I’ve noticed numerous MSM mouthpiece articles with the exact same storyline – Obama’s shrinking deficits. They crow about FY13 being the lowest annual deficit of Obama’s presidency. I guess he became fiscally responsible when we weren’t looking. What the stories don’t tell is that the deficit was reduced by over $100 billion from FAKE payments by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the Treasury. There was no money paid, just an accounting entry. These bloated pigs are insolvent, but through accounting gimmicks and failure to mark their mortgages to their true market value, they report billions in paper profits. They then pretend to repay the government. These are sham transactions, but our beloved government leaders know you don’t understand math or Ponzi accounting.

The MSM then must sooth the nerves of their readers by telling them that the deficit as a percentage of GDP is rapidly declining. They fail to mention that our government drones decided to “adjust” GDP up by $500 billion based on a “new” way of looking at things. So, you have a fake deficit number over a fake GDP number to get a much lower percentage. Isn’t that precious?

Earlier this week I saw that fat ass, bloviating, Long Island lawyer pretending to be an investment guru, Barry Ritholtz referencing the deficit at $550 billion and touting this number as proof that Obama and his liberal minions have achieved nirvana. I’m not sure if Ritholtz is really that stupid or just a lying bastard pushing his agenda, along with his books, newsletters, conferences, and worthless investment advice. This is a guy who was stranded for three weeks after Sandy because he was too lazy and dumb to buy a generator.

Maybe fat ass Ritholtz thinks that because the government stopped counting the daily outflow of $2.5 billion per day in May, that meant they weren’t really racking up the debt. If so, he is a bigger tool than I thought. Yesterday we got the truth. After stopping the national debt clock at $16.4 trillion back in May, the drones at Treasury unveiled our new national debt figure:

We sure can spend a lot of money when things are shutdown. The national debt jumped by $329 billion in a single day. Not bad for a days work.

The Treasury has a funky little site where you can run a report on the National Debt by day. Below is the output from September 30 of last year until today.

Let’s do a little math to figure out the true fiscally responsible Obama deficit for FY13.

The government essentially stopped counting on June 1, 2013. The national debt was $16.37 trillion on that day. There were 139 days between then and October 17. The national debt went up by $339 billion over that time frame, or $2.44 billion per day. At that rate, the national debt was really $17.035 on September 30, 2013.

This is where it gets hard for liberals and the math challenged. If the national debt was $16.066 on September 30, 2012 and $17.035 on September 30, 2013, what was the true deficit in FY13?


If you add back the FAKE Fannie & Freddie accounting entries, the true Obama deficit was approximately $1.1 TRILLION. That is only double the number fat ass Ritholtz was quoting.

All hail Obama and his fiscal responsibility.

The cumulative national debt from 1789 until 1982 was $1.1 TRILLION.

And people don’t think we have a spending problem?

