Is this just an isolated incident or is it the beginning of something bigger? Are all the urban ghettos just a gunshot away from chaos, rioting, mayhem, and a police state lockdown? Could a single spark ignite an inferno of civil unrest?

95 thoughts on “WILL FERGUSON SPREAD?”

  1. Is this just an isolated incident or is it the beginning of something bigger? Are all the urban ghettos just a gunshot away from chaos, rioting, mayhem, and a police state lockdown? Could a single spark ignite an inferno of civil unrest?

    Why should it not? As opposed to the “gun control” hysteria seen following the riots of the 1960s and the early ’70s, however, the response among the populace today has been a decided increase in firearms purchases (even in Missouri, a state notorious for its governing thugs’ adamant hostility toward the armed private citizen).

    The preference for being “judged by twelve” as an alternative to being “carried by six” bodes ill for our leftard fascisti and other victim disarmament types.

  2. Like Buckhed, I’m ready for something to happen. I’m sure I won’t like it but this interminable wait is getting old.

  3. It could spread to other ghetto areas in the Bantustans, but so what? It gets really interesting when they bring it(or try to) to the very well armed White folks. Especially down South. Many Whites are suffering from Niggerfatigue and are itchin’ for an excuse to try out their sporting equipment.

  4. as sure as libtards love diversity over reason…shit will spread.

    “’Diversity’ is a difficulty to be overcome, not an advantage to be sought. True, America does a better job than most at accommodating a diverse population. We also do a better job at curing cancer and containing pollution. But no one goes around mindlessly exclaiming: ‘Cancer is a strength!’ ‘Pollution is our greatest asset!’”
    Ann Coulter

  5. Ragman is spot on.

    Do you have any idea how many white Rednecks in Arkansas have high powered deer rifles with leupold scopes? And these mother fuckers grow up with one in their hands, they can knock a hair off a gnats ass at 200 yards. It will be a killing field not like what your dealing with in the Middle East where the enemy combatants blend in with the locals. This enemy will get up every morning dressed in an easily identifiable uniform. The horror that will fall on this group of people will make Gaza look like a peaceful operation.

  6. Of course it will spread but Ferguson is not the start. Some other incident will spark it. First the next financial collapse (which will dwarf the last one) than an incident somewhere. But remember, they are not THAT stupid. They do not go into white neighborhoods because they know they will be shot.

  7. On the one hand I want to say “Yes” because St Louis does not riot. In the 1960’s Newark, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and Washington all burned. But, St. Louis … the nation’s 10th largest city … and a sizable black population … did not. Even after MLK was assassinated in 1968, tens of thousands of people marched through the city streets, but St. Louis suffered no widespread violence. And now it does, so maybe the Limits Of Copfuk Abuse has been reached, and will spread.

    OTOH, I see pictures such as below, and I say “No”. The rage over a dead black boy is nothing more than an excuse to Get-Some-Free-Shit. There is no organization, no leader, no strategy, no true&just cause greater than their own selfish desires.


    I would bet a thousand dollars that surely in the past few days some copfuk somewhere in the USA!USA!USA! shot a black person, beat them up, profiled them unfairly, or some other shit … because that’s what copfuks do. Where is the outrage in those places?

    My final answer is “No”. What you see in Ferguson is a bunch of thug opportunists who don’t really give a shit about the dead teenager, except as an excuse.

  8. Sensetti…Luepold….nope Zeiss,Swarovski or Night Force scopes are our thing. I shoot a 7mm STW custom rifle topped with a Zeiss 3 x 12 x 56 scope…..line of sight is 326 yards with a seven inch drop at about 500 yards….a gnat at 300 yards…maybe…an eye ball…no problem .

  9. Those War-Ready Cops in Ferguson Are 9/11’s Awful Legacy—and Your Taxes Are Paying for It

    First came the police officer’s fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager on the way back from the convenience store with a friend. Then came the protests and looting. Then came the astonishing police response, which by Wednesday night transformed the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, an inner suburb of St. Louis, into a scene out of Cairo, Kiev, or Tehran. Which has led appalled onlookers to ask: Who has been outfitting local police departments to look like battle-hardened military units?

    You have.

    Since the Sept. 11 attacks, the American taxpayer has been providing the funding for an eye-popping influx of money from the Department of Homeland Security to state and local law enforcement agencies. The funding is all in the name of preventing “terrorism,” but funds are fungible, and so are heavily-armored vehicles and high-powered weaponry. As the Missouri Department of Homeland Security explains on its own website advertising one of the federal DHS grants it distributes to local agencies: “Activities implemented under [the State Homeland Security Program] must support terrorism preparedness by building or enhancing capabilities that relate to the prevention of, protection from, or response to, and recovery from terrorism in order to be considered eligible. However, many capabilities which support terrorism preparedness simultaneously support preparedness for other hazards.”

    Other hazards—like the disturbances that can spring up in the event of a police shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old named Michael Brown.

    To get a sense of just how much money is funneling to police departments like those in St. Louis County, of which Ferguson is a part, I dug into a federal spending database. In the past five years alone, I tallied:

    More than $40 million from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to the Missouri Office of Homeland Security (which is housed within the Missouri Department of Public Safety) for “state and local programs.”

    Nearly $19 million in “emergency performance management grants” from DHS to the Missouri Department of Public Safety. The most recent of the grants, for $6.59 million, arrived on June 5.
    Nearly $10 million from DHS to the Missouri Office of Homeland Security for the “urban areas security initiative.” Here’s how DHS describes that program: “to enhance regional preparedness and capabilities in 25 high-threat, high-density areas. The 9/11 Act requires states to dedicate 25 percent of UASI funds to law enforcement terrorism prevention activities.” St. Louis is one of those 25 “high-threat, high-density areas.” And even if the 25 percent is dedicated to true terrorism-related threats, the 75 percent left over from that leaves a lot to work with.

