When I saw the story below on the news the other night I was infuriated. The local news talking heads blathered about the tragedy, the mother  portrayed the grieving parent and the police that were interviewed said how sad the story was. I drive by 37th and Wallace Street every damn day. This death occurred one block form the infamous Mantua Square low income housing townhouse estates with gates. Mantua is one of Obama’s PROMISE ZONES. Do you think more of your tax dollars dumped into this culture of entitlement, ignorance and violence will change these people?

My reaction to the story was sadness for the little girl and outrage and anger towards the mother and her unidentified “male friend”. What kind of ignorant animal brings a loaded 357 Magnum with an 8 inch barrel into a house with four children under the age of 14? This pitiful excuse for a human being then leaves the gun on the refrigerator. How can a mother allow a person like this into her house? How can she allow him to leave this loaded gun? This is the fucking gun Clint Eastwood used to blow perps away in the Dirty Harry movies.  


How could an adult allow this loaded weapon in a house full of children? The mother and the scumbag who left the gun are solely responsible for this death. It isn’t some tragic mistake. It is due to the reckless disregard for human life by two adults. They should go to prison for their actions. Not in good old liberal Philadelphia. No one will be held accountable. Maybe tougher gun laws will save the day. I’m sure the scumbag registered this weapon properly and had all of his paperwork in order. My disgust and contempt for the people of West Philly grows exponentially by the day. I’m sure this won’t happen once Obama works his Promise Zone magic.


Girl, 11, fatally shot in West Phila. house

Friends and family members gather outside the house on Wallace Street in Mantua after Saturday's fatal shooting.

By Maria Panaritis and Jonathan Lai, Inquirer Staff Writers

An 11-year-old girl was shot and killed, evidently accidentally by her 2-year-old sibling, after one of the girl’s siblings found a loaded gun left atop a refrigerator in a house on the 3800 block of Wallace Street in Philadelphia on Saturday, police said.The girl was struck in the right shoulder at 9:53 a.m., the bullet tearing through her chest so badly that efforts at emergency surgery at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia could not keep her alive, said Lt. John Walker.

A male friend of the victim’s mother had left the gun in the house, police said.

Police found the girl in her mother’s arms when they arrived, a scene Walker described as highly emotional.

Police placed the girl in the back of a squad car and raced her to nearby Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, only for her to be pronounced dead there within minutes, at 10:29, Walker said.

No charges were immediately filed, and it was unclear who, other than the four children, was home at the time of the shooting, Walker said. All four siblings appeared to have been in the second-floor bedroom when the gun, a .357-caliber handgun now in police custody, went off in the 2-year-old’s hands.

Walker said police still were trying to ascertain which of the siblings – who ranged in age from 2 to 14 years old – had found the weapon, carried it up the stairs, and taken it into the room where the 11-year-old was playing on a sunny start to a spring weekend.

The children were “distraught,” the lieutenant said.

Walker said police were trying to respect the mother’s grief while also questioning her.

“Mom is extremely distraught,” he said. “These are just horrible situations.”

Walker said that police were “not even at that point” of considering criminal charges and that investigators would consult with the District Attorney’s Office.

He said detectives would conduct a fresh examination of the weapon – a handgun with an 8-inch barrel – and work their way back from there, he said. Police were investigating whether the weapon was legally registered and if so, to whom.

“The mom is in a really tough state of mind,” Walker said. She called 911, but Walker said he did not know if she was inside when the gun was fired.

The dead child, whose identity was not being disclosed, had lived with her family for years in the house in the city’s Mantua section, near the campuses of Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania, said one neighbor, Alice Freeman, who said she had lived on the 3800 block of Wallace for more than two decades.

Some time during the morning, according to police, the child’s mother was home and welcomed a visitor – a male friend of the family’s.

“A gun was placed on top of a refrigerator inside of the house . . . by this male,” Walker said. When the man left, the gun was left behind.

On Saturday morning, one of the children found the handgun and took it up the steps to a second-floor bedroom.

“It’s a tragedy. It’s a sad thing,” said Maxine Seward, 59, a neighbor. “I don’t know what to say. It’s just a sad thing. A child is gone.”

Inquirer staff writer Andrew Maykuth contributed to this article.