Date Total Public   Debt Outstanding
9/28/2012 16,066,241,407,385.80
10/1/2012 16,159,487,013,300.30
10/2/2012 16,171,037,343,408.50
10/3/2012 16,153,318,273,015.00
10/4/2012 16,161,879,857,156.60
10/5/2012 16,161,866,671,342.00
10/9/2012 16,167,932,295,919.50
10/10/2012 16,157,753,419,211.10
10/11/2012 16,158,270,866,947.20
10/12/2012 16,157,542,962,383.10
10/15/2012 16,190,979,268,766.60
10/16/2012 16,199,574,839,671.30
10/17/2012 16,193,100,189,055.20
10/18/2012 16,198,174,452,215.20
10/19/2012 16,196,052,388,163.20
10/22/2012 16,198,677,971,774.40
10/23/2012 16,203,845,445,635.70
10/24/2012 16,194,791,826,674.80
10/25/2012 16,197,082,554,040.00
10/26/2012 16,197,815,714,310.70
10/29/2012 16,198,993,554,072.30
10/30/2012 16,204,061,671,104.80
10/31/2012 16,261,470,510,720.70
11/1/2012 16,221,685,381,838.20
11/2/2012 16,206,129,028,709.20
11/5/2012 16,209,959,246,534.10
11/6/2012 16,214,358,823,745.30
11/7/2012 16,213,982,129,207.30
11/8/2012 16,245,318,820,569.30
11/9/2012 16,244,708,707,467.20
11/13/2012 16,248,293,041,003.50
11/14/2012 16,244,384,093,831.90
11/15/2012 16,278,932,378,520.90
11/16/2012 16,281,329,916,599.60
11/19/2012 16,286,110,428,799.00
11/20/2012 16,292,689,481,349.80
11/21/2012 16,283,161,895,179.80
11/23/2012 16,307,488,943,564.20
11/26/2012 16,309,738,056,362.40
11/27/2012 16,317,681,766,441.40
11/28/2012 16,306,713,138,468.80
11/29/2012 16,323,083,449,604.90
11/30/2012 16,369,548,799,604.90
12/3/2012 16,338,092,943,716.60
12/4/2012 16,347,055,651,380.30
12/5/2012 16,337,928,777,944.10
12/6/2012 16,366,436,891,948.00
12/7/2012 16,365,370,575,377.40
12/10/2012 16,370,056,245,929.60
12/11/2012 16,375,874,429,255.50
12/12/2012 16,366,422,407,639.90
12/13/2012 16,369,984,159,473.80
12/14/2012 16,359,576,959,576.40
12/17/2012 16,351,193,522,286.90
12/18/2012 16,359,758,742,907.70
12/19/2012 16,352,043,784,079.60
12/20/2012 16,334,217,015,073.40
12/21/2012 16,336,217,360,826.40
12/24/2012 16,337,556,561,533.60
12/26/2012 16,337,860,200,635.00
12/27/2012 16,338,243,391,747.00
12/28/2012 16,336,461,552,606.30
12/31/2012 16,432,730,050,569.10
1/2/2013 16,432,705,914,255.40
1/3/2013 16,431,219,143,696.50
1/4/2013 16,432,707,263,449.50
1/7/2013 16,432,671,087,771.60
1/8/2013 16,432,659,028,067.50
1/9/2013 16,432,646,968,419.60
1/10/2013 16,432,692,129,510.80
1/11/2013 16,432,680,097,613.80
1/14/2013 16,432,643,996,680.60
1/15/2013 16,432,632,102,288.60
1/16/2013 16,432,620,067,491.40
1/17/2013 16,432,631,489,854.70
1/18/2013 16,432,619,424,703.00
1/22/2013 16,432,571,159,411.50
1/23/2013 16,432,559,091,945.90
1/24/2013 16,432,567,939,377.30
1/25/2013 16,432,555,923,758.90
1/28/2013 16,432,519,875,802.90
1/29/2013 16,432,507,858,820.40
1/30/2013 16,432,495,841,444.60
1/31/2013 16,433,791,850,294.00
2/1/2013 16,433,779,913,880.30
2/4/2013 16,475,048,398,165.70
2/5/2013 16,480,910,656,603.90
2/6/2013 16,479,954,658,103.50
2/7/2013 16,487,564,297,892.00
2/8/2013 16,488,908,847,828.20
2/11/2013 16,489,930,650,594.10
2/12/2013 16,494,367,339,423.60
2/13/2013 16,524,304,599,079.00
2/14/2013 16,540,800,290,147.40
2/15/2013 16,548,926,805,129.30
2/19/2013 16,552,819,142,207.40
2/20/2013 16,588,751,035,306.30
2/21/2013 16,608,318,357,376.50
2/22/2013 16,609,040,800,845.50
2/25/2013 16,610,557,777,904.90
2/26/2013 16,618,701,810,927.70
2/27/2013 16,607,216,503,950.70
2/28/2013 16,687,289,180,215.30
3/1/2013 16,640,135,316,625.30
3/4/2013 16,649,703,459,968.00
3/5/2013 16,663,709,478,521.00
3/6/2013 16,692,238,790,019.20
3/7/2013 16,701,250,641,109.60
3/8/2013 16,701,846,937,879.70
3/11/2013 16,703,943,129,416.10
3/12/2013 16,709,976,214,794.40
3/13/2013 16,700,634,854,470.50
3/14/2013 16,708,225,460,175.10
3/15/2013 16,731,693,041,858.10
3/18/2013 16,736,188,026,047.80
3/19/2013 16,749,269,587,407.50
3/20/2013 16,739,939,855,865.30
3/21/2013 16,750,130,322,121.00
3/22/2013 16,749,924,938,094.40
3/25/2013 16,753,443,064,898.80
3/26/2013 16,759,063,744,572.40
3/27/2013 16,749,482,454,905.80
3/28/2013 16,766,988,432,792.60
3/29/2013 16,771,379,006,760.30
4/1/2013 16,792,120,009,606.80
4/2/2013 16,804,876,955,116.70
4/3/2013 16,786,970,142,478.80
4/4/2013 16,798,051,589,934.60
4/5/2013 16,797,828,899,086.80
4/8/2013 16,802,515,751,907.60
4/9/2013 16,808,274,414,207.10
