“I mean—hell, I been surprised how sane you guys all are. As near as I can tell you’re not any crazier than the average asshole on the street.”R.P. McMurphy – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

“Years ago, it meant something to be crazy. Now everyone’s crazy.”Charles Manson


“In America, the criminally insane rule and the rest of us, or the vast majority of the rest of us, either do not care, do not know, or are distracted and properly brainwashed into acquiescence.”Kurt Nimmo

I have to admit to being baffled by the aptitude of the Wall Street and K Street financial elite to keep their Ponzi scheme growing. I consider myself to be a rational, sane human being who understands math and bases his assessments upon facts and a sensible appraisal of the relevant information obtained from trustworthy sources. Of course, finding trustworthy sources is difficult when you live in a corrupt, crony-capitalist, fascist state, controlled by banking, corporate and military interests who retain absolute control over the mainstream media and governmental propaganda agencies. Those seeking truth must pursue it through the alternative media and seeking out unbiased critical thinkers who relentlessly abide by what the facts expose. This is no time for wishful thinking, delusions and fantasies. In the end, the facts are all that matter. As Heinlein noted decades ago, the future is uncertain so facts are essential in navigating a course that doesn’t lead you to ruin upon the shoals of ignorance.

“What are the facts? Again and again and again – what are the facts? Shun wishful thinking, ignore divine revelation, forget what “the stars foretell,” avoid opinion, care not what the neighbors think, never mind the un-guessable “verdict of history” – what are the facts, and to how many decimal places? You pilot always into an unknown future; facts are your single clue. Get the facts!” ― Robert A. Heinlein

Facts are treasonous and dangerous in an empire of lies, fraud and propaganda. It is maddening to watch the country spiral downward, driven to ruin by a psychotic predator class, while the plebs choose to remain willfully ignorant of reality and distracted by their lust for cheap Chinese crap and addicted to the cult of techno-narcissism. We are a country running on heaping doses of cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias, an irrational belief in our national exceptionalism, an absurd trust in the same banking class that destroyed the finances of the country, and a delusionary belief that with just another trillion dollars of debt we’ll be back on the exponential growth track. The American empire has been built on a foundation of cheap easily accessible oil, cheap easily accessible credit, the most powerful military machine in human history, and the purposeful transformation of citizens into consumers through the use of relentless media propaganda and a persistent decades long dumbing down of the masses through the government education system.

This national insanity is not a new phenomenon. Friedrich Nietzsche observed the same spectacle in the 19th century.

“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”

The “solutions” imposed by the supposed brightest financial Ivy League educated minds and corrupt bought off political class upon people of the United States since the Wall Street created 2008 worldwide financial collapse are insane and designed to only further enrich the crony capitalists and their banker brethren. The maniacs are ruling the asylum. John Lennon saw the writing on the wall forty five years ago.

“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives…. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends … and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.”John Lennon, Interview BBC-TV (June 22, 1968)

The world is most certainly ruled by a small group of extremely wealthy evil men who desire ever more treasure, supremacy and control, but the vast majority of Americans have stood idly by mesmerized by their iGadgets and believing buying shit they don’t need with money they don’t have is the path to happiness and prosperity, while their wealth, liberty and self-respect were stolen by the financial elite. Our idiot culture, that celebrates reality TV morons, low IQ millionaires playing children’s sports, egomaniacal Hollywood hacks, self-promoting Wall Street financers, and self-serving corrupt ideologue politicians, has been degenerating for decades.

“We are in the process of creating what deserves to be called the idiot culture. Not an idiot sub-culture, which every society has bubbling beneath the surface and which can provide harmless fun; but the culture itself. For the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norm, even our cultural ideal.” Carl Bernstein -1992

The examples of our national insanity are almost too vast to document, but any critical assessment of what we’ve done over the last one hundred years reveals the idiocracy that has engulfed our collapsing empire.

The Madness of Crowds

In reading The History of Nations, we find that, like individuals, they have their whims and their peculiarities, their seasons of excitement and recklessness, when they care not what they do. We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object and go mad in its pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion, and run after it, till their attention is caught by some new folly more captivating than the first.”Charles MacKay – Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

We have become a nation that seamlessly goes mad every five years in pursuit of some new delusionary fantasy sold to us by the ruling class, only to see those dreams shattered like a wooden ship on the reef of reality. You can never underestimate the power of human stupidity. Ben Bernanke and his Federal Reserve cronies have printed $2.6 trillion of new money out of thin air since September 2008 in order to prop up their Wall Street owners, who had engineered the largest control fraud (mortgage debt/housing bubble) in world history, recklessly gambled in their ravenous appetite for sordid profits, and drove their firms into insolvency. It took the Federal Reserve 95 years to accumulate a balance sheet of $900 billion of safe U.S. Treasuries.

fed balance sheet

They have insanely quadrupled their balance sheet in the last 5 years by accumulating toxic mortgage debt from Wall Street banks and purchasing the majority of new Treasury debt being issued to fund the Federal government’s insane trillion dollar annual deficits. Bernanke, the corporate media, government apparatchiks, and captured political class act as if this is normal, when it is clearly the act of a desperate ruling class in its final death throes. Bernanke has leveraged his balance sheet 60 to 1. Lehman and Bear Stearns were leveraged 30 to 1 when they collapsed. The 100 basis point move in rates over the space of two months has resulted in Bernanke losing $200 billion and effectively wiping out his $55 billion of capital.

fed 10 year

Of course, in a corrupt regime accounting fraud is encouraged and applauded by the status quo. Just as the spineless accountants on the FASB buckled to threats from Bernanke and Paulson in early 2009 and reversed the requirement that assets be marked to market so the felonious Wall Street banks could fraudulently hide their insolvency, the Federal Reserve has decided their losses don’t matter. The Federal Reserve classifies their losses as an asset. Don’t you wish you could classify your 401k losses and your home value losses as an asset? The tapering bullshit storyline is just another attempt to distract the masses from focusing on the fact that Bernanke will never stop expanding his balance sheet because if he stops the financial system will collapse in a catastrophic implosion. The Ponzi scheme will continue until loss of faith leads to a scramble away from the U.S. dollar.

fed balance sheet

Since the infamous creation of the Federal Reserve by a secretive cabal of bankers and politicians in 1913, the ultimate destination of the American empire was set. Every fiat currency in world history has collapsed. Our entire system has been based on infinite exponential growth. The fallacy of American exceptionalism has been built on an underpinning of pure stupid luck and the issuance of more and more debt. The American empire grew to epic proportions due to the discovery of cheap easily accessible oil in the late 19th century and the physical and economic destruction of Europe, Russia and Japan during World War II. The accumulation of debt was fairly moderate during the glory years after World War II, but began to accelerate after the fateful year of 1971 when U.S. oil production peaked and Tricky Dick Nixon removed the last vestiges of restraint from central bankers and politicians by closing the gold window. With the shackles removed from the wrists of corruptible knaves and shysters, America’s future depended upon the wisdom, honesty and financial acumen of Washington politicians and Wall Street financers. Once the citizens realized they could vote for more bread and circuses, our ultimate demise was set in motion. A nation that had produced real annual growth of 4% during the 1950’s and 1960’s has seen a steady decline for the last four decades.   

The term pushing on a string describes the Quantitative Easing (literally money printing) and Keynesian debt financed pork spending efforts of our increasingly frantic owners. The insanity of what we’ve done since 1971 is almost too crazy to comprehend. In the first 182 years of our existence the leaders we elected to steward the nation accumulated $400 billion of national debt. By 1981, unleashed from any semblance of spending control, the politicians and bankers had added another $600 billion of debt, a 150% increase in 10 years. By 1991 our beloved leaders had added another $2.6 trillion of debt, another 160% increase in 10 years. By 2001 another $2.2 trillion had been accumulated, only a 60% increase due to the end of the Cold War and a one-time tax surge from the stock bubble. Bush’s worldwide War on Terror, expansion of the police state, tax rebate stimulus idiocy, and expansion of the welfare state (Medicare Part D) drove the national debt up by another $2.2 trillion in just eight years, a 40% increase.

The insane amassing of debt since 2008 has put a final nail in the coffin of the ridiculous Keynesian theory, as the Federal government has increased annual spending by 35% over the last five years and the economy is still moribund. Our fearless leaders have driven the national debt from $7.8 trillion to $16.7 trillion in less than five years, a 110% increase. The country continues to add $2 to $3 billion of debt per day. Consider how insane it is that we now accumulate more debt in half a year than we did cumulatively over the first 182 years of our existence as a country. And our elected, or should I say selected, leaders, cheer on the intellectually bankrupt academics like Bernanke whose only solution to every crisis is to print moar and then lie to the American people about his true purpose, act as if annually spending $1 trillion more than we collect while knowing there are over $200 trillion of unfunded promises to fulfill is a reasonable and realistic way to manage the national finances. Any sane person knows our current path will lead to ruin. When you need to issue new debt in order to honor old debt, the end is in sight.

The multitude of insane responses to a financial crisis created by a few greedy psychopathic bankers will be looked upon by historians with contempt and scorn. Future generations will wonder “What were they thinking?” Trillions in wealth were vaporized due to the actions of a small secretive league of highly educated, egocentric psychopaths whose warped sense of morality led them to pillage the wealth of the nation through fraudulent financial products, bribing regulatory agencies, stabbing clients and competitors in the back, and peddling lies, propaganda and misinformation to the public through their captured media mouthpieces. Not only haven’t any predator bankers been thrown in jail, but these villains have grown their parasitic entities to enormous proportions while paying themselves obscene billion dollar bonuses. Jon Corzine stole $1.2 billion directly from the accounts of his customers to cover his gambling losses and he remains free to laze about in one of his five gated mansions. The largest banks on earth have been caught red handed forging mortgage documents, rigging LIBOR, front running the muppets with non-public economic information, insider dealing, and using their HFT supercomputers to manipulate the markets at their whim. Government spy agencies regularly use the U.S. Constitution like toilet paper while accumulating electronic dossiers on every citizen in the country. The rule of law does not exist for the ruling class.

Only in a world gone insane would we be celebrating Wall Street generating all-time high profits through the use of accounting fraud and Bernanke filling their coffers with trillions of interest free money while bilking senior citizens out of $400 billion per year of interest income through his dastardly ZIRP “save a Wall Street banker” scheme. Bernanke has stolen close to $2 trillion from the bank accounts of little old ladies since 2008 and given it to Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfien and the rest of the Wall Street scumbags. While Wall Street and the crony capitalist mega-corporations report record profits, Main Street is left with 5 million less full-time jobs than they had in 2007 and a real unemployment rate exceeding 20%. While the government has insanely reported a recovering economy since mid-2009, the food stamp rolls have grown from 33 million to 47 million. The ruling class cheers the record highs in the stock market that overwhelmingly benefit the top .1% because they are the .1%. Meanwhile, the average schmuck out in the hinterlands is paying double the price they were paying for gas in 2009 and their everyday living costs are rising by greater than 5% annually. Luckily for the financial elite, the average American would rather watch Honey Boo Boo than try to understand the evilness of Federal Reserve created inflation. The economic recovery storyline is obliterated by the fact that real household income is still 9% below its 2008 peak and amazingly 8% below its 2000 level.

Since the 2009 low, the household net worth of the wealthiest 7% has grown by 28%, while the other 93% have seen their net worth decline by a further 4%. The profits accrue to those who run the show, buy the politicians, write the laws, command the media propaganda machine and control the currency. As a sane person in this insane world I’m flabbergasted that there is virtually no outrage at the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity. Americans have earned the moniker – ignorant masses. Bread and circuses have won the day in our declining empire. The oligarchs thank you.

The blame doesn’t rest solely on the shoulders of the evil men running the show. They have only done what we allowed them to do. From top to bottom our society has hopped on the crazy train. The lack of national morality, sense of civic duty, inter-generational responsibility, and willful ignorance regarding sensible financial policies has led us to a tipping point. Decades of feckless self-serving political leadership making entitlement promises they could never honor to win votes, combined with a parasitic financial class peddling debt to millions of witless, narcissistic, math challenged, materialistic morons, has left the country in debt up to its eyeballs with no escape other than cataclysmic default. Michael Lewis documents the bleeding out of our society in his recent book:

“The people who had the power in the society, and were charged with saving it from itself, had instead bled the society to death. The problem with police officers and firefighters isn’t a public sector problem; it isn’t a problem with government; it’s a problem with the entire society. It’s what happened on Wall Street in the run-up to the subprime crisis. It’s a problem of taking what they can, just because they can, without regard to the larger social consequences. It’s not just a coincidence that the debts of cities and states spun out of control at the same time as the debts of individual Americans. Alone in a dark room with a pile of money, Americans knew exactly what they wanted to do, from the top of the society to the bottom. They’d been conditioned to grab as much as they could, without thinking about the long-term consequences. Afterward, the people on Wall Street would privately bemoan the low morals of the American people who walked away from their subprime loans, and the American people would express outrage at the Wall Street people who paid themselves a fortune to design the bad loans.”Michael Lewis – Boomerang

The insanity of our debt accumulation in relation to our pathetic economic growth is clearly evident to even an Ivy League educated economist or a bubble headed CNBC anchorwoman. Since 1971 nominal GDP has grown by a factor of 14. Over this same time frame total credit market debt (household, corporate, government) has grown by a factor of 32. Real GDP (even using the fraudulent BLS manipulated CPI) has only expanded by a factor of 3.5 since 1971. The exponential growth model is clearly failing, with debt going hyperbolic, while GDP has stagnated.


Since 2007 real GDP has gone up $500 billion while total credit market debt has gone up by $6 trillion. Only an insane society would allow itself to be convinced by the perpetrators of the financial crimes that collapsed our economic system that accelerating the level of debt in our system will resolve the dilemma of Too Big to Trust banker insolvency. Transferring the immense losses of greedy sham capitalist gambling addicts from their insolvent balance sheets onto the balance sheets of the taxpayer has allowed the criminals to retain and expand their wealth, while sovereign states shift the pain and suffering onto the backs of the sinking middle class. This is a worldwide phenomenon perpetuated by central bankers at the behest of their crony capitalist co-conspirators. They call it capitalism when the scams, dodges and swindles work and the profits accrue to the schemers. When the gamblers and extreme risk addicts roll craps they use their crony capitalist connections, bought with blood money, to socialize their losses. The game is rigged and your owners don’t care about your hopes and dreams or your children’s future. They care about their own wealth and lifestyles of luxury. When the richest 300 people in the world have a greater net worth than the poorest 3 billion people on earth, a sane person realizes a chaotic end of the existing social order beckons.

