There is one thing most TBP members have in common. They reach logical conclusions based upon the facts. The reason we find ourselves constantly frustrated by everything going on around us is that the world is not functioning logically. We see a world drowning in debt and our political and financial leaders’ solution to this issue is to create more debt, pretend things are getting better, and further enriching themselves at the expense of a dying middle class. It’s clear to any critical thinking person that peak oil has arrived. This chart proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Supply did not and cannot respond to higher prices.

The showdown with Iran over a nuclear bomb that does not exist is not logical. The war rhetoric and the unnecessary sanctions have already added $10 to $20 to the price of a barrel of oil. To attack Iran would threaten to open Pandora’s Box and possibly lead to World War III. But logic does not seem to be a necessary ingredient in our world today. As I try to make sense of everything swirling around my head, I can’t help but reach the conclusion that things are so bad that the wealthy elite who control the political and financial power in this world are willing to risk it all to retain their wealth and power. War enriches corporate arms makers and the bankers who will supply the debt to fight the war. By successfully crushing the existing Iranian government and installing another puppet regime friendly to the West, the ruling elite believe they can keep the oil flowing for awhile longer. They believe that successfully winning a war against Iran would result in $2.50 a gallon gasoline again.

The three stories below, all published in the last three days, gives me reason to believe that an attack on Iran is inevitable. The info from Stratfor reveals that we will have 3 aircraft battle groups in the Strait of Hormuz by March 21. There are missile destroyers and big deck amphibious warships gathering around Iran. We did not bring all the troops home from Iraq. We positioned thousands of troops in Kuwait and Bahrain. We have airbases completely surrounding Iran. If we are moving naval assets into the Gulf, you can be sure we are also moving bombers and fighter aircraft.

Attacking Iran now seems illogical to me. But so does adding $7 trillion of debt since 2008 to solve a problem created by too much debt. I believe that the situation of our financial system and depleting world energy sources is so dire that attacking Iran is seen as logical to those in power. Whenever you have domestic issues that are unsolvable, you seek an external enemy to focus the attention of the masses upon. The MSM has been doing their part as they have convinced a large segment of America that Iran is actually a threat to the United States. If you connect the dots, I see a high probability of war with Iran, and possibly Syria, within the next month. Once the bombs start falling, our world might change forever. Fourth Turnings never de-intensify.

Russia Discloses The Iran Ultimatum: Cooperate Or Be Invaded By Year End

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Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/14/2012 09:44 -0400

In what can only be seen as raising the rhetoric bar on the timing, scale, and seriousness of the Iran ‘situation’, Kommersant is reporting that “Tehran has one last chance” as US Secretary of State Clinton asks her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov to relay the message to Iranian leaders. If this ‘last chance’ is wasted an attack will happen in months as diplomats noted that the probability of an Israel/US attack on Iran is now a specific ‘when’ instead of an indefinite ‘if’. The sentiment is best summarized by a quote from inside the meeting “The invasion will happen before year’s end. The Israelis are de facto blackmailing Obama. They’ve put him in this interesting position – either he supports the war or loses the support of the Jewish lobby”. Russian diplomats, as Russia Today points out, criticized the ‘last chance’ rhetoric as unprofessional suggesting “those tempted to use military force should restrain themselves – a war will not solve any problems, but create a million new ones.”


Senior Officials Confirm Strike Plan For Iran And Syria

Monday, 12 March 2012 13:46 Madison Ruppert

This article was written by Madison Ruppert and published at The Intel Hub

According to senior Pentagon officials, American military forces are already planning for possible strikes against Iran and Syria utilizing both conventional weaponry and cyberwarfare as the situation in both nations only seems to be getting worse by the day.

Lieutenant General Herbert Carlisle, deputy chief of staff for operations, plans and requirements with the U.S. Air Force informed a March 8 investors conference sponsored by McAleese and Associates and Credit Suisse that the Department of Defense is exploring their options for military actions.

Carlisle’s statement came on the heels of an interview with the U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta for the National Journal during which he confirmed that the Pentagon is indeed planning for strikes on Iran.

This also came in the wake of Panetta saying that he thinks that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should begin debating the issue of military intervention in Syria, although NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen claims that that discussion has not yet begun.