4/10/2013 16,798,984,234,792.30
4/11/2013 16,808,067,104,144.00
4/12/2013 16,808,240,386,273.50
4/15/2013 16,801,307,487,216.50
4/16/2013 16,812,065,609,373.20
4/17/2013 16,807,270,364,907.30
4/18/2013 16,779,469,574,292.60
4/19/2013 16,781,967,702,405.30
4/22/2013 16,787,451,118,147.30
4/23/2013 16,798,952,599,955.50
4/24/2013 16,794,349,827,897.30
4/25/2013 16,758,107,082,298.60
4/26/2013 16,756,644,393,707.00
4/29/2013 16,758,168,229,380.20
4/30/2013 16,828,845,497,183.90
5/1/2013 16,805,036,884,755.00
5/2/2013 16,794,979,173,216.60
5/3/2013 16,780,900,194,134.10
5/6/2013 16,788,427,184,539.40
5/7/2013 16,795,552,390,198.40
5/8/2013 16,784,106,881,842.70
5/9/2013 16,754,734,781,812.80
5/10/2013 16,753,992,575,790.10
5/13/2013 16,755,788,437,042.40
5/14/2013 16,760,961,851,934.60
5/15/2013 16,765,040,725,133.70
5/16/2013 16,734,808,644,648.00
5/17/2013 16,737,328,238,148.10
5/20/2013 16,737,294,304,715.50
5/21/2013 16,737,282,992,090.70
5/22/2013 16,734,032,974,210.20
5/23/2013 16,736,576,618,573.30
5/24/2013 16,735,424,271,257.80
5/28/2013 16,737,219,726,401.20
5/29/2013 16,737,208,536,433.80
5/30/2013 16,737,246,099,998.80
5/31/2013 16,738,821,943,986.10
6/3/2013 16,738,788,832,145.30
6/4/2013 16,738,778,336,691.50
6/5/2013 16,738,767,256,596.60
6/6/2013 16,738,770,826,158.50
6/7/2013 16,738,759,828,986.40
6/10/2013 16,738,726,834,732.30
6/11/2013 16,738,715,835,680.50
6/12/2013 16,738,704,836,178.50
6/13/2013 16,738,708,293,971.50
6/14/2013 16,738,697,370,019.80
6/17/2013 16,738,664,595,327.60
6/18/2013 16,738,653,639,711.50
6/19/2013 16,738,642,755,073.30
6/20/2013 16,738,645,811,490.40
6/21/2013 16,738,634,995,209.70
6/24/2013 16,738,602,543,527.10
6/25/2013 16,738,591,725,217.10
6/26/2013 16,738,580,905,836.30
6/27/2013 16,738,629,048,819.00
6/28/2013 16,738,320,054,489.20
7/1/2013 16,738,309,305,648.20
7/2/2013 16,738,298,556,333.20
7/3/2013 16,738,287,806,544.20
7/5/2013 16,738,281,074,058.70
7/8/2013 16,738,249,094,798.80
7/9/2013 16,738,238,434,108.90
7/10/2013 16,738,227,772,946.00
7/11/2013 16,738,230,684,008.80
7/12/2013 16,738,220,086,104.50
7/15/2013 16,738,188,365,630.00
7/16/2013 16,738,177,765,933.40
7/17/2013 16,738,167,165,761.50
7/18/2013 16,738,168,990,385.70
7/19/2013 16,738,158,460,368.60
7/22/2013 16,738,126,867,888.50
7/23/2013 16,738,116,336,111.10
7/24/2013 16,738,105,803,858.20
7/25/2013 16,738,136,405,384.60
7/26/2013 16,738,125,957,131.00
7/29/2013 16,738,094,608,381.00
7/30/2013 16,738,084,158,233.50
7/31/2013 16,738,599,194,294.80
8/1/2013 16,738,600,261,139.00
8/2/2013 16,738,589,818,505.90
8/5/2013 16,738,558,487,748.50
8/6/2013 16,738,548,043,209.60
8/7/2013 16,738,537,598,194.20
8/8/2013 16,738,541,240,281.10
8/9/2013 16,738,530,794,717.40
8/12/2013 16,738,499,455,164.90
8/13/2013 16,738,489,007,693.40
8/14/2013 16,738,478,559,738.10
8/15/2013 16,738,484,642,516.80
8/16/2013 16,738,474,221,654.90
8/19/2013 16,738,442,956,309.10
8/20/2013 16,738,432,533,607.00
8/21/2013 16,738,422,110,434.90
8/22/2013 16,738,460,765,994.00
8/23/2013 16,738,450,395,371.10
8/26/2013 16,738,419,280,739.50
8/27/2013 16,738,408,908,240.10
8/28/2013 16,738,398,535,315.90
8/29/2013 16,738,401,335,152.10
8/30/2013 16,738,649,841,392.70
9/3/2013 16,738,618,787,875.30
9/4/2013 16,738,608,435,751.20
9/5/2013 16,738,608,362,951.80
9/6/2013 16,738,598,129,329.00
9/9/2013 16,738,567,425,782.40
9/10/2013 16,738,557,190,345.30
9/11/2013 16,738,546,954,446.60
9/12/2013 16,738,543,125,208.30
9/13/2013 16,738,533,025,135.60
9/16/2013 16,738,502,722,145.90
9/17/2013 16,738,492,645,235.00
9/18/2013 16,738,482,606,783.00
9/19/2013 16,738,503,812,337.70
9/20/2013 16,738,493,983,660.00
9/23/2013 16,738,464,494,846.80
9/24/2013 16,738,454,664,319.30
9/25/2013 16,738,444,833,205.50
9/26/2013 16,738,443,175,473.90
9/27/2013 16,738,433,470,635.60
9/30/2013 16,738,183,526,697.30
10/1/2013 16,747,478,675,335.10
10/2/2013 16,747,468,940,509.70
10/3/2013 16,747,468,275,799.20
10/4/2013 16,747,458,528,953.00
10/7/2013 16,747,429,285,635.10
10/8/2013 16,747,419,536,935.40
10/9/2013 16,747,409,787,772.30
10/10/2013 16,747,421,858,503.20
10/11/2013 16,747,411,584,091.50
10/15/2013 16,747,370,534,090.60
10/16/2013 16,747,360,549,057.20
10/17/2013 17,075,590,107,963.50