“All over the world people borrowed vast sums of money they could never repay. The honest toting up, and taking, of the losses is being delayed. There’s a reason for this. The bad debts are owed, largely, to big banks. The big banks (even bigger than they were at the start of this crisis) and the people who own them enjoy a wildly disproportionate amount of political influence. And so, even now, five years into this mess, we remain at the mercy of the failed financial institutions that sit at the center of our capitalism. Geithner & Bernanke, along with their European counterparts, are doing everything in their power to prevent banks from failing. But the effect of this new financial order is bizarre: capitalism for everyone but the capitalists. Ordinary workers remain fully exposed to the increasingly harsh collisions in the marketplace while the highest paid financial elites ride protected by a passenger airbag.” Michael Lewis – Boomerang

Clearly we’ve entered the final phase of our debt financed orgy of narcissistic materialism and self-absorbed avarice. The unsustainability of our course is a fact. Our society has gone mad en-masse but we are only recovering our sanity one by one. The global financial system is insolvent. A fractional reserve fiat money based system requires continuous growth or it collapses. The global banking system is overleveraged and real global growth is stagnant. Central bankers are not smart men. They have one response to every crisis – print!!! Bernanke and his fellow banker cronies are printing at hyper-speed in order to prop up the terminally ill mega-banks. Bernanke feigns confusion at the fact that his QE to infinity and ZIRP have only benefitted his banker puppet masters and the richest .1%, while further impoverishing senior citizen savers and the working middle class.

The anger at the true Wall Street malefactors manifested itself in the Tea Party movement and Occupy Wall Street movement, but both efforts were quickly hijacked by neo-con right wingers and socialist left wingers for their own ideological purposes. The existing social order continues to hold the reins of power, but their grip is growing precarious. The anger, dismay and resentment in the country simmer beneath the surface. The average person senses that all is not well, but most absurdly continue to believe the lies and propaganda spewed at them on a daily basis by the ruling class and their corporate media pawns. When the next shoe drops and billions of stock market and housing wealth are wiped out again, the national anger will sweep away the corrupt social order in a torrent of blood and retribution. Innocent and guilty alike will suffer the consequences. Michael Lewis is somewhat perplexed by the lack of outrage and violence so far.

“A lot has happened. And yet, given the provocation, it’s amazing how little has happened. No one on Wall Street has been shot, or even jailed – and the existing social order has not been seriously challenged. There’s a reason for this, too. The anger arising from the financial crisis finds no natural channel. In another era – an era before catastrophic experiments with radical socialism and nationalism – we would be watching market capitalism being displaced by something far uglier. But today there is no natural place for anger to flow, and so the anger flows haphazardly, like raindrops down a windowpane. The only political ideology that anger benefits these days is anarchy. From the point of view of those who enjoy political stability, it’s a stroke of luck that anarchists have no natural talent for organizing themselves. But how long will it take them to learn?”  Michael Lewis – Boomerang

Staying sane in a society gone mad is not easy. Millions of people believe themselves to be sane, but they have really just adapted to an insane society, so they appear sane within the warped paradigm of that insane society. The truly sane people appear to be insane in an insane society. It’s enough to drive a man crazy. The immense forces of normalcy bias and social inertia have led millions to refuse to understand the mathematical certainty of the coming collapse. The worldwide banking system is like a great white shark that needs to keep moving or it dies. Exponential growth and continuous credit expansion have been the essential ingredients to expanding the American empire, but the growth has stopped, while the debt keeps growing. Infinite growth on a finite planet is impossible. As natural resources deplete and become more expensive to obtain, while the planet’s population continues to grow, the fractional reserve banking system and the nation states who continue to pile up trillions in debt will suddenly suffer a catastrophic collapse. We are in the end stages of a confidence game. Your government will not give you warning. We need to come to our senses one by one, until there are enough sane people to tip the scales in our favor. I’ve concluded that I live in a dishonest, insane, intolerable world and consider it my duty to spread discontent among those I can reach. I’m a dangerous man in the eyes of our corporate fascist surveillance state. So be it.

“The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is apt to spread discontent among those who are.”H.L. Mencken

In Part 2 of this article I will attempt to figure out why mass insanity has gripped the world and ponder what might happen when sanity returns.

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  1. Thanks, Admin.

    I think Detroit is the harbinger of things to coe. Cities, counties, states and the Fed are going to, sooner or later, realize that restting via bankruptcy is the only ansew. Debt holders, those on givt pensions, etc are on borrowed time.

    Nice doom article. One of your greats.

  2. Sorry about the typos.

    I think repudiating debt will be a better answer than destroying the currency via inflation, as that does not address all the inflation linked debts like pensions, etc.

  3. “I think repudiating debt will be a better answer than destroying the currency via inflation”-I’ve got to agree with that. Do like Iceland, take the pain, and move on. Waiting is only going to make it worse.

  4. “The rule of law does not exist for the ruling class.”-JQ

    It never has. The legal system is designed to keep Elite in power, not to protect J6P. It was like this when Woodrow Wilson admitted the country was ruled by a small group of Capitalist Industrialists. These folks have proceeded to steal the natural resource wealth of the continent and have been at the game at least since the Railroads began spreading their tentacles across the once pristine landscape in the 1820s-1830s. You will note about all those railroads went bust, the tycoons of the era walked away with the credit issued and the taxpayers were saddled with the debt, then as now. Capitalism began destroying the country in around 1830, and has more or less completed the job in slightly under 200 years.

    The difference now is that globally there is insufficient stored energy that can be extracted at a cheap price, so these folks no longer can leverage up on it. They are quite finished here as it spins down.

    I’ll cross post this probably on Wednesday.


  5. the government determines whether I am sane or not. anti-pc is thought crime. the government is my friend. this is a government approved thought.

  6. So you have described the problem quite well.

    What do you suggest that — *I* — We The People do to fix things?

    It is one thing to diagnose the problem and quite another thing to offer solutions. I’m open to suggestions. Ready, willing, and waiting to hear great ideas on how we can depose the current lunatic situation and replace it with something more sane.

    Anybody have practical useful solutions that can be implemented by We The People posthaste?

  7. Marissa

    I think you have to wait for Part 2.

    In the meantime, I would offer Tahrir Square as worth some consideration.

  8. What is it going to take you ask? I propose that the Sheeple will keep grazing until they run out of food. Once they are out of food long enough they will line up to get on the buses to the FEMA camps where they will be promised unlimited food and shelter. I really don’t think that loosing all of their money, savings, pensions, etc. will do the trick. It should! But I still don’t know if it will or not. Of course all of this has been meticulously and brilliantly planned for decades and we’re seeing the culmination of this plan at this time.
    I agree that there will be an overnight event that no one sees coming and then it’s Game Over for the masses. Life begins anew in whatever form it evolves to, most likely anarchy. It’s the most logical “default” system out there. All forms of govt. services will cease at some point and then we’re all on our own. Good luck folks.
    Great article Jim! Looking forward to Part 2.

  9. The writing on the wall has been there and now the day of reckoning is here. Im going to wait for part two but if what I suspect is happening the ride is going to get rough and this is about as cheery as i can get about it.

    Another Rembrandt Admin! . Cant say Im surprised because this is what Ive come to expect out of you but VERY well done and Im anticipating part two!

  10. Jim,

    How many years have we been at it? Your Mencken quote at the end describes you well and myself also only my skills are not on the level of highly honed articulation. I’ve gained damn few converts over the years and I am talking to a wide audience from working guys and gals to multi-multi millionaires. I never fail to send everything you write to a large number of people and have done so ever since your first piece which I contacted you about if you remember.

    You are undoubtedly one of the strongest voices out “there” and I am saddened by the fact your light is “under a bushel” as your message is so antithetical to the MS press. However, your words will have a day in the sun even if you are not here to see it. Your work is a testament against the evil monsters who are sacrificing their posterity on the alter of greed, avarice and murder.

    I sincerely appreciate your work and dedication, I love your courage and I certainly hope those who visit this site have some semblance of gratitude for the efforts you put forth and the sacrifice you make to inspire those who will come to know you at some later date. I therefore ask all who see these words to make every effort to spread Jim’s words as far and wide as possible. Send them to your friends and enemies as we will all find out sooner or later that we will have to forgo our differences in order to resist an enemy who will take all from everyone unless we stand together, ready to sacrifice all to defend the right and the lives of those unable to defend themselves.


    1. LLPOH

      I’ve been dealing with a multitude of family issues that have kept me from writing more regularly.

      Family will always come first.

      I’m sure you would agree.

  11. “Millions of people believe themselves to be sane, but they have really just adapted to an insane society, so they appear sane within the warped paradigm of that insane society. The truly sane people appear to be insane in an insane society.”




  12. BTW Admin,
    You have a lot of what I call moxie aka courage, balls, honey badger attitude.

    They always want to hurt the messenger so it can suck to have to be the adult in a room full of kids.

  13. Well said JQ, but this subject has been rehashed infinitum here and at ZH, etc. The question is what are the “sane” people going to do about it? Of course you still deny (I guess from normalcy bias? or maybe because you were born of non Citizen parents and find it “unfair” that you would not be eligible for POTUS?) that the executor of the laws (POTUS) is an illegal entity– and thus there is no law, and it was done on purpose so that the Narcissists could say that no laws are being broken. Barack Hussein Obama is a British subject, born of a British subject father, and not a natural born Citizen of the US, and not eligible. It was done on purpose in order to void our sovereignty— both Hussein Obama AND McCain were not eligible (McCain was born in the PCZ— military bases are NOT US territory— See FAM 7). Cloward Piven strategy is what is being perpetrated on America, and it is being done on purpose. It is being overwhelmed from within—- ON PURPOSE. It is not an accident, or the actions of merely greedy men. It is the systematic disabling of America—- get it through your heads. There is a reason that other non eligible non natural born Citizens are waiting in the wings, i.e Rubio and Cruz— BOTH born of foreign fathers, and not natural born Citizens.

    Yet the supposedly smart and “sane” JQ Admin. fails to see the significance of the illegal President and the effect of him on the Constitutional Republic (he thinks the US is a “Democracy”). He likes some parts of the Constitution but not others. In short he is just above “typical”, and is not really that “brave” as some posters have said above. If he really wanted to be “brave” and be a domestic enemy of the Criminals in Congress that have allowed the Usurpation, he would trumpet the fact that the Republic has been Usurped, but alas.

    While he will say that I, the supposed 1 trick pony, should GF M, falling into the typical ad hominem of the clueless (or scared?), he will still fail to disprove anything I say— because it is the truth– and truth sets one free. He will say that Obama was “born in Hi.” and thus eligible and is a “citizen”. The FACT is that he hasn’t proven place of birth (a picture on the computer proves nothing), and even if “born in Hi” his NON US Citizen FATHER voids his eligibility as a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. In his cognitive dissonance he will not except the enormity of what has actually occurred. He will ignore the facts I present, and can never counter them, because one cannot counter absolute truth. He will fail to counter this:

    “The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.” Minor v. Happersett, 88 US 162, 167 (1874).

    THAT IS US SUPREME COURT precedent, and US LAW. Counter that.

    NEXT—- what to do.

  14. Trying to stay sane………

    The hardest part is when you try to educate people who are convinced that those in power know what they are doing, and have our best interest in mind that the world is slowly unraveling before their very eyes and they fail to see.
    Take Detroit, many on this site have been predicting its eventual bankruptcy for years, many on this site have been predicting the unfunded liabilities of all pensions, medicare, medicaid, SS, obamacare, national debt, GDP, trade deficit, the eventual loss of reserve status, and so on.

    I bring up Detroit as a “I told you so” moment and they still think I am a fucking moron.

    OK, fine, I don’t give a flying fuck about the brain-dead idiots anymore, thankfully this train wreck is pretty slow, gives more time to prepare the best we can.

    Thanks for the time and unknown amount of effort you put into this site admin.

  15. Tremendous article.
    I read every word, and it gives me courage and hope to know that, generally, I am on the right track, although it appears to diverge from the norm.
    I told my depressed son, who is seemingly unable to try to be happy, that “I do not like living in our society.”
    While I try to be optimistic and friendly to all, I have limited my social engagements to my synagogue community, Chabad, which seems to take a similar view of our darkened world.
    Our goal, as “chabadniks,” is to reveal the light that is concealed in this dark world.
    That is my primary goal, to dig for the sunken remnants of truth and light, and help bring them to the surface.
    Other than that, there is really nothing else worth living for or fighting for.
    That is THE battle for which I was designed to fight and eventually, win, even if the victory comes long after I am deceased.
    Don Levit

    1. “By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method, they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. The sight of this arbitrary rearrangement of riches strikes not only at security, but at confidence in the equity of the existing distribution of wealth. Those to whom the system brings windfalls . . . become ‘profiteers’, who are the object of the hatred of the bourgeoisie, whom the inflationism has impoverished not less than the proletariat. As the inflation proceeds . . . all permanent relations between debtors and creditors, which form the ultimate foundation of capitalism, become so utterly disordered as to be almost meaningless….”

      – John Maynard Keynes

  16. What to do, what to do. The hand wringing continues…

    The answer is directly before us. To take out the domestic enemy of the Republic (Usurper Obama) and remove him from office would be a HUGE symbolic victory for the Republic. It would cut off the head of the foreign virus that has infected the Republic, and depose the front man of the criminal Central Bankers, who find the sovereignty of US Citizens bothersome to their one world government plan (they have already voided the sovereignty of the European continent countries by imposition of the euro). China is already taken care of– its citizens will never cut their chains, as with the Russians. Africa was colonialized long ago. United States citizens are different because we are “sovereigns” (or were). We are not “subjects” (Obama is still a “subject” of Great Britain, and thus the front man of the Rothchilds due to the British Common Law concept of “perpetual allegiance”).

    Of course JQ Admin. finds this “crazy talk”.
    Really? removing the point man of the Central Bankers, and his sidekick Holder– the protection, is crazy?

    The President can be “REMOVED” (see the 25th Amendment)— It does not have to be by impeachment (although he certainly has committed many “crimes and misdemeanors”).

    “THE PERSON ACTING AS PRESIDENT” (as in acting as president although ineligible) can be removed due to “INABILITY” (SEE US Code 3 S. 19).

