Ferguson Riots: THIS black man really “gets it”!!

Watch it !!

Author: Stucky

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18 thoughts on “Ferguson Riots: THIS black man really “gets it”!!”

  1. Stucky, this is great. Too bad the MSM will give idiots like Jackson and Sharpton all the air time and make a pariah of this guy like they did Bill Cosby.

    I know dozens of blacks who feel this way… they’re the ones who’ve pulled themselves up out of the ghetto and made something of themselves. And they have no time for the ones this guy refers to as “apes.”

  2. Whoops, U swung & missed. Just like what this idiot says doesn’t excuse the cops or racists, the government will use this to further their goals just like opportunist rioters.

    Why Are Journalists Being Targeted by Police in St. Louis?
    40 The Daily Sheeple / by Melissa Melton / 25min ago

    What’s most disturbing about what’s going down in Ferguson, Missouri with hundreds of people protesting the death of unarmed teen Michael Brown at the hands of police isn’t the public outcry, rioting and looting.

    It’s the heavily militarized police response.

    While it is true that looting and rioting needs to be stopped to ensure public safety, the militarized police force now mobilized on the streets of St. Louis looks like something straight out of a dystopic future movie set after the world has gone to complete Hell.

    What is that, a movie set?

    The officers are dressed more like soldiers than any cops my mother’s generation can remember. They are carrying AR-15s, driving around in Pentagon-donated mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles straight off the battlefields in Afghanistan, firing at protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas.

    But it isn’t just protesters they are firing at. Reporters are also being targeted.

    This video below shows a tear gas canister being lobbed at an Al Jazeera news crew who is clearly filming on the sidewalk:

    While St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department, who operates the SWAT team there, said it wasn’t them and they weren’t sure who it was that fired the gas, Lt. David Tiefenbrunn did say he’s sure that whichever department deployed it, they likely weren’t aware the media was there.

    Via The Wrap:

    “I’m sure that when they did deploy that, they were unaware that there were media there,” he said, adding that bright lights hindered visibility in an already confusing situation.

    So the cops saw the lights and equipment, but they weren’t aware there were lights and equipment?

    These people are easily identifiable as a news crew. Most random protesters don’t come to a protest armed with thousands of dollars worth of camera and lighting equipment.

    And if the equipment wasn’t the first clue, KSDK is reporting that the Al Jazeera crew repeatedly shouted “We are press!” over and over as they attempted to film next to their clearly marked news van.

    Cops still fired on them anyway.

    Two reporters were also reportedly roughed up and arrested during the SWAT evacuation of a local McDonald’s. Wesley Lowery of The Washington Post and Ryan Reilly of The Huffington Post both Tweeted about their arrests:

    Video of my arrest: http://t.co/baiYPQGfc7/s/ZHkX

    — Wesley Lowery (@WesleyLowery) August 14, 2014

    SWAT just invade McDonald’s where I’m working/recharging. Asked for ID when I took photo. pic.twitter.com/FOIsMnBwHy — Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) August 13, 2014

    Apparently they were told they were “trespassing”.

    A KSDK photojournalist also reported that, while trying to film a protester being arrested in West Florissant, police shined lights at him and shot beanbags in his direction, then approached the crew with guns drawn:

    One of the photojournalists walked to the intersection of Highmont and West Florissant where he documented what appeared to be an altercation between police and an individual they were detaining along West Florissant. About 15 seconds into his video recording, bright lights can be seen shining at his position. Approximately 30 seconds later, as he continues to record video the sound of an air rifle firing can be heard followed by a “thud.”

    From there, the KSDK crew says police approached them with “guns drawn.” Matthews says she and one photojournalist were in the SUV with their hands up and the third member of their crew got down on his knees in front of the SUV and raised his hand – telling police he was with the press.

    The SUV described here is a KSDK live news SUV with clear markings indicating that these people are press. They were already reportedly outside of the police-established perimeter to begin with.

    Infowars’ is also reporting that Joe Biggs was hit in the kidneys with rubber bullets on scene yesterday, and separated from his team.

    Chalk all this up to things getting crazy over there, but aren’t police still expected to exercise a modicum of discernment?

    We’ve completely militarized our police forces, and now we can see how they will respond in a tense situation.

