A Second American Revolution Is Now Inevitable

 Guest Post by Brandon Smith

“Stand your ground.  Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” – Militia Captain John Parker at the Battle Of Lexington

Just a couple days ago, two armed assailants, a married couple purported by the mainstream media to be “white supremacists” and “conspiracy theorists,” ambushed two police officers at a CiCi’s Pizza in Las Vegas, killing the officers after screaming, “This is a revolution!” The suspects then reportedly covered one officer’s body with a Gadsden Don’t Tread On Me flag and then fled to a Walmart, where they killed another man with a CCW who attempted to reason with them, then committed suicide. Yes, it reads like a Southern Poverty Law Center fantasy story; and in many ways, it is.

As we all predicted the MSM has followed the pattern they have always followed, which is to equate the actions of one or two psychotics with the beliefs and principles of the liberty movement in general.

I remember when Jared Loughner fired into a crowd of people near Tucson, Ariz., killing numerous Federal and State employees; the immediate response by the media was to attempt to tie him to the liberty movement. In the end, he turned out to be a raving leftist. I remember the Boston Marathon bombing and the automatic reflex by the media to accuse “right-wing extremists” of the crime. So far, we have seen NO hard evidence to implicate anyone specific in that atrocity, including the Tsarnaev brothers. Of all the violent crimes dumped in the lap of the liberty movement over the years, how many have actually been committed or endorsed by the liberty movement? I can’t think of any.

This has not prevented the establishment media from doing everything in their power to associate criminal action with political ideals.  Efforts to sully the success of the Bundy Ranch stand-off were swift, with Jared and Amanda Miller’s visit to Bunkerville splashed across the headlines.  Luckily, the sound judgement of organizations like Oath Keepers led founder Stewart Rhodes to personally ask the two future shooters to leave the property.  I can only imagine the weight of the slander if they had been allowed to stay.

When an activist movement holds the moral high ground against a repressive establishment power structure, the establishment’s primary recourse is to target the character of its principles. The secondary recourse is direct confrontation. If a dissenting organization is not mindlessly vicious in its methods, then simply make it APPEAR vicious. If it is not hateful in its rhetoric, then artificially tie it to people who are. And if a government really needs to kick-start a crackdown, it can engineer its own man-made calamities and blame the groups that most threaten its authority.

This was achieved to great effect in Europe from the 1950s until the 1990s by the CIA working in tandem with multiple European governments under a covert project called Operation Gladio.

Gladio was essentially a secret army of operatives and stooges, handlers and puppets, used to create false-flag terrorist shootings and bombings across Europe that were blamed on “left-wing extremists.” In reality, NATO alphabet agencies were behind the entire facade. The goal was to terrorize the citizenry through a nonstop campaign of indiscriminate death, blamed on a convenient scapegoat, so that individuals would hand over more freedom and more power to the central governments. The point is, whether real or staged, I believe such events are going to escalate within the U.S. today on an incredible scale and that, regardless of evidence, they will be blamed on “right-wing extremists.” In case you were wondering, that label will be foisted on most if not all of us.

That said, I think an important truth needs to be stated here: Whether the beliefs of the attackers in Las Vegas were actually liberty movement-oriented or not is ultimately irrelevant. To shoot random police and civilians and then commit suicide is an act of pure insanity, a product of mental instability that has nothing to do with political philosophy, and mental instability trumps belief and association anytime.  Mentally unstable people exist within ALL belief systems and political groups.

At bottom, I do not care what their beliefs were. Their actions do not represent the values I hold dear, nor do I think they represent the values most of us hold dear. The shooting is a tragedy, but in the grand scheme of things, it means nothing, and I have little doubt it will be forgotten within weeks.

I relate the story because I do, in fact, agree with one thing: that a “revolution,” a second American Revolution, is inevitable. But I think I speak for the vast majority of the movement when I say that this revolution will not begin with the deaths of innocents or random government employees on our hands, and it certainly won’t begin at the doorstep of a CiCi’s Pizza.

The Bundy ranch incident, which occurred only a short drive from Las Vegas, has been a revelation for many people. Mistakes were made, provocateurs reared their ugly heads, and lessons were learned. But overall, America has been fundamentally changed, even if the average person does not realize it yet. The information war came within a razor’s edge of evolving into a shooting war, with the establishment in retreat, licking its wounds while planning how it can gain back its composure and carefully crafted image of “invincibility”.