    “INABILITY” can be defined as physical disability or CONSTITUTIONAL (legal) disability, and reflects the language of the 12th Amendment which was superseded in parts by the 25th and 20th Amendment. Originally the 12th amendment said:

    “And if the House of Representatives shall not choose a President whenever the right of choice shall devolve upon them, before the fourth day of March next following, then the Vice-President shall act as President, as in the case of the death OR OTHER CONSTITUTIONAL DISABILITY OF THE PRESIDENT”

    The 20th and 25th Amendments provided the line of succession if a “president elect” or “president” shall have failed to qualify. It was not a self executing provision, and Congress enacted US Code 3 S. 19 to provide the legal mechanism for removing a “constitutionally disabled” President.

    Imagine if We the People stood up and through the puppet out of office? It would be a huge victory for the sovereign citizens of the Republic! But to organize it and congeal public sentiment against the Usurper there would have to be large doses of education. Blogs like this and ZH would need to talk about it openly and widely until a critical mass is achieved. Remember, only about 15% of the early colonials were behind the American Revolution at first, but then critical mass was achieved, and an undermanned force of freedom seekers defeated the most powerful army in the world. Alas, it seems now we have been repatriated by the imposition of a British subject domestic enemy Usurper. Unless people like JQ Admin educate the public, rather than rehash the same grievances over and over we are doomed to be enslaved. The ONLY thing that will set us back on the path to reclaim the republic is the ouster of the frontman domestic enemy Usurper Obama. Anything else is just whining. Speak the truth JQ. Be a REAL Domestic enemy of the criminal Congress. Be a real patriot. Rehashing the same old stuff does nothing. I will be happy to write an extensive blog post detailing the fine legal aspects of the meaning and efficacy of “natural born Citizen”, and why Barack hussein Obama is the perfect example of why it was required— By the way A2S1C4 is a self executing Constitutional provision— i.e NO statute is necessary to enforce it— like the right to free speech, or to religion.

  17. The American empire has been built on a foundation of cheap easily accessible oil, cheap easily accessible credit, the most powerful military machine in human history, and the purposeful transformation of citizens into consumers through the use of relentless media propaganda and a persistent decades long dumbing down of the masses through the government education system.

    Another excellent essay – thank you.

    I am surrounded by people with the intellect and capacity to understand this crisis but am astounded at their ability or desire to remain willfully ignorant – “idiot culture” indeed.

    I continue to speak out, to make obvious to any within earshot the non-stop contradictions we are expected to accept, to challenge entrenched beliefs that give comfort but not awareness and yet I find my desire to even talk to these people is wearing thin. I retreat more and more to the comfort of the patio, a good book, a beverage or three and the opportunity to watch my chickens wander around the backyard. At least the chickens aren’t lying to me.

    I read recently that the phrase “what can I do about any of this?” has replaced “that’s just conspiracy theory” as the rejoinder of the day – I have been told that a few times myself so perhaps there is progress of a sort.

    I look forward to part II.

  18. mick,
    you are pretty good at being a stupid fuknut.
    worrying about B. Hussein breaking the law by being elected POTUS as a (possible) non-citizen is probably the least illegal thing he has ever done. forget about eveyrthing else and focus on that, way to go. (Sigh)

    here’s some free advise (again)

    As for “what to do?”, the main solution is to simply think and teach others to think.
    Use the lump that is 3ft above our asses. the best way to break the cycle is to enable each individual mind a chance to come to its own conclusions. minds can only be freed one at a time and only when they are ready.

    keep up the great work admin, i’ll be cross posting this shortly and looking forward to part 2.

  19. Mick, that sounds dangerously subversive, besides it isn’t going to be about who’s right. While you may well be, you can lose your freedom.

    The one concern I have about a constitutional convention is what might come out of it.

    Even if we were to repeal the Federal Reserve Act, payoff the national debt with fiat (printed) currency, pass a balanced budget amendment and eliminate income and property taxes, we would still have $222T in unfunded obligations, although it would go a long way ;D.

  20. “mick,
    you are pretty good at being a stupid fuknut.
    worrying about B. Hussein breaking the law by being elected POTUS as a (possible) non-citizen is probably the least illegal thing he has ever done. forget about eveyrthing else and focus on that, way to go. (Sigh) ”

    The requirement is “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” not “Citizen”—- DUH. It all emanates from his illegality. If there is no legal POTUS then there is no law. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

  21. SUBVERSIVE? Hell yes! How else are things going to get straightened out when what should be the solution (Congress enforcing the Constitution and instituting impeachment proceedings) is actually the root of the problem. Congress is complicit in all of this, so they are not the solution. There is no political solution to the problem at this point. Voting is useless in a corrupted system.
    SUBVERSIVE? “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”. What part of this do you not understand???

    1. Stockman: “The markets are just irrationally thrashing around in response to a Fed that has lost control of policy. They have been working their way to the edge of a cliff, I think, for years now with this massive money printing, bond buying, and zero interest rates. They are saying through 2015 we are not going to tighten the short-term interest rate, which means it will be zero for (a total of) six years. That is just crazy, almost lunatic….

  22. Mick, it was 3% (see three percenters) of the original colonist that fought the against the mother country. But they had nothing to lose and much to gain to free themselves from oppressive taxation. TPTB are slowly figuring out that to keep the tax serfs on your side you give them so much free shit they won’t and can’t stand against the elite, and you always promise to raise taxes on the other guy.

    A new majority has been created that cannot think for themselves or survive without some form of government assistance. Remove obama, sure, and who will the majority that depends on government help elect next? A Ron Paul or another obama?

    One man tells us we need less government and let corporations and banks stand on their own, the other tells us we need to save the weak including corporations or America as we know it dies.

    Guess what? Doomed…..

  23. yes mick, i mistyped it and forgot “natural-born” in front of citizen. you got me there

    once again, worrying about where his mother shat him out of her womb and or where his grandmother shat his dad out of her womb is a pointless endeavor at this point. If i give into your premise that he isn’t natural born then what difference does it make? when he admits to having “murder lists” that include US citizens nothng happens. that is like worrying about a hangnail after you have been shot center of mass by an rpg.

    using that logic he would be “ok” if he was born here: no he is a shit-stain of a person: not because he wasn’t born in the USSA (per your premise) but because he is a statist elitist who thinks his purpose in life is to control others.


    And who would attend another “Constitutional Convention”? It would be more politicians (or hopefuls) that would be subverting the system into a new setup so they, the new boss, could be just like the old boss and profit from it.
    that idea would work if the majority of people were like Judge Napolitano and Ron Paul but that isn’t reality.
    You are still working under the premise that a govt or state can own the people that live there. the only solution is individual sovereignty.


  24. Marissa –

    Lawrence Lessig’s probably quixotic “money bomb” idea is about the only way to break the oligarchy’s hold on our democracy: see

    Of course higher marginal tax rates (~75%) on income over $1 million would do a lot to bring the oligarchs back to Earth among us common people. Their hormones are clearly out of balance. The USA’s highest growth rates occurred when marginal rates were at such levels, so I don’t buy the “supply side” crap (a huge con job that started our ramp up of federal debt). At one time we had a social contract and everyone thought we were all in this together (cf. “Fourth Turning”).


  25. Also worth noting: Lessig has a plan for a super PAC to end all super PACs, an organization he calls the “money bomb.” Lessig is looking for about 50 billionaires who, in the name of American democracy, will be willing to give between$20 million and $40 million dollars each, which will then be spent raising awareness about ways to get money out of politics, like grassroots public funding of campaigns. His super PAC idea will be something to keep an eye on.

  26. Admin- you have a far bigger family than you know! I know it has been a rough patch and our thoughts are with you at those times. And I hope it has levelled out a bit for you. My family and I have had a few seriously stressful events in the last year – far more than I have told, and one in particular was everyone’s worst nightmare. Life does not stop, or so I have found. Funny enough, I actually find solace in that somehow, and it counterbalances the grief. I was just reading that to be happy a person has to also experience sadness, or there is nothing to measure happiness against. Easy words but seriously hard to believe during the down times. If you need us, we are here in spirit. Not the same as real family, but it may help. Being able to vent a bit here sure helped me on occasion. .

    But we need our dose of doom on a regular basis or we get downright cranky. Thanks again for everything.

    But do not think I am going soft. You are sure to piss me off shortly, and then you better come with girded loins.

  27. Mick

    If you would reread the article you might figure out that its purpose is to examine a problem from various angles and not to propose solutions. In his usual capable fashion, JQ is describing the tsunami of pure evil that is washing over us and the various kinds of debris it carries.

    To think there is any sort of meaningful legal recourse available to address our problems is part of the lore that continues to keep the masses compliant. Remove the president? You have got to be kidding. That would require a legislative body and a judicial system that weren’t bought off and actually had the health of the Republic as a priority. You can quote the constitution all you want; do you still harbor the illusion that TPTB give a rat’s ass what the constitution says? If so, you are still a victim of the great delusion.

    We are allowed to continue living the tattered version of what once was only because it is still in the best interests of the men behind the curtain. There is still some exploitation to be done and there is still some control grid to put in place. I’m thinking it’s going to be harder and harder to stay sane as we ride the wave down. Live prudently, love your family, pray for strength.

  28. If one repudiates government debt it naturally follows that all debt would have to be repudiated and all paper and electronic currency repudiated. Then all government spending that has nothing to do with diplomacy ,justice,defence, transport and communications the mint and revenue collection would have to be repudiated. It should be done within a few hours overnight when people are in bed and on a week end. The banks and the MSM should be padlocked and guarded by the military pending a decision reguarding the existance of such businesses and the coin of the nation shall be in accordance with the coinage act of 1792. If you want to buy or sell or pay your people just bring your gold, silver or copper to the mint and have it coined into the official currency. Monetary and financial crime must be stopped and this is how it could be done.

  29. Admin, it’s hard to know how much influence these articles you write have on the gen pop of the US of A, but perhaps it’s far more than you think.

    I personally appreciate your taking the time to put together these well-documented pieces that stick to the facts and avoid the hopium. Although I agree with you on almost everything, I lack the patience and dedication to lay it out the way you do, and it’s quite possible that I don’t care as much about what happens to other people as much as you do.

    I’m looking forward to the 2nd part of this. I assume you will get to the solutions, which, of course, I have my own opinions about.. Your take is always welcome, however, because you’re one smart SOB, and I highly value your opinion and those of the regular commenters here. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Eddie

      Thanks for the kind words. I wish I was more like you and actually preparing for the bad times ahead. You and many others on the site are far ahead of me in your plans.

      I’ll be leaning on the wisdom of David Stockman, Dimitri Orlov and Jim Kunstler in Part 2. There are no good choices left, only less bad.


  31. Admin, this was an excellent synopsis of where we currently stand — and in that regard it was not all that remarkable, only because it fits in with the high quality of your writing on this site. However, in reading it and perusing the comments that follow it, I’m left feeling that most people (especially Gen-X and older) don’t really understand what to do or where to go.

    I see a lot of comments from people on this site talking about accumulating capital, buying gold and silver, etc. as a means of protecting themselves. I have to admit that I even fall into this line of thinking. But ultimately, it’s a trap — because not only the existing monetary system, but even the ability to hold on to significant holdings of precious metals are pretty much under the control of centralized powers.

    Collapse is happening all around us. And not just in the sense of the US, but the entire Western industrial model and everything that goes with it. A large part of that is the monetary and financial system that we’ve all become accustomed to. The elites are positioning themselves to retain control after they hit a “reset” on this system. If you’re not an elite, then you’re going to be hurt by that reset. The idea is to insulate yourself as much as possible. Can this insulation take the form of liquid capital (money)? Maybe, but only to a limited extent (unless you’re an elite).

    So, in the words of an old revolutionary I’m sure is reviled on this site, “What is to be done?” I think it’s all about embracing the process of collapse (and it is a LONG process, not an event) and just LETTING GO. Or, as Dmitry Orlov has said, “Collapse now and avoid the rush.” John Michael Greer has described this process as entering into voluntary poverty (in a material sense).

    I’m not saying doing this is easy. Even as I write this, I am well aware that my “default” is to seek financial security. But ultimately I’m coming to the conclusion that there will be (and even can now be) things much more important than liquid capital. Deep personal relationships, skills that bridge your head and your hands, durable and low-energy shelter — these are all things that will not only help us to get through what is coming, but to actually help collapse the corrupt and unredeemable status quo a little faster. Rather than try to hold on to money, it might actually be advantageous to get rid of it in order to build up those relationships, skills and resiliency. You won’t be able to eat your dollars or gold, but if you know how to grow vegetables, raise livestock, build with natural materials, use and maintain basic human-powered tools, and perhaps most importantly work and get along with your neighbors, chances are you’ll find yourself to be a valuable person to those around you. All of that will have a value that goes way, way beyond financial/monetary wealth.

  32. At the least, a social revolution is needed. At the worst? A violent one.

    In either case the government’s antagonism towards its citizens will finally boil over and people will stop muttering their complaints and begin shouting them.

    Then, as Strauss and Howe have explained, we will have our “prophet”. Essentially a person who is right place, right time and with the moxie to pull the crowds together into a cohesive force.

    To me what will really determine the country’s fate is two-fold:

    First, how long will the pot boil before it begins to vent pressure? The longer the country carries on like nothing is wrong, the worse the fall will be. If we (the people) start soon, we can accomplish a social revolution. If it goes on too long, the states themselves will tell the government to piss off, and if that happens this country will shake itself apart like a Model-T trying to run on rocket fuel.

    Secondly, the nature of the “leader” that will rise to the challenge. If we end up with a combination George Washington+Thomas Jefferson all will be well. If we end up with another narcissistic sociopathic socialistic demagogue we are well and truly fucked.

  33. Admin, thank you for latest essay that captures our mood and puts it all in context.

    Thomas Paine is alive and well and lives in Kulpsvile PA.

    Mr. Malone and I often feel like we are the only people in NJ who see the truth and abhor the lies. The new normal is really really hard to take sometimes.

    Someday, when I am free to talk, I will share the details of what we have been living through. When it appears to be too much for us to handle, I just remind Mr. Malone that God is perfecting our souls.

    I believe God created each one of us and has a purpose for our lives. I think I have found my purpose, which is a tremendous gift.

    You are a devoted Dad, husband and son, which may be your purpose. But perhaps God also is using you – as His David in the battle between David and Goliath to spread the word on freedom so that we do not forgot the way things should really be.