  1. My reaction to the story was sadness for the little girl and outrage and anger towards the mother and her unidentified “male friend”. What kind of ignorant animal brings a loaded 357 Magnum with an 8 inch barrel into a house with four children under the age of 14? This pitiful excuse for a human being then leaves the gun on the refrigerator. How can a mother allow a person like this into her house? How can she allow him to leave this loaded gun? This is the fucking gun Clint Eastwood used to blow perps away in the Dirty Harry movies. — Admin

    Hey Admin?

    Sorry, but, you’re wrong.

    Your outrage at one yoof shooting another yoof with a found handgun has clouded your judgement. Here’s why.

    1. Clint Eastwood used a Smith & Wesson Model 29 in the first Dirty Harry movie. That is a .44 Magnum, not a .357 Magnum. The .44 is orders of magnitude more powerful than the .357, which was designed back in the 1930’s.

    2. The image you show is of a Colt Python, though the image is reversed. The cylinder release latch is found on the left side of the revolver, not the right. Totally different make and model with totally different lockworks.

    3. While I agree that the mother and whomever her “boyfriend” was bear some of the responsibility, the yoof who went and got the gun off the top of the refrigerator and then carried it upstairs into a room full of other yoofs also bears responsibility. They were aping what they see every day – yoofs shooting yoofs.

    4. I carry concealed, every day. I am invited into the homes of my friends and yes, they have children. Nothing has ever, ever happened and nothing ever will. It is the actions of the individual, NOT the type of firearm he or she carries.

    5. And what is the magical cutoff about 14 years old? “What kind of ignorant animal brings a loaded 357 Magnum with an 8 inch barrel into a house with four children under the age of 14?” Sooo, what? There’s a big difference between a kid 13 years, 11 months and 29 days old and one that is 14 years and one day old?

    Other than that, blaming the fucking gun is pretty much par for the course…

  2. On the upside, think of how much we’ll save in welfare payments, prosecution and incarceration. Plus the cost in lives and destroyed property.

    Perhaps the 2 year old should get a “Crimestoppers” award…

  3. Your disgust and contempt for the people in west Philly may save you life when this house of cards collapses .You have a good idea of how they will behave.

  4. Admin-How could an adult allow this loaded weapon in a house full of children?

    I grew up as well as most of my friends in households bristling with loaded guns and there was never anyone accidentally or intentionality shot.

    I don’t know how to stop feral morons from arming themselves and injuring others with arms without restricting the right of law abiding citizens to defend themselves.

    I think death by stupid is just one of those prices we will be forced to pay for having a huge population of uncivilized free breeders.

  5. Blacks who have put race before right and wrong for 60 years have promoted a corrupt culture of sex,drugs and theft. The academics, professional educators,unions and the media have enabled their irresponsible behavior. They are killing each other and stealing from their own community in most cases. They reap what they sow.

    I DON`T CARE. Above all else be armed. They will come for you eventually.

  6. Holy crap!

    I totally agree with the comments made so far! Weird… like the planets aligning or something…

    “Don’t care..”
    “Death by stupid..”
    “Your contempt will save your life…”

    Yep. Pretty much sums it all up…

  7. i see laws regarding the storage of firearms coming center stage. if it was properly stored/secured woudl this have happened? very unlikely. even if “laws” are passed it will only inconvenience those who are already safe adn the vast majority of those who aren’t storing or handling them properly won’t follow the law anyway.

    i also cc and have something similar (with a shorter barrel) in my vehicle whenever i legally can and no such thing would happen. if i lived in that area i might carry an ar15 pistol.

  8. “Maybe tougher gun laws will save the day.” ———– Admin

    Oh, Lordy! Do NOT go over to the dark side!

    One or more adults need to be charged with Negligent Homicide. Someone needs to spend at least 10 years in prison.

    That is all. Fuck that gun-law shit.

    1. Stuck

      I was being sarcastic about tougher gun laws. Phila already has the toughest gun laws in the state. See how well they are working.

  9. Stuck-

    Right there with ya bud…

    More stupid laws that people won’t pay any attention to anyways won’t solve the problem… can you see if they did pass “storage requirement” laws?

    Next up – whatever is left of the 4th Amendment can be flushed down the shitter – you own a gun? Get ready for “compliance checks” like they have in Old Blighty..

    >Knock knock!<
    "Police! Mandatory firearms storage compliance check!"
    "Uh.. it's like 4am… can you guys come back la- "
    (Police tazer the evil gun owner for 'non-compliance')

  10. “I was being sarcastic about tougher gun laws.” ————- Admin

    Oh. Well, fuckme dead.