While Iran repeatedly denies any intent to develop nuclear weapons and Panetta himself has confirmed that they are not currently developing weapons on two separate occasions, the alleged developments in their program continues to give lawmakers and others the fuel they need to call for war.

In the case of Syria, the entire fiasco has been rife with blatant propaganda (and poor attempts at damage control), predictions of a military coup d’état, reports that the West is already discussing a no-fly zone, reports of cross-border attacks coming from Turkey, reports of Mossad, CIA and Blackwater already operating, even reports of undercover French army officers being captured and much more.

In the case of Iran, Carlisle refused to provide specifics on their planning, citing limitations due to the classified nature of the subject.

“I won’t get into any details on that, obviously, because it’s ongoing operational planning,” he said, according to Defense News.

However, he did confirm that cyberwarfare is an option that they are currently considering.

“There [are] … electronic warfare pieces. There are offensive cyber operations. There are defensive cyber operations. Without stepping over any line of classification, I would say again, everything is on the table. That could be a component,” he said.

Thankfully, it appears that these military officials are aware of the fact that invading Syria would be an entirely different beast than the Libyan operation.

“It requires thought and deliberations,” Air Force Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz said at the same conference. “A key challenge is that Syria is not Libya. Syria is a much more demanding air defense environment as a case in point and would require a level of effort far in excess of what we did in Libya.”

The country has a somewhat outdated Soviet-era surface-to-air missile system which would likely require the American military to utilize stealth aircraft like the B-2 bomber and F-22 fighter.

While the F-22 has yet to be used in a combat operation, the B-2 was used at the beginning of the bombing campaign in Libya as well as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In November of last year, it was reported that Russian ships entered Syrian waters, not only delivering advanced S-300 missile systems but also the technical advisers who would assist in setting up the anti-aircraft missile array.

Israeli news sources called the S-300 one of the most powerful anti-aircraft missile systems available and it was also reported that Russia is installing advanced radar systems throughout Syria to compliment the missile system.

In January of this year, Syrian media also reported that a Russian naval flotilla had arrived in the Syrian port city of Tartus in addition to another report in November of last year which said that Russian ships had entered Syrian territorial waters in order to prevent Western military intervention as the opposition called for a no-fly zone.

Both Russia and China have been some of the strongest opponents of military action in Syria, with China even setting forth a diplomatic plan, which of course the West is completely uninterested in.

Carlisle said that the Department of Defense is already engaging in efforts to prepare for intervention in Syria but claimed that it was not unusual for them to do such a thing.

“In standard military fashion, we plan,” he said. “That’s what we do. So we’ll think about everything and every eventuality. We’ll think about what would be required of us and how we would accomplish it.”

If the reports I have been covering for so long are accurate, they have been planning for intervention in Syria for much longer than they are making out.

At this stage all we can do is hope that the plans to attack both Iran and Syria will never materialize. If anything is certain, it is that both events would be disastrous for everyone involved and both have the unfortunate possibility of starting a much larger and deadlier regional – perhaps even global – conflict.


 Carrier Enterprise Sets Off On Final Journey – Direction Iran

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Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/11/2012 16:28 -0400

Today at noon Eastern, the storied aircraft carrier Enterprise, aka CVN-65, left its home port of Naval Station Norfolk one final time for its final voyage with a heading: Arabian Sea, aka Iran. There in a week it will join CVN 72 Lincoln and CVN 70 Vinson, as well as LHD 8 Makin Island, all of which are supporting any potential escalation of “hostilities” in the Persian Gulf region. As a reminder, back in January we learned that the Enterprise’s final voyage will be in proximity to Iran, and in the meantime, the aircraft carrier held extended drills off the Florida coast to attack a “faux theocracy”  consisting of fundamentalist “Shahida” states. Why the Arabian Sea in about 7-10 days will be home to not two but three aircraft carriers and a big deck amphibious warfare ship is very much an open question, although we may have some thoughts. 



Thousands of sailors will deploy today from Norfolk on the USS Enterprise for the last time on Sunday.


Nearly 5,500 Sailors aboard the ships of the Enterprise Carrier Strike Group (ENT CSG) are scheduled to deploy from Naval Stations Norfolk and Mayport, Fla., March 9, 11 and 12, to support operations with the U.S. Navys 5th and 6th Fleets.


