Do you get the feeling things are beginning to unravel? Do you smell a whiff of panic in the air? Do you sense the ruling elite are starting to turn on each other. The psychopaths in the boardrooms wouldn’t murder to cover up their criminal misdeeds or would they? This Fourth Turning is starting to heat up.

A Rash of Deaths and a Missing Reporter – With Ties to Wall Street Investigations
By Pam Martens
February 3, 2014

In a span of four days last week, two current executives and one recently retired top ranking executive of major financial firms were found dead. Both media and police have been quick to label the deaths as likely suicides. Missing from the reports is the salient fact that all three of the financial firms the executives worked for are under investigation for potentially serious financial fraud.

The deaths began on Sunday, January 26. London police reported that William Broeksmit, a top executive at Deutsche Bank who had retired in 2013, had been found hanged in his home in the South Kensington section of London. The day after Broeksmit was pronounced dead, Eric Ben-Artzi, a former risk analyst turned whistleblower at Deutsche Bank, was scheduled to speak at Auburn University in Alabama on his allegations that Deutsche had hid $12 billion in losses during the financial crisis with the knowledge of senior executives. Two other whistleblowers have brought similar charges against Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank is also under investigation by global regulators for potentially rigging the foreign exchange markets – an action similar to the charges it settled in 2013 over its traders’ involvement in the rigging of the interest rate benchmark, Libor.

Just two days after Broeksmit’s death, on Tuesday, January 28, a 39-year old American, Gabriel Magee, a Vice President at JPMorgan in London, plunged to his death from the roof of the 33-story European headquarters of JPMorgan in Canary Wharf. According to Magee’s LinkedIn profile, he was involved in “Technical architecture oversight for planning, development, and operation of systems for fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives…”

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  1. Very, very interesting… you just knew there had to be more to the story, and it appears there is.

    Will have to watch this as it progresses.

  2. In the Navy we rooted for a bull at the Bull Fight in Spain, we found out quickly that was a No, No. But
    I ‘m with you Card, “Jump you fuckers”.

  3. the Douche’ bank has publicly admitted that “we” blew this monsta’ debt bubble and really we should be more careful with the pumping next QE cycle…we should .

    We’ve created a global debt monster that’s now so big and so crucial to the workings of the financial system and economy that defaults have been increasingly minimised by uber aggressive policy responses. It’s arguably too late to change course now without huge consequences. This cycle perhaps started with very easy policy.


  4. “Do you get the feeling things are beginning to unravel?” ———- Admin

    “In a span of four days last week, two current executives and one recently retired top ranking executive of major financial firms were found dead.” ——— from the article

    Not quite yet, Admin. I’ll consider things unraveling with the Banker Death Tolls hits 500 …. just to pick a nice round number.

  5. Not nearly enough. Until Dimon chops his own head off with a samurai sword and donates his disincorporated dome to the Dominican Youths of the Bronx to play a vigorous match of street soccer with… I won’t be celebrating anything. Until Henry Paulson chokes himself to death giving passionate felatio to a silverback gorilla, justice will not have been served. Until George Soros gets malignant melanoma that eats his body with spreading, cancerous tumors mimicking his role in society, I won’t cheer. Until Greenspan and Bernake have a cage battle to the death, followed by the winner being fed to a tank full of hungry tiger sharks… We aren’t even approaching logical putative solutions. Until a giant asteroids hit NYC and DC simultaneously without warning, sinking them both into the planet’s molten core — I will continue to believe there is no such thing as “right”, “justice”, “fairness”, “getting what you are due” etc. At this point, so much blatant wrong and hubris has manifested, that it is going to take some seriously epic Homeric type shit for me to think things have been “made right” again. And I don’t see that happening.

  6. And the fathers of the Aurora,CO and the Newton, CT shooters were BOTH involved in the LIBOR scandal.

    Which has, conveniently, fallen off the news-map in the resulting gun hysteria.

  7. GCHQ or CIA hit squads? Libor manipulation equals skimming off all global finance thru interest rate fraud. That’s trillions of ill gotten gains. The biggest robbery ever, Ocean’s 14?
    Why would they kill to keep that quiet?

  8. Hey Archie,

    Long ago the Juze public box aired the Ian Richardson thing complete with some kinky copulation.

    Fool is not much on TV and has never owned one.

    A sailing companion and myself watched every episode at her place on the big lake.

    The limeys sometimes do things right!!


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