    In the meantime, Obama even stepped away from his vacation at Martha’s Vineyard to make a statement on Ferguson (some Hallmark card line about how we’re all part of one American family or whatever contrived nonsense they loaded his teleprompter with).

    Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon is set to remove St. Louis County PD from the situation altogether, and Georgia Rep. John Lewis called on President Obama to declare martial law in Ferguson. Rep. Amash from Michigan has likened Ferguson imagery to a war zone.

    From the news coming out of the area, it would appear martial law has already begun.

    Just as I reported three days ago, this story will be the next big thing to takeover the news cycle and the collective consciousness of America, the next weapon of mass distraction to keep people from focusing too long on any one of the larger crises the military-industrial complex is busy perpetrating all over the globe right now.

    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

    Contributed by Melissa Melton of The Daily Sheeple.

    Melissa Melton is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!

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  3. It’s decent black people like this that cause me to object so much when Billy lumps all blacks….worldwide….as niggers. I’ve seen plenty of similarly colored people in Chicago and other places who “get it” as well.

  4. What da’ hell did anyone expect Bubba Cheese Cheeks to say,other than what his interior decorator white husband told him to?

  5. Perhaps if the guy in the video just had a little bit more intensity in his delivery maybe it would be more effective. [/sarcasm]

  6. Flash I have black friends and coworkers that say the same thing. Olga busted my balls for call the rioters animals. This guy all but said the same thing.

    He obviously has a white grandfather in his family tree.

  7. I have known for quite some time that there is a solid minority of blacks who are disgusted with what has happened to their community. They hate being lumped in with the feral criminals and do their level best to act like, look like and be decent, ordinary people. You see them all the time. Well-dressed (often much more formal in their dress than most whites), quiet, soft-spoken, obviously bright, friendly and helpful. At times I think, “Jesus, if I was trapped in the black community would I have the guts and brains and simple human dignity these people have?” I am not sure of the answer. So when we justly complain of the behavior of many blacks, let’s not forget the ones who get up each day, go to work, pay their bills, raise good families and try to be useful members of society. Therein, perhaps, lies our only hope as a nation.

  8. I S ,I know blacks that say all the things the guy in video says but then go vote for Obama and any other democrats. Dig a little deeper and everyone of them believe in wealth redistribution . In other words they believe in stealing from whites to pay for social programs for them.I have given up.on them as a group and Billy is right most of the time about blacks whether you like it or not.
    I given up on most whites to especially white liberals.

  9. The bottom economic rungs of society act the same whether back or white. It is a socio-economic thing the keeps getting viewed as a race thing. People who act this way are for the most part poor and ignorant whether they be black, white, yellow, etc.

  10. b says: The bottom economic rungs of society act the same whether black or white.

    Please post a video of poor whites destroying their own neighborhood in mass.

  11. you know what i like about libertarians? I don’t have to listen to fools saying shit like, ‘por eso estamos como estamos’ meaning that’s why we are in the situation we are in. bullshit. if anybody starts lamenting that way, i want to bolt.

    it happens in all groups, some fucker wants to weep in public about his issues and blame the man, the niggers, the wetbacks, etc.

    oh but they can’t cry alone, oh hell no, let’s do a group hug fellas and weep because we black or we white or we brown. fuck that shit.

    last time i hugged someone who was crying, i only wanted to feel her tits. otherwise, no dice.

    i’ve been in a mob before, just once, the sensation is thrilling, exhillarating and intoxicating but afterwards i hated the idea that i could turn over my will to a fool who could shout stupid shit.

    these guys rioting night after night are enjoying the mindless high of a mob going ape-shit, later they will have no one to blame but each other, but no one will dare say at that time, ‘that’s why we are in the situation we’re in.’

  12. Excellent video.

    Change comes from within. Bleeding hearts can write all the pro “minority” legislation they want, but you can’t teach a man to fish if he doesn’t want to learn, and the types that are out burning/looting are not the sort to learn any lessons.

  13. IndenturedServant,

    Do I know that not ALL of them act like barbarians or evolutionary dead-enders? Sure. There’s always going to be the Talented Tenth – Right-side-of-the-bell-curve ones – But the exception does not disprove the rule.