This entire government shutdown farce is nothing but bullshit political optics. First of all, why is the American taxpayer paying to employ 800,000 non-essential government drones? Where I work, if you are non-essential you are not needed. Obama is trying to make the American people feel the pain of a government shutdown. Therefore, he is using government employees to block access to places where government employees are never needed. He is spending more of your money to keep you from accessing government run properties.

The longer this fake shutdown goes on, the more it reveals that we can do without the 800,000 drones. Our lives aren’t being impacted by these drones getting a paid vacation on our dime. The lowlifes in Congress have already agreed to provide back pay to these people while they sit at home and watch Jerry Springer. Will they owe the taxpayer the days they didn’t work? Not a fucking chance. They have probably filed for unemployment too. Will they have to pay that back when they receive their back pay? I doubt it.

Let’s assume each of these non-essential government drones is costing the taxpayer $100,000 in salary and benefits. That is probably conservative. I just found $80 billion of annual cost savings. Sounds like a lot, but let’s consider it in relation to the big picture. Your leaders spend $3.7 trillion of your money annually. That is $10 billion per day. We could fire those 800,000 non-essential government drones and it would amount to 8 days of government spending. Let that sink in for a moment.

I picture the government as Jaws and myself as Sheriff Brody.

No matter what ultimate bullshit compromise is reached by the lowlifes in Washington DC, it won’t even make a dent in what really needs to be done. This boat is going to sink.  