    As the New York Times has reported, state and local law enforcement agencies are getting armored up from another source as well: the U.S. military. With our troops withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan, “the former tools of combat—M-16 rifles, grenade launchers, silencers and more—are ending up in local police departments, often with little public notice. During the Obama administration, according to Pentagon data, police departments have received tens of thousands of machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night-vision equipment; and hundreds of silencers, armored cars and aircraft.”

    USA Today reported Wednesday night that Ferguson is among the countless towns that received some of the nearly $450 million in military surplus distributed in 2013—most recently, two unidentified vehicles, a trailer, and a generator last November.

    But what’s really driving the spectacle of militarized local police is that spigot of money that was turned on after Sept. 11, 2001, when a federal government abashed to have missed so many warning signs for those devastating attacks acted as if that massive failure could be washed away by sparing not a cent in preventing the next one. A whole industry has sprung up to capitalize on that spigot—like the company that’s been selling mine-resistant BearCats at $280,000 a pop to 100 towns per year. The flow of funds has become so reliable that the Missouri Office of Homeland Security holds regular workshops to advise local agencies on how to get their hands on the dough; the most recent one was held on July 24, at the Meramec Regional Planning Commission in St. James, according to a notice published in the Rolla Daily News.

    So we have had the absurd spectacles of $100 million in counter-terrorism funds going to South Dakota (pop. 833,000), a BearCat patrolling a pumpkin festival in New Hampshire, and $90,000 spent on bollards and surveillance at the Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres’ spring-training facility. And now we have protesters in a St. Louis suburb being confronted with exo-skeletal defenders of the peace who look like they arrived straight from the Maidan or Tahrir Square. Consider it one more consequence of that awful day nearly 13 years ago, and the mindset of fear, vengeance, and unreason that it provoked. Yes, it was a certain administration that launched two wars and created a Department of Homeland Security in response to that day, but it is hardly alone in the responsibility. We’ve been bankrolling this bulk-up ever since, with nary a word crosswise, and now the results are rolling through our streets. After all, if you’ve got it, why not use it?


  10. “Welcome to Obamastan. The aggressive actions of militarized police shock troops in Ferguson, Missouri are entering the fourth day of operations and things are escalating. In addition to flooding the area with armed to the teeth, jacked up state police goons with their armored vehicles and automatic rifles news reporters are now being harassed and arrested.

    What is this, a banana republic? Obama’s war on journalism long ago passed the level of former White House paranoid Richard M. Nixon and now with dear leader having set such a fine example the police are taking the war on the press to the streets. The arrests came as the police fired wooden and rubber bullets and unleashed tear gas, a chemical weapon on protesters.

    According to a Guardian story entitled “Ferguson police fire teargas and rubber bullets at Michael Brown protesters”:

    Heavily armed police in Missouri fired teargas and rubber bullets to force hundreds of protesters out of the centre of Ferguson on Wednesday, as the crackdown on demonstrations over the killing of an unarmed 18-year-old intensified on their fourth night.

    Dozens of officers, some carrying assault rifles, advanced with a pair of armoured trucks on the young and predominantly African American crowd, after two glass bottles were thrown at their lines from a largely peaceful protest against the shooting of Michael Brown by a city policeman.

    Demonstrators, who for hours had sniper rifles trained on them while they protested with their hands up as an emblem of peaceful protest, complained that they were subjected to military-style tactics as they fled through gas-filled residential side-streets.

    Police clearing the main drag of the St Louis suburb also arrested two reporters, including one from the Washington Post, one of America’s most distinguished newspapers. Marty Baron, its editor, condemned the arrest as “an assault on the freedom of the press to cover the news”. A camera crew from al-Jazeera America said they were shot by rubber bullets.

    Police in Ferguson have become increasingly hostile towards the press but the imagery and reports of the militarized crackdown continue to seep out, thanks largely due to the new era of cellphone cameras and social media. One of the reporters arrested was Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post who provides a first hand account of the incident:

    An officer with a large weapon came up to me and said, “Stop recording.”

    I said, “Officer, do I not have the right to record you?”

    He backed off but told me to hurry up. So I gathered my notebook and pens with one hand while recording him with the other hand.

    As I exited, I saw Ryan to my left, having a similar argument with two officers. I recorded him, too, and that angered the officer. As I made my way toward the door, the officers gave me conflicting information.

    One instructed me to exit to my left. As I turned left, another officer emerged, blocking my path.
    Go another way,” he said.

    As I turned, my backpack, which was slung over one shoulder, began to slip. I said, “Officers, let me just gather my bag.” As I did, one of them said, “Okay, let’s take him.”

    Multiple officers grabbed me. I tried to turn my back to them to assist them in arresting me. I dropped the things from my hands.

    “My hands are behind my back,” I said. “I’m not resisting. I’m not resisting.” At which point one officer said: “You’re resisting. Stop resisting.”

    That was when I was most afraid — more afraid than of the tear gas and rubber bullets.
    As they took me into custody, the officers slammed me into a soda machine, at one point setting off the Coke dispenser. They put plastic cuffs on me, then they led me out the door.

    The reporter’s full account is at the Washington Post website: “In Ferguson, Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery gives account of his arrest”. ——– http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/in-ferguson-washington-post-reporter-wesley-lowery-gives-account-of-his-arrest/2014/08/13/0fe25c0e-2359-11e4-86ca-6f03cbd15c1a_story.html

    The Obama years have made it pretty damned obvious that the Constitution no longer applies in America. Now we have heavily armed police thugs arresting reporters in a clear violation of the first amendment. It is just the latest skirmish in the war on the freedom of the press, an institution that is being rendered obsolete.

