“Life improves slowly and goes wrong fast, and only catastrophe is clearly visible.” Edward Teller

I was a late arrival to the Walking Dead television program. I don’t watch much of the mindless drivel passing for entertainment on the 600 worthless channels available 24/7 on cable TV. I assumed it was another superficial zombie horror show on par with the teenage vampire crap polluting the airwaves. Last year a friend told me I had to watch the show. I was hooked immediately and after some marathon watching of seasons one and two, I understood the various storylines and back stories. What the show doesn’t openly reveal is the deeper meanings, symbolism, and lessons we can learn from viewing human beings trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. In my opinion, the horror and gore is secondary to the human responses to horrific circumstances and the consequences of individual and group decisions to their survival.

As the end of season four approached, the disbursed characters were descending upon a place called Terminus. They were drawn by the intriguing and hopeful signs posted at various railroad junctions promising sanctuary, community and survival. Of course the name Terminus does not sound very inviting or hopeful. There are multiple possible meanings regarding Terminus. The Roman god Terminus protected boundary markers and sacrifices were performed to sanctify each boundary stone. The bones, ashes, and blood of a sacrificial victim, along with crops, honeycombs, and wine, were placed into a hole at a point where estates converged, and the stone was driven in on top. Maintaining boundaries and sacrifice are major themes throughout the series.

The show is set in the metropolitan Atlanta area of Georgia and the surrounding countryside. It just so happens that during the 1830s Terminus was the name of a settlement at the end of the Western and Atlantic railroad line. That settlement is now Atlanta. Terminus is also the title of the final poem ever composed by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The poem focuses on a conversation between the author and the god Terminus, discussing the author’s forthcoming death. The message of the poem is to resist fear and prepare for death. The destination is worth the journey.   

“As the bird trims her to the gale,

I trim myself to the storm of time,

I man the rudder, reef the sail,

Obey the voice at eve obeyed at prime:

“Lowly faithful, banish fear,

Right onward drive unharmed;

The port, well worth the cruise, is near,

And every wave is charmed.”

We are only given a short time on this earth and the end of the line will be the same for everyone. What matters is how we conduct ourselves during our own journey towards our personal Terminus. Have we served as a virtuous example for our children, sacrificed for others, and benefited humanity or have we displayed greed, avarice and selfishness during our trek through life? As we approach our own meeting with destiny, the actions and morality of individuals will matter. I don’t know the motivations of the writers creating the themes for the Walking Dead, but the show connects with me on a number of levels. I look around and see hordes of zombies everywhere.

Zombification of America

“The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does. They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.” – Aldous Huxley – Brave New World Revisited

The vast majority of the population in the post-apocalyptic world of the Walking Dead is mindless zombies driven by only their need to feed upon human flesh. They are infected with a disease that disables the cognitive portion of their brains and leaves them as slobbering predatory zombies seeking to satisfy their vile needs. They are referred to as “walkers” or “biters” as they aimlessly roam the countryside seeking human flesh. Everyone bitten or killed by a zombie is infected and turned into a zombie. The only way to stop them is by destroying their brain. The relentless violence and gore is not for the squeamish, but is probably a realistic portrayal of the brutishness and harsh conditions that will overwhelm this country once the electrical grid goes down, fuel becomes scarce and the global supply chain fails. Our just in time society is about one week from chaos, lawlessness, starvation and death on a grand scale.

As I watch the hordes of hideous brain dead zombies shuffling across the apocalyptic landscape seeking to satiate their basest cravings I can’t help but see the parallels with the millions of mindless tattooed obese slobs waddling across mall parking lots past vacant store fronts staring zombielike at their iGadgets as they seek to satisfy their basest desires at Macy’s and Chipotle. A virus has overspread our country causing a vast swath of the population to gratuitously assuage their every want without thinking of the consequences. The sickness is caused by being imprisoned for twelve years in government run public schools, watching thousands of hours of propaganda emitted by the corporate media, viewing hundreds of brain cell destroying reality TV shows, reading and sending thousands of texts and tweets, and being overwhelmed by the delusional belief spending more than they make, saving nothing, and piling up mountains of debt is the path to success in our contaminated society.

In the show there is no clear explanation as to why the majority of the population have been infected and turned into zombies, while a tiny minority is unaffected and able to think critically and act rationally. It is revealed that all living people are infected with the zombie virus, but it remains dormant in a minority of the survivors. Death by any means triggers the virus and turns the corpse into a mindless flesh eating zombie. There are 318 million Americans and a majority of them fall into the category of zombies in my estimation. Every American has the zombie virus within them. It has been incubated by corrupt vote seeking politicians, control hungry government sociopaths, mind numbingly worthless public education, and the relentless dumbing down through corporate media propaganda and vacuous reality TV entertainment. Once cogent thinking aware citizens have been zombiefied into mindless impulsive consumers.

How can you not see the parallels between American society and the zombies in the Walking Dead? Walk down any city street in America and you see hordes shuffling along staring with blank faces and glazed over eyes at their iGadgets. Black Friday is identical to flinging a freshly slaughtered hog in front of the flesh eating zombies. Americans flock to malls across our apocalyptic suburban sprawl landscape and proceed to stampede, gouge, and punch their way to a fantastic bargain on a Chinese slave labor produced microwave they must have to cook their toxic frankenfood created by one of our corporate food conglomerates. The Black Friday crowds actually make the zombies from the Walking Dead seem well behaved. While the American zombies are shambling through superficial lives of pleasure seeking, mass consumption, and a delusional faith in debt based wealth, there is still a minority of rational thinking people who can control their impulses and resist the disease devouring our culture.


“Our economy is based on spending billions to persuade people that happiness is buying things, and then insisting that the only way to have a viable economy is to make things for people to buy so they’ll have jobs and get enough money to buy things.” ― Philip Slater                  

Collapse Will Be Sudden

“That’s the thing about the collapse of civilization. It never happens according to plan – there’s no slavering horde of zombies. No actinic flash of thermonuclear war. No Earth-shuddering asteroid. The end comes in unforeseen ways; the stock market collapses, and then the banks, and then there is no food in the supermarkets, or the communications system goes down completely and inevitably, and previously amiable co-workers find themselves wrestling over the last remaining cookie that someone brought in before all the madness began.” ― Mark A. Rayner – The Fridgularity

What you note after watching a few episodes of the Walking Dead is that collapse happened suddenly. Cities, towns, houses and highways remained relatively intact. The decay and deterioration caused by neglect and abandonment are the only visible signs that modern civilization has ceased. The show highlights the life-threatening difficulty of enduring on a day to day basis without the certainty of shelter, food, water, and fuel. The average asleep American isn’t prepared to last one week without the basics of modern life. They haven’t stocked any food, water or fuel in case of an emergency. Their normalcy bias keeps them from even considering the high likelihood of even a natural disaster caused by a hurricane, snowstorm, or earthquake. Recent examples of most people’s complete helplessness were the snow and ice storms that struck this past winter and hurricanes Sandy and Katrina. Without power and access to food and water, modern society breaks down quickly, with chaos, looting and anarchy only days away.

