Have you heard Obama and his minions bursting with pride over their “successful” saving of GM? The storyline perpetuated by the MSM and political hacks is that General Motors has been reborn and his doing fantastic. After the taxpayers ate all of their debt in bankruptcy, these marketing geniuses are on track to make 35% less income on flat revenue in 2012 versus 2011. The stock is down 45% since January 2011. Has Obama and the big fans of government bailouts mentioned this on CNBC lately?

Chart forGeneral Motors Company (GM)

Not only are their financial results horrific, they’re also fraudulent and supported by government debt, with the future losses going to you. GM has been channel stuffing for the last two years. They record sales when they force their dealers to take delivery of their Volts. The dealers don’t have any demand for these piece of shit GM lemons, but GM keeps reporting “strong” sales. They’ve stuffed 67% more automobiles down the gullets of their dealers in a fraudulent effort to appear successful. The dealers have reached capacity. Maybe Obama can create a car lot on the White House grounds for his union pals at GM.

Who could ever forget our friends at GMAC/Ditech? They were the automobile and housing subprime loan specialists in the good old days of the 2003 – 2008. You bailed them out to the tune of $20 billion. They decided to change their name for some reason. They are known as Ally Bank and are still 85% owned by YOU/Obama. As you can witness in the mean streets of West Philly, any lowlife subprime dirtbag can get a loan from Ally Financial these days. If I was a non-trusting soul, I might think that Obama and his buddy Geithner have given a wink and a nod to Ally and the other Wall Street shyster banks to open the flood gates on loans to people who won’t pay YOU back.

So keep supporting the huge GM success story. I love fairy tales.


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    But Debbie BlabberMouth Schultz said that the American taxpayers had recouped their investment and GM was making money!!!

    DWS: The Baghdad Bob of the Democratic Party


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    I give up.

  6. [email protected] says:

    A GM car for Admin in honor of his dumb ass cat:


    A GM car in honor of AWD:


    A GM car with 4 more years of Obama Admin ownership:


    (I hope these px come through cuz I am batting zero so far today.)

  7. Noticed a Chevrolet dealer getting on the interstate today. Completely full of pickup trucks. Not sure about cars. I will say I really like my Chevrolet diesel pickup. I pull a trailer 70% of the time so I need a guzzler.

  8. I took a macro-economics course (Principles of International Economics….I think), anyways the guy blathered on on an almost daily basis about how great the GM deal was.

    I wonder if he’s still singing the same tune 2 years later?

  9. Bailing out unions,getting more union support.A winner for Obama. I still laugh at all the people who said Obama saved GM but ignore how this isnt the governments job.Tax money isnt for picking winners and losers.Ron Paul is right about all the things the government does that arent in the constitution.

  10. From what i believe o goof ball wants for the good ol usa. He most likely views his actions as s great achievment.

  11. Hope

    You have a long way to go before you beat MuckAbout in posting pictures. That poor schmuck tried for two YEARS to figure it out. And when he did, he posted some of the grossest crap ever on this site. I, on the other hand, post only the most tasteful and titillating pics. Wait for it.

  12. Hey ‘yahal’ The apartment building that I reside in abutts a Chevy dealership and is diagonally across the street from a Ford dealer. I could piss out my bedroom window and hit the Chevy dealership parking lot, and by throwing a full can of beer I could hit the Ford dealership’s sign across the street. I can assure all of you that the Chevy parking lot is ‘stuffed’ full of vehicles – the Ford dealership is not. And the single Chevy Volt that this small town dealership has in the parking lot has been sitting there since at least last August, when I first moved into my apartment. “YOUR TAX DOLLARS HARD AT WORK”


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