    On the other hand, there’s another active thread right now and more than a few totally didn’t get my tongue-in-cheek commentary. Heh!.

  11. Billy: “Aping………” Raciss! Seriously, our girls grew up in the “Gun Culture”. They were instructed to never touch a gun . If they wanted to see them, or perhaps receive a little instruction in gun safety simply let me know. They were always welcome to see the 1911 or AR under adult supervision.

  12. Admin

    When I grew up, we had rifles throughout the house. My brother and I had our .22 rifles in our bedrooms.

    The ammo was in the basement. Unlocked. We knew where it was.

    But since we could go shooting anytime we wanted, and we were taught proper gun safety, there was no issue.

    Every friend’s home, since they almost all hunted, had hunting rifles on the wall.

    It’s a matter of education and culture.

  13. gun-control-brain-wash-eric-holder_thumb3.jpg


    Here’s a summary via this report:

    Attorney General Eric Holder said on Friday that gun tracking bracelets are something the Justice Department (DOJ) wants to “explore” as part of its gun control efforts.

    When discussing gun violence prevention programs within the DOJ, Holder told a House appropriations subcommittee that his agency is looking into technological innovations.

    “I think that one of the things that we learned when we were trying to get passed those common sense reforms last year, Vice President Biden and I had a meeting with a group of technology people and we talked about how guns can be made more safe,” he said.

    “By making them either through finger print identification, the gun talks to a bracelet or something that you might wear, how guns can be used only by the person who is lawfully in possession of the weapon.”

    “It’s those kinds of things that I think we want to try to explore so that we can make sure that people have the ability to enjoy their Second Amendment rights, but at the same time decreasing the misuse of weapons that lead to the kinds of things that we see on a daily basis,” Holder said.

    The Justice Department has requested $382.1 million in increased spending for its fiscal year 2014 budget for “gun safety.”

    Included in the proposal is $2 million for “Gun Safety Technology” grants, which would award prizes for technologies that are “proven to be reliable and effective.”

    President Barack Obama’s budget proposal also calls for $1.1 billion to “protect Americans from gun violence—including $182 million to support the president’s ‘Now is the Time’ gun safety initiative.”

    A recent innovation allows a gun owner to only unlock a safe with a fingerprint scan and an “RFID-equipped bracelet.”

    Others have suggested manufacturing GPS tracking and RFID chips into every gun. RFID chips transmit location data and are used by law enforcement agencies to send automatic alerts if a weapon moves away from the tracker, indicating that the gun is lost or stolen.


  14. Is it finally cool to state that there may be some individuals, or maybe even MANY individuals, for whom firearm ownership is inappropriate, and many contexts in which it is not a good idea to have a gun?

    Sorry to say, but I have met too many middle income white folks, some of whom spent many years warming seats in college classrooms, who own multiple firearms and display a stunning lack of responsibility in their storage and use. Had a high school friend, a very religious, upright, intelligent young girl, who was blamed for the shooting death of one of her three little charges, one of whom pulled his cop father’s loaded shotgun down from the bedroom closet whilst my friend was in the other room diapering the baby and keeping the toddler from pulling the drapes down. My friend was blamed for being lax in her babysitting duty ‘cuz, see, the cop TOLD his boy not to touch that gun!! Don’t you know that your kids will honor your instructions to the letter when you go out and leave them with the 15-year-old sitter, har har? And how could my friend, who had no idea that there were loaded weapons loose and unlocked in a closet, not anticipate that the kid would go straight for that thing the minute daddy’s car left the driveway.

    I have seen people keep loaded guns in bedside table drawers, because they figure what’s the use of even having the thing if you can’t get your hands on it at night?

    If you have young kids, they’re going to find your gun if you don’t have it in a gun safe? And if you have it in a gun safe, how in the hell are you going to get to it when, say, someone comes through your window at 3 AM, or you come home to find a burglary in progress when you walk in the door?

    As a Libertarian I (grudgingly) support your precious 2nd Amendment rights. But having said that, I’ll state that there is a large swath of the population, and not just semi-criminal goons in the ghettos, that has absolutely no business owning a weapon. Speaking strictly for myself, there have been many occasions in my life where I am damn glad I didn’t have a firearm anywhere near, because I would have shot the wrong person for the wrong reason, which way too goddam many people in this country do every day. Guns are not for people with a lot of stored anger, or who have problems with impulse control.