  34. well-said “dude abides”

    the “monetary” capital is actually the easier to acquire, the human/ability capital is the difficult one. most of it isn’t something you can throw money at, it takes times to develop. having a years worth of dried food is only good for a year (or until a mob comes and takes it) but knowing how to grow your own is always with you.

    -turning off the teevee and much of the passive entertainment (causes brain atrophy)
    -reading books – philosophy, architecture, survival, engineering, etc
    -investing in yourself i.e. physical health self-defense (proficiency with firearms are one thing but learning at least the basics of a martial art is essential) and that of your family
    -developing relationships with a small group of like-minded and skilled people.
    -living below your means, not to save money but to become acquainted with the upcoming reality of having less luxury and means.

    but i could go on and on

    it is probably time to re-read jhk’s “long emergency”


  36. Sanity (collective or individual) is not an “Either/Or,” it’s a (dynamic) place on a spectrum.

    Human societies are always dynamically placed on that spectrum. Only when conditions get into greater deviation from the mean do we begin to speak of “Extraordinary Popular Delusions, etc..”

    This is why I subscribe to Prechter’s elucidation of Elliott’s Wave Principle. It offers a graphical means of identifying when we might forecast such a BIG deviation.

    From his April 2013 speech in NYC to the Market Technicicans Association, titled: Mounting Risk of a Deflationary Crash, and published last Friday in his Elliott Wave Theorist newsletter:

    “Back in April 1983, Elliott Wave Theorist made this prediction: ‘In wave V [the last, topping wave at ‘Cycle Degree, a rather big wave, and the end of the advance from the 1974 low], investor mass psychology should reach manic proportion, with elements of 1929, 1968, and 1973 all operating together and, in the end, to an even greater extreme.’ As radical as that statement was in 1983 [30 years ago, TBP’ers!], I didn’t anticipate that we would eventually see 1929 on steroids, then 1968 on steroids, and now 1973 on steroids. But that’s what we’ve seen in the past 13 years. The market tends to balance extremes. When the market finally hits bottom, it will be 1932 on steroids.”

    Quinn’s article about an “insane world” reflects how far this mania (stocks and finance, yes, but also social, political, almost existential mania) drove the entire world away from the “median” of reason.

    It was PREDICTABLE, if not in time, then certainly to some degree in amplitude.

    History is not random. History is shaped by collective action of people, and that shape is both a product of laws governing human nature and (like a tree or a frog) it has a consistent form.

    Trees always look like trees, frogs like frogs, and neither is likely to be mistaken for the other. Patterns of human nature are just as law-bound as tree-nature and frog-nature.

    We’re on A Path. We must surf the environment with which we are presented, and NONE OF US IS AN OUTSIDE OBSERVER.

    Rise to the top. Surf the tops of the waves, and try avoiding getting dragged under as each wave crashes ashore. Those at the bottom will be slammed into the coral reefs.

  37. Flash says flush this gov’t baby with the wash water and start over; the French did that in their revolution but to many innocents lost their lives; but, the banksters and traitor politicians definitely need flushing. Reverse Engineer says we’re dead when the oil is gone. Marissa sees the s#@& and asks what we can do to avoid getting splattered when it hits the fan. Llpoh and Kad suggest telling the elite who printed the money and got filthy rich buying everything to take a haircut to the bone, eat s#@& and enjoy the flush. OK, millions are unemployed and millions get taxpayer food; take the Rothchild’s forests that we paid for and have a new frontier day like land lease to buy program. Put millions to work in coal (we have a thousand years worth) and let it compete with gas and nuclear; the enviro-commies are lairs because CO2 will help the plants and postpone the next Ice Age. Stop fighting Israels enemies for them. Flush the Dept of Ed and give parents vouchers like the other developed countries do. Repeal all the Cultural Communist perversions and burn the degenerate music and art. Bring back God and the Constitution. If it doesn’t work, I’ll publicly eat my cowboy hat.

  38. Well researched article JQ -nice work!

    @Mick had some vaid points, but is missing the point. Not sure that I understand – why all the ad hominem attacks (and references to our “democracy”)?

    Wake up people, and see the elephant in the living room: At one time, we HAD a constitutional republic. Learn and understand that the de jure (original) “Constitution for the united States” and its government were suspended for lack of the U.S. Congress to have a quorum, due to the many States that seceded, and the fact its session ended ‘sine die’ (without day to reconvene) on March 27, 1861 during traitorous war criminal Abe Lincoln’s watch?

    Lincoln then declared martial rule which we are still under today, and as Commander in Chief kept the then unconstitutional government going by Executive Order, beginning with the Civil War. He ordered Congress to reconvene on July 4, 1861.

    The 1861 – 1871 decade was the “Season of Treason” during which Congress passed unratified Amendments, changed the meaning of words used in law, and sucked the people into admitting to being 14th Amendment citizens of the UNITED STATES, WHICH WE ARE NOT!

    14th Amendment citizens of the UNITED STATES are not We The People who are born with una-lien-able rights! Rather, 14th Amendment citizens are akin to emancipated slaves who had no State Citizenship and so were offered UNITED STATES citizenship “subject to” the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES central (territorial) government who in essence have no rights. They must register to vote, and be licensed or given permission to do all the things that Citizens of the united States of America do by right.

    In 1871 the unconstitutional U.S. Congress with its own counterfeit look-alike version of the “CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES” seated a foreign owned corporation as a municipal government under the District of Columbia Organic Act of February, 1871, named the “UNITED STATES (Inc.)”. Are you a citizen of this bogus, de facto, fraudulent and tyrannical UNITED STATES? NO! Unregister your vote! Unregister your guns. Manchurian Candidate Barry Soetoro *can* be president of THAT corporation, just like he can be president of Taco Bell or WalMart. All the congress critters are employees of this same foreign corporation.

    “It is (our)right, it is (our) duty to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for (our) future security” as was done on July 4th, 1776 under the Declaration of Independence. READ IT. READ IT AGAIN. Every State needs to regain its sovereign status by act of its people, and to withdraw its support from the foreign corporation that is acting as our federal government, shut it down, downsize it, clean it up, and repopulate it under chains to the original Constitution for the united States with new non-electronic elections.

  39. veda, the constitution of 1787 was itself a coup-de-tat against the form of government established by the Revolution, the Articles of Confederation.

    The ink wasn’t even dry on the Articles (nor were those who lost their lives in the war all that room temperature) before the Centralizers overthrew the existing order.

    The Convention was to only fine tune a couple of areas of conflict that emerged under the Articles, not rewrite the entire relationship between the states. Those who attended the convention would have been hung as traitors had the full minutes of their “work” been made public at the time.

    Then, like now, CRIME (with a capital C) is always committed under a cloak of “secrecy.”

  40. Olga wrote:

    ” I retreat more and more to the comfort of the patio, a good book, a beverage or three and the opportunity to watch my chickens wander around the backyard. At least the chickens aren’t lying to me.”

    Same here.

    Except I no longer have any chickens 🙁 but a couple of the neighbors do and when they cackle their “egg song”, it takes me back…and makes me happy.

  41. Great article. We’re too far gone now, too far in debt, too many promises made that cannot be kept. I especially liked the part about people grabbing as much free government cash as they could. Americans feel entitled to “something for nothing”. Today, almost 1/2 the population is getting money from a bankrupt government and think nothing of it, they’re entitled to it; farmers, businesses, banksters, Universities, 100 million people that don’t work for a living, anyone and everyone has their hand out, they don’t care if our economy collapses, they’re entitled to free cash. And therein lies the problem. How did this happen?

    It all started for me in the late 60’s through the early 80’s, the maturing and reign of the baby boomers. Until the boomers came along, people had morals, ethics, values and there was a national spirituality. People supported themselves and didn’t look to the government for a handout. People were free and had liberty, because they had morals, values, and ethics that allowed that freedom and liberty to exist.

    Then the boomers came along. The ultimate entitleists; Their selfishness permeated every aspect of American society. They violently did away with morals, ethics, values (especially family values). Anything goes and nothing matters started with boomers and continues today. You simply can’t have the type of selfish societal collapse we’ve had without the boomers. Most of the evils of today can be traced back to that time period:

    Imperialism/warfare complex: (Viet Nam war)
    War on drugs (Nixon creates DEA, drug use by boomers)
    War on poverty (LBJ, civil rights movement, great society)
    War on economy (Nixon off the gold standard)
    Debt becomes socially acceptable (birth of credit cards, revolving debt)
    Import society (foreign goods are best, 80’s materialism)
    Lying, cheating and stealing to get ahead; if it feels good, do it!

    Once values, morals and ethics are gone, anything goes. Greed rules, gluttony, sloth, wrath, lust, envy become advertising tools and common social values. Marriage and family values were replaced by divorce and family law. Unions use graft, bribery and connections to get massive unsupportable salaries and pensions for their members. Saving, thrift and hard work are thrown out the window, and society starts circling the drain. The rule of law is replaced by the rule of lawyers, 15 million lawsuits are filed each year by parasitic lawyers and greedy people.

    Once morals, ethics and values are gone, it’s okay for criminal politicians to steal, lie, be bribed and captured; banksters can lie, cheat and steal; people feel entitled to sit on their asses all day, not work, and get free cash, housing, healthcare. Our society turn socialist/communist, and eventually runs out of other people’s money and collapses. Like you mention in the article, everyone is utterly amazed it hasn’t happened yet. But it will. The only way to replace the only thing that matters, morals, ethics and values, is to wipe clean the existing order and start over. Our only hope is that, and that it happens quickly and with as little pain as possible.

  42. dc.sunsets, the early history of our nation is certainly interesting, and the Federalist Papers and other published writing of our founding fathers are fascinating material.

    I didn’t think I had a lot of room to include every historical detail about the Articles of Confederation, early constitutions the original 13th amendment, etc. – folks can research that for themselves if they are interested.

    The takeaway that I wanted to communicate is that the City of London CORPORATION that is impersonating the de jure government of We the People is illegitamate, counterfeit, fraudulent, bogus, a facsimile. I was just trying to provide a little evidence, instead of making unsubstantiated claims.

    This issue and most of the finacial and corruption problems described in this article have allegedly been corrected by the One People’s Public Trust, which has used the UCC to forclose on all the banks, goverments and corporations on Earth back in October 2012. Their (our) unrebutted claims now stand as law. We are free! All debts are forgiven! See

  43. AWD, some recent scholarship on feudal societies during the Middle Ages refers to the notion of “stewardship.”

    Serfs may not have owned the land, but the Lord of the Manor was expected to administer his lands with “wise stewardship,” and the serf too was expected to use the land appropriately.

    It was a shared sense of “right and wrong” that made this period the fertile springboard for the successes that followed in the Renaissance and Scottish Enlightenment.

    We have no stewardship now.
    Rulers (temporary caretakers, actually) strip mine their fiefdoms while corporate officers strip mine shareholder value and customers alike.

    Our current, toxic society is defined by “high time preference,” “I want it and I want it NOW” behavior. This is the infantilization of society discussed by Hans Hermann Hoppe in his essays found in “Democracy, the God that Failed.”

    Maybe after the folly of this period finds its predictable comeuppance there will be a rediscovery of shared values like “stewardship.”

    That’s the path of hope, and the promise of a cyclical path to history.

  44. dc

    We supposedly have a “representative government”. In the old days, the only reason politicians existed is because people couldn’t leave their farms to participate in government. Today, the criminal politicians represent everybody and anybody BUT the people (Wall Street, banksters, farmers, corporations, anyone with a few million to hand out to lobbyists and politicians).

    Congress is despised by the people, as is the president, and they don’t care. They know they can fool most of the people most of the time, or simply give the people handouts of someone else’s money to keep them quiet. And the banksters and government has indebted everyone to such an extent that they are merely debt serfs now, and someone deeply in debt doesn’t complain very loud.

    There are no stewards, or even leaders (save but a few). Everyone’s involved in the scam, except the people that work for a living and have to pay taxes. When it all goes bad, there will be plenty of people to hang with piano wire (especially the people getting free cash from the government). I just hope there’s enough piano wire to go around.

  45. “The examples of our national insanity are almost too vast to document, …” —- Admin

    I see the insanity of American culture in everyday little things, as I’m sure you do also. Let me give you JUST ONE one example from a book I just finished, “Salt, Sugar, Fat – How The Food Giants Hooked Us”.

    Around the mid-1970’s Americans would drink 569 Million gallons of Kool-Aid — that sugar and chemical concoction not fit for cockroaches. But in the 1980’s sales began to steeply drop, as rival General Mills produced basically the same crap – only worse, at 23 grams of sugar per serving — called Squeezit. Their drinks were even more brightly colored, and the “squeeze” packaging was “new and exciting” for the times. General Foods had to act!!!

    So the Kool-Aid team invented their own squeezable bottle but with an added touch …. It had a bendable neck. They called it Kool-Aid Kool Bursts. Their marketing message – to children — was ‘making drinking fun again’. To this they added more targeted marketing with a hugely popular sic-issue run of “The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man” published by Marvel comics and given away free to kids. They didn’t stop there and took it a step further. General Mills had a mailing list composed entirely of the names and addresses of children … kids getting junk mail and free packets of Kool Aid over a several month period.

    But the real genius was a contrivance that would appeal to moms. In each bottle they would add HALF A TEASPOON of fruit juice. General Mills has done the same thing three years prior when sales of Tang were falling. They added a splash of fruit juice, decorated the boxes with pictures of fresh oranges and cherries, marketed it as “healthy and fun”, and renamed it Tang Fruit Box. Their slogan was “Nutrition In Disguise” … which won a coveted award from the advertising industry as the most ingenious campaign of the year.

    Kool-Aid “re-engineered” the product to evoke the image of fruit in as many ways possible. They added flavors such as tropical punch. The bottles advanced the myth of health with different fruits embossed on the plastic sides. But the crowning achievement came from the chemists. The lab developed chemicals that emitted a very powerful “fruity smell” when the package was opened.

    The company then went on to target specific demographics. They had pinpoint-accurate studies of black consumers to nail down exactly what they liked or disliked and what messages they liked to hear. They even targeted diabetics by offering “sugar free” Kool-Aid as a healthy alternative … even though they replaced real sugar with fake sweeteners.

    All this bullshit heaped on Boobus Americanus Mommyitus apparently works. Within a year sales eclipsed rival Squeezit by $100 million. Internal marketing studies showed that Kool-Aid – “received extremely high scores from Moms who found the real fruit flavors to be very wholesome.” WTF???