    I have no time, nor the inclination, to search through busloads of them looking for the one or two who won’t cut my throat for pocket change or beat/try to kill me because I’m white and they’re playing “Polar Bear Hunting”…

    Unfortunately, I don’t KNOW which ones won’t assault or kill me, so it’s just me being prudent in assuming that they are all going to act like mindless savages bent on mayhem. Not all poisonous snakes will try to bite and try to kill me if I touch them, but most will, and the prudent man will give them a wide berth. If the other snakes get their little feelings hurt because I’m avoiding them in an effort to preserve and extend my own life, then that’s THEIR problem, not mine.

    It’s not MY responsibility to search out the one that’s 1 in 100 – it’s THEIR responsibility to try and get the other 99 to act like human beings.

    I don’t go out of my way to persecute them. I don’t put a pillowcase on my head and ride around looking for random blacks to lynch. I don’t walk up behind random blacks and try to knock them unconscious for talk shit rights. I don’t look for random black females to rape. I don’t engage in “payback” for slights – real or imagined. I don’t put signs up in my house that say “Whites Only” and “Colored Only”.

    I live where I do in an effort to avoid them and I expect to be left alone – same as millions of other folks in America – including blacks of the Talented Tenth and also very likely a very good percentage of TBP’ers as well.

    What makes me nauseous is that “enlightened” whites will point their fingers, howl and bay “raaayciss” at me for doing this, while doing the very same thing themselves. The only difference is that I’m honest about my feelings and motivations, and they are hypocritical self-righteous lying fucktards.

    IS, you say this –> “It’s decent black people like this that cause me to object so much when Billy lumps all blacks….worldwide….as niggers. I’ve seen plenty of similarly colored people in Chicago and other places who “get it” as well.”

    And I wager I’ve seen multitudes of the “other” kind WORLDWIDE that completely outnumber and overwhelm the Talented Tenth you’ve encountered. You object to me lumping them all together?

    Let’s entertain a hypothetical, IS… the “What if?” game. I’m curious as to what you think you’re fellow man will do…

    Today is “The Day”. The EBT cards have stopped working. The dollar has been in freefall for a week straight. There have been bank runs. Riots. The blacks are rampaging and killing any white they can lay their hands on. You live next door to an “enlightened” black guy. You’re “friends”. Your kids play with his kids, you’ve had barbeque’s together, etc.

    Here comes the black mob, going door to door, looting and burning and looking for Evil Whitey. You haven’t fled yet because, hey, you’re “friends” with a black guy… you’re no evil raaayciss and you’re sure the mob will pass you by out of respect for your ‘tolerance’… you’re sure your ‘friend’ will stick up for you. You’re “protected” because you’ve got yourself a golden ticket – a black ‘friend’… You’ve even got an “Obama” t-shirt on as camouflage…

    The mob gets to your house. You and your black ‘friend’ are standing out front. What happens, IS? You think the mob won’t demand that your ‘friend’ turn his back on you as a show of racial solidarity? If they give him an ultimatum – shoot that white bastard, or we shoot you – what will he do, IS? You think he’ll man the barricades with you and start shooting down his fellow racial brothers?

    I don’t harbor any such illusions or delusions. I know they’ll sell me out in a hot second to save their own skin, then throw their lot in with the mob. One or two might make complaining noises, but when faced with their own mortality, they’ll tribe up. The alternative – to not tribe up – will get them branded as an Uncle Tom at the very least or a traitor at worst by the black “community”.

    They won’t get total support from the white community either… how can you completely trust a guy who betrayed his own kind? He will ALWAYS be suspect if he refuses to tribe up…

    It’s got nothing to do with right, wrong, moral, immoral… it’s how they THINK. To them, everything revolves around race. Everything.

    I’m reminded of that genocidal, self-hating retard American female in Haiti… insipid white girl. Went there to “help” and ended up being gang-raped by a wild pack of niggers. They beat and raped the shit out of her, even as she screamed about “solidarity” with them. “I’m on your side!” Afterwards, she was interviewed and said she “understood” and “sympathized” with the niggers who beat and raped the hell out of her… the delusion is so strong in some people, it even overrides survival instinct…

    Alls I want is to be left alone, to live amongst my own kind, to define my own destiny without interference from anyone else or having to pay for anyone else. That’s all. And I say so without hesitation or apology.


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