What frightens the establishment most, I think, is that the American people have become active participants in their own national environment once again. At Bundy ranch, they stopped asking for mercy, they stopped begging the system to police itself, they stopped waiting for the rigged elections, and they stopped relying on useless legal avenues to effect change. Rather, they took matters into their own hands and changed the situation on the ground on their own. For oligarchy, this development is unacceptable, because one success could lead to many.

Already, we are beginning to hear whispers of possible Federal retribution against those who participated in the confrontation.

This has been cemented within the efforts of a new task force against “domestic terrorism” organized by none other than Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder.

After the recent exposure of Barack Obama’s Department of Defense Directive 3025.18, we now know that since at least 2010, the White House has been setting the stage for the use of military force against “domestic threats.” That is to say, for at least the past four years our government has been quietly maneuvering toward martial law. It’s been happening for much longer if you count George W. Bush’s Presidential Decision Directive 51, which has yet to be fully declassified.

The exposure of Directive 3025.18 also came with information that the Obama Administration considered using it as a way to activate military forces and drones against the Bundy ranch. The burning question is, of course, why didn’t it? The Federal government is not known for its diplomacy in the face of a defiant citizenry. Waco and Ruby Ridge made that clear. I believe that it was not necessarily the people on the ground at Bunkerville, Nev., that they were most worried about. The terrain is admittedly a terrible place to mount a defense against a mechanized horde of jackboots.

No, what the White House feared was a larger response to such an attack. It feared the millions of patriots who would swarm down from all sides if it committed to a Ruby Ridge-style siege. It feared the reality that this time, Americans were not going to sit back and watch another family be slaughtered on national television.  It feared the fact that it didn’t have the moral high ground in the public eye and that a kinetic failure on its part would be met with cheers, rather than tears, from much of the populace.

So where does this leave us? With the Bundy success besmirching the Feds, the next strategic program will likely include an unprecedented effort to demonize the liberty movement perhaps to the point of a Gladio-type false-flag campaign, leading to the eventual detention of activists as domestic security threats. It’s not going to end with shootings in pizzerias and slobbering hit pieces from the SPLC.  Expect a landslide of violent acts.  Expect another engineered large-scale calamity like the Oklahoma City Bombing.  Expect dozens of Timothy McVeighs to be trotted out in the media. Expect the Liberty Movement’s name to be buried in an avalanche of bullshit. Mark my words; it’s going to get much worse from here on.

And this is where I will add my warning.

Before the Bundy ranch became a possible battleground, I stated in my article “Real Americans Are Ready To Snap” that the liberty movement was going to draw a line in the sand over Bureau of Land Management abuses in Bunkerville, and I was right.

It seems to me that time is growing short. As tyrants become more bold, so too must the citizenry; otherwise, we shrivel up and die.  We cannot allow the movement’s momentum to be shattered and driven underground as the militia movement was after Oklahoma City.  We know what is coming, and we must drive forward.  We know we will be labeled as terrorists and villains, and ultimately, we must realize that such eventualities do not matter.  The Liberty Movement is not going away.  In fact, future clashes with our criminal government are only going to become more frequent.

The next family threatened, the next activist individual or group arrested or black-bagged without legitimate cause, the next major false flag, the next use of military forces as civil law enforcement, the next unConstitutional misstep, and I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that a revolt will erupt. It’s not about making grand predictions; it’s about examining the logical odds, and the odds are high. The knowledge that the establishment is considering using the full force of its military apparatus against the people has not dissuaded anyone. Bundy ranch was a very near miss. I do not expect a peaceful resolution the next time around. I also do not expect the government as it exists now to stop clamoring for more control or less corruption. If recent events have proven anything, they have proven that a second American Revolution is inevitable; and all we can do is ready ourselves.


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25 thoughts on “A Second American Revolution Is Now Inevitable”

  1. The bankster multiracial Zionist cabal has a problem. They don’t want war in the US because we are the final consumers of the world’s excess goods. Without the American consumer, the economics of the world don’t work very well.

    But like the article says, they want to disarm everyone. I believe Sandy Hook was a hoax. But regardless of what you think about that, disarming Americans appears to be the agenda.

    That is Zionism as I believe Sandy Hook can be directly linked to Bloomberg and Obama, who are both Zionists..

    9/11 was a conspiracy as well, so no party is free of the cabal, the globalist cabal, that has adopted the vision of avowed atheist prophet of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, who sought world preeminence for Israel.