It is unlikely that collapse of civilization as we know it will happen due to some extreme event such as nuclear war, super volcano, or asteroid. When our central banker masters of the universe trigger the next financial system collapse, with no monetary bullets of debasement left in their pop gun, the resulting chaos when ATMs stop spitting out $20 bills and EBT cards for 47 million people stop functioning at Wally World will be epic. We got a glimpse into the future this past October when the EBT system went down in several states for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. Zombies began to ransack Wal-Mart stores attempting to steal as much as they could get away with. Chaos, anger and criminal behavior was virtually instantaneous. A vast swath of EBT dependent zombies live in our numerous urban ghettos and when the EBT system goes down permanently violence will quickly erupt. Police will be vastly out-numbered, hungry mobs will become armed gangs of violent looters burning down their ghettos, ransacking and plundering businesses, stores and homes, and stealing everything that isn’t nailed down. Visualize the L.A. riots after the Rodney King verdict in every urban area in the country.

The fragility of our debt financed oil dependent just in time global supply chain system is beyond the comprehension of the average zombie American. They are too distracted by mass consuming the products dependent on that very same fragile scheme. They are clueless zombie-like dupes who believe $20 bills magically appear in ATMs, Funyuns and Cheetos miraculously materialize on Wal-Mart shelves, gasoline endlessly bubbles up from the ground into the hose they stick in their $40,000 monster SUVs “bought” with a 0% seven year loan from Ally Financial, and that enchanted plastic card with a magnetic strip empowers them to fulfill every craving like a zombie feeding on a dead carcass.

There is a worldwide currency and petroleum war being waged today as too much fiat currency is chasing a dwindling amount of cheap petroleum supplies. The developed world has experienced a century of relative illusory prosperity as cheap easy to access fuel and cheap easy to print fiat currency have led zombies to believe progress and prosperity are their god given right. The most highly educated zombies will be the most shocked when they realize the reality they believed was all an illusion. The Starbucks “Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato” crowd who isolate themselves in their 100% financed 5,000 square foot luxury cookie cutter brick McMansions amidst 200 other identical McMansions occupied by reclusive strangers in enclaves pretentiously named The Preserve at Meadow Lakes, and driving multiple leased BMWs, are about as prepared for a collapse of modern society as a helpless child. The suburban wasteland of strip malls, office parks, and fast food joints is completely dependent upon an endless supply of cheap oil and cheap credit.

The cracks in this delusionary foundation are visible for all to see as Space Available signs outnumber actual businesses, pothole dotted highways deteriorate, sewer lines crack, and houses in disrepair outnumber those being kept up. It takes money to keep a home from deteriorating and it happens to be in short supply for 90% of the population. Despite the non-stop money printing operation at the Fed and the mainstream media fantasy stories of shale oil energy independence, the suburban dream is turning into a nightmare. When the inevitable financial implosion strikes in the next few years, the illusion of progress will come to an end. The inner cities will explode in violence and will burn. The police will be helpless and scared. There will be death on a large scale.

Suburbia will turn into a lawless landscape where neighbors turn on each other, as they have failed to create real communities. The isolation and seclusion which have marked suburban existence for the last thirty years will contribute to the creation of criminal gangs looting and pillaging stores, businesses and unprotected homes. After the collapse the only people likely to survive relatively unscathed are rural folk. Farmers, ranchers and those capable of living off the land have the abilities to endure a breakdown in our modern society. These people are prepared, know how to use firearms and create communities of self-sufficiency. No one will thrive in the world coming our way, but those not dependent upon or tied to our modern societal paradigm have a better chance to survive.      

“If people feel lost and alone and helpless and broken and hopeless today, what will it be like if the world really begins to come apart at the hinges?” Brandon Andress – And Then the End Will Come!

Individualism vs Community

“The values to which people cling most stubbornly under inappropriate conditions are those values that were previously the source of their greatest triumphs.” Jared Diamond – Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

Our society has always glorified rugged individualism. We celebrate individual accomplishments and make heroes of those who have gone it alone and triumphed either in business, politics, sports, or the arts. Overcoming tremendous obstacles and going it alone in the face of adversity has been the narrative Americans admire and seek to emulate. Even the reality TV shows about preppers focus on individuals who plan on going it alone when civilization enters collapse mode. These rugged loners take pride in individualism, build bunkers, amass small arsenals and stockpile food and supplies. They will likely survive the initial onslaught of collapse and first wave of violence. But how long can an individual expect to survive alone in a Walking Dead environment? The traits which were appropriate and rewarded in modern society will be inappropriate and fatal in a post-modern society. A lesson from the show is clearly that a community of like-minded individuals working together has a better chance at long-term survival than a loner. Just make sure you join the right community.

With hordes of flesh eating automatons roaming the countryside it was essential for the living to form communities in order to fend off the zombies, protect each other, provide shelter, and forage for food. An individual alone had no chance at survival as falling asleep would ultimately prove fatal if a zombie stumbled upon your camp. The group led by Sheriff Rick Grimes eventually creates a community within the gates of an abandoned prison. The irony of seeing mindless throngs of soulless killers attempting to breakdown the fences to get “into” the prison is not lost on the audience. At first, the occupants of the prison would leave on foraging/pillaging missions to nearby cities and towns attempting to find food, medical supplies, gasoline and any other essential necessities of life. Eventually Hershel, the wise old man of the community, convinced Rick that cultivating the soil, sowing seeds and growing their own food was the only chance for their community to thrive over the long haul. Working with your hands is refreshing to the soul. Jesus’ Parable of the Sower immediately comes to mind.

Hearken; Behold, there went out a sower to sow: And it came to pass, as he sowed, some fell by the way side, and the birds of the air came and devoured it up. And some fell on stony ground, where it had not much earth; and immediately it sprang up, because it had no depth of earth: But when the sun was up, it was scorched; and because it had no root, it withered away. And some fell among thorns, the thorns grew up, and choked it, and it yielded no fruit. And other fell on good ground, did yield fruit that sprang up and increased; and brought forth, some thirty, and some sixty, some an hundred. He said unto them, He that has ears to hear, let him hear. Mark 4:3-9

Some communities are evil at their core and will commit malevolent atrocities. Some communities will appear ethical, but when hardship strikes they will fall back to their wicked ways. Communities of those addicted to riches and wealth will ignore the pleas of the downtrodden and wail and gnash their teeth when their worldly wealth evaporates.  A fruitful community that chooses decent honorable leaders, adopts a moral code, treats all members with respect, encourages hard work and accountability, and plans for the future, will reap the benefits of sustainability and stability. Cultivating a good community is difficult, requiring sacrifice, compromise, hard work, difficult choices, and depends upon the goodwill of all members. Rick tried to become a farmer, but Carol saw the future clearly telling him, “you can be a farmer, you can’t just be a farmer”. A peaceful happy ending was not to be.