    Dammit, this post is longer than I wanted it to be. But, there you have it. Take a shitty sugar-chemical abortion … add a half teaspoon of juice … make the container prettier … add a chemical fruit smell …. remarket it as “healthy” ……… and MILLIONS of mothers fall for this shit!

    Yes, Americans are really that stupid. Am I making a mountain of a molehill? I think, not. How many of those 70’s kids are obese fatfuks today? How many have diabetes, or other diseases? You know … if a mother isn’t smart enough to do the right thing for own flesh and blood …. then I wonder how in the fuck these same morons can even begin to participate in doing the right thing for this country.

  46. AWD, don’t you think part of the problems we face result from prior successes?

    People today simply pay no attention. Their living standards rest on the wisdom, ingenuity and ABOVE ALL honest system that paid off on these laudable attributes.

    You and I see about us a level of complacency that astonishes us.

    People from highly educated windbags like Krugman to the Valley Gurl hammering her iPhone keypad at the mall have no more idea from where this prosperity arose than a chimp at the zoo.

    They assume this prosperity is NORMAL, INEVITABLE, PERMANENT, and their due!

    When their iPhone battery dies or a new car costs too much, they blame “evil capitalists” because we exist in a sea of LIES told by con artists and their amen choir (The congenitally ignorant press).

    For 100 years public support for a relatively honest system has eroded. Politicians gain power by promising the impossible and an increasingly fat, stupid and lazy public, sated on cheap food, cheap entertainment and cheap principles applaud.

    You see this. You’ve described it before.

    Wiser men than I have written of this path for CENTURIES.

    From the ashes of difficulty arise people of will and honor. Such people build societies that promote wisdom, patience, hard work and the retention of property rights. Such societies become bastions of wealth production. Wealth production engenders complacency and a complete loss of any idea from where the wealth came (this is where Marxists, Fabians, and other morons show up). This generates support for redistribution and destruction of the system that builds capital. Capital necessary to the maintenance of standards of living is destroyed (our last 30 years, capped by the insanity of directly debasing the money supply these past 4 years).

    All we await is for the capital destruction that HAS ALREADY TAKEN PLACE to become painfully visible. Living standard will collapse because the capital necessary to maintain the was ALREADY consumed in an orgy of debt-fueled speculation.

    This is a cycle. It is a natural law as inviolable as gravity, and no man or group of them can repeal its methodical operation.

    We are born, we live, and we die. We don’t choose the epoch into which we are born. All we do is play the game either as pawns, knaves, or (perhaps it’s a delusion) artists. Only the artists have much hope in discerning where the next Big Piece of Crap is going to land, and attempt to be ELSEWHERE.

  47. The trigger point has not been reached yet. But something will tell it has been reached then someone will reach over and flick the switch, saying enough is enough!

    Then the mess will begin; the terror, the insanity, the madness, the craziness, the doubt of everything or anything.

    They will look for a leader, a yearn for direction, a plea for sanity. They will find that man, all I can say is heil Hitler……

  48. Stucky, this was a period of great optimism and trust. People complacently trusted their “regulatory overseers” to insure their health and welfare, and paid no attention to the FACT that regulators are always captured by the industries they regulate.

    Axiom 96: Politics cannot EVER produce good outcomes.

    The trend for the future is already dawning. Food scares (true or illusory) are part and parcel of bear markets. The backlash against GM foods, pesticides/herbicides, HFCS & refined sugar, “wheat belly,” and such are moving from the Fringe (where I live) to the Mainstream.

    In coming years people will likely be AFRAID to eat the foods proffered by General Mills, Kraft, P&G, etc. Food scares, food panics, scandals, etc. will probably rain on us daily.

    I’m not saying I know the truth from the fiction on this. I’m pretty well educated in the sciences, but there is an ocean of junk science occluding reality in this and many other fields. All I’m saying is that the coming Big Thing is already emerging.

    Distrust for *everything* (corporations, government, you-name-it) seems likely to be the NEXT BIG WAVE. It will likely be followed by absolute, mindless FURY.

    I’m still shopping for a large hole into which to move and ride out the storm.

  49. A point for which I know I’m going to get flamed, but need to make nonetheless….

    Most of you who hammer on Marxism have likely read NOTHING that Marx actually wrote, based upon your citations of it. While I readily acknowledge that Marxist economics is an unmitigated disaster, that doesn’t detract from the fact that Marx was incredibly perceptive as a social critic, and he rightly identified many of the problems that industrial capitalism poses. Namely, that it is an insatiable, revolutionary force that seeks to commodify EVERYTHING. Left to its own devices, it would consume all of the resources and ecosystems on earth to the point of exhaustion — and only then would humanity discover that it can’t eat money.

    Don’t believe me? Look at accounts of how most Americans lived 150 years ago as compared to today. Back then, most people met many of their needs outside of a money economy, as they were instead enmeshed in what historians refer to as “kin and community networks of mutual obligations.” A shorter name for this is the gift economy. People helped each other out simply because it is what you were expected to do as a member of a community. Those who took advantage of others in the community could find themselves ostracized and cut out from the benefits of those exchanges. But industrial capitalism steadily wore away at this, first attacking necessities, then consumer goods and turning them into marketable products. Once the market for products was exhausted, it turned to the things that people used to just do for one another and turned them into services that we now pay for.

    Industrial capitalism is at least as responsible for the situation we find ourselves in as the socialist/communist hobgoblin that so many here like to cite. In fact, I’d argue that communism and capitalism are just 2 sides of the same industrial coin, and that industrialism, while providing some real material benefits, has also succeeded in taking us to the brink of social collapse and ecological ruin.

    But hey, that’s just, like, my opinion, man. Take it or leave it as you wish….

  50. DC Sunsets

    Excellent points. For the sake of discussion ….

    Was it really an era of trust? Perhaps in this regard; people may not have liked the government, but few actually believed the government was actively against them to do evil. For me, it was more an era of optimism … peace, free-love, groovin’ and trippin’, Woodstock, and all that (at least amongst the younger generation).

    Not enough people will be scared to eat Big Ag frankenfood. Only a few, like me, you, and the type of person reading this board. I don’t mean to brag, but if America were to eat as I do, most of the Big Food players would be out of business. Literally. I just don’t buy their SHIT.

    But no amount of vast information on the net, and no amount of bad publicity will put Shit Foods, Inc. out of business. For example, lok at the “pink slime” story this past year. How in the fuck did that not hurt sales at shitholes like McShits?? Because Kool-Aid loving moms (and dads), for a variety of reasons, simply don’t give a flying fuck.

    I sincerely apologize for my second post on food. But. again, this small scale problem points to deeper issues. If people don’t seemingly give a shit about their own bodies, their own health, their own mortality, and the food which fuels them … food which can extend life, or shorten it …. then how in the hell will they care about anything else? They won’t.

    “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” —— Luke 16:10

  51. The Dude Abides

    Marxism, OK, perhaps a nice philosophy ….. on paper. Impossible in real life.

    Unless, of course, you can point to ONE successful Marxist state.

  52. I had to visit my offices in Toronto yesterday. Lucky it is only a few times a year i have to go in. Could not help but think on the highway on the way out that it was not the high volume of traffic that was insane, but the real insanity was in the minds of the people who found the situation perfectly normal.

  53. Dude,

    Fuck you and fuck your Marxist bullshit. We’ve gotten ourselves into this situation because of socialism and communism and brain dead liberal progressive assholes like you. Capitalism built this country, and fuckwads like you and 100 million parasites have destroyed it.


  54. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO MR. JAMES QUINN ! I feel that this article is one of the best (if not THE BEST) article that I have EVER read. It clearly and concisely explains the situation that we as citizens find ourselves in, and the inevitable collapse THAT MUST AND WILL RESULT from the follies that have been undertaken by the educated elite and our political leaders for many decades now. All systems have a life span and our current economic and social experiment is coming unglued – YOU SEE IT / MICHAEL LEWIS CAN SEE IT / MIKE BURRY SEES IT ( and the DHS sees it !). My hat is off to you Mr. Quinn ! Thank you so very much for your tireless effort !

  55. I recall learning about the Federal Reserve System.
    I became angry and depressed.
    I lost respect for Woodrow Wilson and all presidents that served after him.
    The working men and women of my nation are treated as suckers.
    I am an independent – no ties to the Republican Party or Democratic Party.
    Because the elite have so much to lose, I speculate “financial engineering” will be their solution.
    There are many ways to preserve a “system” that really should be changed.
    When the retirement age was raised for specific people (regarding Social Security), it was a form of “financial engineering”. I believe this is an example of America’s future.
    I suspect the standard of living of most Americans will decline as the elite preserve the “system”.
    I am optimistic that the worst of times will be avoided during my lifetime.
    Just happy that I do not have children.

  56. AWD

    Neither system should be proud of their accomplishments. Saying one is so much better than the other is like saying Dems are better than Repubs.

    (I will not say any more regardless of the responses … no desire to hijack this excellent thread).


  57. It’s a nice title, but seemingly an exercise in futility.

    Every where one fixes their gaze one will find a bleating sheep, shepherded along by their media masters, spewing “facts” that prove one must always have a boot on their neck. Each day that passes my heart sinks lower. The propaganda is so complete that original thoughts/thinking (nothing is new under the sun, of course) are now synonymous with extremism. If one does not in some way proclaim that the only path to happiness is to relinquish pieces of your life and labor then one is labeled into obscurity via negative stereotypes; group shaming. Perhaps this is a compliment, but humans need interaction with one another for social and survival reasons, making free thought a danger to one’s life.

    With each conversation I have I am amazed, horrified, by the level of synchronicity of thought between the vastly different individuals with which I converse. With the level of saturation of “information” so high and the absolute trust individuals have in the ones that give them said “information”, it really only takes one 24 hour period to indoctrinate a significant portion of the population. Offer a rebuttal to the faithful, they’ll view you as a kook, and probably a dangerous one. Common knowledge is king, and common knowledge is centrally disseminated.

    What else can I say? If each individual is not a healthy skeptic, questioning each statement, each “fact”, then what need is there for endless charts that are basically explaining in a very round-about manner that the average Joe has become the average idiot (forward, Idiocracy!). It’s as if each chart, though explaining different phenomena using different data, is really an attempt at charting the creep of retardation through the general populace. At first it was entertaining to read zerohedge, TBP, etc., with their constant information about our dire situation, something that should be more obvious to the average Joe turned idiot. Now it is producing painful pangs of panic (hell yeah, alliteration) and only serves to produce doubt about my place in the world.

    The impetus for the post is that I was woken up by my roommate watching MSNBC and then listening to NPR and my subsequent failure to find negative opinions about NPR that didn’t center around, “Well, them damn liberals are fundin’ that thar radio station with tax dolla’s.” My beef at this moment isn’t with NPR but rather the fact that thought patterns are only acceptable if built and expressed within the matrix of the left/right paradigm. So if a media organization gives fair time to both sides of the coin then obviously it is balanced. To me this is heresy. This isn’t balance or free thought, this is playing an instrument.

    /rant off

    Thanks for reading, if you did. Really needed to vent. Thanks Admin for this website. I enjoy your writing. If I had a shred of the burning wit you and AWD posses…

  58. Perhaps you’re right, Stucky, and many people won’t give up Mc-Not-Meat. I could be wrong.

    My sense of it, however, is that this is just a big herd-level thing. Right now people still trust their money sits safely in the bank (few even heard of John Corzine or MF Global, much less Cyprus’ bail-in), trust the Celebrity Teleprompter-reader to tell the truth, trust their elected Clowns, etc.

    They may not like them, but they trust them. Their behavior says so (and I watch what people DO, not what they say, i.e., poll results).

    When stocks turn down in a waterfall. When the 10 year T-note breaks north of 4% and keeps going. When housing resumes its crashing ways….

    THEN we might see the herd change its behavior to a signal of trust to a signal of fear and mistrust.

    Look at the bright side: We panicked early and beat the crowds!

  59. Capitalism is just the free-market, private property order.

    Insert politics and you get crony capitalism or fascism (take your definition). These are not free-market, nor are they consistent with the private-property order.

    Some people appear to redefine “capitalism” into some system where the most productive people accumulate wealth and then use that wealth to enslave everyone else.

    The problem is that this is NOT capitalism. Capitalism is just a system where capital (the means of production) is owned by private individuals who reap the benefits or losses from its employment. Once someone begins to use FORCE (the political system) to handicap competitors, tax their competitors, compel their customers or their employees it is no longer a free system.

    Marx may have been correct; it seems to be human nature to translate wealth earned in the free market into the coercive power of politics. What Marx, Progressives and all other assorted leftists seem to miss is that humans are all…..HUMAN. The saints a leftist chooses to rule over everyone are at least as self-interested (and often far more sociopathic) than any crony capitalist.

    Many, many people have been murdered by those seeking to “improve” their fellow man. Leftists are forever described by the mountains of corpses left by their intellectual brethren, from Lenin and Stalin to Hitler to Mao, Pol Pot and all the rest.

    260,000,000 people, give or take, MURDERED by (almost to a man) LEFTIST tyrants. Communism (AKA International Socialism), Nazis (National Socialism), Fabians (Welfare State Socialism) all have piled corpses into mountains no society of serial killers could ever equal.

    So sorry…don’t get me started on Marx.

  60. “Our idiot culture, that celebrates reality TV morons, low IQ millionaires playing children’s sports, egomaniacal Hollywood hacks, self-promoting Wall Street financers, and self-serving corrupt ideologue politicians, has been degenerating for decades.”
    —-Admin in his article

    Yep. Throw in a debased public education system that prays at the altar of diversity and churns out millions of illiterate or barely literate graduates instead of students who actually KNOW something useful to take into adulthood, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

    I don’t see a “national” solution for this. None. The best that can be hoped for is that some states get their shit together (a few appear to be taking this path) and join hands, if necessary, to resist any further attempts at federal interventionism. It’s a helluva lot easier for people to take their issues to a state capital than Washington D.C. And it’s a helluva lot easier to elect a state government that reflects the majority will in a state than it is on the national stage. And somewhere, sometime a governor, backed by the state representatives and people, is going to tell D.C. to take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

    And yes, that means some fractures occurring in the Republic. Don’t know what comes next.

