After you’ve seen what a bang up job the government has done with healthcare for veterans, imagine how well they’ll do controlling healthcare for all. Don’t you just love Hope & Change?

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  1. I don’t have health insurance now.My humble plan was just not good enough for Obama care.I’m just going to pay the penalty the first few years and see what happens.I’m in over all good health so I will take my chances.I didn’t get a choice , they just stop selling the plan I had and basically said tough shit.All I got was a letter that said we regret to inform you …da da da …

  2. Government healthcare consists of you dying while waiting to see a doctor, laying in your own feces, urine and filth until you die. Do you think the government cares if you live or die? They don’t they only care if THEY live or die. Incompetent bureaucrats and government drones only care about getting pay grade increases, bonuses, and retiring at 50 with massive pensions and healthcare benefits. They “opted out” of Obamacare, remember? I’m watching the utter destruction of our healthcare system first-hand, and Obamacare hasn’t even fully kicked in yet. We have an incompetent third-world president turning our healthcare system into a third-world feces infested dump, just like the VA.

    Filth, Feces, Urine & Trash – Relative Describes Squalid State of St. Louis VA

    Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 by Jim Hoft

    This past weekend, Evita Simone Allen visited the St. Louis VA medical center at Jefferson Barracks to tend to an ailing uncle.

    “Vita” spoke exclusively to Jim Hoft of Progressives Today on Monday about the filth, feces, urine and trash she saw piled up in her uncle’s room at the VA.


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