Park Ranger: ‘We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can’

Wesley Pruden of the Washington Times reported yesterday that “the Park Service appears to be closing streets on mere whim and caprice.”

It is difficult to imagine that shutting people out of parks and privately owned concessions has to do with anything other than politics. One of these “whims” is the parking lot at Mount Vernon, which is “privately owned by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association.”

A Park Service ranger in Washington said that

“We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

Steven Dinan of the Washington Times reported today that Bruce O’Connell, the owner of the Pisgah Inn, which holds a concession on the Blue Ridge Parkway was told to “cease operations.” He said

“The level of intimidation and coercion became such that we backed down. Then after sleeping on it, our own convictions took front and center and we decided to reopen.”

According to mounting sources, President Obama has been hard at work trying to make the public feel the “shutdown,” despite the fact that eighty percent of federal employees are still working. Josh Barro of Business Insider reported this week,

“…of about 4.1 million people who work for the federal government, about 80% will still be expected to show up for work.”

The owner of the “privately run, funded and staffed” Claude Moore Colonial Farm said that “we think they have closed us down illegally…” as reported today by J.D. Tuccille of reason.com. The staff was even “threatened with arrest” if they showed up for work, despite the fact that they are not government employees. The owner said,

“We have had to cancel every event at the Farm this week so we have already lost more than $15,000 in operating income because October is the busiest month of the year for us.”

Hans Bader of OpenMarket.org compiled many of these distrubing stories today. He reported that sites that were previously open without guards, such as the Lincoln Memorial, now have guards assigned to keep out the public. The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is now “fenced off” despite the fact that it was previously open 24/7 without guards. Bader writes,

“the government is actually expanding its presence at national monuments in order to drive people away, at increased expense to taxpayers.” [added emphasis]

Bader also reflected at Liberty Unyielding on the politics surrounding the sequester, where similar tactics were used.

Additionally, Patrik Jonsson of the CSMonitor reported today that the National Park Service has rebuked “offers by state and private officials to help keep the Grand Canyon and other places open.” It is clear that the goal of keeping the public away from national (and privately owned) parks and monuments is a disturbing, expensive and childish political move.

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Check out her news and political commentary on Liberty Unyielding, Gather and TavernKeepers.com for news you won’t find in the mainstream media. Renee is also a guest blogger for the Shire Blog.


Do you need any more proof about who is calling the shots in this country than the fact that the CEOs of the TOO BIG TO TRUST Wall Street are meeting face to face with Obama in the midst of a government shutdown “crisis”?

Why isn’t he meeting with the CEOs of some small credit unions and local home town banks from Iowa? Why isn’t he meeting with some unemployed middle class workers or millenials up to their eyeballs in student loan debt?

He isn’t meeting with the little people because they aren’t running the country. We don’t live in a Republic or a Democracy. This country is run by bankers, mega-corporation CEOs, and shadowy billionaires.

Doesn’t it give you a warm feeling inside that the very same evil motherfuckers that crashed the worldwide financial system in 2008, stole $700 billion from the taxpayers, created the huge debt problem that has caused this debt ceiling crisis, and are now making record profits due to Bernanke’s ZIRP and QEternity policies, are the first people Obama consults regarding the government shutdown?

The men strolling into the White House this morning should be in the same prison as Bernie Madoff. They are criminals who have stolen trillions from the American people. Their leader is none other than Jamie Dimon, the head of the criminal enterprise known as JP Morgan. Calling them a criminal enterprise is not hyperbole. They have been forced to pay $7 billion of fines in the last two years for their criminal exploits.


The Department of Housing and Urban Development is in the process of fining them $20 billion for the largest mortgage fraud in world history. Jamie Dimon has been in charge of this criminal enterprise for over a decade.

How could the president of the United States allow criminals into the White House to give him guidance? Maybe it is because they bankrupted their own organizations and creatively used accounting gimmicks, fraud, and threats to bring down the financial system as their method to stay open and continue pillaging the muppets. Obama wants to know their tricks.

Inviting Jamie Dimon to the White House for guidance on handling this financial crisis would be on par with Franklin Delano Roosevelt inviting Al Capone to the White House for guidance about prohibition.

In case you weren’t sure yet, YOUR OWNERS ARE IN THE HOUSE!!!!