    Lowery’s account states, he was not only arrested but also assaulted by the bullies in uniform. Washington Post editor Martin Baron called the arrests “an assault on the freedom of the press to cover the news”. Maybe this will finally provide the wake up call that is needed to generate public outrage before an “emergency” situation turns the entire country into a miltarized police zone.

    Obama was sufficiently troubled over events in Ferguson to temporarily consult with his corrupt and vicious hatchet man Attorney General Eric Holder. But it will quickly be back to the links and schmoozing with the deep-pocketed Democratic party donors at Martha’s Vineyard as soon as he covers his ass by pretending to actually care.


  11. There is a rage in the African Community that has been nourished for 70 years. They hate whites and will kill and steal from them any time they have a chance. The protests in Ferguson are just a diversion to cover the actions of the FSA.

    Propaganda has neutered the police. They don`t stop rioting they just pose in combat gear and hope it intimidates the crowd. It isn`t working. In 1968 St Louis was a different place. Blacks were afraid of the police then and with good reason. The authorities can`t protect you. Cover your own ass this is coming to a neighborhood near you.

  12. It seems to me that arrests for theft and property damage with imprisonment and loss of social benefits should be enough of a deterrent.

    This type of police action is about intimidation of the entire society.

    You have to wonder about it?

  13. IMO – it was the unconstitutional “Jim Crow” laws that are behind much [not all] of our racial issues today.

    Many people who were born in this nation were not allowed the benefit of the constitution until well into the 1960’s.

    If we as a nation can deny the Constitution to a huge swath of Americans because we don’t approve of where their ancestors originated then is it any wonder that that same Nation can arbitrarily deny that same Constitution to anyone else for any other reason?

    And from what I can tell the media is doing an excellent job of conflating the “protesting” with the “looting” – and IMO one of them is constitutionally protected.

  14. Leupy works fine on my Socomll. MK6 3X18X44. Accuracy International, maker of arguably the best sniper rifles in the world feature Schmidt&Bender. They’re all good! Better than my 67yr old eyes, no doubt about that!

  15. Olga, sorry, but you’re full of shit. These bastards are animals and should be treated as such. They rape, shoot and kill each other daily. I would extend them the same rights and treatment as a rabid dog.

  16. “St Louis was a different place in 1968”

    Bullshit. I lived in that city from my birth until 1987, and I am here to tell you that it was the same cesspool then that it is now, with similar crime rates.

    St Louis has been on the list of the five or ten most dangerous cities in the country since 1964 at least, with a homicide rate per 100,000 population that has been double Chicago’s for at least that long. It has been a decaying, lifeless, crime-and-blight-plagued cesspool as long as I can remember. The mid-60s was the last time it was ever truly good. There are perhaps three pockets left where you can live peacefully, and safely walk between your car and your front door.

    While Chicago has dozens of peaceful, beautiful, intact neighborhoods where I can walk with no danger, alone, at any time of then night I please and which are populated by moderate-to-middle income people who participate in the community, St. Louis has been a place where a woman like myself literally cannot stand on any street in town and wait for a bus without being harassed and intimidated by thugs and goons. I got robbed or mugged every two years there. I could almost depend on it. You also cannot exist there without an automobile.

    It’s a shame, for it still has a wealth of built beauty, andtop-tier cultural amenities. The symphony orchestra is one of the 3 best in the world. There is no finer botanical garden than the Missouri Botanical Garden, and the St Louis Zoo exceeds any I’ve seen anywhere else in its housing for its inhabitants and the way they are exhibited.

    Ferguson has never, in my memory, been a decent place and the tensions there go back a long time. It was a lower-end white suburb with a lot of white folks of a type you don’t want to be around, into which blacks were just beginning to move when I left the city. The son of a black woman I worked with was murdered in apartment complex swim pool there. Racial tensions were very high.

  17. @Sensetti

    What exactly is the disagreement with?

    That the Jim Crow laws were unconstitutional


    That a government willing and able to deny the constitution to one constituency can deny it to any other constituency


    That the media is conflating the Americans legitimately protesting with the ones that are looting?

  18. “IMO – it was the unconstitutional “Jim Crow” laws that are behind much [not all] of our racial issues today.

    Many people who were born in this nation were not allowed the benefit of the constitution until well into the 1960’s.

    If we as a nation can deny the Constitution to a huge swath of Americans because we don’t approve of where their ancestors originated then is it any wonder that that same Nation can arbitrarily deny that same Constitution to anyone else for any other reason?

    And from what I can tell the media is doing an excellent job of conflating the “protesting” with the “looting” – and IMO one of them is constitutionally protected.” – Ogly

    Fucking please… I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

    The negroes have been given MOUNTAINS of treasure and resources, their every whim catered to.

    This cluster-fuck is of their own making.

    The Snivel Rights Movement was NEVER about “equal” treatment. It was about PREFERENTIAL treatment. And this is what we are seeing today. They are hired – often less qualified, even incompetent – at greater rates than whites are. They have ridiculously, laughably low entrance requirements for higher education and are admitted because they are black, no other reason. Their housing is given to them. Their schooling is given to them. Their food is given to them. Their medical care is given to them.

    Anytime anyone is opposed to this rigged system that favors Protected-Class Blacks, all they need to say is “Dat beez raaayciss!” and INSTANTLY swarms of lawyers, do-gooders, “community activists”, moronic self-hating genocidal whites and the government itself descends on the poor bastard who uttered his thoughts… God help him if he actually defended himself against the fucking Bantus.

    Look at the damn disconnect! Two dickheads in Boston set off some Wile E. Coyote home-made cherry bomb the cobbled together from fireworks and junk from the Housewares aisle from WallyWorld, and the cops act like the Soviets invading Budapest! But they invaded mostly white areas and were “justified” because those two dickheads were “terrorists”… the media fawned all over them. They were APPLAUDED for chrissakes!