The community of Woodbury, led by a despicably evil man referred to as the governor, gave outward appearances of stability and health. But it was ruled through fear, intimidation, vindictiveness and evil. Leaders like the governor arise during desperate times when the weak seek someone who promises to save them and keep them safe. Leaders like the governor are far more savage, ruthless and dangerous than the flesh eating zombie hordes because they kill with malicious intent, fully knowledgeable of the consequences of their actions. Eventually good communities led by good people must stand up and fight bad communities led by evil men, no matter the consequences. Under dire circumstances and an uncertain future we will need to decide what kind of community we will be. What kind of people we will be. Will we fight for a better future for our children? Can we retain our humanity or will we become no better than the walking dead?   

Brutal: Hershel awaits his fate at the hands of The Governor on last night's The Walking Dead

“What fascinates me is not so much humanity’s engulfment in darkness, but what kind of culture we will construct from the rubble of this one.” Carolyn Baker – Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths for Turbulent Times

Who Are the Real Walking Dead?

The central question permeating the Walking Dead is whether the living can maintain their humanity amidst so much horror, brutality, death, and desolation. Can the living continue to show compassion, kindness, mercy and love in a world torn apart by disarray, violence, viciousness and despair?  Throughout the series those who haven’t “turned” still have the capacity to empathize, comfort one another, offer succor, and show mercy and kindness. But after enduring unending horrors, cruelty, death and sorrow, it appears some of the characters are “turning” into the very monsters pursuing them.

Every human being has their breaking point. The main characters must commit increasingly heinous acts in order to survive. The walkers have no choice. Their humanity was stripped from them by the virus. The living have a choice. The mental anguish pushes some (Lizzy) over the edge into insanity. Others (Michonne and Carl) are torn by guilt that they have become monsters. Carol justifies her ruthlessness as the only choice for survival – just like the walkers. The seismic shift occurs when Rick, seeing his son being sexually assaulted, goes full zombie and bites the jugular of his captor and relentlessly stabs his son’s attacker. Daryl kills one of the bad guys by crushing his skull with his boot. Many of the characters have made a choice to shed their humanity in order to protect their family and friends. As the series completes its fourth season we are left with a question. Are the zombies really the “walking dead” or are the living really the “walking dead”?       

Life is complicated and those seeking simplicity and consistency will be terribly disappointed. The future is not going to be bright for our empire of debt and delusions. Times that will try men’s souls are on the horizon. The choices we make as individuals and communities will matter. Every human being has the capacity for good or evil. We will be alone in deciding whether we gravitate toward the dark side of our character or whether we make a stand for all that is noble and decent. Retaining our humanity during the trials and tribulations that await us will be crucial to creating a community that is sustainable and a future worth living and fighting for. It is clear that Terminus is not a true sanctuary for all. It permeates evil. As all of the “good” people are herded into a single boxcar I couldn’t help but see the parallels of the Nazis herding the Jews into boxcars for their final destination. Passive submission to an evil authority never ends well.

As the door is slammed shut and the protagonists are reunited, Rick declares “they’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out.” Abraham then asks “find out what?” Rick’s “they’re screwing with the wrong people” response confirms his transformation from an ambivalent reluctant leader into a powerful figure who will do anything necessary to protect his family, friends and community. This Fourth Turning has yet to reach its bloody, violent, chaotic zenith. The popularity of shows like the Walking Dead is a sign of the darkening mood change in this country. With our fragile fraudulent finance driven eco-system teetering on the edge, the threat of collapse is ever present. Within one week of a financial system collapse we would enter a Walking Dead like scenario. Each American who hasn’t already been infected with the zombie virus needs to prepare now and decide what kind of person they will become as the collapse engulfs our society. We all exit this world as we entered it – alone. But we have the wherewithal to positively impact the rebuilding of our culture from the rubble of this one. Are you ready to meet the deadly trials ahead? The choices we make over the next decade will determine if this is the end of the line for our civilization or a new beginning..       

“We live together, we act on, and react to, one another; but always and in all circumstances we are by ourselves. The martyrs go hand in hand into the arena; they are crucified alone. By its very nature every embodied spirit is doomed to suffer and enjoy in solitude. Sensations, feelings, insights, fancies—all these are private and, except through symbols and at second hand, incommunicable. We can pool information about experiences, but never the experiences themselves. From family to nation, every human group is a society of island universes.” Aldous Huxley – Doors of Perception

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  1. “We are only given a short time on this earth and the end of the line will be the same for everyone. What matters is how we conduct ourselves during our own journey towards our personal Terminus. Have we served as a virtuous example for our children, sacrificed for others, and benefited humanity or have we displayed greed, avarice and selfishness during our trek through life?”

    The Zoroastrian Creed:

    On three noble ideals be ever intent:
    The good thought well thought,
    The good word well spoken,
    The good deed well done.

  2. Damn , I think this is one of the best articles you have written .I know I am not fully prepared .Maybe the central bankers can keep it going for a while longer.This is my hope.I need more time.

  3. Well, at least we can eat our zombies when things go bad…
    Just do like the Governor did-dig a pit, toss an iPhone or iPad in the bottom with a free starbucks card, then “harvest” the zombies as they come in for a free latte and some gadgets. I hear long pork tastes pretty good!

  4. It is curious within current entertainment themes of The Walking Dead or The Hunger Games. Or entertainment themes of denouncing laws for profit as seen in Weeds or Breaking Bad. Then there is the most popular story Millennials grew up which is The Harry Potter series. During the last Forth Turning the themes were humility and honor.

  5. I try to prepare myself mentally and spiritually for the impending loss of a comfortable way of life. Honestly, I don’t think I will be able to survive in a post-Apocalyptic world. My demise will probably be dreadful. I would like to turn away from these thoughts (which most people do, and I’m sure they are the happier for it) but I can’t. The majority of my family and friends are not really facing up to this, and I understand why. It’s mighty uncomfortable to contemplate, and to be truly prepared to survive an unknown scenario which could take one of many differing forms is overwhelming.

    So I get up in the morning and try to be the positive person JQ describes as I go about my day. There are times I am tempted to charge a credit card to the max to have one great last flung, assuming that I will never have to pay it off. Instead I keep trying to pare down my needs and mostly ignore my wants.
    I am thankful for every day that passes that we again dodge the bullet.

  6. Things have gone from bad to worse in just a few years. I’m forced to conclude that the steep and sudden decline in decency and aggregate intelligence is due to the proliferation of technology. Smartphones went mainstream around 2008/09, as did broadband internet, Facebook/Twitter, On Demand cable, texting instead of talking, etc., to form a cultural toxic sludge permeating the land. Reality TV muck is a strange brew of clown celebrities and tattooed hillbilly goofs. The music industry gives preteens stripper idols to worship. Youtube furnishes us with cats fighting squirrels, people falling off roofs, and crashing their bikes into brick walls. Hollywood, which used to allow a few original ideas to slip through the cracks every year, is now nothing but remakes, sequels, and comic book superstars jam-packed enough CGI-explosions and 3D gimmicks to make you forget about the lack of a script. All of it is linked, twittered, hashtagged, shared, and memed between your work computer, home computer, smartphone, TV, e-book reader, and Ipad.