The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65), commanded by Capt. William C. Hamilton Jr., will depart from Naval Station Norfolk for the ships 22nd and final deployment March 11.  

CVN 65 will not be alone:


After the Enterprise leaves Sunday, three Norfolk-based guided-missile destroyers will head out Monday — the USS Porter, USS Nitze and USS James E. Williams.


The strike group is commanded by Rear Adm. Ted Carter Jr.


Carrier Air Wing 1, based at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, will be embarked aboard the Enterprise.


The Enterprise was launched September 24, 1960, by Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Co. and commissioned November 25, 1961.


Its record of high-profile service began with the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Since then, it has served in countless missions around the world.

The aircraft squadrons of CVW 1 embarked aboard Enterprise are: Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 11 Red Rippers, VFA 136 Knighthawks, VFA 211 Fighting Checkmates, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 251 Thunderbolts, Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) 123 Screwtops, Carrier Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron (VAQ) 137 Rooks, Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VRC) 40 Rawhides, and Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron (HSL) 11 Dragon Slayers.

Some pictures released minutes ago from Enterprise’s final deployment:

Finally, this is how congested the Arabian Sea looks right about now, where two carriers and one assault ship are currently located, via Stratfor.

38 thoughts on “CONNECTING THE DOTS”

  1. Those in the know will ramp the stock market up until the attack is imminent. Then they will position themselves short stocks, long oil, and long precious metals. They always win.

    The average schmuck with a 401k who just got convinced to move back into stocks by the CNBC/Wall Street crowd will be left holding the bag – again.

  2. We would be far better off with $8 a gallon gas than the nightmare our way of life is going to be if this goes badly.

  3. The string of expletives flowing through my head would make The Old Man from A Christmas Story blush.

    Not. Gonna. End. Well.

    Just not.

    Fuckity fuck.

  4. I wouldn’t want to be aboard the 65 under any circumstances. Obongo just might sacrifice 65 to the Iranian Sunburns to start WW3. WW3=a united America and the re-election of Obongo, 1/3 of the Senate and CONgress. What it should equal is a short rope hanging over a tall lamppost with Obongo on the other end. Along with any politician that supports this shit.

  5. “Thousands of sailors will deploy today from Norfolk on the USS Enterprise for the LAST TIME on Sunday.” —— Tyler Durden

    Interesting, that. “Last time”.

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the USS Enterprise was sacrificed in order to justify whateverthefuck happens next.

  6. “Kommersant is reporting that “Tehran has one last chance” —- Tyler Durden

    I strongly disagree.

    Tehran has NO more chances. The die is cast. Their fate is sealed.

    It matters not what they do. Even if they allowed total unfettered access to their nuke sites, it will not be enough. If we find nothing — just like we found nothing in Iraq — then we will simply accuse Iran of being very adept at hiding their bomb.

    It’s over for Iran. It really is.

  7. Stuck

    I think you are absolutely right. I read an article about a month ago that said Iran could win this showdown by voluntarily ending their nuclear program. If they attempted this today, both Israel and the U.S. would claim it is a scam.

    It is now just a matter of when the bombing begins.

  8. While looking for the above vid, I found this …

    … 1,000 years of war in 5 minutes

    Let me tell you, this is really really very very well done and interesting video.


    IEA Predicts Bumpy Ride for Oil Amid Non-OPEC Supply Cuts

    By Grant Smith – Mar 14, 2012 5:00 AM ET

    The International Energy Agency cut forecasts for oil supplies from outside OPEC this year because of lower exports from Sudan and Syria, cautioning that reduced spare output capacity raises the risk of a price surge.

    Producers not in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries will provide 53.5 million barrels a day this year, or 200,000 a day less than the IEA forecast last month. The agency kept estimates for global oil demand in 2012 unchanged, predicting fuel use will remain “stunted” by the economic slowdown and higher prices. Disappointing non-OPEC output will make the market more reliant on a “slim buffer” of spare production capacity from a few OPEC nations, the IEA said.

    “A real risk of another year of underperforming non-OPEC supply shines a spotlight once more on OPEC spare capacity,” the Paris-based agency said in its monthly market report today. “Non-OPEC output should recover as 2012 progresses. Until then, the market’s relatively slim ‘buffer’ suggests a bumpy ride in the months ahead.”