    NOW, because the “protesters” are protected-class negroes, the cops are “militarized” and “heavy handed” in dealing with the burning, looting, murdering, shooting, flaming bomb-throwing Bantus… boo fuckin hoo…

    Jim Crow my fat ass… they’ve been handed everything on a silver fucking platter for generations. They slaughter each other by the truckload every damn day around the US and Whitey ain’t involved anywhere, unless it’s as a victim of Polar Bear Hunting or Flash Mobbing or Flash Robbing or The Knockout Game… no demonstrations, no rioting, no looting, no shooting…

    One 18 year old negro gets shot – and I remind everyone we still don’t know jack shit about the shooting or the circumstances surrounding it – and all of a sudden it’s like Free Shit Day. Want to burn, shoot, loot, throw flaming bombs and generally act like a goddamn wild assed chimp? Go on then with your black self, Neegrow!

    Fuck you and your white guilt, Ogly… you won’t get any fucking traction with that worn-out bullshit here…

    The hypocrisy is nauseating.

  19. Hey Ogly…

    Fred is an ex-Marine and he ain’t right on everything… but this one? He nails it.

    Jim Crow was about “separate but equal”… the default setting of humanity is like-lives-with-like and peace exists. Multi-culti bullshit Utopias are a fantasy and self destructive, otherwise it would occur naturally and without the need for battalions of lawyers, Government enforcers, goons from the SPLC, do-gooders, etc to enforce it artificially on us…

    Even Thomas Sowell says it’s a cluster fuck!


  20. Olga,
    I am real close to the actions of this type cohort. They are uneducated lacking basic skills, they have no respect for anyone or anything, they are fucking animals and should be treated as such. No legitimate excuse can entertained by anyone with even half a working mind.

  21. No, no… no backpedaling or changing the subject allowed…

    You made the argument that this cluster fuck is because of Jim Crow… I stomped a mudhole in that and now you’re all “Oh, if they can deny the Constitution to some…”

    Bitch please…

    Are the cops overly militarized? Of course. Nobody saying they’re not…

    What YOU did was attribute this mess to Jim Crow. Which is bullshit. I’m reacting to the obvious, nauseating hypocrisy of the MSM. It’s perfectly fine for the cops to act like invading Soviets when white folks are involved, but HOLY FUCK! When negroes are involved? The hue and cry is deafening…

    And why is that? Because the fucking negroes are a PROTECTED CLASS. Cops in riot gear? Oh my, those poor African’t American’ts. How horrible. They can’t POSSIBLY be the cause of all this!

    Which is an even greater steaming load of shit…

    You’re completely wrong and your equivocating on this makes me sick…



  22. Police Chief Thomas Jackson’s response upon hearing about the arrest of journalists executed by his “Fully-trained Protect and Serve Armed To Kill” staff.


    According to The Los Angeles Times, Chief Thomas Jackson was shocked when he found out The Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery and The Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly were arrested Wednesday evening.

    “Oh God,” Jackson said after learning of the arrests.


  23. “I have nothing to say to someone who can and will generalize an entire group of their fellow citizens as animals.” – Ogly

    Negroes murder each other and whites at many times the rates of other racial groups. The last year where data was available, they raped 100 white women A DAY – about 35,000 (conversely, the number of whites raping black females is statistically zero, if not actually zero). They riot, loot, shoot, create mayhem, create squalor and misery wherever they are found in numbers. They are hyper-violent, have zero ability to conceptualize in the abstract, don’t know the meaning of the words “delayed gratification”, have IQ’s on standard deviation lower than whites and have an overblown sense of entitlement…

    In short, they act like animals.

    When they STOP acting like animals, then we will stop thinking of them as such…

    Now fuck off..

  24. Olga, LMFAO, you come to Arkansas I”ll drop you off in the middle of a neighborhood and let you attempt to walk out. IF and that’s If you make it out we could have a discussion on descriptive terminology.

  25. Stucky said:
    “There is no organization, no leader, no strategy, no true&just cause greater than their own selfish desires.”

    Do you think these people will ever have any of those things. These feral yoots will kill each other over a cigarette or bottle of purple drank. Jesus himself could come back to Ferguson right now and they’d kill him too.

    The yoots will cause quite a bit of destruction largely contained to their own neighborhoods. The cops could erase these animals in a matter of hours and any coming race war will be a shock to America’s sensibilities for many but it won’t last long nor will the yoots rack up many kills.

  26. I meant to add that the closest these yoots will come to organization or a strategy is a flash mob organized via twitter on their Obama phones which is practically the same as taking out a full page add in the New York Post when it comes to the surprise factor.

  27. Chicago ,you are right. I wasn`t clear. St Louis of the 50`s and 60`s wasn`t great but at that time the thugs were afraid of cops. Ferguson is not a nice suburban city as portrayed in media. It is an urban cesspool with a failed school system exporting gangsters to the more distant white flight suburbs.

  28. Olga ,maybe you’re stupid fucking animal .Specific enough.I am so sick and tired of people making excuses or enabling these bastards.

  29. I just love to hear these arguments. There have always been protected classes. The banksters are a protected class, so are cops, politicians, union teachers and public workers in general, white people (back during slavery), the U.S. military’s actions overseas, military contractors, etc, etc. Bankers have and continue to cause more misery and economic destruction than any rioting will ever cause. But because the damage is insidious and follows economic channels (like shit trickling down), we are left to deal with it’s consequences on the ground. I very much doubt Bennie, Janet, Alan, Loyd et. al., are looked upon by the avg person and considered as useful as sewage. Does that mean I agree with the rioter’s behavior? No. But, these “animals” in reality aren’t any different from the “animals” in very high and shiny or important buildings. Those are just more deceptive, have a different fur, and speak more elegantly. In fact, I would argue that the body counts each group is responsible for are significantly higher in one group, and it’s not that of the ones currently on the streets.