    And that is exactly why American culture, on a perennial downhill slide arguably since Plymouth Rock, has suddenly dropped off a cliff. If you’ve unplugged you are at a loss. I last paid for a Hollywood movie in 2010. I last paid for cable television in 2012. I last paid for Netflix in 2013. Do you think I have much to talk about with older millenial/younger Gen-X co-workers? Maybe five minutes a day of semi-worthwhile conversation slips in, but the dual Cults of Positivity and Willful Ignorance quickly take over.

    The Cult of Positivity insures that “negative” i.e. (truthful) subjects are avoided. The economy, political hypocrisy, the law, finance, etc. are all off limits. The Cult of Willful Ignorance derides anyone who chooses to read a non-fiction book in their spare time and rewards those who instead memorize movie trailers and and Tosh.O routines. As the economy stagnates further, you’d think it would rouse the curiosity of the public. Maybe they would do some research into the hyperinflation playbook, or do some basic history research so they will not be fooled again. Most won’t, so Admin is right, if anything as extreme as a snowflake crosses their path they will full-on panic, it’s certainly preferable than missing the next viral video.

  7. And just to add insult to injury, here are the most popular videos on the Youtube today.

    True Blood Season 7: Graveyard Tease (HBO)
    David Letterman Announces His Retirement
    Willie Is Better Than Your Cat
    Every On-Screen Death in Game of Thrones in Under 3 Minutes
    Honey Maid: Love
    Skydiver Almost Struck by Meteorite
    Crazy Time: Simon’s Cat
    Will.i.Am Shows Off His Smart Watch

    Youtube also has interviews with people like Thomas Sowell and Gore Vidal but for some reason they don’t seem to be too popular…

  8. It’s 04:00….Another most excellent essay by Admin, but……I refuse to go to bed feeling depressed, or scared, or worried about what is on the horizon, so….here’s a couple of pick-me-uppers.

    llpoh decides that since it is now Monday, he WILL come out from under the bed and help everyone start the week right by just being soooo damn cute and cuddly…..Zombies and all other Evils be damned!





  9. what is your take on this last episode?
    my guess is that they entered a canibal nest that harvest sane humans under the cover of providing shelter. book it Dano… there’s half a dozen of SHF movies that show canibal behavior among some groups of human. as food is getting scarce (do you remember the hunt for rabbits in several previous episode?), the logical next step is canibalism.

    Now let’s see beyond Walking Dead.
    this show is part of a broader trend, with various scheme. hollywood has issued at least a half dozen of zombie movies in a five years span, and even more “end of the world” scenarios in the same time. I think that there’s never chance or coincidence in real life. simply said, I think that a segment of the system, of the matrix, is trying to prepare the American population for a collapse.
    meanwhile, another segment of the system is still financing American exeptionalism crap movies, “spying ain’t that bad” movies, or “war is so cool” movies. this to ensure that a bunch of young assholes will volunteer for WW3 they are cleverly staging to hide their utter economic failure.

    Walking Dead is just a funny survival manual for when the Dollar turns Zimbabwe.

    As for stirring shit against Russian? It’s a win-win deal:
    – one face: Nato step back, Ukraine goes bankrupt and Europe cash in. gas contracts are broken. US is once again the saviors of the world with unlimited QE for ECB, they can buy Europe for a dime and sell their shitty fracking gas.

    -other face: Russia decides to face Nato hardcore, China and Russia crash the dollar. collapse in the US that this way end the QE spiral, immediatly followed by dictature and martial law.
    US weapon makers make fortunes with devalued dollar and worldwide turmoil. military budgets explode and US gain further control on those with undersized defense. only the boundaries of the empire bear the brunt of the conflict. US end democracy as planned and keep its rank as a military power.

    you see?

  10. fucking amazing piece. bravo.

    I think certainly the question of our time is how will the United States react when our power is threatened? History tells us that the leaders of all civilizations will sacrifice even their own people to stay in power. The US will be no different.

    It certainly is an amazing time in human history to live in. Can we keep progressing technologically to solve all our problems? Probably not. We more then likely will regress as a society, returning to simple lives of close knit communities and a dependence on agriculture.

    however, how many will die in the coming wars before peace can thrive again?

  11. What you see on your TV is very much a reflection of where your society is already at, not where it’s going. A lot of our entertainment is about the collapse of society, the death of values, the unreliability of the system, the worthlessness of institutions, deceit, betrayal, and so on because that’s what people are feeling now. Recent years, we got to see The Road, Book of Eli, lots of zombie movies, and other survival or war or collapse-oriented themes because EVERYONE can feel something big is happening. Like Art Bell’s old theory about “the quickening,” and to quote Leonard Cohen, “Everybody knows.”

  12. T4C – that’s a very bad (and therefore terminal) case of “Beak and Feather Disease”. Prevalent amongst Cockatoos (Sulphur Crested mainly, but also amongst the more colourful Major Mitchell variant), and to as much lesser extent in related Australian avian species (Corellas, occasionally Galahs). Rarely seen in King Parrots, Cockatiels, Eclectus or Alexandrine Parrots.

    Caused by a very small (genetically compact) virus, and a very ancient one at that. Doesn’t seem to infect the “New World” Parrots (Macaws, Conures) to any significant extent, so possibly an Australian species problem only??

  13. Americanized bilge.

    It’s a big world and most of it never saw drive-in movies of the 1950’s, current American television drivel, or US news TV. Ever.

    Spread your wings. This post pertains to 5% of the world’s people. Nobody else is on the zombie train. In fact there are some places in the world doing quite well, with decent traditional values and functional economies that would dismiss tripe like this as tabloid journalism found in the street kiosks of free newsprint.

    You really need to get out more often. America is one small corner of the world and there are a whole lot of people on the globe who could give a shit less about what corporate programming Americans are watching on the TV, or its cultural ‘deeper meaning’.

    Blergh. You spend too much time on the freeway being angry and trapped in the rat race. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    1. notsaying

      What wonderful country do you inhabit and I’ll decide whether you’re just another blow hard asshole?


  14. Admin, I think this may be your darkest post yet , but excellent . +1000

    But, be careful ’bout staring into that abyss for too long.

    Which may just be the case of the MIA HZK?


  15. outstanding post, (although I wish i would have skipped a few parts with info about S4 storylines).

    i have always been a fan of the zombie genre, NOTLD, Res Evil games etc. Thru most of time they were a niche. They are less of a niche now, part of it is because what has been deemed “nerd” in the past is “cool” now but a great deal of it is the sorrowful, doom filled mood and general malaise that has taken over our lives. this show 25 years ago might not have lasted a season because the audience couldn’t identify with it, today it is a juggernaut because so many people do identify with it.

    the one “loner” i see in the show (I have only seen thru S3) that has survived is Morgan Jones. He and his son helped Rick in the first episode. he didn’t put down his wife when he needed to and ended up losing his son as well. Once he lost the last thing keeping him human and giving him purpose he went insane and views his existence as a punishment/limbo/sentence that he must serve out.

    the questions i am left with when watching this show is, how can we retain our humanity, identify and deal with the real monsters when confronted by them and not live the remainders of our lives under the weight of agonizing regret.

