New Jersey Threatens To Pull Teen From Home For “Non-Conforming Behavior”

Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

While this story is not new, I must have missed it back in April when it first broke and it is absolutely incredible. The reason I am posting on it today is because we have new information which turns an already shocking story into something far more terrifying.So let’s get into some background first.

This is the story of Ethan Chaplin, who back in April was twirling a pencil in his seventh grade classroom in Vernon, NJ. One of the class bullies saw an opportunity to be a jerk and yelled: “He’s making gun motions, send him to juvie.”

Rather than demonstrating any sort of common sense, the teacher apparently had a panic attack and reported him, which resulted in a two-day suspension. Here’s what Vernon Superintendent Charles Maranzano had to say about it:

“We’re responsible for their mental and physical health and safety and security. When a student misbehaves or displays actions that are non-conforming or don’t meet our expectations, it causes us some concerns.”

I guess I don’t understand what schools are like these days, but the classes I grew up in were filled to the brim with misbehavior to the extent that a twirling pencil would be seen as a positive indicator of student interaction. Somehow, we all survived.

As if that part of the story isn’t bizarre enough, Ethan wasn’t allowed to return to class until he underwent a psychological evaluation in which he was forced to strip and give blood samples that caused him to pass out (sounds a lot like how police in New Mexico force anal probes on citizens for no reason).

Amazingly, the saga manages to get even worse. Just today, we find out that New Jersey is threatening to take Ethan away from his father. Incredibly, the state is claiming that the prior psychological evaluation wasn’t sufficient and more testing needs to be done. Since his father Michael is pushing back, the loss of custodianship has been threatened. Absolutely insane.

Here’s a must watch short video from PIX11 News on the incident:

I suppose this is an example of that amazing “quality of life” Chris Christie keeps referring to…

This Huffington Post article from early April was the source of much of the information in this post.

8 thoughts on “New Jersey Threatens To Pull Teen From Home For “Non-Conforming Behavior””

  1. “All I can do is tell the truth and present the evidence and hope that the State does the right thing.”

    -Ethan’s Dad.

    Dear Ethan’s Dad,

    You are living in a dream world. The fact that you have drawn attention to them and their behaviors is actionable by their SOP. You can’t win based on piss ant concepts like “truth” and “evidence”, you can only “win” by submission to their authority. This isn’t about your kid, your parenting skills, his safety or anything else you think its about. This is about enforced compliance to authority. That’s all.

    You need to decide what’s more important to you, to continue being a full time consumer drone (and btw your kid is just shy of obese, he needs some decent food and some physical chores, probably the one area where there ought to be concerns about your parenting skills, but meh, they don’t mind that kind of failure because it supports their pharm/med industry) or get your family as far away from NJ as possible, most ricky tick.

    Good luck with that.

  2. The state is the enemy on so many levels. I am glad my kids made it out of school without full blown indoctrination as their hard headed dad constantly pounded into them that what they teach you in school is often not the truth or any where near correct. The Justina Pellitier case here in Boston is a classic case of DCF (Department of Family and Children) incompetence and downright abuse.

    One of these days one of these parents is going to lose it.

  3. All about intimidation.That is aimed at white kids.Saw they use phyc evaluations against whistle blowers at V A and other gov agencies declare them insane-B O has gone full blown Hitler

  4. Having gone through the same thing with my kid I feel for this guy, they do not like to admit they were wrong and will go out their way to continue to intervene and control a situation they had no business in getting involved with in the first place. It is criminal.

  5. @Donna, Ob ama?

    This is a STATE issue.

    This is a “Republican” state.

    This crap transcends the “Obama is the root of all evil,” or the Red vs Blue, it’s “your” team, not “mine!”

    BOTH sides and ALL of our leaders have created, and benefited, from our continue descent into a herd, not a nation of individuals with inherent rights.

    Like the right to not be ass-screwed by any state bureaucrat, flunkie, Phd, or elected official.

    This man, this kid, and many others, are being ass-screwed HARD.

    That is Ob ama’s fault. It is OURS.

  6. @TE, I somewhat disagree. Obama’s blatant socialist policies and support enable entities such as Child Protective Services to get away with this shit.

  7. @Rise Up, then you haven’t been paying attention because this shit has been going on (at this insane level) since Bush II. The kindergartener tazed by cops in Florida happened while Bush was at the helm, if memory serves, a Bush was at the helm of both the state and country.

    And really it started long before that. Long, long before.

    They continue to destroy us by keeping the Red vs. Blue team bullspit going. And, be honest, Chris Christie is the guy at the head of his state’s education. He isn’t Obama, nor is he a democrat.


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