    Here are some of the Gentile Zionists: Obamas, Bidens, Cheneys, Rockefellers, Patrick Clawson, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin (Loved by Kissinger and bankrolled by Lady Lynn Rothschild), and the list goes on and on.

    Wake up America.

  2. @Gary, we WERE the world’s #1 consumers, but look around, that path has been changed, we just haven’t been told yet.

    If “they” needed us, “they” would not have conspired to remove our productive wealth and send it to the third world.

    “They” are on both sides of EVERY war, “they” have NO reason to treat us ‘murkins special, well now that our usefulness (innovation and manufacturing) have been taken away.

    Don’t grieve for our Jewish masters, “they” will always be on the side of the winner, “they” will always have customers to fill their coffers.

    For cripes’ sake, “they” have been the real power since the time of Caesar, maybe even before.

    Jesus didn’t attack the Romans, he went after the Jewish bankers.

    The people sided with the money guys even as they were being impoverished and victimized.

    Today will be no different, except unlike after WWII, we won’t be the recipient of the increased standard of living and better rations. That “honor” (and unsustainable paradigm) will be moved elsewhere.

    So it goes…

  3. Too bad most millennials get their information from comedy central, the breadth of their knowledge and basis for their beliefs depend on two very well paid comedians opinions. How fucked up is that?

    How do you form or hope for a revolution with a majority of the population dumbed down by fawned over celebrities?

  4. “How do you form or hope for a revolution with a majority of the population dumbed down by fawned over celebrities? ”

    Simple, you herd/goad/trick them into doing what you want, just like everyone else does to manipulate the same group of ignorant sheeple.

  5. You gotta have a backup plan. Take my gun, I’ll use a knife. Take my knife, I’ll use a club. Take my club, I;ll use my hands. Take my hands, I’ll ram my 12 inch python in your left ear and push your brains out your right ear. Take my python ……….. nah, you ain’t never taking my python!!!!

    For fuksake, will the Revolution please start!

  6. “Take my gun, I’ll use a knife. Take my knife, I’ll use a club. Take my club, I;ll use my hands. Take my hands, I’ll ram my 12 inch python in your left ear and push your brains out your right ear.”

    Pure poetry. I’m nominating this for the TBP GUEST QUOTE OF THE DAY.

  7. How about:

    “Don’t stand your ground. If you stand your ground you’ll be as dead as Brandon Smith on day one of the Revolution.”

    The guy gets my vote for most likely to die at Ruby Ridge 2.0.

  8. I don’t know why this guy gets posted. Have you ever read his rantings and ravings on his site? He’s a conspiracy nut of the first order. He also has a fetish for tossing Operation Gladio at everything. I’ve seen him toss it out over and over in varous conversations and still don’t understand why he’s so fixated on it. He’s an Alex Jones of the first order.

    I reject the idea a revolution is inevitable. First, there is no unified movement, even now. My buddy was listening to a debate on violence in societies and relayed to me the statistic that an idea neads about 3.2 % of the population to succeed. For the Tea Party, that would mean they need about 11 million real supporters. They are estimated to have about half that, not taking into account how many are just establishment Repubes riding on their coattails.

    Anyway, my estimate is there is no determined movement in this nation to actually do anything. And all the patriot-types out there are, in my opinion, living in a fantasy. I’m a patriot, too, but I don’t believe all these tough-talking guys are actually going to act when push comes to shove, because they have never acted before. It’s easy to talk, but once their careers, money, freedom, and guns are actually on the line, I suspect they’ll blink and back down. Like Tyson said, every guy has a plan until he gets punched in the face.

    Oh, and most Americans have the political sensibilities of a ham sandwich, so I doubt that’s going to be fertile ground for some kind of new liberty movement. And why would they join? %50 of the nation is on food stamps and freebies-who is going to bite the fist that feeds the?

    Now, widespread chaos, on the other hand, seems very likely and a lot more believable. Once the nation cracks up, I believe we enter an interesting situation where the hungriest, best-organized groups will win out over the rest. In my opinion, this is probably hard-core communists, terrorists, nazis, and maybe some militias. Just look at how the same dynamic in history saw the Nazis rise, the Soviets, the militias in Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

  9. gilberts

    You make very good points, with which I agree.