    One of the amazing things about a show like this is that these people were “normal” people and almost everyone can watch this show and see themselves as one of the characters. then they are thrown into an extraordinary situation. we see their responses and actions and end up amazed and/or horrified because we think of what we might do or allow happen.

    thanks for writing this admin, you truly have a gift. i’ll be cross-posting it on my two-bit site later.



  16. Thanks, Admin.

    I am a huge fan of this show. I watch it for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that it helps me understand what will be needed for survival, in terms of material goods, gumption, community, leadership, and security.

    One important lesson is this: Notice how “government” in this show is usually malevolent or incompetent? And “leadership”, while not always perfect, is a crucial aspect of the survival of groups of people. It makes for an interesting dichotomy.

    Prepare. Plan. Become aware. Forge Community. Now.

    There is little time left…

  17. I posted last night in another article that the Walking Dead seems to me to be a computer game version of non-interactive tv preparing the audience for something. What? Who are the zombies going to be, the shadows the present tv generation and computer gamer geno-ciders? Homeless people; poor people; outcaste people. The Walking Dead is preparing the target audience to be participants in a Rwanda type genetic cleansing. Is that too much? 250 years ago US slaves were zombies; 80 years ago Jews and Gypsies were zombies to Aryan White Supremacists. It can all come back around if we are riding on a cyclical ferris wheel.

  18. I watched a couple episodes and just couldn’t get hooked. It seemed to soap-ish. But, after reading this amazing piece (go fuck yourself, notsaying) by Admin, I’ll give it another shot and look at it with new eyes wide open. (I think Breaking Bad ruined all other series shows for me.)

    Anyway, one of the most frequent things I watch on Neflix are not the movies, but the Documentaries …. there are thousands. I’ve watched shows about life in North Korea, several Holocaust vids, Somalia, the Rwandan genocide, and so forth. Real stuff. Real life.

    I know how it will end. A fucking gruesome death & destruction free-for-all. The survivors aren’t the lucky ones …. the dead are.

    I’m not nearly as prepared as I should be. I’m gonna die fairly early on. I don’t care. I turned 61 this past February. I’ve already lived longer than I thought I would live. Every new sunrise I see is a bonus. Death has no sting if you’re not afraid of it.

  19. I agree the United States is on borrowed time, but it won’t end that dramatically. The Roman Empire staggered on for centuries after its decline and the US will stagger on for at least a few decades for the simple reason it will be in the rest of the world’s interest to prop it up. Tired of being propped up states will drift out of the union, and a bankrupt Washington will be in no condition to stop them. I don’t see my kids living in a 50 state union by they time they depart the world but I suspect they won’t be fending off zombies with tree branches either. They will simply live in a world that is significantly poorer and will be surrounded by Putinesque thugs on every continent. As we saw in Syria and Crimea the US is in no position to intervene and this lack of ability will grow every year until fortress America retreats entirely behind its oceans while praying that no one sneaks in a nuke on a container ship. Given the choice, I would rather race around a post apocalyptic countryside whacking the heads off of zombies with make shift swords than live out my scenario

  20. I enjoy the walking dead, and so does everyone else. People know what’s coming, whether they want to believe it or not. notsaying is a dumbass, most people all over the world don’t grow their own food, and are dependent on massive supply chains. He’s obviously never traveled anyplace.

    It’s an illusion that “everything is going to be all right”. He also doesn’t know anybody in the 100 million strong FSA or food stamp recipients. They will turn violent the second their benefits don’t work anymore, or, more likely, there isn’t anything at the store to buy with their $400 a month SNAP card. They cleaned out an entire Wal Mart food section in 2 HOURS when SNAP cards quit working. Add another day, and every store, gas station and pharmacy will be cleaned out.

    And what happens when they can’t get their psych meds anymore? or their insulin? Or their pain meds? Or cigarettes? The masses take all this for granted, but if the supply runs out, it will be chaos as people go into withdrawal from meds and other addictive substances. Nicotine withdrawal makes people violent at the drop of a hat, and 95% of the FSA smokes.

    About half the people in this country are getting money from the government, as thus are “entitled” to what you have. Do you think they won’t feel entitled to what you have when they can’t get free money and free shit from stores? The 300lb fat slobs that sit around and watch TV for a living will be the first to murder and loot, in the cities and suburbs. Our here in the country, they’ll become target practice. Everyone knows the cities will be war zones, killing fields, the savages already murder people because of their skin color, how much worse will it be when they can’t EBT free shit?

  21. I have a slightly different take on the cycles of the four turnings. Each turning lasts 9 years; the full cycle is 36 years. Each 36 years America experiences a spiritual death, that manifests as an economic and political and social death, with almost always banking crises leading into 18 years of deflation. You can take these cycles back into the 1700s.

    1983-1992 HIGH, FIRST TURNING

    1947-1956 HIGH, FIRST TURNING

    1911-1920 HIGH, FIRST TURNING

  22. I never really got into the walking dead, I don’t know why, just didn’t. If you want a movie thats way darker ( and I mean DARK), check out stakeland. Its an incredible movie that really captures the feel of desperation and survival.

  23. “As all of the “good” people are herded into a single boxcar I couldn’t help but see the parallels of the Nazis herding the Jews into boxcars for their final destination. Passive submission to an evil authority never ends well.”

    More like the parallel of today’s American Christians being herded into FEMA camps to have their bodies processed for food for the Draco’s:

  24. Back in 2010 on the Fourth Turning Forum (4TF), there was a fascinating discussion of “monsters” at various points in time throughout society, and how those monsters related to the mood of the turning and how people viewed their own, potential outcomes. For those who aren’t familiar with the 4TF, you can read the thread here.

    To sum it up, vampires and werewolves tend to be monsters most often mentioned in 3Ts, because there’s a sense of preying on others. By the time a 4T rolls around, people begin to sense that THEY are the prey, thus the popularity of zombie-like monsters. It also refers to the fact that society feels numb and problems are so insurmountable that it has to all fall apart before it gets any better, whereas vampires and werewolves can actually be staved off (light, garlic) or killed by common man (stakes and silver bullets).

    There’s something to be said about our society feeling like we’re constantly surrounded by zombies — we all see degradation in values, jobs, the economy, families, etc., but so many here assume that the rest of the people around them are clueless to what we observe. Fact is, *everyone* sees it. Everyone knows the system is broken and needs to be fixed, not just a few people who are “awake.” The solutions are as diverse as we are as a country, but what IS real is the fight for the very soul of America. Some want to return to the past, others want to move to something they think is better. Thus, the struggle over our own monsters — the limbo state, the ability to only deal with what you personally can do, the sense of constantly running for your life.