    And as for defending yourself on the streets of the big, mean ol’ city, nothing beats being alert and aware of who is close to you, as well as avoiding known hot spots. I’m a woman and I’m not strong, athletic, or fast. I learned quite young to be extremely alert on the streets, and can state that on the two occasions, long ago in another city, in which I was mugged, that having a weapon on me would only have gotten me killed. My assailant would have picked it right off me and used it on me, because he had the advantage of surprise and knew an unwary quarry when he spotted her staggering down the street under a load of groceries. And having a weapon on you will do nothing for you if you get caught in gang crossfire- those mutts aren’t even aiming for you, but they don’t care if they hit you.

    I believe firearms are good if you are well trained in their use and stay in practice… and if you have no kids around. But anyone with young children ought to think many, many times before they bring those things in the house, because they are difficult to secure and still be of any use to you when you need them.

  15. Eric Cock-Holder can suck my chocolate starfish…

    RFID chips? GPS tracking? And I wonder how long it will take for smart folks to create a cottage industry spoofing or deactivating such things?

    Welcome to Grey State….

  16. bb, Nonanonymous, flash, and other Buhleevers shouldn’t own guns. They already have Jeebus. If they are really true to their stated beliefs …… well, that’s enough protection.

  17. chicago999444,

    One libertarian to another, you get in line with Eric Cock-Holder to suck my ass too, if you think denying folks their rights is going to fix the fucking problem. Who gets to make that decision? YOU? And where does it say “shall not be infringed, unless we get enough people to gang up on your and say otherwise..”

    Cause, you know, fuck that shit…

    Getting 99% of my neighbors together to vote to take my shit away is still fucking robbery… when the government does it, it’s armed robbery by proxy… cowards too fucking candy-assed to rob you themselves will gladly vote to have government goons do it for them…

    The fact that stories like this are breathlessly reported by the mainstream only illustrates how fantastically rare they are. I imagine a child today is more likely to be eaten alive by rabid zombie weasels than accidentally shot to death..

    I grew up in a household with guns. My son as well. The very first thing you do with a curious child is demystify guns. Unload them and let the curious kids fiddle with them till they get tired. Later on, you demonstrate the destructive power of them (I blew up pumpkins with a shotgun to demonstrate how powerful and potentially dangerous they are to my son) so your kid has a healthy respect for them.

    You want to restrict guns from “certain people”? Imagine the blowback from using the government’s own data to support your argument. Which demographic has the most deaths per capita via gun violence? Accidents? Why, I’d wager it was NEGROES. So, lets just scribble into the IIA “shall not be infringed, unless you’re a nigger”… would it stop the silly shit? The accidental shootings? The thug-on-thug or yoof-on-yoof violence? Not a chance in hell. But why should all the rest of us in the United States have to pay for the niggers’ fucking up? Because even if you did disallow negroes to have firearms, they wouldn’t listen.

    Pretty much the only people who obey the fucking law in the US anymore are the law-abiding white chumps…

  18. Downvoting statist pukes… you all think Grey State is just a fantasy?

    Well, maybe it is a Statist’s wet dream… jerking off in the bathroom at the thought of controlling all us lowly proles with RFID chips, GPS tracking and cameras up our asses…

    Whoever downvoted that can eat my fumundah cheese…

  19. It’s December 8, 1941 and a smart, athletic kid named Jack, who is 19 yrs old, enlists in the Army. He is sent to Ft. Vancouver for basic training. They used a buddy system and Jack and his best friend went through basic together. One day, Jack’s buddy comes into the barracks with his carbine, points it and Jack and says, “stick em up.” Jack’s buddy doesn’t realize the gun is loaded and shoots Jack through the liver. Jack dies in the hospital three days later. Jack’s buddy never gets over it and eventually commits suicide.

    Jack was my uncle. My mom hated guns. I hate war.

  20. ” …. chocolate starfish … fumundah cheese…” ——– Billy

    Funny shit.

    It’s also making me hungry, so stop it.

  21. “Jack was my uncle. My mom hated guns. I hate war.” — Zara

    Your anecdotal story aside, the default setting of humanity is war.

    I was born to war. I delight in fighting and conflict.

    When TSHTF, there will be wolves, sheep dogs and sheep… you have to decide which team you’ll play for.