    Supplies from non-OPEC nations, responsible for about 60 percent of the global total, were cut by 750,000 barrels a day in the first quarter amid fighting in Yemen, outages in the North Sea, sanctions against Syria and the transit dispute between Sudan and south Sudan. That leaves customers more dependent on OPEC’s effective spare capacity, which at 2.75 million barrels is close to levels that can cause a “sustained rise” in prices, the agency said. The figure excludes Iraq, Nigeria, Libya and Venezuela.

    Attacks, Dispute

    Brent crude traded at almost $126 a barrel today on the ICE Futures Europe Exchange in London, having advanced 17 percent this year. Prices soared to a record $147 in July 2008 as unused capacity in OPEC narrowed.

    South Sudan shut production in January after accusing its northern neighbour, from which it became independent in July, of stealing its crude. The dispute has removed about 350,000 barrels a day from global markets, the IEA estimates. In Syria, attacks on oil infrastructure by rebels against leader Bashar al-Assad will cut output by 30,000 barrels a day to 170,000 by the end of the year, according to the agency.

    Yemen’s production fell to 160,000 barrels a day in the first quarter, almost half the average levels of 2010, amid attacks on the Marib crude pipeline, the IEA said.

    Worldwide crude consumption will increase by 800,000 barrels a day, or 0.9 percent, to 89.9 million barrels a day, the agency forecast. The agency had cut its demand forecast in six consecutive reports.

    ‘Subdued Economic Backdrop’

    “The relatively subdued economic backdrop” and “high oil prices both restrain any upside momentum for consumption,” according to the agency.

    Oil inventories held by companies in developed economies stayed below their five-year seasonal average for a seventh month, according to the report. Stockpiles in industrialized nations increased by a “muted” 13.6 million barrels to 2.6 billion in January. That’s equivalent to 57.8 days worth of consumption, the IEA estimates.

    “Inventories, notably crude in Europe and the Pacific, look very tight in absolute terms,” the agency said. “Put simply, a post-recession OECD industrial stock overhang has gradually been whittled away.”

  10. “Administrator says:

    Those in the know will ramp the stock market up until the attack is imminent. Then they will position themselves short stocks, long oil, and long precious metals. They always win.”

    Then others should act accordingly? Can’t beat em, watch em, and do as they do.

  11. Vets angry over American flag featuring Obama
    Posted: 5:26 p.m. Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. — Tempers are flaring over a version of the American flag flying in Lake County. A veterans group says the flag is an outrage.

    The flag, which features a picture of President Obama, was taken down Tuesday afternoon.

    Korean war veteran Don Van Beck said his blood was boiling.

    “I can’t describe how upset was because you just don’t do that to the American flag,” Van Beck said.

    Van Beck found it flying outside Lake County Democratic headquarters under the stars and stripes. Marine Corps vet John Masterjohn was seeing red.

    “Joseph Stalin, pictures of Mao, pictures of Adolph Hitler. The pomp, the ceremony — the flags like that,” Masterjohn said.

    Nearly a dozen veterans went to the door and aimed to take it down.

    “No. This is private property. This is private property. You’re not allowed to touch anything. I’ll call the police,” Democratic Party chairwoman Nancy Hulbert said. “Just went online. Just went online and looked up the flag code. There is no higher-up in Lake County. I’m responsible. I take responsibility.”

    “If you’ve been a veteran and fought — and some died for this flag — you don’t want to see it desecrated. That’s how simple it is,” Van Beck said.

  12. Here’s a slightly different connect-the-dot story.

    On Tuesday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (NY) and state lawmakers were putting the finishing touches on a deal to establish a so-called all-crimes DNA database, a move that is supported by all of the state’s 62 district attorneys and 58 sheriffs, as well as 400 police chiefs.

    You will be required to give up your DNA for EVERY crime including every misdemeanor. So, if you jump a turnstyle or get a speeding ticket or whatever get ready to give up your stuff.

    1. Bob

      If 19 million barrels per day don’t flow into the U.S. economy every single day, life as you know it is over. Keeping it in the ground is not an option.

  13. “If you’ve been a veteran and fought — and some died for this flag — you don’t want to see it desecrated. That’s how simple it is,” Van Beck said.