  25. I have enjoyed the show (although I could do with less of the gruesome zombie eating flesh scenes) but I still ask myself – if the movie is the message – what (or who) is behind it and why?

    Besides making money what is the agenda of the people who got this show on the air?

    Tapping into the zeitgeist of the moment and people’s unconscious acknowledgement that things are going poorly – but to what end?

    To help and if so how?

    To hurt and if so how?

    Just asking ….

  26. Wow, what a concept: help yourself, be productive. 112 million people getting welfare/disability. We need to follow Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong Anti-Poverty Campaign Chief Tells Poor People Not To Rely On Government, Must Help Themselves

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/07/2014 – 13:03

    In what would likely get her a daily (armed) drone surveillance package with blanket NSA supervision, if not outright burned at the stake in the US, Leonie Ki – who is the new head of Hong Kong’s government campaign to alleviate poverty – dared to suggest what is the absolute anathema to any nanny state such as the US: instead of relying on the government for everything, people should achieve prosperity by their own hard work. Surely in the US words such as these would result in her being tar and feathered by at least half the population for daring to suggest something so loathsome to a nation which now is convinced it is the government’s responsibility to provide everything: from Obamaphones to Obamacare and, coming soon, Obamafood.

  27. “If you want a movie thats way darker ( and I mean DARK), check out stakeland. Its an incredible movie that really captures the feel of desperation and survival.” ———– bambam

    Never heard of it. It gets a respectable 75% positive rating on rottentomatoes.


    I just checked my Netflix streaming …. it IS avavilable.

  28. “Perhaps after the inevitable collapse of the US insolvent crony capitofascist, wannabe socialist, totalitarian state in which only the 0.01% are “rewarded” while the middle class is butchered and everyone else is forced to habituate to Big Brother’s ubiquotous presence in exchange for daily scraps, she can be one of the people tasked with remodeling the next iteration of US society into something that actually works.”

  29. Philip Slater is a brilliant author, and I applaud you for quoting him and giving recognition to his groundbreaking work, The Pursuit Of Loneliness, which made a deep impression on me when I read it many years ago.

  30. Never seen the show,but I get compared to Herschel a lot. Must be a stand-up guy.

    The important thing to remember here is that if and when fast collapse does come, they won’t be zombies. They will be humans just like you, needing your help, or maybe giving you some help.

    I think we’ll see remarkable acts of courage, sacrifice, and kindness. So much of it boils down to food security. Plant more veggies, study intensive gardening and permaculture. Be prepared to move, you might have to do that.

    Some of us are actively trying to pursue intentional community. But it’s really hard for guys who grew up on John Wayne movies.

  31. Progressive Speed Dial

    All ObamaPhones are coming with the following numbers programmed into speed dial. Older phones will be updated by via an over-the-air update. Phones not compatible with remote updating will be replaced. Don’t get up, we are sending some Acorn people around to take care of you.

    ObamaPhone Speed Dial

    1 Food Stamps
    2 Free Health Insurance
    3 Housing Hotline
    4 Planned Abortionhood
    5 Report Hurt Feelings / Racism
    6 Amnesty And ID
    7 Your Low Income (Apply for SSI)
    8 Your Disability (Apply for SSDI)
    9 Add Another ObamaPhone
    10 Increase your SNAP or EBT spending limit

  32. If the Ebola virus ever gets out of Africa and comes to the USSA, you can expect zombies walking around bleeding from every orifice and infecting millions. But the only zombies resorting to cannibalism will be the 300lbers, who MUST EAT.

  33. They always kill off the good characters…. Don’t worry, I won’t go down easy.

    My kids think I should watch it. I think the whole zombie phenomenon boils down to TPTB and their pet MSM trying to make people think it’s okay to shoot other humans when the shit hits the fan.

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  35. I didn’t like stakeland. It didn’t feel very believable to me. It looked like they just took cameras to an old abandoned industrial area for a weekend. Maybe I’ll give it another chance. I liked Juan of the Dead better!

    Notsaying- you don’t know much about the world. In my experience, American TV has conquered the world. For instance, in Yugoslavia during the war, American culture was a big deal. I remember reading 90210 was a huge show there, even during the war. I think I remember reading some fighters watched Terminator or Predator to get psyched up before battle. When I met my spouse (from Eastern Europe), she told me her brother (then 1999) wanted to name his baby son Butthead. In Poland, Hungary, Russia, and elsewhere in Europe, I have watched Family Guy, the Simpsons, U.S. TV shows, and movies all dubbed (poorly) in local language. In the Middle East, I used to buy more complete movie and TV collections from local national dealers than I could get in the U.S. They were all bootlegs and they sold big over there. Everyone over there also had chipped Xbox consoles and numerous bootleg games. In the Ukraine, I’ve seen game cafes where you rented time playing on Xboxes or other machines. In Thailand, I also got bootleg movies, music, and games in the malls there. U.S. culture is EVERYWHERE. Next time you see pics of refugees or 3rd worlders, look at what’s on their clothing-movie, TV, and cartoon characters, U.S. brands, and weird Engrish slogans. BTW-if American movies don’t matter overseas, why is Hollywood always worried about overseas sales, which are apparently even bigger than domestic ones? Ever heard about Hollywood trying to edit films to remove stuff that might be objectionable overseas? Someone pointed out to me that’s why Hollywood likes to release big action movies full of guns and explosions-less work trying to translate a plot than with I heart Huckabees, or Fried Green Tomatoes, or Bridges of Madison County. If you want to see just how bad it can get, look up Turkey’s Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam, AKA Turkish Star Wars.

  36. Very much enjoyed your excellent article. I have shared it amongst the hundreds of Prepper and survivalist sites on FB and elsewhere and it has a very appreciative audience. We all were meant for such a time as this and yes we have ears to hear and eyes to see and we are preparing. Unlike the hokey Doomsday Prepper shows where most seem to play for a audience and the money that comes with it, we the Foilers and Preppers are very serious and have seen this coming for some time now. Thank you and I hope we see more of your excellent writings in the future.

  37. My adult college children have been watching the Walking Dead show since inception. I have not seen it. They are pretty convinced that the SHTF soon, and yet go forward with their careers.
    Blue states will be toast. The red rural states may actually survive. Not sure what to do other than load up on food, water first aid and ammo.

  38. I have an Obama phone. They give us phones so they can keep track of us. They have nothing to fear from me. If my luck holds out I will be 70 this year. The collapse of the Anglo American or Anglo Zionist Empire (Western Capitalism) is happening now. Many here in the U.S. will be buried in the rubble. I expect to be among them. The Empire itself is a Zombie. The entire Capitalist edifice is insolvent. Yet it continues to stalk the globe creating war and poverty. Survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse will be today’s young. They may have an opportunity to build something new.