  22. Billy, the way I view it, soldiers = sheep. — Zara

    Yeah, and you would be wrong. You’ve been wrong about everything else, what makes this any different?

  23. “President Barack Obama’s budget proposal also calls for $1.1 billion to “protect Americans from gun violence”

    Obama pisses away another $1.1 billion to community organizers to go door to door and ask the welfare queens if their guns are safe. Do you think Obama gives a shit if whites are safe from black gun violence? Or black violence in general? The knock out game, leg warming, and polar bear hunting? Nope, another billion shoveled to his crony community organizer fucks to piss away.

  24. Before kids, every gun I had was kept loaded. Chicago’s comments re loaded gun in a bedside table are ill-informed. An unloaded gun is of no use when it is needed. Also, in my house you were never in danger of getting shot by an unloaded gun. Because everyone knew they were loaded and treated them accordingly. As all guns should be treated at all times, just in case.

    Children changed that, of course. I decided the chance of accidents outweighed the odds of needing the guns available for defense, and so lock and key became the norm.

    My kids grew up different from me. I grew up with a gun – bb gun then pellet gun then .22 then shotgun then 30-30 then handgun then 30-06 etc. All before I was a teen. I had a twenty two before I was ten, with all the ammo I could carry. No lock, no key, no supervision. The odds of me making a mistake with that thing – zero.

    But that situation requires an entirely different upbringing, one that is rare indeed today.

  25. Well, hells-bells. I can’t even get here in time to post a tale of my twisted youth without Llpoh posting my story before I do!

    The slight difference in my story is that my kids (two daughters) knew how to shoot, break down and clean a weapon (both handguns and long guns) by the time they were 11-12. When we’d go old bottle hunting around Ely, Nevada, in the early 70’s, we’d always take along the .22 or a shotgun and exercise it (all of us) and the girls (including my sweetie) would get to clean them when we got home.. Nothing like shooting “skeet” by tossing an old beer bottle in the air and blowing it to pieces! (Mom and Dad made sure the bottle WAS NOT a collectable before it got tossed!)

    Glad we had good parents to show us the way..


  26. Muck – about 30 years difference in time-frame. I have taught my kids the basic, but they really have not had access to the wide-open spaces I did, where I carried a pea-shooter of some sort most everywhere I went. To my regret, many a small critter that was ill-aware went down to said pea-shooter.

    My favorite carry was probably my pellet gun. Silent, and carried a pop close to that of a .22. And cheap – real cheap – to shoot. It was what I carried when checking traps to finish off whatever we caught. It would finish off raccoons etc no problemo. I hated to run into a caught skunk – finish them and then come back much later to empty the trap.

  27. Llpoh, I wouldn’t say I grew up in the wide open spaces, but rather the farms around my home and the forests in the foothills of the cascade range where we had our riverfront log cabin. For as long as I can recall I have been an Albert Schweitzer sort of guy. I loved observing nature and being around it, but I never wanted to harm any of it’s creatures. To this day I toss bugs and spiders out the door, rather than stomp on them. I think I got a part of that from my dad, who was a generally kind-hearted man, but most of it came to me in the form of conscience, the awareness of power and really the wonderous aspect of life on every level. It is a grievous sin, in my opinion, squelch life that is of no threat either for the enjoyment of it or simply because you can.

  28. Did I say that I wanted to “restrict” certain types of people from owning guns? You know, like people with multiple felony convictions, up to and including murder?

    No, I did not say that.

    Nor did I say that I wanted to be the one to make that decision. I don’t want to make those decisions for other people.

    I only stated that some people, maybe many people, should have enough goddam sense to know that they are not the people who should have a weapon around.

    Just because you have a right to do something, doesn’t mean it is anything you should do. You also have the right to get blasted drunk every single day and you have the right to gamble your paycheck away, and that does not mean that any sensible person does these things.

    And sensible people do not have loaded guns where small children can get them, which is just about everywhere in the house.

  29. ” All four siblings appeared to have been in the second-floor bedroom when the gun, a .357-caliber handgun now in police custody, went off in the 2-year-old’s hands.”

    If you folks would actually read the article, it is clear that the two year old did not shoot the eleven year old. The two year old just happened to be holding the gun when it went off. Sounds like a gun malfunction to me. Sometimes they just ‘go off’. [/sarcasm]

    No mention of where the mother was at the time. Was she home? It was before 10:00 in the morning. Sad story, but that’s what’s to be expected if you give a toddler a loaded weapon in a roomful of children.