  61. Dude – when you start a post with ” most of you likely have read NOTHING about such and such’ you show yourself to be a fucking condescending moron. You know half of jack shit about folks around here. And many are really well read and smart as hell.

    Go fuck yourself, douchebag. What an asshole.

  62. @Admin –
    T.Y. for another well written WAKE UP essay with some fresh metaphors and down to earth gloom and doom reality. You’re right — Staying sane in a society gone mad is not easy.

    I agree many have a normalcy bias, but even those that know better would prepare for the coming disaster except they have no means to do so. I already have my Lotto and PowerBall tickets for tomorrow night. All I need is the correct 6 numbers. That’s how I see my odds of a better life – 1:22,957,480 and 1:175,223,510. I’ll keep buying the tickets until I die, or until I’m flat broke.

    I wonder what Isaac Newton would have to say about all of this.

    ♥ the new TBP symbol – hope you keep it.

  63. The Dude Abides says:

    “…ultimately I’m coming to the conclusion that there will be (and even can now be) things much more important than liquid capital.”

    and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13 but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

    15 “So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’[a] spoken of through the prophet Daniel—let the reader understand— 16 then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. 17 Let no one on the housetop go down to take anything out of the house. 18 Let no one in the field go back to get their cloak.

  64. Powerful stuff, Jim.

    Insanity everywhere. This is one: “the most powerful military machine in human history”. Yes, it’s big, it’s bad, it costs a lot for high-tech (and not paid for!) I’ve been slogging through Thomas E. Ricks’ Fiasco with all the gnarly details of the Iraq fuckups. One thing high-tech investment cannot buy is common sense.

    The high-tech but conventional force made quick work of Plan A, but there was no Plan B for the occupation. There were many military voices who understood the problems but no one listened to them — that was the fault of the civilian component of understanding an occupation.

    Well, the neocons did make their own reality but didn’t like the outcome.

    Meanwhile, we have SIFs * like Mick and the occasional Marxist who knows he’s smarter than anyone here. The signal-to-noise ratio in comments is high, however. 🙂

    * Single Issue Fanatic.

  65. Good article admin. Hope family issues will be resolved soon.

    Good rant Stucky.

    Marx was a tool of the powers that be of his time IMO. Sure he said some things that were true….deception with truth.

    I’d like to see them take flying fuck at a studded rolling boulder SSS

  66. I just eat this shit up, well done admin. Its an even better read with a glass of wine or bourbon in hand. Insane world? no doubt. You didn’t even mention the pharmaceutical industrial complex! The definition of insanity is to “lose touch with reality” and I think an appropriate definition of reality is elusive these days. Apparently there are a lot of crazies out there because in this country alone we dispense over $10 billion worth of antipsychotics every year. What a freaking waste of money.
    The pharmaceutical industry is cashing in on this insanity you are describing. People are so F’d up they can’t take it any more.

    Did you see they just added a pink floyd channel on sirius xm? Pink Floyd reminds me of earlier days experimenting with recreational substances to see the alternate reality. Today I’m living in it every day, nothing makes sense. I used to ridicule old geezers that would talk like the government was out of control, or conspiracies of market manipulation, now I am becoming that old geezer..

    Your work reminds me of that joke “Do you have a Thinking problem”


  67. Admn,…another great doom post! Not much I can add. My security is God, a few good friends and my m1a1.God bless and keep up the good work.

  68. Howdy All- I just finished reading about the secret meeting on jekyll island nov 1910 where elite bankers and their crony capitalist friends planned the FED. Then I read on realclearmarkets about the feds activity in late 20s and concluded the FED caused the Crash of 29. This article resonates well withthe likelihood of another Black Friday 4 oct 2013. Sincerely, RabbleBabble.

  69. The system is broken at the national level, it’s not feasible to repair unless someone runs a 1 second slum clearance special on D.C. The political parties have devolved into organized crime families with built in dynasties.

    A lot of the blame can be put on a educational system that is a complete train wreck at producing a educated and informed citizen in the Jeffersonian sense. In turn this has created the low-information-voter or mouth breathing moron who gets their voting information from political ads. That is a killing blow for a Democratic Republic like ours. The Founding Fathers even said as much. They created a government for a moral people who were also intelligent. The bulk of our electorate today is neither. They resemble monkeys on Xanax.

    Personally i believe the dumbing down of our schools was deliberate, given that it’s health was a keystone for a functioning Democracy and that it’s demise would end our nation. Look up until recently it was originally good enough to produce students who went on to become engineers who put a man on the moon and built Boeing, gave us the Microwave oven and cell phone. Today it produces illiterates by the millions that are only fit to become wards of the state.

    As Neil Postman once said, we have the choice of being Athenians or Visigoths, sadly the people have chosen to be the latter and that is fatal for the nation.

    The only thing parents can do today is save their children from state education system. Teach them to be a Athenian and not a Visigoth.

  70. If you accept the Usurpation of the Presidency then you are a fool who deserves no protection from the Constitution. You are a traitor to the Republic. All of this article is whining, rehashed and meaningless. The only thing that matters is removal of the Domestic enemy Usurper Obama, a British subject doing the bidding of the Rothchilds, by We the People. Until then America is lost. This is a wind tunnel, a steam valve— nothing more. Admin’s blindness to the Usurpation speaks volumes, as removal of the domestic enemy Usurper would void his entire Presidency— all the dykes and Communists he appointed, all the Unconstitutional bills, and executive orders signed.

    REFUTE THIS IF I AM WRONG (none of you can):
    “The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners”. Minor v. Happersett, 88 US 162, 167 (1874)

    THAT IS US LAW, as is this:
    “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President;” A1S2C4

    There is no assumption of legal authority of an ineligible elected official who acts to hide that Usurpation, and where we the people are aware of it. If We the People were to stand up and drag this interloper from the WH it would be a defining moment in the re-establishment of the Republic, yet the supposedly smart and “Constitutionalist” JQ Admin ignores the elephant sitting on his chest.
    I’ve seen all of these facts a thousand times. Nothing new here. What are you going to do about it?

  71. Right. So the relativists, who think that the eligibility of the President doesn’t matter because all Presidents are controlled come out to down vote. They are blind to the fact that the criminals are taking Usurpation to mean that there is no law– thus they can do whatever they please— because when the executor of the laws is an illegal entity, then there is no law.

    The criminals seem to think an illegal President is important. since they gave us 2 illegal Presidents in one election— therefore guaranteeing that there would be a Usurpation in 2008 (McCain— born in PCZ, Obama — born of a foreign father), while more illegal POTUS and VPs wait in the wings (Jindal– born of foreign parents, Rubio— born of foreign parents, Cruz— born of a foreign father in Canada). APPARENTLY it is important— to the criminals, but not the “constitutionalists” here.

    STILL NO ONE can refute the FACT that the US Supreme Court precedent, from Minor v. Happersett, is US Law, and that Obama, born British of a British subject father, and still British to this day, is not a natural born Citizen, and is still British to this day. I though you all were smart????1!! This is a wind tunnel, and you all are lightweight faux intellectuals. I challenge ANY OF YOU to prove me wrong.

  72. Another fine essay Admin. I often wonder if it’s just me who’s having insane thoughts in a sane world, or is it the other way around?

    Reading TBP helps me realize that there are other crazies out there who see the same writing on the wall that I do. Not until things actually unfold as we suspect will we have our retribution – until then it’s all only speculation. Yet, our insanity crystallizes into a deep seated need to hope for the best, but plan for the worst. A need that for me, caused me to uproot 35 years of stability and relocate 1500 miles to an area where I envisioned a better chance at surviving the images flickering around in my crystal ball. Fuck if I know, so in the meantime I sit here perturbed.

  73. It’s an insane world when a British subject domestic enemy Usurper is allowed to hold the office of President of the US.

  74. Prtrb’d–

    Really? that’s your excuse. Then go hide under your bed. Prove me wrong (NONE of you can) . You disgust me. The Usurpation is allowed to happen because of your attitude, and the attitude here of many who think it doesn’t matter.– spread among millions. The elephant in the room is getting awfully smelly.

  75. Excellent read and a great reference article!

    “In Part 2 of this article I will attempt to figure out why mass insanity has gripped the world and ponder what might happen when sanity returns.”

    Insanity is determined by the Insanity makers. For consideration in that part 2 effort;

    “Stupidity At The Top — Most Culpable Players…
    Educational Inbredculturation — A Tiny Jivey League Clique Enables Global Xtrevilism…
    Inbred Narcissistic Blowhards Form The Breeding Grounds For The Sociopathic Disease Of Xtrevilism…”


    Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

  76. Mick,
    Take it to the courts, good luck with that! The usurpation has been forced because for now their firepower is in control. When the hoards of people get riled up the balance of power will shift. That’s all the proof I’ll provide you for the moment. Guess you’ll just have to wait it out for the rest. But then, hey, maybe I’m just another of the insane crowd, and you are the shining example of sanity!
    Cheers mate.

  77. Mick hard at work with his rebuttals to us all about how we must petition the courts to impeach/remove B. Hussein because he isn’t a natural born citizen. I will concede that if he is actually not a natural born citizen he should be removed but that will never be proven in a USSA Court of Law.
    I still want to know why to whom this turd from shat from or where he geographically plopped matters compared to him being a kidnapping, murdering, fraudulent, lying thieving sociopath. The latter are much easier to prove, more severe violations of law (natural law at that) but yet nothing happens. If he was removed, who would replace him? “Two shotgun blasts” Biden? Maybe John “Boner”? Or just another banana republic election? That’s what we need to save the republic, right Mick?


    I should just heed my own advise.


  78. “Then go hide under your bed. Prove me wrong (NONE of you can) . You disgust me. The Usurpation is allowed to happen because of your attitude, and the attitude here of many who think it doesn’t matter.– spread among millions.”


    I agree with you as there is no other choice than to keep fighting. It’s an uphill battle 24/7. Perhaps fighting “the system” is dumb, but doing NOTHING is light-years dumber.

  79. My case is in the Supreme Court of Fl. while you all participate in this wind tunnel echo chamber of controlled opposition. Still no one can refute me, or SCOTUS?

    “The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners” Minor v. Happersett, 88 US 162, 167

  80. John A,
    I absolutely agree with the sentiment to keep fighting but a rally cry of “Get Rid of Him Because He Wasn’t Born Here” instead of “Get Rid of The Murderer/Liar/Traitor/Kidnapper/Torturer” isn’t something I can sanely support.

    Whatever floats the boat, I guess.

  81. Mick

    I happen to agree with you regarding Obama’s birth legitimacy. I pretty much doubt that he was born in the United States.

    HOWEVER #1: That ship has sailed. You are beating a dead horse. Don’t you realize that?

    HOWEVER #2: I vote thumbs down on your posts because of your condescending arrogance. You are NOT better than the rest of us.

  82. mick, you keep focusing on the current person occupying the oval orifice. Hunky dory. Thats your thang.

    The problem, the powers that Oblamer inherited, were increased by nearly EVERY president that held the office before him.

    As for your disparaging remarks……

    Nanna Nanna Boo Boo.

  83. This article resonates well with the likelihood of another Black Friday 4 oct 2013. Sincerely, RabbleBabble.

    Black Friday ended up with the creation of the Plunge Protection Team. Never let a crisis go unused to pass new powers.

    Another Black Friday event would just continue QE past the time when Bernanke weasles his way out of office in 2014 leaving the “Turd Tapering” to the next minion.

  84. Dear Mr. Quinn, I have had the extreme pleasure of reading and following you for a number of years now, and this piece touched my heart and mind more than usual. You have a gift and I feel blessed and honored to be lucky enough to have read your essays and participate in the shit-throwing on your site(s).

    Most importantly though, the majority of the time I leave this place feeling validated, grounded, more sane, if you will.

    We, the aware, should not, cannot, discount this validation and sanity.

    If not for this I am afraid of how lost I would feel. I would feel like maybe the things I see are not truly there, that maybe the knowledge I gain is leading me to the wrong conclusions, like maybe I should sit back and just BELIEVE that the “smart/rich” guys know what they are doing and have my best interests at heart. You know, behave like the 95% of us serfs, clueless and pretending to be happy while the wheels fall off our individual/family buses.

    Living in a family where 100% of your future is being dictated by one of society’s “normal” and “sane” is one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. Even tougher than when I lived with a hitter. Physical pain has nothing on unknown as to the extent perceived future pain of the everyday.

    I SEE the fucking writing on the wall, both in Amurika, and in my own home. And I cannot truly do a fucking thing about either. If I leave, he will fight me, and if he fights me, I’m fighting back. I rolled over before, and after saving his business and his ass, I am NOT walking away with nothing, unless, of course, there is nothing left to walk away from. But, I have a realistic chance of getting out of this relationship, no such luck on the geography thing.

    So, damned if I do, damned if I don’t, which is exactly where we are as a society.

    Thank you Jim for enabling me to feel sane, and normal, or at least insane and abnormal with friends, if only for a few minutes everyday.

    You, and many of the commenters here, allow me to “know” others that refuse to remain willfully blind.

  85. What else is there to say? Most regular readers of TBP know what’s going on and have a good sense of the reasons why. The tides/cycles of history will have their way with us. All we can do at this point is prepare the best we can for the storm to come, and pray that enough of us survive to pick up the pieces in the aftermath.

  86. Reposted from Zero Hedge.

    Well said…

    I’ve concluded that I live in a dishonest, insane, intolerable world and consider it my duty to spread discontent among those I can reach. — Jim Quinn

    That makes two of us. Moreover I also strongly agree that…

    The anger at the true Wall Street malefactors manifested itself in the Tea Party movement and Occupy Wall Street movement, but both efforts were quickly hijacked by neo-con right wingers and socialist left wingers for their own ideological purposes. — Jim Quinn

    So the question is, can we create a decentralized political process, democratic and Constitutional, that would be immune to hijacking? I argue we can, which may sound insane, but might work if it conforms to broadly accepted societal norms, values and mythos. Use their propaganda against them.

    The average person senses that all is not well… — Jim Quinn

    Indeed, and when considered in context with your previous quote, it’s apparent we are already looking for political alternatives. That is, in fact, what we need the most, an alternative choice. We need a focal point, a choice which sums up our collective discontent, by allowing each of us to voice our individual anger and frustration.

    We need one thing we can all agree upon, even if we don’t all agree about everything else.

    This is what I advocate. A Constitutional, democratic process to revoke our consent to be governed by these corrupt bastards at the ballot box. A political choice other than elite twin-party stooges tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee. Our deliberate and considered revocation of their legitimacy to govern under our Constitution.