    I guess it’s all like a seeing a jumbo jet crash and kill 600 people. Every body panics the fuck out. In the meantime thousands die daily of a heart attacks, but somehow we don’t panic eating supersized fries and sodas… Human nature is truly amazing. Call it evolution, or whatever.

  30. Spinolator says: Does that mean I agree with the rioter’s behavior? No. But, these “animals” in reality aren’t any different from the “animals” in very high and shiny or important buildings.

    God Fucking Damn Spinolaters a Dumbass as well. The rich fuckers are not burning down their neighborhoods and killing each other are they? When that shit starts get back with me.

  31. Billlllllllllllllllly save us, we are drowning in dumbassery. People trying to equate rogue niggers with the men that pull on the levers of power. Are you fucking kidding me. Somebody, anybody, help a mother fucker out here!

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    Bottom line folks this is the daily shit we live with in the south.
    Ask your self why did the boss send another tech of the same level behind the nigger. Happens a the time down here. Lazy, no thinking, dumbass, mother fuckers, it gets old quick.

  33. Fuck all you judge mental bastards that don’t live with this stupid shit on a daily basis. The same mentality I laid out above is the same mentality that allows them to burn down their own fucking neighborhoods.

    You get it yet?

  34. Looks like Ferguson is going Viral in the Big Apple


    NYPD threatens mass arrests at Ferguson solidarity rally
    August 15, 2014

    Thousands of people are rallying in New York in solidarity with residents of Ferguson, showing support to people across the US who have been victims of police brutality. The NYPD has threatened mass arrests if people do not stop blocking traffic.

    The New York City Police Department has reportedly arrested at least four people during a peaceful rally intended to pay tribute to Michael Brown and others who have suffered from police brutality.

    Thousands of protesters left their original rally location at New York’s Union Square and descended upon Times Square, ignoring police orders to stay on the sidewalk. As a result, police began cordoning protesters between 42nd Street and 9th avenue. Demonstrators flooded social media, complaining that officers had kettled them and refused to let them go.

    A number of arrests were made as the situation escalated, although the exact number remains unclear. Eventually, police told protesters they would be able to leave, but that if they returned to the current location and block the traffic again they would be arrested.

    ALERT: #NYPD are blockading thousands of protestors on the north side of Times Square. #JusticeForMikeBrown#Fergusonpic.twitter.com/pqakeZPlSF

    — Occupy Congress (@OCongress) August 15, 2014

    ALERT: #NYPD begins to kettle hundreds of protestors in NYC #JusticeForMikeBrown#NMOS14#Fergusonpic.twitter.com/4psrp1c6LW

    — Occupy Congress (@OCongress) August 15, 2014

    Cars, taxis, buses stopped in their tracks in middle of Times Square. #JusticeForMikeBrown#Ferguson#NMOS14pic.twitter.com/s6AIAjLdLx

    — Occupy Congress (@OCongress) August 15, 2014

    Thousands of protesters left their original rally location at New York’s Union Square and descended upon Times Square, ignoring police orders to stay on the sidewalk. As a result, police began cordoning protesters between 42nd Street and 9th avenue. Demonstrators flooded social media, complaining that officers had kettled them and refused to let them go.

    Hundreds of people at NYC Union Square for National Moment of Silence for Victims of Police Brutality. #NMOS14pic.twitter.com/ermqxxNTln

    — RT America (@RT_America) August 14, 2014

    A number of arrests were made as the situation escalated, although the exact number remains unclear. Eventually, police told protesters they would be able to leave, but that if they returned to the current location and block the traffic again they would be arrested.

    These developments come as thousands of people in more than 80 cities across the United States gathered on Thursday to hold vigils for victims of police brutality, particularly 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was fatally shot while unarmed by police in Ferguson.

    Pulling together under the banner, “National Moment of Silence for Victims of Police Brutality” (NMOS), peaceful assemblies gathered at 7pm EST in about 37 states, including New York, California, Missouri, Michigan, and Texas. Twenty minutes later, groups observed a 60-second moment of silence, which was followed by participants sharing stories, marching, and chanting together.

    Candles lit for those affected by police brutality #NMOS14 #NYC pic.twitter.com/jgizxCcdIT
    — RT America (@RT_America) August 14, 2014

    The vigils were intended to honor the lives of innocent people killed as a result of excessive police force, as well as those lives that have been touched by police brutality in any way. In addition to the recent death of Brown, New Yorker Eric Garner died from a chokehold by a police officer in July, and Ezell Ford of Los Angeles was fatally shot by law enforcement just two days after the incident in Ferguson.

    “We will peacefully assemble at over 90 vigils across the nation to share in a moment of silence and solidarity with each other,” NMOS wrote on its Facebook page. “Today, we will show the world and each other that we can come together, as ONE.”

    Diverse group out at #NMOS14 in #NYC pic.twitter.com/gIOnqlozDn
    — RT America (@RT_America) August 14, 2014

  35. flash, talk about people hearing without listening, I had never really listened to this song. Do you recall the woody allen movie bullets over broadway where chaz paliminteri shoots meg tilly because he couldn’t stand her voice? I felt like strangling paul simon for sucking so bad with his flat pop song voice stepping all over art garfunkels lovely voice. wow. life is really not fair is it? i’m adding paul simon to the same list TE’s husband is on currently.

  36. the cops are not trying. they could use hug speakers to blast lawrence welk type music on the rioters. they could use the heat simulators to give them a mock flash burn (hey, flash!) they could import some Mexican prison guards to do their thing with grape soda up the nose.

    (they had a prison riot once and the soda trucks were brought in, the riot stopped in a heartbeat.)