Wall Street CEOs to Meet With Obama as Budget Crisis Continues


Well it’s arrived. Armageddon. The Federal Government is officially shutdown. There is chaos in the streets. The Iranian Navy is sailing up the Potomac. Terrorists are pouring across our unprotected borders. Teenagers are smoking pot and getting away with it. The stock market is set to plunge 600 points.

What? None of this is happening? WTF?

MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the propaganda arms of the government have been bloviating about the impending doom of a government shutdown. Just like they bloviated about the dreaded sequester, which has not impacted one American in a negative manner. There are supposedly 1 million government drones being furloughed today. You would think I would get some benefit, with all of these drones off the road, but you would be wrong. The roads to work this morning were jammed. I guess government drones either work from home or they put in a brutal 10 to 4 day and aren’t on the roads at 6:45 am anyway.

I had to deviate my route and go through the 30 Blocks of Squalor this morning. This was a bold choice on my part. Today is the 1st of the month, normally the happiest day on the Squalor. EBT cards are recharged and SSDI transfers for depression hit the bank accounts. Malt liquor and KFC for everyone. Knowing that the government was shutting down because they supposedly no longer have any money, made me worry that the EBT cards might not be recharged and the Squalorites would be looting and burning their fine neighborhoods. But my worry was alleviated when I saw nobody along the 30 Blocks rioting or rushing to their jobs. It was business as usual. For the 150th time in a row, I drove along the 30 Blocks and witnessed zero wheel chair bound West Philly natives utilizing the hundreds of wheel chair ramps installed on every corner with my Federal tax dollars. But at least some government union workers were employed for a few months doing quality work.

I also witnessed zero black men walking their children to school and zero black women with wedding rings on their fingers. I did notice that the old Risque porn video store had been replaced by a brand new liquor store. As soon as the fine folks on the Squalor can sell their EBT cards for cash, the liquor store will have a nice pop in business today.

The stock market is yawning at the fact the government is shutdown. They realize this is just a farce. The 1 million furloughed drones are thrilled to have a few days off while the slimy snakes in Congress and their teleprompter in chief play games and ultimately reach some half assed public relations compromise that does nothing and allows these captured politicians to spend $1 trillion more than they generate. The stock market knows who is calling the shots – Bennie and his Wall Street bosses. The stock market knows that Bennie will be printing $3 billion every day to prop up their HFT computer generated ponzi scheme. They don’t care what the government morons do on a daily basis.

This faux crisis is just another nail in the coffin of the vested interests. The mood of the country is darkening as most realize that government is incompetent, dysfunctional, corrupt and worthless. They aren’t solving problems, protecting us, or making our lives better. The last faux crisis called the sequester was hyped by the MSM propaganda outlets as something that would devastate our lives, kill old people, and end the world as we know it. The sequester was a joke. It kept the annual deficit at $900 billion rather than $950 billion. Wow. And it had zero impact on your life. If this fake crisis lasts a few weeks, the American people will realize they can live without the 1 million ass scratchers. This will be a further delegitimize government as essential to our lives.

Mish provides some facts to counterbalance the shrill rantings of the MSM and Washington slimeballs:

Campers in national parks with entrance gates will have to leave, a zoo panda-cam will be turned off, the airline consumer complaint-line will be shut down (but not air traffic control), routine food inspections will be off (but not meat inspections or high-risk inspections), some SNAP services may be shut down (but not school lunch programs), there will be delays in handing disability claims, and Friday’s jobs report may or may not be delayed. Servicemen will be paid, homeland security personnel will stay on duty, Fannie Mae will keep on issuing mortgages with a full staff, but the FHA which handles about 15% of mortgages will have a reduced staff.


How will we survive with no White House tours, panda-cams and propaganda reports from the BLS? I wonder if this government shutdown will impact Obama’s tee time? Does anyone really fear the government shutting down, other than the control freaks who work in government? The MSM continue to play their part and warn about the economic catastrophe this will cause. They never actually tell you what will cause the catastrophe. Everyone knows the shutdown will be temporary. The furloughed drones will all receive their back pay when the faux crisis is resolved. There will be absolutely no economic impact from this government shutdown. The Wall Street shysters will use the ultimate resolution as another way to flog the muppets when they ramp the stock market and lure in some more mom and pop dupes.