  39. Terminus was also the destination of the psychologist/mathematician element that were exiled in Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy circa 1955.

    They knew too much and could predict that “if this goes on” then 30 millenia of barbarism would follow.

    Uncanny choice of destination.

  40. The last sound I want to hear when I die is…..the sound of me laughing. Kinda reminds me of this little Buddhist koan.

    Once, a young monk was sent forth from the monastery to carry a message to another monastery far away. As he walked through the dense forest, he caught glimpses of orange fur in the dappled shade and heard low growls. Surmising that he was being stalked by a tiger, he quickened his steps, but the large cat easily kept pace with him. Fear gnawed at the young monk, and he began to run blindly through the trees, leaving the path he knew in an attempt to outdistance the hungry cat whose panting breath he could feel upon his neck.

    The monk lost his way, and to his terror, found himself at the edge of a great precipice. Behind him, he heard the tiger stop, and begin pacing back and forth among the trees, its golden eyes glinting among the leaves. Shaking, the monk looked down and saw that there were vines clambering over the jagged rocks and he determined to try and climb down them. Just as he swung himself over the cliff, and began clambering down the vines which creaked under his weight, he heard the tiger roar, and saw it stare balefully down at him from above.

    From below came an answering roar, and the monk startled and looked down to see a second tiger, pacing along the stones that lined the bottom of the cliff face, waiting for him to descend.

    Shuddering, the young monk closed his eyes and clung to the vine, his only means of support. The sound of nibbling teeth caught his attention and he opened his eyes to see a mouse chewing at the vine that held him suspended between the hungry cats.

    Next to the mouse, he saw a flash of red.

    A wild strawberry grew in a crevice of the stone, and a lone fruit shone invitingly.

    The monk reached out, and plucking the crimson fruit, held it to his nose. The sweet fragrance rushed into his nostrils as the last bit of the vine gave way and the monk began to fall. As he plummeted toward the tiger, the monk popped the strawberry in his mouth, and the flavor was the sweetest thing he had ever experienced.



    And I can only echo SuspiciousObservers sign-off after his daily Earth and Space weather reports:


  41. Jesus H Christ.

    I just finished reading this, I don’t even want to work today. Great piece Admin, really, great writing, now I have to get caught up on the Walking Dead.

  42. admin, The Razorback survivor Sensitti ain’t sitting so pretty either. ..likely due to a large population of vibrant youth.

    BTW..for all the Terminus dwelling neo-con flag waving hero worshipers… worth a watch.

  43. admin,
    pa as a whole might be 30 but that is because your area would be totally fucked; but not all of pa is in that bad of shape. head west towards perry county and it will be a lot better than the 50 mile radius surrounding Detroitadelphia.

    NJ is 50th, there might not be a lot of “legal” firearms but at least when the urban yoofs get infected tehy will drop their guns and the survivors can pick them up.

  44. The article reads much like E. M. Forster’s novella, The Machine Stops, 1909, available as a free PDF on the web. Even in 1909, at the height of western civilization, one could visualize the end! With terror and slaughter, the Gods of the Copybook Headings will return!

  45. I never would have seen the symbolism in the walking dead and how it corresponds to the disturbing images James Quinn is able to articulate in his graphic and accurate descriptions of the insane, depraved, impoverished society in which I live.

    Years Of Living Dangerously.

    This presentation which will begin on Sunday, April 13th on
    Showtime at 10:00 P.M. eastern time is going to be a huge event, a
    documentary on climate change, featuring renown Hollywood Stars, that will
    hopefully bring attention to the bleak future we all face, if political leadership in
    the U.S. fails to move the country toward the production of a green economy sustained by wind, solar, hydro electric, geo-thermal, and hydrogen powered energy systems. Or our political leaders can continue with business as usual, subsidizing the global transnational corporations, the petroleum, LNG, coal and nuclear industries that spend hundreds of millions of dollars on campaign contributions and political advertisements to convince the public that the devastating changes in weather people throughout the world are experiencing is unrelated to the burning of fossil fuels. Climate change is the biggest threat to human existence, yet because of the corporate propaganda that permeates the nightly news, only 34% of the U.S. population–the minority who read articles from Global Research, The Burning Platform and other progressive web pages, regard climate change as a serious threat to human existence. The increasing occurrence of massive and deadly forest fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and the current drought that is ravaging much of the middle east, California, Texas, the dust bowl, Australia, Somalia and much of Africa, is forcing millions of people off their once fertile lands and into the cities to find work where they find themselves competing with millions of others for a shortage of jobs. Those who haven’t died, have become refuges in a strange environment where clashing communities, cultures and religious affiliation are causing unavoidable conflicts from which there seems no escape as people compete among themselves for dwindling resources food and money. In the Documentary, “Years Of Living Dangerously,” it was drought that brought about the Syrian revolution, not Al Qaeda, U.S. intervention, or the growing conflicts among Muslims Hindu, Islam or Sunni Shea populations. And it is drought that has destroyed the city of Plainsville Texas; it is drought that is about to destroy, Phoenix Arizona, Los Angeles, the San Joaquin Valley, and Los Vegas, if officials continue to drain water from the rapidly diminishing water supply at Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the U.S. If Lake Mead loses another thirty feet of water, the generators at Hoover Damn will automatically stop, shutting off electricity to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix Arizona. At current levels of depletion, three years is all the time that’s left before the massive generators at Hoover Dam shut down. It’s so frightening that you would think citizens would take it very seriously, but the vast majority of Americans have no idea that neither the Sierras nor the Rockies received even the minimal amount of snow fall this winter. There is no snow pack on Mt. Shasta or Mt. Whitney, and the San Joaquin Valley is beginning to look like the dust bowl during the dirty thirties. What will happen to eleven million people living in Los Angeles, without water — water that drains into the Los Angeles Reservoir from the deep snow pack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

  46. Mac Slavo posted this on the SHTF Plan.

    It got 8,700 reads and 132 comments.

    On TBP it has gotten 4,700 reads and a measly 70 comments.

    Pitiful display from the TBP viewership.

  47. It’s simple, Admin-Familiarity Breeds Contempt.
    So, Pffpfpffpfpfffpfpfptpt!!! bababooey bababooey penis penis!!

  48. The snow is finally clearing off the pastures even though it is still too deep in the draws to walk without snowshoes. Our sugaring this year has been a disaster- the sap has run only sporadically for a few days and although the flavor is superb, our syrup production is down about 75% over last year.

    So it goes.

    I loved your piece, Jim, great stuff and ironic enough to set your teeth on edge.

    For me the great unspoken sub-meme in zombie flicks- which I love- is not the fact that they are mindless flesh eaters, its the fact that even when they are eating a newly fallen living person they are always most interested in someone who is not yet infected. You’d think that you’d get a head start since they are busy feeding on someone, but no, they just want whoever isn’t bitten way more.

    That’s what reminds me of the way things are in this country.

