prices ratchet up around Memorial Day as the summer driving season kicks in and demand goes up. Last year prices fell from February 20 through May 1. This year they’ve risen in a straight line. Guess what happens in May? They rise some more. Last year we didn’t have a war in the Ukraine. Last year we had exactly zero damaging hurricanes in the Gulf Of Mexico.

Do you have gas pains? If you don’t now, you will in the near future. But at least the High Frequency Traders on Wall Street get richer by the day as they front run you in the stock market. We’ve got that going for us. And as a Federal Reserve governor once said, “Let them eat iPads.”

I understand Janet Yellen is dreadfully worried about deflation. She doesn’t see any bubbles and the housing market is in full recovery mode. Now do your duty and charge that gasoline on your credit card and pay the Wall Street banks 21% interest on the rolling balance. Be a good American.




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I’ve written dozens of posts about the fraudulent figures put out by the propaganda arm of the government – the BLS. Looking at today’s laughable report proves once again how our government desperately needs to convince the clueless masses that inflation is under control. Beef prices hit a 27 year high today, but the BLS says the price didn’t go up because you substituted beef with chicken. The figures below show that new car prices have not risen in the last year. That’s funny because all of the car companies announced 3% to 5% price increases. The BLS says the price didn’t increase because you now have an ass warmer in your seat and a beeper for when you back up.

But the most outrageous lie within the BLS propaganda is the price of gasoline. They have the gall to report a 1.7% DECLINE in March after a 1.7% DECLINE in February. Please see the chart below of actual gasoline prices for February and March.

The price of gasoline on February 1 was $3.27 per gallon. The price on March 31 was $3.54 per gallon. By my calculations, people in the real world paying real money for real gasoline experienced an 8% increase in gasoline costs. How can these government drones blatantly publish false inflation data when anyone with a smattering of research skills can disprove their bullshit propaganda? Am I the only one who gets pissed off by this shit? Maybe some Ivy League educated Wall Street economist or CNBC faux journalist bimbo can explain to me why the BLS figures are accurate and beyond question.

The price of oil rose from $97 per barrel on February 1 to $102 per barrel on March 31, with a spike above $104 during February. That is a 5% increase in two months. Natural gas is up 9% YTD with a huge spike in February. But somehow the BLS reports all energy costs are flat for the year. You’d have to be a shit eating retarded monkey to believe this crap.

It seems gasoline prices have continued higher in April, up another 2% since the end of March. I’m sure the BLS will report a 4% drop in gasoline prices in April. The BLS and our government keepers are a joke, except I’m not laughing.