You can’t make this shit up. Three minutes that will crush any illusions you might have of the masses rising up and shaking off the yoke of corporate fascism. The decades of mass media propaganda and dumbing down of the people through our government run public education system has succeeded beyond Edward Bernays’ wildest dreams. I give you the next head of the Department of Commerce:

53 thoughts on “iMORONS UNITE”

    1. The MSM can blather about why people wait in line for a worthless iGadget. I’ll tell you why.


      “Think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider” – George Carlin

      Why we wait in line for iPhones
      It’s as much about the communal experience as the consumer product

      By Charles Passy

      Has waiting in line become its own reward?

      It’s a question that many retail experts are asking in light of the queues for Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) new iPhone 5s and 5c models, which go on sale Friday morning. Putting aside that it’s been just a year since Apple released its last iPhone and users may be suffering from upgrade fatigue, there’s the simple fact that the phones can be ordered online and shipped to a buyer’s home—no need to stand outside an Apple store, in other words. But that would ignore the real point, say those who study consumer trends: The shared experience of waiting is part of what’s driving consumer satisfaction, as bewildering as that may seem to anyone who’s wasted the better part of a day standing in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles. In this new approach to shopping—call it “queue chic”—time wasted is camaraderie gained.

      “Shopping has become a collective event,” says Adam Hanft of Hanft Projects, a New York consulting firm that works with consumer brands.

      Hanft and other retail experts say that by standing in a crowd, be it for a smartphone or a Black Friday sale, shoppers see themselves as making the right buying decision—a concept known as “social proof.” And that holds true even in the face of considerable logic to the contrary; a name-brand television, for example, is actually more expensive on Black Friday than on several other holiday-season shopping days, according to a Wall Street Journal study.

      It isn’t just consumers who are taking pleasure standing in line: Retailers also recognize the value of keeping shoppers waiting, say experts. That’s because waiting crowds create attention—and that attention can translate into sales even after the initial frenzy has died down.

      Of course, there was a time when standing in line had a negative connotation: Just think of all those struggling Soviets during the Cold War era of rationed goods. Conversely, too much product availability—the dilemma of the big-box era of shopping—is probably what’s fueled the queue chic mentality, says Daniel M. Ladik, an associate professor of marketing in the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University.

      Ladik argues that if shoppers believe that everything is readily available to them, they’ll get excited only when there’s a sense of scarcity—real or imagined. “I call it the paradox of choice,” says Ladik.

      In the case of the new iPhones, there may indeed be a scarcity issue: Reports have already surfaced that the 5s could be in short supply. But if waiting equals buzz, there could be something of an Apple buzz backlash. Consider the television ads that Apple mobile rival Samsung has run in the past for its Galaxy line of smartphones: It’s a campaign built around spoofing the Apple “fanboys” doing what comes naturally to them—waiting in line.

      Ladik, an Apple obsessive himself, fully appreciates the joke, but says the queue chic phenomenon isn’t likely to go away. “It’s a community thing,” he says of those lines stretched outside Apple stores. “There’s no other logic to it.”

  1. Lowest labor participation in 35 years, 47 million people on foodstamps, and real incomes haven’t gone up in four decades, but idiots by the thousands will stand in line for two days to whip out their credit cards for a fucking phone that they can order on-line. We are so fucked. And most of these iMorons are Millenials.


  2. The “smarter” the phones get, the dumber the people that use them get. It’s called AWD’s law.

    Geezus, what a dumb bitch in that video. On a good day, her IQ might be 65. Scary what’s coming.

    Sheep love lines, love to do what they’re told, love to be controlled, and love to get sheered. We’re doomed.

  3. I have never paid a dime for a cell phone. I now have an I phone and so does my wife. They were free with a two year contract. It’s just a phone, very hard for me to get excited over.

    1. I’m sorry to say she was a real American and that was a real interview. The good news is she probably couldn’t figure out the complex technology within the voting booth, if she could even figure out where to vote.

  4. One of the saddest days ever was about 5 years ago when I google seached droid and instead of a picture of r2d2 it was a picture of a phone…..

  5. I wonder if they have iCrap in China, if the government even lets them have this intelligence-draining device. 60% of iphone profit goes directly to China, who’s slaves make iCrap. The Chinese love these friggin idiots that use their student loan money and credit cards to buy iCrap

  6. AWD

    That man is giving birth. To what I don’t know, but it’s something really big. Either that or it’s a giant cyst that became mobile.

    But really folks, this is the consumer/lemming mentality in action. Prior to Apple, I saw the same shit with Windows 95 and 98. Then there were the Tickleme Elmo dolls, Xbox, Nike limited edition frenzies. These fuckers will kill to get this shit.

    Why do you think the Fed refers to us as “consumers” and not citizens. Because that’s what the bulk of us have become “consumers” we exist to buy crap from businesses.

    And you can many of us are very well trained.

  7. After the revelations that the NSA has back-door access to your phone’s OS, you’d have to be a moron to buy a phone with a fingerprint scanner.

