1. The medicating of Americans for mental illnesses continued to grow over the past decade, with ONE IN FIVE ADULTS now taking at least one psychiatric drug such as antidepressants, antipsychotics and anti-anxiety medications, according to an analysis of pharmacy claims data released last year.

    Think about that as you’re driving your car …. that every fifth person, statistically speaking, is taking some kind of mind-drug. Maybe I should think about that before giving the NJ One Finger Salute to the next asshole driver!

    The side-effects are generally HORRENDOUS. My son has been off psychotropic drugs now for about two months. I talked with him yesterday. He said it’s just been in the this past week that’s he’s really starting to feel “himself” again. And he was on that shit for less than a year. The longer you’re on it, the more it fucks up your brain.

    And then there’s illegal drug use. Millions upon millions …

    Then there’s legal Prescription Drugs; blood pressure meds, insulin, etc etc. Many many millions more.

    Then there’s over-the-counter drugs; 100 foor long supermarket aisles with head-ache pills, stomach ache meds, take-a-shit pills, can’t take a shit pills.

    I’m guessing over the course of a year, 100% of Americans over the age of ten have taken some kind of drug. Even I have taken aspirin and Pepto-Bismol a couple times this year.

  2. The government, aka “the Empire” sends kids off to kill innocent people, and wonders why they come back screwed up in the head. They need to recruit more soldiers of the personality type as our president Obama: sociopathic psychopathic narcissists, that have no qualms murdering innocent children and innocent people. That would fix the problem. Short of that, we’re stuck with meds. It’s like have a femur fracture and putting a band-aid on it. But what else to do? Institutionalize them all? People always blame the meds, and not the corruption and deceit from the top (Obama) on down to their “superior” officers. They are told they’ll be “fighting against tyranny” and find out the most tyrannical SOB is running this country.

    And as far as Stuck’s comment. People are over-medicated to an extreme. Yet, they’re miserable. Turns out consuming and going into debt don’t make a person happy, it’s devoid of spirit, happiness, social interaction, and fulfillment. Yet the population is trained like circus monkeys to consume; everything from McShit’s burgers to pills. People are unwilling to search for any meaning in life other than consumption, and commercials reinforce the concept that consuming provides “love” and “happiness”. Watch how many times those words come up in commercials, and what a ridiculous joke it is that buying a Hyundai will make you feel love.

    Americans are miserable fat lazy slobs. Their joints hurt, the inflammation from their obesity makes them feel like Dog Shit, they are drugged up on food, and can never get enough. Americans will do just about anything not to exercise and be healthy. They all have a death wish, up until the point they are actually dying, then it’s somebody else’s job to save their lives, and somebody else’s job to pay for their healthcare. The reason so many pills and meds exist is because people want to take a pill to cover up the fact that their lives have no meaning, they are miserable, they destroyed their health, and they feel like the fat piles of shit that they are. It’s easier to take a pill than do something about it, and always will be.

  3. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong on this, and sorry for the change of topic -sort of – but after the russian soldiers returned from WWII, I watched a program about how they were locked up and treated an enemies of the state and not to be trusted. The very same men that went to fight and die for mother russia came home and were treated as returning soldiers today are, suspect at best.

  4. The Soviet leadership had little regard for casualties, placing a premium on victories and land taken. Soviet soldiers were ordered to fight to the last man … perhaps one reason about 9 million soldiers were killed, not to mention that Soviet Generals used soldiers as cannon fodder. Anyway, those that were captured and survived, upon their return were promptly killed for dereliction of duty. Maybe you’re thinking about that, Tommy?

  5. @Stucky, maybe, maybe….I just thought it was a bigger number. Maybe my incredulous response to ‘laying it all on the line’ for your country and then being doomed for the effort and risk was enough to break the synapses in my head – I probably just started free associating shit after that. You could very well be right.

  6. The US military is the employer of last resort in our country. The best and the brightest, contrary to the comercials, due not enlist in the military. Having served as a army surgeon in the reserves I can assure you that as many , if not more nut cases enter the military than are created there. The amount of waivers given for psychiatric disorders is mind boggling .Psychiatric problems + sport wars + multiple deployments + psychotropic meds = fucked up dangerous people.

  7. The other thing is that Stalin was mega-paranoid. In the late ’30’s he purged everyone in the military with a rank of Colonel or higher. (Another reason the Russians lost so many men early in the war … no leadership.) I’ve read that having fought for Mother Russia in the Great War, that Stalin greatly feared these soldiers, that they would be inclined to fight for freedoms Stalin simply was not going to grant.

  8. “Stalin was mega-paranoid. In the late ’30′s he purged everyone in the military with a rank of Colonel or higher.”

    Hilarious, Obama has done the exact same thing. He’s liquidated the military leaders and replace them. And we have as many people in prison as Stalin, and a bigger police state than Stalin.


  9. In the general population, 70% of Americans use perscription drugs, and over 10% use antidepressants.

    •Eleven percent of Americans aged 12 years and over take antidepressant medication.

    •Females are more likely to take antidepressants than are males, and non-Hispanic white persons are more likely to take antidepressants than are non-Hispanic black and Mexican-American persons.

    •About one-third of persons with severe depressive symptoms take antidepressant medication.

    •More than 60% of Americans taking antidepressant medication have taken it for 2 years or longer, with 14% having taken the medication for 10 years or more.

    They call it the American Dream because it’s best experienced when you are asleep!

  10. Hitler would’ve faired much better too if he had not decimated his officer corp (+taking on the bear and having what amounts to a murderous hard-on in Yugoslavia). Yup, the fucking loons are loons and say…..whats this I’ve been reading about some 350+ military brass being purged, hmmmm. The HNIC seems to be willing to bring the shit to your doorstep apparently. I keep waiting for those pussies at SNL to have the sack to put on a skit about ‘no guns’ at Ft. Hood since once is bad, but twice is just crazy!

  11. Pundits like to play the game — “Germany would have won WWII if (fill in the blank)”. There are many answers, and I tire of it. Much like I tire of the Biggest Exaggeration of all, that the USA won WWII.

    However, Hitler really, REALLY fucked up by going to war with Russia. (Hitler was actually the only person that Stalin trusted!). The war on the Eastern Front was 4x that on the Western Front; soldiers killed, number of weapons on the battlefield, property destroyed, etc. Some estimate that 4 put of 5 German soldiers lost their lives in the Russian territory, not to mention massive losses of military equipment, and the resulting loss of ability to fight the Western Front. Who knows … but had Germany stayed the fuck out of Russia, the outcome might have been very different.

  12. Re: AWD Roger that on both your posts here, couldn’t agree more, that about says it, and “spot on”.

  13. How come veterans from W1,W2 ,Korean And Vietnam didn’t go crazy as hell and kill a bunch of people ?. I don’t remember any veterans from those wars doing this .It’s always blamed on stress or drugs or both.Maybe these guys just like killing because humans in general and in history like killing.No one ever wants to admit humans are evil and Original Sin is the one biblical doctrine you can verify everyday just by watching T V.The others veterans still had a God awareness and Christian influence that is gone today.No God , No evil ,no sin ,no sense.of.right and.wrong because we are not allowed to read the 10 commandments in public.*What is left ?You follow you heart ,you follow your gut which have terrible consequences.Everybody say AMEN cause you know I’m right.


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