    Because political consent to be governed under the Constitution is implicitly given by voting for any candidate for Constitutional office, it must be explicitly revoked by deliberately not voting for any candidate and marking your ballot “No Consent”.

    No Candidates, No Consent.

    Your government will not give you warning. We need to come to our senses one by one, until there are enough sane people to tip the scales in our favor. — Jim Quinn

    Perhaps I am crazy. Certainly seems so to me at times. Tilting at windmills and all…

    But today there is no natural place for anger to flow, and so the anger flows haphazardly, like raindrops down a windowpane. The only political ideology that anger benefits these days is anarchy. From the point of view of those who enjoy political stability, it’s a stroke of luck that anarchists have no natural talent for organizing themselves. But how long will it take them to learn? -– Michael Lewis – Boomerang

    They [politicans and bankers] have only done what we allowed them to do. — Jim Quinn

    Only we, you and I, can change that. I’ve outlined how we might do so at the ballot box. If there are no better ideas, I suggest we get to work spreading the word any way we can…

  87. Teresa

    In the face of the tyranny and insanity, we HAVE to maintain a sense of control over own lives, or we will go cuckoo. You are strong and brave. Do what you need to do. And stay in touch around here. You write insightful posts.

  88. What to do, what to do? In a world so corrupt few things one man can do but still?
    Molon labe
    Unintended consequences

  89. AWD — Your gibbering, mouth-frothing response completely proved the point I was trying to make. Thank you, fuckwad.

    Llpoh — Learn to read for comprehension, douche. I said “most” not “all”. And I was referring to people who practically froth at the mouth when using the terms “communism” or “socialism” (see AWD, above). If that doesn’t fit you, then it wasn’t meant for you.

    d.c. sunsets — The shtick that Marxism is somehow the most murderous force on earth is tired and played out. Humans have treated other humans like shit for the past 5000 years, ever since the advent of civilization and empire convinced some that they had the right to rule over others. Communism was just another example, not the driving force. The most rapacious empire the world has ever known — the British Empire — was decidedly not communist. And it probably wreaked more misery around the earth than any other nation as it plundered, murdered and tortured for its own material benefit.

    Stucky — You responded in a very reasoned fashion but you missed my point (and in subsequent posts I think ended up agreeing with me). I acknowledge that Marxism is a disaster from an economics perspective. Where it had (and still has) value is from a critical/historical perspective.

    Admin — My apologies for dragging this otherwise great thread back into the gutter, but… THIS AGGRESSION… WILL NOT STAND.

    1. The Dude Abides

      TBP threads have a life of their own. I’m glad you have joined the fray. You’ve got a little Smokey in you. I don’t know if you know what that means, but it’s a compliment.

  90. Admin,

    I’ve visited your site for a while and posted under a different name as well. I’m aware of who Smokey is and I do take that as a compliment.

    Thanks for all your work in putting together such a valuable site. Not bad for a graduate of a second-rate business college at a top-flight engineering university.

    1. It was 3rd rate when I graduated. They did have good frat parties though. I did get to eat cheesesteaks for lunch every day for four years.

  91. Dude – you imbecile. Jam your read for comprehension up your ass. You saying “most of us have likely done such and such” is just pure ignorant and was meant to inflame. I read just fine. Why don’t you learn to write for comprehension, dickhead? Maybe then you won’t get your ass kicked.

    You started the bullshit by being an asswipe. Aggression will not stand? I shit bigger than you.

  92. Admin – if Smokey is out there,comparing him to a pussy Commie will likely draw him out. Would not want to be you, tho, if he is around.

  93. Mick

    SIF, troll, one trick point, a modern day Don Quixote — good luck with that. You see one tree in a vast forest of bigger issues.

    Really, your attempt to hijack a thread on this site is a discourtesy to Jim Quinn, as well as to the range of commenters with worthwhile contribution to the discussion. Let me suggest a real challenge: perhaps daily kos. No one here cares to prove you wrong — or right. We’ve bigger fish to fry and you are an annoying minnow.

  94. The big-pocket investors believe the national debt will be wiped clean by massive inflation, almost on the same scale as Gold. As long as they are long in the equity markets, their investments will be hedges to inflation. Yes, I noticed that Gold is down 20% over the past 6 months at $1320/oz; but it’s up from approximately $500/oz in 2006. First Detroit, then you know what comes next.

  95. Great article Jim.

    If you ever get a chance go here for the best cheese steaks bud.

    Your articles are very lucid about the problems we face together.

    I am in search of solutions.

    That is why we need to go “Beyond” left and right, to avoid divide and conquor, and another civil war.

    Also, being a Fourth Turning fan and an Xr (62) led me here for our needs, in our times, till the sun rises again.

    The first turning again, but different, like a spiral perhaps, circular, not just linear.

    The Fourth Turning hints that we need a “Liberty Generation” this time around.

    Column 4 shows the different possible outcomes.

    Here are the archetypes

    This thread is especially interesting.

    The greatest cycle, rebirth of a civilization.

    To me I imagine a record playing, and just once in a very long time the needle of that record player, “jumps” and a new record magically appears below the needle during the jump. (Social Change) and the present the cycle is broken and a new one begins.

    But it is very rare.

    This just might be one of those times.

    How about these principles as guiding values for a new civilization?

  96. Frank R. Wallace called anything clouding integrated honesty, mysticism. If he had survived a car accident in 2006, he would have wanted the economy to collapse with a deflationary depression, such that the old timers’ cash would be worth more today than 6 months ago. Instead, we’re facing potential stagflation, anemic economic growth, with increasing rates of inflation. Yes, grandma and grandpa’s retirement are shrinking if they are in a good proportion of cash. What are they to do in their golden years? Pan on the street for money???

  97. A German professor of economics (I forgot who) said, that we can vote every day. Our fiat money is the votiung ticket. You can for example vote for gold today, when you buy a little physical gold. You can vote today, when buying good and healthy food that can adjust your health and maybe not buying pharmaceutical products that may make you sick. Get informed, vote wisely and often.

  98. Mick is under the impression that every Thumbs Down vote counts as 1,000 points towards his frequent flyer program.

  99. Admin – I was very familiar with the frat parties. I lived in the old Sammy house for a number of years. But the year I came in was when they did away with weeknight parties. If they had been in place, I likely would have failed out. I barely made it through freshman year with my scholarship intact as it was.

    Llpoh – You’ve only succeeded in making yourself look more and more clueless with each successive post. Crawl back down to your basement to thumb through the stiff, semen-stained pages of your copy of Atlas Shrugged and ponder why you can’t manage to get laid as you stroke your needle dick to the passages of Dagny and John Galt. I take derision from the likes of you as a compliment, because your mind is so frozen shut to even begin to consider anything that exists outside your own narrowly defined ideology.

    1. The Dude Abides response to LLPOH. I can’t come to your rescue LLPOH. The Dude and I are fellow Drexel Dragons.

  100. I am looking forward to part 2 on what next. My recent novel, The Silver Bell, tries to look at the formation of a system post collapse that is based on credit and productivity instead of debt and death. (see life insurance below)

    I would like to quibble a bit with your statement: “Since the infamous creation of the Federal Reserve by a secretive cabal of bankers and politicians in 1913, the ultimate destination of the American empire was set.”

    Yes by the time legislation was being passed in 1913 it was bankers and politicians in the news. But the story behind the story goes back to the boom in life insurance sales starting in the 1880’s. It was Met Life and Aetna, etc. who met in secret in 1903 and beyond. They needed a uniform currency and a place to put a mountain of cash and get a steady return. Life insurance exploded in the 1880’s and that industry dwarfed banking and all other sectors for 30 years. The debt based system they created was designed to force banks to hold Treasuries instead of cash as tier one reserves and get some interest. This debt based system requires inflation to survive but it is bound to fail especially if abused egregiously. QE Infinity is beyond egregious.

    The reform efforts of 1914 were designed to keep Banks and insurance companies separate by preventing interlocking boards. The battle was lost and subsequent reform efforts mere skirmishes kept in check by counter measures like the FDIC created in 1933 to protect banks not depositors.

    My point is this. The system will fall. We need to focus on putting together a new system that is not based in debt and death or the clever ones who invented credit default swaps will devise a new system that will appear to be populist and will start the game all over again. And to that end we need deeper understanding of what went down in 1903 and beyond. The Oligarchy that controls us is far more widely based than our rapacious banking system.51ZcQklFsUL._AA260_.jpg

  101. Hey Mick

    You have some good ideas and a lot of passion. Therefore, I encourage you to start your own blog, where you will gather like minded people to strategize some solutions.

    If you are so uncomfortable with the community and administrator of TBP, I can’t help but wonder why you keep hanging around.

  102. LAF,
    Dream on Larry. We don’t need to focus on putting together a new system. As long as those in power maintain their power, which they will during this collapse because they are set up to buy when blood is running in the streets, then any new system you were actually able to put in place will be subverted.

    Better to try building a non-system. The healthiest, strongest and longest lasting communities have been tribal. It takes a bit of thinking outside the box to circle back to a simpler existence with credit and productivity based on non-corporate, local economy, do it yourself, anarchistic simplicity. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. A complete reset is necessary to clean out the existing power base.

  103. Prturb’d

    I agree with you almost completely. Except it doesn’t require a complete reset. It just requires enough of us to follow through and show everyone else that it’s possible.

  104. dude,

    it only requires a reset within oneself and finding the likeminded people who have also “reset”.

    i agree with prdrb’d and you but with a caveat.

    a means to protect the inevitable aggression a group that operates like that will need to sustain when the “meddlers” want to force things to be their way.

    this is where i think the so-called union (and many of the state too) needs to break up. communities in CO kinda have the same idea by trying to be the 51st state.

  105. Harry,

    Part of the key is getting LOCAL law enforcement, especially county sheriffs, on your side. I see a day in the future where thugs from the DEA, FDA or USDA try to raid legal marijuana dispensaries or raw milk farms or the like and they find themselves surrounded by local people AND law enforcement, with the option to just leave peaceably or not at all. Of course, there’s probably a good bit of tyranny between here and there.

    Personally, I like Nicole Foss’s example of the Wildebeests of the Serengeti. Most of them cross the crocodile-infested waters because they all jump in at once. That’s what all of us who see the need to withdraw need to do as well.

    I think the eventual breakup of the US into several independent states more in line with geography and climate is an inevitability.

  106. Harry and Dude,
    You guys need a bita practice with my name spellings, jeeze.

    I take your opinions under consideration, but you still seem to be avoiding the fact that power corrupts. It may be possible for SMALL and LOCAL to stay that way if group think and group action is strong enough, but time will probably be against you. As soon as some form of government is set in motion then some peoples’ ambition starts getting in the way, and then the others let themselves be led.

    The founding fathers had it pretty well thought out, and did their best to implement a plan, but then power corrupted.

    At least it appears we are in agreement that smaller is better. But as soon as there are laws and enforcements then there are people in power, etc, etc.

    I”ll stick with my tribal, anarchistic, simplistic lifestyle. Been doing my best to live it for most of my life anyway. Works for me.

  107. prtrb’d,
    Perhaps I chose my words poorly when I said create a new system. It is more like an end run around the system with a focus on productivity and what is called in my book, Fusion Enterprises. It is true that the intentional community in my book is like a tribe but my dystopian tale is a bit utopian in that they manage to create a new local currency 100% backed by silver hidden in a cave. I tend to feel that we would agree quite a bit around the concept of doing. I have decided not to put my energy into bringing the present system down, but rather look to foster productive Fusion Enterprises wherever possible. Starting with growing my own food as much as possible on 2 acres, including a u-pick blueberry patch. Another utopian theme in The Silver Bell, is the creation of Heritage Agricultural Land Trust (HALT) to keep land out of the hands of Monsanto and Cargill and available for food production by homesteaders.51ZcQklFsUL._AA260_.jpg

  108. prtrb’d,
    it might be easier if you tred adding a vowel, and no an apostrophe does not count as a vowel, lol.

    you get no argument about the appeal of an anarchist society from me, the only acceptable rule of law is natural law.

  109. In the “you can’t make this shit up” category, here’s an email from

    “Social Security on the chopping block.” “Cutting Social Security.” “Don’t Cut Social Security Benefits!”

    I’m sick to death of headlines like that. I’m sick of time and again being forced to defend Social Security from greedy politicians — when the reality is more seniors and families depend on Social Security for basic needs like food and shelter than ever before.

    Here’s the simple truth: Social Security is the most effective anti-poverty program in history. Forget cutting it — we need to double down on success and make it even stronger.

    Sign our petition calling for expanding benefits and strengthening Social Security today.

    Thanks to Wall Street’s reckless behavior, more than half of American families have seen their savings wiped out, and won’t be able to afford a basic standard of living in retirement. The last time this happened (the Great Depression), Americans came together and created Social Security — freeing millions of seniors from crushing poverty and laying the foundation for generations of prosperity.

    Now, as we slowly recover from the Great Recession, all we hear is talk of “austerity” and cutting benefits. That’s not who we are, and that’s not the deal we need. It’s time to change the conversation.

    Senators Tom Harkin and Mark Begich have the right idea. They’ve proposed bills that would strengthen and enhance Social Security for generations to come. That’s the kind of renewed commitment to community and security we need — let’s show them we’ve got their backs.

    Tell Congress: Now is the time to support seniors and strengthen Social Security.

    Fired up,


    Jim Dean, Chair
    Democracy for America


    This is delusion on steroids.

  110. The doop and Admin went to Drexel? Fuck me. That explains a lot. At least the Admin came to his senses and went on tto get a real degree. Drexel? It is just the precurosor to U of Phoenix. Damn, couldn’t you guys get into something a bit better, like Lower Southwestern Central City College of Detroit? Drexel? Really? Damn, that sucks.

    Doop – nice try, smegma-breath. Maybe you can get AWD to do something about your prollapsed colon. It is not gonna get any better from the reamings you are gonna keep taking around here.

    I cannot wait for your next Marxism rules post. And you say I look clueless? We are still waiting for you to give us an example of Communism success. What a maroon.

    Drexel. Unbelievable.

  111. Greg – you ask what grandpa and grandma are gonna do. Not my problem. That is their problem, and their families problem. One of the reasons we are in the shit we are in is because we do not enforce personal and familial responsibility. Free shit has to stop flowing, for everyone. Those unprepared when the spigot runs dry are going to have it rough. But there is no other answer.