    I have said it before — it’s certainly not an original idea, I just subscribe to it — that the Revolution starts when bellies are empty; when the Free Shitters no longer have SNAP, and the middle class can only afford Ramen Noodles. Until then, business as normal.

  10. through all it’s workings, the govt is creating more and more people who are having less and less to lose. when they lose everything, they lose it.
    they are creating desperate people.


  11. Stucky , we agree again . Nothing will happen until white people get really disparate. There’s to many people including white that benefit from the government programs.When the government starts stealing
    Bank deposits , retirement accounts and pensions funds then people will begin to wake up.

  12. It’s just a slow sinking into the ooze right now. When I read anything about blaming Jews, any credibility just goes away.

  13. Although you gotta admit, one by one the conspiracy theories are becoming conspiracy facts. Ask yourself what you knew….really knew, to be true five years ago and compare it to today. Exactly.

  14. Are there Jews who are oligarchs ? Are there gentiles who are oligarchs? Yes on both counts. It isn`t all Jews. Do not become a Nazi because you hate the oligarchs. I hate fascists, Jew or gentile.

  15. http://www.nationaljournal.com/politics/elites-beware-eric-cantor-s-defeat-may-signal-a-populist-revolution-20140611

    Eric Cantor’s defeat in his own primary shows that we can still fire people who go native in D.C. The link above is to a ‘National Journal’ piece on how a populist/left/libertarian anti-establishment mood is sweeping the country. The major points of agreement among those the author interviewed fit nicely with a putative James Webb candidacy, and while I acknowledge that one man can seldom change things, it does happen, whether it is ‘Tank Man’ in Tiennman Square, a fruit peddler in Tunisia, Boris Yeltsin on top of a tank stopping a counter-revolution, etc., and all of those examples are recent. Perhaps we’ll get our Grey Champion after all…and S&H mentioned Webb as an archetypal Prophet, so why not? That he would even float the idea is good news, and I think a latter-day Andy Jackson is just what the banksters ought to get.

  16. A successful revolution requires a core ideology. There is nonesuch in the US. At the moment, I think there are a couple of generic groupings of folks that may foment some trouble:

    First, there are those that are pissed of at the loss of liberty – bombastically I guess I think of them as being “mad as hell and they are not going to take any more”. Think the folks that gathered at Bundy Ranch or the OWS folks. They are pissed, but they are generally not linked by a common ideology.

    Second, there are the free-shitters. They want more, and if they do not get it, or if they get less, they are going to riot. They are linked only by their desire for free-shit, or someone else’s shit. They burn down their own neighborhoods, for fuck sake. Yep, that will show us they mean business.

    No common ideology, no successful revolution. Any revolution based on being pissed off will only result in an even worse situation – a military dictatorship being high among the possibilities.

  17. That’s the whole goal of multiculturalism . Flood the nation with many people from all over world with different traditions ,language , culture and desires. They will never be able to unite behind a core ideology because there is no common cause. Very smart if you’re part of the ruling political class.It’s a weapon used by the cultural Marxist to destroy social cohesion and it works.

  18. I fear that we will get a “revolution” alright – an astroturf revolution, with much blood spilled so that the current fascist scum in charge can continue to be fascist scum in charge, just with new puppets and windowdressing. And the memory of the violence will be horrible enough that even people who understand the scam will not want to acknowledge it.

  19. Look at it another way – anything that’s popular in this country is rarely if ever a good thing, deep down. If we have anything resembling a “popular revolution” it’s probably a year past time to GTFO, or bring in some counter-revolutionary extreme prejudice. Any positive revolution would probably be forced by a minority and unpopular at the time. Ever heard of three percenters? Just one thing to ponder.

  20. LLPOH-Well Said, Sirrah!

    BB-Did you ever see where the Brit Labor party admitted they intentionally flooded the nation with 3rd worlders to break the backs of the voters and get their programs passed?

    They did exactly what our govt has done-offshored the electorate to Mexico. You and the other voters have been downsized and your ballots have been outsourced to cheaper 3rd world voters.

    America is the Sick Man of the Americas.

  21. I just noticed the word “bombastically” in my previous post. Where the hell did that come from? Must be some kind of autocorrect at work. I am sure I meant to type “essentially” . There are some gremlins at play around these parts.


  22. Gilbert , yes I have read about what happened in England. You are right. It’s just another form of subversion. When the political class finally get enough third world people voting that’s when they will go after the 2nd amendment . They desperately want to disarm the white population.


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