    The kind of people who visit this site strike me as the real liberals, do what you want just don’t expect me to subsidize you with my labor and my earnings. The other guys, the progressives, the left, the cultural Marxist, they don’t want you to go your own way, they don’t even want you to cease your opposition, they want you to join them. You can’t just say ‘I think homosexuality is gross and would prefer not to discuss it” they want you out at the parade with a PLFLAG banner and a smile.
    Every time we hear about “acceptance”, what they really mean is open support and promotion. You don’t get to have a discussion (like that infamous one on race we were supposed to have after the ’08 election) they want concession. There is no “you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine”, there’s only one opinion and if you don’t get onboard you’re going out with the tide of history. When these people use the term “dead white men” you think they mean the Founders when they really mean their posterity- you.

    No matter how inoffensive I try to be, no matter how much I do in my life to employ the golden rule, no matter that I served my country, paid its taxes, helped my community, improved the soils and waters, cared for me and mine without assistance from and depleting the resources of the government, I’m still the problem because I do not see the world as they do. I do not endorse their worldview and I do not embrace their brand of diversity so I have to go.

    And that’s the spooky part of the zombie meme. They don’t just want your ‘free shit”, i.e. your flesh, they want you to be one of them.

    There’s no place left to hide. No concession to make, no respectful agree to disagree. There is only zombieland.

    Sorry about your Google experience, silver lining is that you’ve obviously struck a nerve.

  49. hardscrabble with another outstanding comment, +1000. i am a big fan of the genre and its meaning in the real world and that perspective is one i hadn’t thought of, thank you sir.

    when there truly is no place to go the only option will present itself


  50. Wonderful comparisons Admin. I so love your work.

    TWD is a great show, full of pictures of human nature at both its best, and worst.

    All are infected, all are but death away from rebirth into monstrosities.

    Just not the rebirth most think they are entitled too.

    When the group first met Hershel, then found out about his barn full of walkers (sorry about the spoilers if you haven’t seen S2 yet). Hershel was keeping them because he truly felt they were human, just sick and could be cured (if said cure were ever to be found).

    The originator of the graphic novel (that’s a comic book for the old timers) came right out and said that “The Walking Dead,” does not refer to the zombies, but the survivors.

    And, no matter what one thinks Carol is turning into, she did the right thing with Lizzy. That girl and Pelosi would have a lot in common.

    Lizzy didn’t kill her sister, she helped her change. For fan’s of Hannibal (the Cannibal, not the Conqueror), she “became.”

    Pelosi didn’t kill healthcare, she is just helping it change. Become, if you will.

    And, even though he never responded, I really want to know what Utopia our little friend lives in where the citizens believe that only the US is in trouble. Sounds like a nice place to visit.

    I’d bet that under the surface bubbles the same dysfunctional, reliant on complexity and government systems that are coming apart here.

    Ah well, for now he is sure in his belief that when the US goes down it won’t take most of the Western world with it.

    Hope he’s right. I don’t believe he is, but man do I hope!

    Hershel was delusional, just like most Westerners. Our current zombies aren’t fixable, there is no cure for the belief that your own survival is not your own problem.

  51. Stucky says:

    “Every new sunrise I see is a bonus. Death has no sting if you’re not afraid of it.”

    I wonder, Stucky, if there is ever a time to die that doesn’t seem too soon? We are living on overtime and that is good. There was the story of a guy who died like his father did at 40.

    My old boss is my age. He said he would take an accelerated payout on his retirement because he does not expect to live past his 70’s. I heard last week that he had a heart attack while working on his house. The fucker is only 59. He told us a lot of stories, maybe I will condense one when it fits subject.

  52. A question.

    If you had been running a CIA type operation for decades and yet found your nation defeated due to economic and political problems your government could not control and thus had seen your nations power and influence dramatically decline what do you do?

    Do you pickup where you left off? Engage your old front groups and contacts to begin anew the same old buzz when you don’t have the resources to sustain them anymore. When they’ve been discredited and shown to be wrong or even front groups. No, of course you don’t. Not if you are a shrewd operator who moves in the political shadows. You don’t even need to because most of those you had already brainwashed or compromised will continue to support the views that you had given them.

    No, the shrewd operator would abandon his useful idiots, his fellow travelers and his pinkos and begin to use the same techniques of subversion, disinformation and planted news stories on the triumphant political opposition. He would promote a website like Zero Hedge and not disclose who is behind it and attempt to create new useful idiots, fellow traveler and whatever term is developed to describe Libertarian subversives.

    Its not that hard to figure out if you put yourself in Putin’s shoes.

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  54. I have been reading your blog for a few years. I read the 4th turning many years ago and really enjoy your writing and integration of themes, presented in Strauss and Howe’s masterpiece. This latest post is outstanding writing. I have been a fan of this show since the beginning. Keep up the good work

  55. Okay, found it and read it. Is a wonderful article, but, being overly educated in the professional writing/editing profession, I can’t help but think it parallels the theme Stephen King used in The Stand, though that was NOT one of his biggest best-sellers, though I think everything he ever wrote and published was a best seller in one way or another. (He once joked that he scribbled some notes on a napkin at lunch with his publisher, who wanted to publish the napkin.)

    By the way, the more of these old articles I read, the more I understand about the relationships here. Wonderful…

    By the way, Peter Straub’s Floating Dragon strikes me as a Fourth Turning sort of novel… Anyone here read it?

  56. If you want to analyze cultural phenemon like this American obsession with zombies as reflective of a deeper societal zeitgeist, you have to face the fact that Americans have a morbid fascination wth death.

    Though they don’t have he balls to admit it, Americans love mayhem, violence, and destruction.

    They revel in it like pigs rolling in mud.

    You see it in American culture in general with their paranoid possessiveness of guns; almost routine mass public shootngs (Columbine, Sandy Hook); and of course their flag-waving, patriotic propaganda to “Support the Troops” and American military.

  57. For the Corporation as monster maker either play the game or see the series of movies called “Resident Evil” and “Bio Hazard” in Japan. In the movies it is Umbrella who though making plenty with military, medical etc. they still want to delve into biological weapons and the black market. So they are like Nazis in that they have no scruples about human experimentation with very dangerous biology on otherwise innocent people. They create incidental to their plans, walking reanimated meat eating corpses from the T-Virus and also skinless monsters of humans and animals even plants from accidental release of their various experiments. Of course the real monsters are the humans who created such monstrosities and released them upon the world.

    IN The Walking Dead the fight is to not become the transformed, the ones who are pure instincts motivated by pure hunger as the infection needs fresh meat and blood. That is their life now, low order instinct driven without emotion, creativity and introspecting that makes us more different from the rest of the animal kingdom. And humans are their own worst enemy in such a dire situation. INstead of bonding together they become murderously paranoid more willing to to be fearful and lack of trust would put the final nail in the coffin of humanity if such a world shaking disaster happened. Like the so called Spanish Flu which killed more than the Great War before it.

  58. Outstanding stuff! It’s great to have found someone with an open mind and who speaks the truth. Have bookmarked your blog.


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