Bye Bye Hillary? Or a Fight to the Bitter End?


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Hillary’s dream of becoming the first woman president is evaporating rapidly. She leads Bernie Sander by only 8 point in New Hampshire when she was supposed to be the big name and her coronation as the next Democratic candidate was claimed to be the safest bet in Washington. But her obstruction of justice has violated everything from Treason taking money from foreign government for her “charity” to dodging subpoenas which was an obstruction of justice and violating the Freedom of Information Act. Her trust rating collapsed to 28%, showing that even Jeb Bush would clean her clock. Bill will come to the rescue to try to raise more money for her, but this not about money.

As I am stated, there was NO POSSIBLE WAY that the FBI would have started an investigation into Hillary and her obstruction of justice (treason) for conducting personal business intermixed with state business from a private server. All along, those of us who understand the interworking of Capitol Hill could read between the lines that Obama supported Biden, not Hillary. I expect Biden to announce he is entering by October. Hillary seems not to fear prosecution whereas any other unwanted candidate would back off with the onset of an investigation into criminal activity. The talk of the town is when will Biden enter. Now the press is picking up saying it’s time for Joe.




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As this book went to press, Congress was hearing testimony concerning NAFTA. If this agreement is signed as it is currently drafted, the next thing you will hear will be a giant sucking sound as the remainder of our manufacturing jobs– what’s left after the two million that went to Asia in the 1980s–get pulled across our southern border. We need jobs here, and we must manufacture here if we wish to remain a superpower. We must stop shipping manufacturing jobs overseas and once again make the words “Made in the USA” the world’s standard of excellence. We can do it. The question is–will we? It’s up to us, the owners of this country–THE PEOPLE.

Ross Perot

NAFTA and GATT have about as much to do with free trade as the Patriot Act has to do with liberty.

Michael Badnarik, Libertarian Presidential candidate

You may be sure that in this “new international system,” the American citizen will count for precious little.

Pat Buchanan, 1993

Workers and their families may starve to death in the New World Order of economic rationality, but diamond necklaces are cheaper in elegant New York shops, thanks to the miracle of the market.

Noam Chomsky

If CEOs insist that middle class Americans compete with cheap foreign labor, why not outsource the jobs of CEOs? If business is all about cost, they should be the first to volunteer.

Lou Dobbs, CNN financial correspondent and author of Exporting America (September 2004)

Technology, outsourcing, a growing temp staffing industry, productivity efficiencies, have all replaced the middle class.

James Altucher