  30. chicago,
    when you said this:
    “As a Libertarian I (grudgingly) support your precious 2nd Amendment rights.”
    that threw me off and probably many others, to reluctantly agree with the 2nd amendment usually means one is only a step away from supporting more gun control measures.
    and eventhough i mentioned “storage control” i am 100% against that, it would open things up to regular searches (I think NJ and MD are proposing something along these lines). It would be set up so that the “privelege” of gun ownership endowed by the state would only be allowed with a submission of all 4th amendment rights.

    and not everywhere is available to all children, the 2yo did not get the revolver off the fridge, one of the older children did.
    the issue isn’t firearms, it’s negligence. having a firearm in a locked nightstand or even on top of the fridge does not mean a 2yo will turn into this.


  31. A 2 yr old could only pull the trigger on a revolver if someone cocked it for him.

    Colt Python is obsolete but beautiful revolver near the peak of revolver development.

  32. “Results are presented on Table 1. The CCW dummy variable is significant and positive, but the assault weapons ban is insignificant. Given that the average gun-related murder rate over the period in question was 3.44, the results of the present study indicate that states with more restrictive CCW laws had gun-related murder rates that were 10% higher. In addition, the Federal assault weapons ban is significant and positive, indicating that murder rates were 19.3% higher when the Federal ban was in effect. These results corroborate the findings of Lott and Mustard (1997). These results suggest that, even after controlling for unobservable state and year fixed effects, limiting the ability to carry concealed weapons may cause murder rates to increase. There may, however, be other explanations for these results. Laws may be ineffective due to loopholes and exemptions. The most violent states may also have the toughest gun control measures. Further research is warranted in this area.” — Quinnipiac University’s Mark Gius

  33. over: if the Python is “near the peak of revolver development”, exactly which revolver IS at the peak of revolver dev?

  34. Colt Python is obsolete but beautiful revolver near the peak of revolver development. — Cliff




  35. I’m sorry… some shit is too funny to leave out of here…

    “And the Lord did grin…”



  36. Downvotes for the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch?

    You people have absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever… bunch of humorless prigs…

  37. “Downvotes for the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch? You people have absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever… bunch of humorless prigs…” ————– Billy

    I thought it was very funny.

    Your … ummmm … “style”, is going to irritate those with who you do battle, resulting in permanent future down votes. Why worry about it? (I’m pretty sure you don’t, but you DID bring it up.)

    Furthermore, many religious themes, especially those considered to be against Christianity, such as a “Holy Hand Grenade” will AUTOMATICALLY be voted down by our ultra-religious fanatics; bb, Nonanonymous, perhaps flash, and others. Trust me, I know from experience.

    Your analysis is 100% correct …. they have “have absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever”. To which I say;

  38. Stucky,

    Dude, I was raised old school Catholic. 12 years of catholic school. Latin. Scripture studies. Daily mass.

    The thing is, many self-styled “religious” people take themselves way, way too seriously… I mean, the Python players are clearly poking fun at the Catholic church, which does tend to take itself way, way too seriously – and with almost 2000 years of history behind it (and all the admitted abuses that occurred), that represents a huge pile of material to spoof and lampoon…

    If you can’t laugh at yourself, there’s something seriously wrong with you…

    “And the Lord did grin… ”

    Fucking priceless! BAHH-HAHAHAHAH!!!

  39. Stucky,

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the knight shown at 40 seconds (blue tunic) wearing the White Tree of Gondor on his tunic?

    I just noticed that after all these years…

    Makes it even MORE funny! 🙂

  40. Billy

    I know you said you don’t actually follow Wildcat basketball … the official religion in Kentucky … but, how are things there today? Mass depression? What’s up with that couch-burning shit?

  41. Stucky,

    Yeah, the couch burning shit?

    I have no idea where that came from… maybe it’s a sacrifice to the gods of the couch potatoes? Maybe the couch had too many cum stains and instead of throwing it away at the dump they decided to burn it… perhaps meaning burning a bitch of an ex-girlfriend in effigy?

    I have no idea… just spitballing here…

    I know we lost, but Kentucky made a good enough run to make the nay-sayers here at TBP shut the fuck up, if even temporarily… I’ll take that as a ‘win’.. 🙂


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