  37. Sensetti said:
    “Bottom line folks this is the daily shit we live with in the south.
    Ask your self why did the boss send another tech of the same level behind the nigger. Happens a the time down here. Lazy, no thinking, dumbass, mother fuckers, it gets old quick. ”

    Trust me brother it’s rough all over. I’m not surrounded by blacks but the room temp IQ white folks around her are just as bad as what you describe.

    I have an ever decreasing tolerance for stupid shit and today I had to climb a mountain of stupid because the local employees of the businesses I was dealing with had no fucking idea which way was up. I spent four hours climbing Mount Stupid before calling their home offices to find out nothing I was told was true. Every person I dealt with in person was white and acted as though my patronage of their business was a waste of their time. One of them literally told me to shop somewhere else. The impression I got from their main office is that she will be pounding pavement by Monday. My wife said she was waiting for me to flip the fuck out and was amazed when I kept my cool.

    Humans are regressing to the lowest common denominator. Race has little to do with it.

  38. “I have an ever decreasing tolerance for stupid shit and today I had to climb a mountain of stupid because the local employees of the businesses I was dealing with had no fucking idea which way was up.”-IS

    COLLECTIVE STUPIDITY is certainly a problem, but it is overwhelmed by COLLECTIVE INSANITY

    Collective Insanity Part II coming shortly to a Laptop Near You.


  39. Mr Chen, I’ve never seen a Woody Allen slim and most likely will never .
    I agree Garfunkel had the soaring voice , but Paul’s voice kept him grounded..hence the two part harmony…apart neither were heavy hitters , but together they made some high- quality music.

  40. a melting pot of stupid, then?


    As it happens, once our land
    Was guaranteed the upper hand.
    We ruled the seas from here to there
    And landed armies everywhere.
    The Kaiser, Hitler, Ho Chi Minh
    No enemy could hope to win.
    Our cities far from foreign shores,
    Our people safe from far-off wars
    Grew fat in their security
    From sea to ever-shining sea.

    And so it was we thought to share
    Our good fortune as we could spare
    The sacred seeds of liberty
    Fallen from our blood-spattered tree.
    We disregarded Europe’s classes
    And embraced the huddled masses
    Come one, come all, out went the call
    As hubris presages a fall,
    For did not Man want to be free
    And dwell in true equality?

    German, Italian, Irish too,
    Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, and Jew,
    They came to seek a better life
    Escaping all that Old World strife.
    And yet, they did not understand
    The rights of every Englishman,
    The Common Law was mystery
    To grandchildren of serfs unfree.
    And so they swore to flag and place
    While seeking to transform the base.

    Whatever happened, we had got
    Atomic bombs, and they did not.
    But then came Nineteen Sixty-Five
    When sons of refugees contrived
    To open doors to all the races
    Black and brown and yellow faces.
    Thus assured prosperity
    We gave away technology,
    We ruined universities
    While lauding our diversities.

    God was dead or so we heard
    And Nation just a racist word
    We learned a new and nobler truth
    Built on a dream of vibrant youth
    While our jobs sailed overseas
    And went to new minorities.
    Then aliens invaded schools
    We realized that we’d been fools.
    At last we saw the dreadful fact
    Of copybook gods coming back.

    Once we had the Maxim Gun
    Whatever, so does everyone.
    Now we live in exciting times
    And pay the price for history’s crimes.

    Vox Day

  41. stick a fork in the Republic, it’s done.

    There is no nation in America any longer. The Left shattered whatever post-Civil War remnants of it remained in 1965, and it is gradually discovering that its fictitious “melting pot”, its romantic mythology of an “idea nation”, will not long survive the reality of differing peoples harboring radically different ideas inside the same borders. The armed white Christians in America will fight to defend themselves when finally forced to do so, but they’re no more likely to fight for African-Americans in Missouri than they are for African-Africans in Rwanda or the Congo. Or than any of those Africans were willing to show up to fight for a European-American rancher in Nevada.

    Vox Day


  42. Sensetti,

    Didn’t abandon you… just had shit to do.

    100% behind you on this. Despite IS’s equivocating – “There’s stupid people everywhere!”. That’s just the “but there’s plenty of white murderers/rapists/serial killers/drug dealers” argument warmed over and restated…

    Bullshit is still shit, no matter what kind of new paint job it has…

    Yes, standards are lower damn near everywhere… I had an English teacher once. Dude was SO GOOD, he could read a random section of ANYTHING and peg the publication date to within a couple years, solely based on the leven of degradation of the English language… that’s some serious professional chops, right there…

    But whining about how “everyone does it” is just bullshit. You don’t see whites being a protected class and given everything their hearts desire for generations. You don’t see those same whites rampaging and burning their own shit down when something fucked up happens. You don’t see whites whining about RAAAYCISSMS… and to equate a wild pack of rampaging niggers to the guys who pull the levers of power is just monumental fucktardery.

    Bro, the disconnect some retards have is just something we’re going to have to keep on struggling against…. loads of folks seem to think that blacks are just whites with a dark paint job. That “somehow” evolution stopped at the neck and that everyone, everywhere has the same mental horsepower, the same abilities, etc.. Which is, of course, a big steaming pile of runny shit.

    Even the guy who won a Nobel Prize in genetics says that folks who think every race has the same mental abilities are full of shit. Popular thinking says we’re all “the same”. Testing proves otherwise. And for speaking this heresy – literally, THE TRUTH – dude was drummed out of the scientific community.

    Fact is, the vast majority of negroes don’t have the mental horsepower whites do. Yeah, you can hold up one or two outliers from both races and from both ends of the bell curve in an effort to disprove that, but exceptions do not disprove the rule. The same fucktards who say that negroes are naturally “better” at Nigger Ping Pong (basketball) are the first to howl RAAAYCISS when you suggest that whites have superior intellectual horsepower….

    Whites create. Asians maintain. Blacks destroy.

    Thus has it ever been and thus will it always be.