  112. The Dude Abides

    I’d be surprised if anyone here hasn’t read Atlas Shrugged.

    But I’m not surprised how much hatred collectivists have for a dead woman.

  113. flash says:

    “Rubio in 2016!..or at least some other latino who speaks the new Republican amnesty lingo of a chicken in every cholo pot.and El Dorada in every borough driveway. Maybe even a bi-racial Bush.”

    why do I keep falling for ignorant racial comments? P’s mom is from mexico, she is a white hispanic, mexican is not a race, it’s a nationality. cholos are hispanic ghetto dudes, predominantly mexican-american. Rubio is cuban american. the car you refer to is named after the fabulous indian city of gold called el dorado by the spanish conquerors and maybe cibola by LLPOH’s peeps.

    so much ignorance in 40 words or less, you win the zippy the pinhead prize today.

  114. Larry,
    I tend to think we might agree on various doings as well. Guess I’ll have to get your book to learn about what you call Fusion Enterprise. My way has been to teach by example, or in a simpler term- to live my intention. Am now learning a new climate, one a bit more arid than the homestead in SE Alaska, putting in a small farm and orchard. And yes, blueberries too. Getting lots of use out of the flat belt tractor mount firewood saw I pulled out of the brush and tweaked into submission. Interested people tend to gravitate towards this stuff. I think Eustace Conway’s mistake, if you will, was to try to attract people in. It might be that intentional community requires people with intent. Fuck if I know how it’s all gonna work out, probably a continually changing process, but living your intent day by day can’t be wrong.

    change my freakin name? to favor those vowel challenged people like yourself, in memory of packing my 150 lb anvil out of the woods, and in honor of TBPv4 I’ll henceforth go with porter. two freakin vowels now, crikey.

  115. Mick says:

    “As it is now JQ is controlled opposition, a steam vent, and you all come here to lick his balls as he skillfully regurgitates the same true economic sentiments as I read here a year ago. This is an echo chamber.”

    the beatings will continue until morale improves

  116. LAF prtrb’d et al

    Small and beautiful even has its problems. At least they are up close and personal. Yes, ambition aka ‘power’, the empire builder type will surface. I’ve never seen a social club, local community service organization, or village council that didn’t have one who wanted to be the big frog in a small pond.

    Government tends to grow and builds in instability to the point it has nothing in common with the populace. The representative government becomes a pack of congresscritters and others who are bought and sold to the highest bidder like rented mules.

  117. Llpoh, you bitter, self-repressed pickle-chugger — I’m going to go very, very slow here so you can follow me, since you’re obviously STILL comprehension challenged. Apparently you haven’t been laid in so long that all of the semen has backed up into your brain and is affecting your cognitive abilities, at least what they were before….

    1. Marxist economics is a disaster, because it ignores basic economic realities. I said that from the beginning. I don’t need to cite a successful Marxist state because I never claimed there was one.

    2. Intelligent people are by-and-large able to read something and consider its contents without necessarily adopting the views therein NOR completely rejecting it out of hand.

    3. I’ll restate my basic argument from above hopefully in terms that even the cognitively challenged like you can understand.
    – Industrial capitalism has provided incredible material advancement over the past 150 years
    – Industrial capitalism has also brought us to the brink or ecological ruin over that time
    – Industrial capitalism seeks to commodify more and more spheres of life out of its demand for growth.
    – Prior to industrialism, most people lived in a way where very few of the economic exchanges they made involved money. Rather, they lived in a gift economy where people were expected to help others when that help was genuinely needed.
    – The continuous demand for growth undermines genuine human community and the gift economy that tends to support it.
    – If you destroy the ecological systems you depend on for the necessities of life, you’re fucked. Yet that’s what industrial capitalism is continuing to do.

    That’s it in a nutshell, dumbfuck. Now, do you want to continue with your AWD-reminiscent Tourette’s outbreak in response to my original post, or do you want to actually discuss the basic concepts above?

    If it’s the former, then you can take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. Is that clear enough for you to understand? Or do I need to break it down into simpler terms?

    BTW — I applied to Lower Southwestern Central City College of Detroit, but they didn’t accept me. So I ended up at Drexel as my backup plan. At least I went through a real program like Engineering, unlike the Admin….

    1. The Dude Abides bitch slapping Llpoh

      When I was at Drexel getting a degree in accounting that would actually be valuable for my whole career, we observed the engineering geeks with the tape on their thick glasses and their inability to verbalize a coherent sentence when confronted with the appearance of a pretty girl. While the business majors were playing basketball in the gym or intramural softball in the ghetto at 45th and Market, the engineering majors were in the computer lab working on their Fortran skills or in the library preparing for the calc exam next week. Little did they know that all their engineering jobs would end up in India and China.

  118. They just don’t come any dumber than Republican voters.

    So Rand Paul is a libertarian? Who knew?

    Chris Christie: Rand Paul ‘dangerous’

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is ripping libertarians – including Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). – for challenging government surveillance programs and failing to understand the dangers of terrorism.

    “This strain of libertarianism that’s going through parties right now and making big headlines I think is a very dangerous thought,” the New Jersey governor said on Thursday at a Republican governors forum in Aspen, Colo. “You can name any number of people and (Paul is) one of them.”

    Christie, who appeared on the panel with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, said people who are questioning government surveillance programs should confront the families affected by the 9/11 attacks.

    Read more:

  119. admin,
    drexel might be a good engineering school (on paper) but it didnt’ impress me at all when i was picking a school, too many of those nerdy type engineers. i spent a day there, sat in traffic on the surekill expressway, saw a bunch of homeless people on campus and every engineering class i sat in had an instructor from japan, china or inda and “Ingriss” wasn’t their first language.

    i ended going to a smaller school in Pennsyltucky that had a program setup by the former head of the RIT program with students that worked on/modifed their own cars, shot guns for fun, drank in the engineering lab while doing homework and knew how to weld, run mills and lathes and played on the rugby team.
    my job hasn’t been outsourced to china or india (atleast not yet) and i actually had my half year review and got a raise yesterday.

    excuse me, I have to get back to work

  120. Admin –

    Fortran? Isn’t that like the computer language equivalent of Sanskrit? Fuck, you’re old!

    I know there were a lot of nerdy engineers. But in the civil engineering department (my major) we used to have ASCE student chapter gatherings in the sunken quad by the student center with hot dogs, hamburgers, and multiple kegs of beer. Pretty much everybody got shitfaced — including the department chair and senior geology professor. When you work in construction you have to have at least SOME people skills. Although you still don’t have to worry about talking to girls, for the most part. But I got plenty of practice at that from my time at 3411 Powelton Ave.

    harry p. – I grew up in West Pennsyltucky, so all the stuff you’re talking about is what I had growing up. I couldn’t wait to get out of there and move to a city. Then I realized that a lot of living in a city sucks, and ended up back in the country again. But when you work in construction it’s pretty hard to have your job outsourced. It’s not like they can pick up an entire site and move it to China or India.

  121. dude,
    nice to hear you are a fellow engineer. what disciplines did drexel have? i assume mech, elect, chem, civ, ind, manuf.
    we used to give shit to the guys in the industrial engineering program (IE), they were usually the guys who started in mechanical (ME) or manufacturing (MechE) but couldnt’ cut it so they switched to IE. used to refer to them as imaginary engineers, lol.
    i am not in construction but the industry i work in greatly frowns upon any product made in china or india so it is relatively safe at the moment.

    I grew up in the northeast corner of PA where it was mostly rural but when the Noo Yoikers and people from Joosee started moving in with it turned into what we called “The Hood In The Wood”. Now there is a lot of low income housing for parasites.

    visting the parents this weekend (who moved to admins general area) and i was cleaning my pieces so i am prepared for any “protests” for Trayvon that might pop up.

  122. prtrb’d,
    Would love to dialog a bit about leading by example. How do you link up on this site? No threads even. I am at [email protected]

  123. Hey dude and admin…

    I did get into Georgia Tech (you know for “wrambling wrecks” but helluva engineeer), a serious Engineering School (A “trade school” was the “put down” by those rascally Bulldogs from University of GA). Problem is, I ended up in Industrial Management, where I got through and graduated. During one of my computer classes I did learn a decent bit of FORTRAN and actually had to code my programs onto PUNCH CARDS, feed them through the reader and wait for the print out to see the results. Oh how we envied the senior students and profs who had access to small green screen terminals that communicated with the main frame at 300 baud. When 1200 baud connections (and, bless them even more, 2400 baud) from these terminals became available for all students (first come firdt served) we thought we were in NERD heaven. Imagine playing character (that is alpha-numeric not persona) based TREK on a green screen at 1200 baud at 2 am in the computer center against all the other nerds while the UGA types were out on dates. Those were the days.

  124. Didius,

    I have 2 cousins who are civil engineers that graduated from GA Tech. I applied and was accepted, and was very close to going (I have family in the Atlanta area). But Drexel was going to let me do my ROTC scholarship AND co-op, and with Tech it would have been one or the other. So I went to Drexel.

    I didn’t spend any nights in the lab until 2 AM. I was too busy at the frat parties until that time, and then the after-party until sunrise….

  125. Hi Dude,

    Sounds like a logical choice you made. Most of my very few all nighters were either cramming for exams but more often playing Dungeons and Dragons! Yikes!! I did not start emerging from real nerd mode until well after I graduated but that worked out for me well looking back. 🙂

  126. Hear Ye! My, how things change with time. But, without further ado:

    Over coming monthsand perhaps throughout this decade and beyond, stress will wear heavily upon the shoulders of all who are connected to economic woes, and the story unfolding of materialism unravelling and dragging energies down in those whose misfortunes it has been to be involved in such a rapid decline of global monetary systems.

    And although I cannot proclaim to you to FEAR NOT or to WORRY NOT, I propose consideration of something you’re searching for: THE GREEN LANTERN EFFECT. I support this logic by my third Law of Motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. TRUST in this scientific proof.

    When one strolls about at night, it would be wise to BE ARMED, but do not be dangerous. There will be signs of power and change at work. Be observant of GREEN rings on fingers worn by true believers. The time will come when you will see GREEN illuminated porch and street lights, strung GREEN holiday and lantern lights. TRUTH will be illuminated and the correct path will be forged with even more GREEN traffic Lights.

    I assure you I’m not a MAD man as some would speculate and speak about with forked tongues behind my back. BETRAY me NOT. The monetary system is in crisis. FOOLS!
    It costs two cents to mint a cent. It costs ten cents to mint a nickel. Why does one think the half-cent piece is obsolete? The penny and nickel are now absolutely obsolete as well, due to INFLATION. Consider the need for another two-cent piece. The first being discontinued, but by all means it can be brought back. And I’m not talking about downgrading the metal to anything less.

    MINT another two cent piece, but STOP MINTING PENNIES! This monetary system is doomed until rectification is complete. Stabilize the cents, then with gallant force and courage MOVE swiftly to rectify this printing money out of thin air! Twisted distant sorcery, I say. Strange invisible ALCHEMY! Counterfeiters at work! BEWARE!

    In brightest day, in blackest night,
    No evil shall escape my sight
    Let those who worship evil’s might,
    Beware my power…Green Lantern’s light!


  127. Dupe comes back with blah blah etc. He sits at his computer all day designing bridges, etc., and dreams of what his life might have been if he had gone to a real college. Looked up Drexel’s acceptance rate – over fifty percent. She-it. A lot of teacher’s’ colleges are more selective. Trayvon coulda got into Drexel. Unfortunately I have been too busy to attend to Dupe’s re-education as regularly as he deserves, but I am glad to see he still feels he has a chance in this battle. I hate it when the newbies bleed out too quickly.

  128. flash says:

    “The U.S. Government has defined Hispanic or Latino persons as being “persons who trace their origin or descent to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central and South America, and other Spanish cultures.”[12] Th”

    i was calling foul on your use of the word ‘bi-racial’ to describe ole P. i suppose you are using the old tried and true rhetorical device of shifting the argument to the definition of ‘latino’, well played.
    now that you have shown a firm grasp of the obvious, you know the difference between up and down, you might want to review the old sesame me street tape on discerning between here and there, it’s a nice lesson where grover is in your face and is illustrating ‘here’ then runs off a bit and stops to illustrate ‘there’. watch it a few times until you get it then come back and we can discuss the difference between race and ethnicity.

  129. flash says:

    “so the Republican party is not bending over backwards to promote and expand Latin influence and therefore pander to a specific voting bloc via latino spokesman and pushing amnesty for 46 million more third world infiltrators which will effectively dissolve the the glue of western cohesiveness…”

    adapt or die, the republican party today is different from the party that kennedy defeated in ’60. the democrat party is now a conglomeration of different interests. it is more practical than ideological. the contest for the presidency is no longer a chess match, it is a game of tictactoe and the republicans have nowhere to move that will allow them to win, somebody said bush 2 was the last republican president.

    the reps will court hispanics to divide and conquer the dems. hispanics are seen as an important component of dem strength because they are, since kennedy, firmly in the dem court. the hope is that younger hispanics will identify with a new repub leader since they would not remember kennedy. the repubs also have been courting the lgbt vote which is an important piece of the electorate because they are much more active politically than any other group.

    it is your static thinking that will keep the repubs from winning. or maybe they will win in spite of your unwillingness to adapt. obama’s machinations my be directed at preventing a hillary victory in ’16. same as the Clintons did to gore in ’00.

  130. Brilliant article, many thanks

    I´m resending it to other people. Regards from Prague, CZ (Europe…)
    Keep it up!

  131. Absolutely brilliant article and very well articulated by the Author! Wondering why this stuff isn’t taught to us in public schools now? And as the author points out… this isn’t some new concept; It’s been going on since the beginning of time! Just do a search for the terms “usury” first. This will explain most of what you need to know. Then search “fractional reserve”. Both wikipedia and youtube have excellent info on both of the above, in easy to read/understand English.

  132. The left wingers are just like the right winger extemists trying to rule the world and eveyone’ mind. they are in the same place with dogma about how the world works and their answers to how to fix it. It is much more complex, but people don’t like complex so they will believe whatever they read in the rags. Only one answer, think for yourself and use your God given mind to understand where you are being taken advantage of. Remember we see 7000 adverts a day trying to tell us what to believe. Look out your window, at your friends, neighbours and have a chat a get some reality inside of you. You will be forever gratefull.


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