Do you ever get the feeling you are living within the Truman Show? It seems to me that the American people are just led from one fake crisis to another in order to keep us distracted from the looting operation being conducted by our owners. Everything that has happened since the 2008 financial crisis appears to be a production designed to keep the people fearful and unable to focus on the true culprits in this movie. First we get our first black president, who no one had ever heard of three years before. He runs as the change candidate and changes nothing. He doesn’t prosecute one Wall Street criminal and he ramps up our wars around the globe, exactly as instructed by the producers of this show.

The subplots of popular discontent from the Tea Party and OWS are quickly discarded by the writers of this sitcom. Various terror plots are hatched by the FBI and DHS and then foiled by these geniuses. Osama bin Laden is supposedly killed, but no one is allowed to see his body. The imminent threat from a nuclear bomb wielding Iran is used to bludgeon the American people for months. Libya becomes the next imminent threat. Followed by Syria. Egypt is used as a distraction for many months. North Korea is always good for a few weeks of fear mongering. Saber rattling with China and Russia is always good to distract the masses.

We’ve had numerous domestic distractions designed to keep the masses dazed and confused. We’ve had Obamacare, the first debt ceiling faux crisis, the sequester faux crisis, and now the latest and greatest faux debt ceiling crisis. All of this seems designed to keep us chasing our tails and not realize how badly we’ve been screwed by Bernanke’s purposely created inflation, the debt bubble being created by his QEternity policy, the millions of good jobs lost as the corporatocracy employs slave labor in foreign countries to inflate their profits and pay themselves billions in bonuses, and the looting and pillaging of the national wealth by the Wall Street financial elite.

Truman eventually figures it out. The American people are now slowly figuring out that they are in a bad movie and should be heading for the exits. The unexpected appearance of Edward Snowden was a plot twist the directors didn’t want. The American people now have proof that our government is spying on us. A true analysis of non-government manipulated data proves that the .1% who run this country are accumulating all of the wealth, while the middle class sinks further into poverty. Young people have been lured into a trillion dollars of student loan debt and there are no jobs at the end of the rainbow. The anger, discontent and mistrust of the corporate fascist surveillance state grows by the minute.

Today’s government shutdown is another step in the process of this Fourth Turning. The existing establishment is being discredited. Their lies and propaganda efforts are being revealed. The social order will be swept away in a whirlwind of violence, chaos and ultimately war. So rejoice. We are one step closer to change we can all believe in.


Tomorrow is Tuesday. I will get up at 5:15 am, shower, shave, feed the cats, make a pot of coffee, get my kids up for school, make my lunch, get in my car, drive to work, curse at a few assholes on the Schuylkill Expressway, say no to people asking for more money all day, warn my boss about impending doom, get back in my car and drive home, curse a few more assholes in West Philly, eat dinner, watch a couple Seinfeld reruns, pick up my son from his driver’s ed class, browse the comments on TBP, and go to bed between 10:00 and 10:30.

If the government is shutdown, how will I possibly get through my day?

Remember the fear mongering stories in the MSM about the horrible impact of the sequester? The world would end if spending was slowed by a fraction of a percent. The country was going to be overrun by our foreign enemies. White House tours had to be cancelled. Air traffic controllers would be fired and planes would be crashing around the country. Has the sequester impacted your life one iota? It did keep the annual deficit from surpassing $1 trillion again, which Obama is now taking credit for.

I do have a few questions about this doom scenario of government drones not spending my money for a few days.

  1. Does a government shutdown mean the NSA won’t be spying on us while the government is closed?
  2. Will we have to ground our predator drones and not kill innocent women and children for a day or two?
  3. Will we make our troops stand down in all the countries we are currently attacking?
  4. Will the recharging of EBT cards not take place tomorrow in West Philly? If so, I will take a different route to work.
  5. Will they stop taking Federal income taxes, SS taxes, and Medicare taxes out of my paycheck because the government won’t be processing them anyway?
  6. If a government drone doesn’t go to work, does anyone notice?

I sure hope I can sleep tonight knowing that my government won’t be watching over me and protecting me from terrorists tomorrow.

Do you think anyone cares? anyone? anyone? Bueller?