  43. Flash that last post of yours is spot on. That’s what I was trying to get Rise Up to see. No one down here in the south cares if a cop shoots a black thug. Hell if anything they want more of it. The blacks have shit in their own nest, whites just don’t give a damn.

  44. Sensetti,

    Talk about stupid shit…

    On Friday’s, I pick my boy up from school so he can get an early start on the weekend (I’m cool like that).

    Recently, he changed schools. 8th grade got moved to some other building about a 1/2 mile from his old school.

    The “pickup” lane, unlike his last school, is this convoluted mess that snakes through multiple parking lots and eventually goes past the back door of the school. “Cluster fuck” comes to mind.

    I picked him up the other day, and there were already 20 cars in line. These people must not have lives. Or anything else better to do. The only reason I was there is because we had to run an errand after school and I thought I was “saving time”… pfft…

    Today, I roll in and lo and behold, where there was one lane, there are now TWO lanes, courtesy of some dickhead with a spray can.

    Some fat guy is directing traffic. The following conversation took place, exactly as I have written it.

    Fatty: “Hello sir.”

    Me: “Hi. Decided to make another lane?”

    Fatty: “Yep. We had traffic back to the road, so we made this area two lanes.”

    Me: “Uh huh… listen, mind if I ask you a question?”

    Fatty: “Sure.”

    Me: “Who’s responsible for this cluster fuck? The way the traffic is routed through this maze?”

    Fatty: “That would be me…”

    Me (pause… then the “Tommy Lee Jones implied facepalm” look): “Okay… well, who’s responsible for doubling down on the stupid and making this two lanes?”

    Fatty: “Uhh, that would be me too…”

    Me: (pause… same look) “Okay… well, my son wants to know why he has to go to school way over here instead of his old school. Was it old or something?”

    Fatty: “Uh, no.. we decided we could save money by transferring the students to this building. It was a financial decision.”

    Me: “So, cramming them all together in this one building saves money?”

    Fatty: “Uh, yeah..”

    Me: (sigh) “Fine, whatever… let me go wait in line with the rest of the schlubs…”

    Seriously bro… the fucking stupid doesn’t take a day off… the other day, I’m driving down our local double A highway and in Kentuckistan, there’s hills…

    I top this hill and right THERE, in my face, about 100 feet off the deck is a fucking plane heading right for me… it’s so close, I can see the pilot’s face through the canopy.

    I’m thinking dude’s in trouble and looking for a place to ditch, and since I don’t want to get landed on by some asshole with a broke-dick airplane, I start swerving and looking for my own place to ditch to avoid this stupid mother fucker…

    Airplane asshole does a wingover and flies off… turns out dickhead was a crop-duster. I guess he figured out that flying 100 feet or so above a AA highway against the flow of traffic was sort of a bad idea…

    The stupid does not end.. it does not take a day off…

  45. Me: “Who’s responsible for this cluster fuck? The way the traffic is routed through this maze?”

    Fatty: “That would be me…”


    Fucking REALLY?

  46. Sensetti , I care when cops murder anyone,of any color, because any intelligent person has to wonder where will it all lead.

    When people become complacent over the murder of some dumbass thug shot in the back while fleeing, how far is the leap for those same morons condoning the murder by police state thugs of some property owner defending his right farm and sell his organic produce or milk his hormone free cows and sell the milk.? These cops are employees of the state and as such can be used to kill blacks or Arkansas survivalists who turn a jaundiced eye towards goverment authority? First they came for the “coonz” and I wasn’t one..

  47. I find it humorous that all you toothless, fart sniffing hillbillies are excited about the prospect of a race war. Indians and African Americans spring from a common bloodline of physically and intellectually superior warriors. The day will come when red, black and brown rise up and exact revenge for centuries worth of oppression, and all of you tough guy whiteys will collectively poop your pants. Just look at the incredible physique of the average Ferguson protester pictured above – looks pretty nice, eh?

  48. flash,

    In all honestly, I came about this close > < to yanking him out of school last year when he brought home that fucking Nelson Mandela comic book piece of shameless propaganda… I got in the principal's face, proved that Mandela was a murdering piece of terrorist shit and told him I'd go to the Superintendent if he didn't unfuck the situation. If that failed, I would mail every parent in that school the same material I gave to the principal. If that didn't work, I would go to the news stations…

    I told him this. Almost word for word. The comic book vanished.

    Still on the fence about homeschooling… have to call a family meeting and have a Come To Jesus moment about it… in truth, I do not know enough about it to just take the plunge. Gotta have a plan.

    You know us Germans… we don't take a dump without a plan…

  49. The real tragedy of the black race is that they were shoved into an superior alien culture with which they were ill -prepared to deal with, but via shear perseverance they have not only managed o degrade the dominant culture, but in the process have destroyed their own culture as well.

    Gil Scot Heron self-destructed due to his inferiority demons..

  50. Billy, having married into a family of German immigrants I know exactly what you mean. My wife has a calender with plans and dates two years out..Hell , being of drunken Irish ancestry, I’m lucky to have plans past the weekend….but, lucky for me , I have my German rock..Yep…It’s good to be me.

  51. Llpoh,

    Dude, really?

    Most folks I know, whom you all would consider RAAAYCISS just want to be left the fuck alone and stop having their taxes go to pay for these useless, violent Homo Erectus throwback parasites…

    Race war? You’re kidding right?

    Last time anything like that happened was Algiers Point down in NOLA. Looting negroes from downtown decided to hit other areas and the whites living there weren’t taking any shit. Negroes got their “incredible physiques” served back to them in a bowl, with a spoon. They got bitch-slapped around so badly, they cried about it and The Nation, HuffPo and a few other libfuck groups picked up on the story… po ole neegrows got shot to pieces! Boo fuckin hoo… dey wuz jes lookin’ fer some dry land an shit an mean ole Whitey shot dem!