    Veterans did not die for a flag. A flag is nothing more than a symbol.

    Veterans died for FREEDOM. Freedoms we are losing every fuckin’ day as we devolve into a police state.

    Much as I detest flag burning myself, our veterans died in order to preserve that very freedom to burn the flag. All these people that are pissed off at a flag burning …. where the fuck were they when the Patriot Act was passed?? Oh, yeah … munching on popcorn watching American Idol. Fuck that.

  14. Administrator says:


    IEA Predicts Bumpy Ride for Oil Amid Non-OPEC Supply Cuts

    Anyone else get the feeling that this “war” is just being used as cover for the FACT that China is now using more oil than us? And the fact that our dollar printing is a big part of the increase?

    How utterly convenient. Sadly, the sheep will believe the storyline, few ever bothering to search for reality.

    I’m afraid Stuck is right. Done deal. Toast. Next.

    1. Do you think China will sit idly by as 10% of their oil supply goes up in smoke?

      Do you think Russia wants the U.S. to control Iranian oil, undercutting their oil power?

      Does anyone see potential for unintended consequences that lead to World War III?

  15. Stucky says: “Here’s a slightly different connect-the-dot story.

    On Tuesday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (NY) and state lawmakers were putting the finishing touches on a deal to establish a so-called all-crimes DNA database, a move that is supported by all of the state’s 62 district attorneys and 58 sheriffs, as well as 400 police chiefs.

    You will be required to give up your DNA for EVERY crime including every misdemeanor. So, if you jump a turnstyle or get a speeding ticket or whatever get ready to give up your stuff.”

    And NY wonders why it is perpetually broke? bwaahaaahaaa

    Yet one more reason I’ll never get to see the Statue of Liberty in person. F#$ NY, Cuomo and Bloomberg.

  16. Maybe they will have hot DNA collectors, collecting DNA the old fashioned way. They would have lots fewer objections then.

  17. ragman says:

    “I wouldn’t want to be aboard the 65 under any circumstances. Obongo just might sacrifice 65 to the Iranian Sunburns to start WW3”

    If the Enterprise is sunk, it won’t be by Iranian missiles but rather by Israeli torpedoes.

  18. @Zara: 50/50. Given the huge amount of provocation aimed at Iran, it wouldn’t be hard to see them actually responding to a real or perceived military assault.

  19. I think the Enterprise is on a final “false flag” journey. Ironically, the Enterprise is as symbolic to the U.S. Navy as the Twin Towers were to NYC. I thought the Navy would dock an icon like the Enterprise, maybe turn it into some kind of floating museum. Sending it into hostile waters makes no sense, talk about “telegraphing” your punch.

  20. In the not-too-distant future, we’ll be able to come back and read this post and its comments and it will all seem surreal. Just wait and see.

  21. Iran factoids:

    Population, 79 million, median age 26.8
    Land area, 1/6 the size of U.S., 2.5 X Afghanistan, 4X Iraq
    Manpower available for military service, 46 million, fit for, 40 million (age range 16-49)
    Military expense, 2.5% of GDP
    cell phone users, 67.5 million (19th in world list)
    GDP growth rate, 2011- 2.5%, 2010 – 3.2%, 2009 – 3.5%
    Labor force, 26.4 million
    Urban population, 71%
    Five major cities of about 15 million population

  22. Novista – damn, those are good odds. IBased on those stats, we bomb them, we have a 46/79 chance that whoever is killed will actually be combatants! Great odds, I tell ya’! We could actually win this one! Woohoo! Worth a shot, don’t you think?

    From Die Hard:

    FBI Special Agent Johnson: Figure we take out the terrorists. Lose twenty, twenty-five percent of the hostages, tops.

    FBI Agent Johnson: I can live with that.

  23. It was a done deal a while back. China and Russia wont do anything. Im really curious what happens after it starts and beyond. When the missles rain on Irael? Well Israel launch a nuke? Just by what ive read over a while i think Israel has over five hundred bunker busters. You think Iran has something here ready to detonate if Israel or the usa does anything. Tune in as the show,What well those dumb americans do next premiers soon.

