23 thoughts on “PUTIN DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT”

  1. Roger that. I am sick to death and on the verge of puking at all the public officials who are so God damn terrified of offending people and who want so desperately to be seen as “nice” and “tolerant”. They have flushed our country down the toilet. I wish for once somebody in the public sphere would just say what they think. Yeah, Putin does not give a shit and hooray for him.

  2. America’s Nigger and Neocons get a massive boner when the PEOPLE of a teeny-tiny peninsula VOTE to become part of what they always were ….. Russians. “Fuck Russia!! Sanctions!! And other acts of war!!!!”

    About half of dumbfuk government-tit sucking Americans approve of HNIC Oreo’s handling of the Ukraine “crisis”. Euro-trash Millenialls cheered wildly for Oreo yesterday, and “why not?” They know American money, blood, and guts will bail out their socialist asses.

    Too bad dumbfuk government-tit sucking Americans don’t know how to read and understand Maps. Must not be part of the Common Whore Curriculum.

    So here’s a Stucky Political Map For Dummies crash course.

    1. This is what sits on Russia’s Western Borders. An alliance of 28 Nations, and more to come if Da Big Nigga has his way, each agreeing to help each other if Russia so much even farts in their general direction. OK, now look at the map. See the pretty missiles, and satellites, and battleships?


    2. This is what sits on Russia’s Eastern Borders. Tens of thousands of troops in Japan and Korea and no doubt nuke missiles a few miles off their coast in Alaska and pretty much alliances with the entire fucking Oceania region.

    3. This is what sits on Russia’s Southern Border. The country is named ‘China’. The picture is a city called Manzhouli, just miles from the Russian border, and 300,000 people live there. There are many such cities. In fact, 110 million Chinese live in the three provinces bordering Russia. While not an immediate threat, China is always a potential threat. With worldwide resources ever diminishing and population ever increasing, at some point in time the vast riches of Russia’s great north — populated by around a mere 5 million Russkies — may be something the Chinese need and want. “Lebensraum” and all that.

    Thus endeth the crash course. Now, here is your homework assignment.

    Question #1: If you were a Russian citizen, wouldn’t this piss you the fuck off?

    Question #2: If you were a Russian leader, wouldn’t this piss you the fuck off?

    Question #3: Is American hypocrisy apparent to you yet, and if so, doesn’t this piss you the fuck off?

    Question #4: When the HNIC gets pissed off about Crimea …. do you think Putin gives a fuck? Don’t you think he has bigger fish to fry (see above three pics) than to worry about than about a spineless, gutless, ignorant Monkeyman?

  3. Tribute to a Real Bad Ass ……… sung to the tune “Eye Of The Tiger”

    Tell me honestly … you really do wish we had a POTUS like this ….. dontchya?

  4. No wonder Putin pisses off so many in the US. He is the classic smart, dignified, strong, manly white guy. This just does not work with US social engineers.

  5. A montage of Obama and his lover, Reggie Love.

    I wonder if the Secret Service pays Reggie extra for being cornholed by Obama…


    Reggie, the man behind the man, I mean inept shithead

  6. Folks are joking (I think) that Putin’s next move will be “repossessing” Alaska. All things considered, that might not be the worst outcome. I wonder if Russia would reconsider its position on gun control.

  7. If I would be Putin, I would not give a shit as well with this. It is for sure not some Afgans or Irak, this woul be painfull.

  8. Criminy….not ‘elfin amazing music’…..and not really effin amazing music….who am I kidding?…….Fucking amazing music.

  9. Do you get the feeling that Vlad is disappointed that O is the best opponent the US could muster? He seems like a dude who appreciates a challenge.

  10. Wow, this site is filled with pussies and assholes. Why not go to fucking Russia and live there jerk offs? I mean Putin your fuckboy would love more defectors to his shithole of a country. Whiny bitches on this whole fucking site…Holy shiiiit.

  11. Hey Steve – glad to see a newbie. Please hang around for the ass-raping you will get. I am sure you will love it. Seeing as you are new and all, we may even lube you up first.

    By the way – do you really think the big O is in Putin’s league? Really? Then you are one truly dumb sumbitch. When you get your lips off of Obama’s tiny little pecker, come on back to play. We love little girlie-boys like you.

  12. Llpoh, watch your step Steve C sounds like he’s been around. He sounds like bad news. I’m worried for you. He might crush you. Notice he goes by the name Steve, that’s very masculine and I bet the C stands for Crush or Crunch. Steve Crunch…Steve Crotch…Steve Cock…

    This is no Adam and Steve sort of fairy, this sounds like a real alley cat kind of Steve. He may take offense with your comment about ass-raping but at least you offered to lube him up, yeah that is being polite. Just like they do him up at the bath house.


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