    “physically and intellectually superior warriors”… yeah, fuckin right… they look and act like a bunch of whiny pussies who like to act all big and bad, and then when they get their teeth kicked in by some of us “toothless, fart sniffing hillbillies” who won’t take their shit, they act like a bunch of little bitches and whine RAAAYCISS!!

    Even my wife can handle an assault rifle better than the best of those pig-ignorant, low IQ pussified savages…

  52. Sensetti,

    You think Llpoh got doppled? I don’t remember what his avatar is, so I don’t know for sure…

    It could be Llpoh stirring the shit, or he got doppled…

    I fucking hate it when folks dopple others… put your fucking name on what you write and quit trying to play Agent Provocateur…


  53. Heron was a poet prophet giving not only providing encouragement to his race , but a warning as well to the white race that a clash was in order..so no surprise here…you get what you bring .Foreign cultures mix no better than water and oil.


    Ferguson Violence: Protesters Warn “The Revolution Won’t Be Televised” – ‘Rubber Bullets & Tear Gas’ Update

  54. “I find it humorous that all you toothless, fart sniffing hillbillies are excited about the prospect of a race war. Indians and African Americans spring from a common bloodline of physically and intellectually superior warriors.”

    I’m pretty sure that’s a doppel. It does echo with things the actual (m)L(m)LPO(m)H would say, though.

    Based on writing style I hereby accuse our resident Austrian-American uberunduntermensch.

    For anyone who cares, native Americans are from a far east Asian/Siberian bloodline from long, long ago, and are about tied with Norse peoples for being as genetically remote from Africans as it’s possible to be. It can get hellaciously confusing though if you conflate native Americans with Hispanics, many of whom have some portion of African ancestry, whether directly or through Moorish Spain and even the Mediterranean slave trade.

  55. “Based on writing style I hereby accuse our resident Austrian-American uberunduntermensch.”
    ———Persnickety, who should not go into detective work

    You would be dead wrong, grasshopper.

    I”ve been in and out all afternoon …. and when I’ve been in, I’ve been working on my “castle” pictorial essay.

  56. So reading this thread and comments, it suddenly occurs to me, after the PTB wipe a grand number of these inner city residents off the earth, it is going to free up LOTS of federal money, and federal enforcement power.

    Herein lies the problem. Prohibition taught us that no federal agency ever really disappears, even when the reason it was formed no longer exists, they just get moved somewhere else.

    Billions more dollars and close to the same number of agents and weaponry bodes ill for those of us not in the inner cities.

    Once more a solution is going to shoot us in the foot.

    Sealing the borders means those that want to can’t escape. Slaughtering the rioters/urban youts means the focus will turn to us and may even buy another decade before complete monetary collapse.

    Freak, we truly have reached the point of no good solutions, nor outcomes, for those of us that just want to be left alone and have a fair playing field.

  57. Billy

    As someone who has participated in home-schooling two boys let me tell you what you need a LOT of …
    — Perseverance
    — Patience
    — Time

    … it ain’t for pussies, that’s for sure.

  58. Flash
    I m not worried or concerned with law enforcement around here. I know most of them, they are friends and family. The good ole boy network is still enforce here. I have a Son-in-law that’s in law enforcement. So what are the chance’s of cops going rogue on family down here? Fucking Zero chance. Bloods thicker than water. That’s what I love about where I live we have a cultural bond among our brothers and it’s one hell·uv·a lot stronger than in the black community that kills each other on a weekly basis around here.

  59. Der Osterreicheschen Man hat gesagt: “I”ve been in and out all afternoon”

    Sounds like a couple hours with my secretary.

  60. I’ve never said African Americans have lower IQs. My position is this – 400 years of slavery creates a cultural deficit that cannot be resolved, so whitey better be prepared for a healthy dose of African vrngeance.

  61. LLPOH are you adding in the 300 years the Indians were enslaved in the Americas? Otherwise, I only get 245 years slavery in NA, from 1619 to 1863.

  62. @Mr. Chen: (m)L(m)LPO(m)H was too busy berating a waitress to check his figures. Meanwhile he accidentally tipped 2.3% when he was trying to give a 10% tip for relatively good service, not counting the tax evasion.

  63. for the dim-witted Dawinsists…one cannot escape genetics..not even Loopy..

    “In the USA, crime is a predominantly black problem. Not because they’re poor, not because the Man is keeping them down, not because of slavery, but because blacks are, on average, less intelligent, possess shorter time preferences, and are much more likely to have a genetic predisposition towards aggressive behavior than the rest of the population. Those are three facts that have been repeatedly substantiated by science and there is literally nothing to discuss about them except for the consequences. Nor are they any more in doubt or racist than the statement that young men between the ages of 15 and 30 commit more crime than old women between the ages of 65 and 80 is sexist or ageist.” Vox Day


    LANDMARK Adelaide research showing that sperm and eggs appear to carry genetic memories of events well before conception, may force a rethink of the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin, scientists say.

    It also suggests the bad habits developed through a parent’s lifetime could be passed on genetically to their children.

    The University of Adelaide research, published internationally today, shows that babies may be prone to their parents’ youthful behaviour, from gorging as obese teenagers to a preference for fruit or even dislike of smells.

    The work by the university’s Robinson Research Institute appears on Friday in the international journal Science after being put through scrupulous peer review.


  64. I like to think of them as instructional videos. The word Porn has such a vulgar connotation which assault my delicate sensibilities.

  65. This is what happens when white Christians concede their power to kikes, niggers and liberals. The problem began around 1900 and has yet to reach its zenith. The future looks grim for white Christians, honestly, but it really, doesn’t matter. God is with us and no enemy can kill an immortal soul. We prevail throughout eternity and that simply, is our destiny. When the time arrives to eliminate Satans’ advocates, God will gather His children and put them before a burning cross and they will wear robes of white.


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