  24. Connect more dots. Iran called bullshit on the dollar trade for oil ‘agreement’, and started using gold and other currencies, which threatens the central bank/ fed/ morgan/ rothschild monopoly. Time to squash this bug too. Sure it’s about oil, but more to the point it’s really about keeping the dollar in power.

  25. and the Enterprise? wouldn’t that make some nice public outrage if it happened to get blowed up over there? How many dead Marines would be effective?

  26. And in other news, I just got done spending an hour of my time talking with Ali and Fatima, my next-door-neighbor kids, who are 6 and 8. They are a hoot, and boy they sure love my dog.

    I had no idea how much cheating and elbow-throwing went on in a gradeschool track meet, but I am now enlightened. One of the little fuckers, according to Ali, was even throwing crackers on the floor, to make the other kids trip. “Crackers.” hee hee hee …

  27. I’ve read a shitpile of articles on Iran and I still don’t understand our policy regarding Iran’s nuclear program. I suspect it goes beyond enrichment because we have already turned down Iranian proposals to purchase nuclear fuel abroad. I think we (Israel) won’t be happy until Iran closes Bushehr, the TRR, the small research reactors in Esfahan and the heavy water reactor under construction in Arak. That will never happen.

    1. Is Syria Near The Tipping Point?

      Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/14/2012 22:55 -0400

      The encroachment of yet another troubled nation into global geopolitical (read US implicitly) strife, this time Syria, appears to be intensifying further. As Sabah notes today, the CIA Director David Petraeus paid a surprise visit to Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan yesterday. The topics of discussion were ‘regional issues’ but it was evident from concerns voiced about the instability in Syria and Iraq giving the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) terrorist organization a stronger foothold (a group which has been a source of tension between USA, Syria, Iraq, and obviously Turkey before – whose ‘undeclared war’ with Syria was a direct response to the countries assistance to the PKK). Seemingly stuck in the middle, Erdogan warned of “the potential crisis that could develop in the region due to the sectarian strife in Iraq” and underlined his concerns of events in Syria. One can only wonder at the strategic positioning that the CIA Director’s surprise visit achieved, since the published agenda seemed so calmly diplomatic, and for what reason the ninety minute visit was so spontaneous.

      CIA Director pays Erdogan a surprise visit

      Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan hosted a very special surprise guest yesterday, one that had not been included in the Prime Ministry’s official schedule.

      Erdogan held an approximately one and a half hour meeting with CIA Director David Petraeus, who had arrived to Ankara the day prior. Joining the meeting was M?T Undersecretary Hakan Fidan and US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. According to an announcement released by the U.S. Embassy, “During the meeting; regional issues, the fight against the PKK terrorist organization and relations between the two nations’ intelligence agencies were the main items discussed.”

      This visit, which coincided with the intensifying conflict in Syria, was considered to be a critical one. According to the information obtained, during the meeting with Petraeus, Erdogan mentioned his concerns due to the events transpiring in Syria. Erdogan warned that should the instability in Syria intensify, a potential living space will be made available for organizations, especially the PKK. Erdogan underlined the successful functioning of the USA-Turkey-Iraq tripartite mechanism and warned of potential crisis that could develop in the region due to the sectarian strife in Iraq.

  28. “Population, 79 million,
    Five major cities of about 15 million population” —— data provided by Novista

    Wow. 75 million of their 79 million population is concentrated in just five cities.

    So, five little nukes should just about settle it. Yup, very doable. I say, all systems go!

  29. “If 19 million barrels per day don’t flow into the U.S. economy every single day, life as you know it is over. Keeping it in the ground is not an option.”

    Thanks Admin — this is exactly what I have been talking about. Life as we know it may soon be FUBAR!

    Assuming we dodge the all-out nuclear war scenario during the upcoming correction of human progess, there should be plenty of energy resources available to resume the advance of civilization from a lower level.

    A lot of time and attention has been focused on the energy supply curve, with the unspoken assumption that increasing energy demand is a given. I’m not so sure, if everything else we have been talking about comes to pass.

  30. Iran’s military is far more technologically advanced than Saddam’s was. The US will win this war eventually (well, Iran will surrender, at any rate) but, make no mistake, the USA will get a black eye from this. Several thousands of American sailors and soldiers will be lost. To say nothing of trying to occupy the country. I really hope this doesn’t come to pass…


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