Today it was 54 degrees with bright sunshine at Valley Forge. I had to get out. After my son’s guitar lesson we cruised over to Valley Forge Park to take a little hike and get some fresh air and exercise. The place was jammed with like minded people.

We kept getting stuck behind slow pokes taking up the entire walking path. We came up behind a mother with four “adorable” brats throwing sticks and not noticing people trying to get past them. As we were passing them, one of the cherubs asked the mother the name of the park. The mother said it was Valley Forge Park and then stunningly asked one of her 8 year old boys whether it was a Civil War battlefield.

She was absolutely serious. A grown woman in her late twenties didn’t know why Valley Forge has historical importance. How can anyone go through 12 years of government education and not know why Valley Forge is important? It is mind numbing to understand how little is taught in our public schools.

I just shook my head and turned to my 15 year old son, who can name the generals from both sides of every major Civil War battle, and asked him how she couldn’t know that historical fact. He just laughed and shook his head.

The country is filled with brain dead zombies staring at their iGadgets. They don’t know how to think. They don’t want to think. Don’t expect the majority to wake up. They are the walking dead.




  1. By all accounts, Valley Forge was almost the end of us. Our army, ragged, shoeless, starving and beaten.. I think the only thing that held the Continentals together was the will of George Washington himself.

    It might have been the low point of the Revolution, but it was also our finest hour.

    I seriously doubt there are men of such mettle in the world today.

  2. I would comfortably wager that the majority of Americans are more likely to remember Valley Forge as the “ark” spacecraft in the 1972 SF Film Silent Running, than as one of the key battles of the American Civil War.

    Outside America, this will certainly be the principal association with this name. Most other Countries have their own histories of turmoil and internecine warfare to deal with.

  3. The farewell address of Washington made me cry. Such men do exist, but the corrupt system kills them before they can effect change.

  4. It was in the midst of the poverty and privation of Valley Forge that the German soldier, Baron von Steuben, began his work of drill and discipline …. America’s first “Army Manual”. This was greeted with enthusiasm by the officers. The ensuing rapid improvement in morale and efficiency was astonishing. Within a few months von Steuben was a witness to the effect of his training in the turning of the tide at Monmouth.

    General Washington formulated a set of six rules for his military guidance, by which he measured and directed the actions of his Army and followed to the letter himself.

    1. Never attack a position in front which you can gain by turning.
    2. Charges of Cavalry should be made if possible on the flanks of infantry.
    3. The first qualification of a soldier is fortitude under fatigue and privation. Courage is only the second. Hardship, poverty and actual want are the soldier’s best school.
    4. Nothing is so important in war as an undivided command.
    5. Never do what the enemy wishes you to do.
    6. A General of ordinary talent, occupying a bad position and surprised by superior force, seeks safety in retreat; but a great captain supplies all deficiencies by his courage and marches boldly to meet the attack.

  5. I see I’ve upset the US Civil War or whatever supporters club.

    Colour me completely unconcerned – as I said, outside America, the rest of the World has their own history of just as bloody internecine conflicts.

    Time to remember that America is NOT the only Country on this planet, and for those who have more important things to concern themselves than History (i.e. doing something productive), your Civil Wars are just that – “just another internal conflict”.

    Deal with it.

  6. Nick As whole wow certainly have a set of ballast come on this site and parade your ignorance for all to see. Studying history is not productive. That’s hilarious dude. Gets my vote for dumbest comment of the year… so far. I eagerly await ur reply.


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