Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.51.20 AMThey’re acting like this is legal when in fact it’s the expression of a political preference. The artifact that they’re shipping is a CNC mill. There’s nothing about it that is specifically related to firearms except the hocus pocus of the marketing.

You should know that I am making a legal product, to allow you to make a rifle, and I’m probably going to have to smuggle it out of my own city, because the large shipping cartels are in league with the administration, and I honestly to this day, don’t know how I’m going to ship it. 

– Cody Wilson, co-founder of Defense Distributed

Longtime readers of Liberty Blitzkrieg will be familiar with Cody Wilson and his company Defense Distributed. Cody is a brilliant, passionate patriot, and a staunch defender of the Republic. As such, he and his endeavors are considered problematic and offensive by the corporate-authoritarian power structure.

It’s extremely important to constantly flex ones civil rights within so-called “free societies” in order to prove to oneself that they still exist. Cody has been at the forefront of doing just that, and the reaction from the status quo can be extremely instructive in demonstrating just how far we have fallen into a failed soft-fascist corporate state.