  8. Also this shit is Not New. At one time or another people lined up for tulips, tea, priest dispensations, watch lions eat people and a concert by the Who.

    Shit is not new. Pretty funny though………..

  9. “Die Amerikanischer Volk sind verloren” ———- exiledbear

    “The American people are lost”

    What he wrote …

    “Sie lieben ihre Knechtschaft. Nach Snowden, sind keine mehr Illusionen. Ich muss schliessen, Sie lieben ihre Knechtschaft. Ich moechte nicht mehr, hier zu leben. Ich moechte umziehen.”

    “You love your enslavement. After Snowden there are no more illusions. I must conclude you love your enslavement. I don’t want to live here anymore. I want to move.”

  10. Violence erupts at APPLE store among homeless hired to wait in line for new iPhone…

    PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Police detained three people after a fight erupted outside a Pasadena, Calif., Apple Store where a crowd waited overnight for release of the new iPhone.

    Police Lt. Jason Clawson says two men were arrested about 7:30 a.m. Friday after getting into a fistfight while in line along Colorado Boulevard. They face misdemeanor citations. It was unclear what the fight was about.

    Clawson says a third man was placed on a 72-hour mental health hold after running into the street in an enraged state. Clawson says it appears the man may have been among several homeless men who were hired to buy iPhones for other customers.

    Clawson says when the store ran out of the new smartphones, the homeless men didn’t get paid and became upset.

  11. First impressions………she looks like Cindy Lou Who only dumb and not as cute.

    Second impressions……….fuck me dead! Is that a real interview or staged? She sitting in what looks like an office chair you might use at your desk. I just have a hard time believing anyone could be vapid. What kind of job do you suppose she has?

    When I meet people like that in real life I just walk away without warning or explanation.

  12. A smart phone is nothing more than a souped up walkie talkie with a stripped down operating system setting you up to pay for connectability on someone elses ‘cloud server’ for a monthly fee so you can access the mostly useless powerpoint / word / adobe / jpeg / mp3 shit that you have accumulated while buying more stupid phones.

    Paying for big brother. How stupid can you be?

  13. What I hate the most are those who feel like they’re better than someone else just bc they have an ishit device and someone doesn’t. These idiots think that knowing how to push a button (that a 7yr old can) is the same as actually understanding the technology that makes it possible. Hilarious!

  14. I wonder if the sheople will enjoy the lines as much when the destination is the lamp shade factory at the FEMA camp?

  15. Bullock says:
    “I have never paid a dime for a cell phone. I now have an I phone and so does my wife. They were free with a two year contract. It’s just a phone, very hard for me to get excited over.”

    I agree that getting excited over a phone is ridiculous but if you think you have not or will not be paying for those phones, I’ve got a bridge for sale!

  16. I have a free Verizon-issued Samsung flip-phone. It’s over 5 years old and really cool.

    It’s got 17 buttons, 14 of which I recognize (they’re numbered and contain the letters of the alphabet) and a thingy on the side which turns on the camera, which takes really bad pictures. It holds a charge for nearly a week, mainly because it sits on the kitchen counter most of the time.

    I’ve sent precisely 1 text message in the past 5 years. It went through and actually prompted a reply. Does SSS rock or what?

  17. Nobody asked about my trip to Vegas. I got to wait outside the Macy’s at the fashion mall. A dude was looking at his iPad and I wanted so badly to ask about it but he gave off vibes of ‘leave me alone. I looked around and everybody had a device out.

    Then we went to the outlet mall and I was outside waiting once more. every dude there had a fancy device out so I bowed to the pressure to conform and took out my trakfone and started using the calculator function just to envelope myself in an electronic wave cocoon.

    We like in an age of modern pinball wizards. AWD’s Law – nice one.

  18. Articles like these only reinforce my dim view of humanity. Waiting in lines overnight for a fucking phone so you can talk to equally vapid people on subjects that are meaningless. And hiring homeless dudes to wait in line is just low.

    If it had my druthers, I’d hire homeless dudes and give them rubber hoses filled with buckshot to beat the fuck out of those waiting in line. Then have them torch the apple store for the good of humanity.

  19. Hey Bullock,

    So you’ve “never paid a dime for a cell phone”.. eh? You “get them for free”….eh? All you have to do is “sign a two year contract”….eh?

    Do you know what the words “cognitive dissonance” mean?

    Who was it who quoted George Carlin saying how dumb the average person is and the other half are even dumber!

    Bullock, take your place in the latter crowd. Do you see where the line is forming?

  20. TheCynic said:
    “If it had my druthers, I’d hire homeless dudes and give them rubber hoses filled with buckshot to beat the fuck out of those waiting in line. Then have them torch the apple store for the good of humanity.”

    Trade rubber hoses filled with buckshot for tube socks filled with wood screws and I’m in!

  21. I’ve never thought of it this way before but I guess I’m a rather negative person in that:

    I don’t have a smart phone
    Don’t do Facebook
    Don’t text, never have
    Don’t shop at Walmart
    Don’t have any debt
    Don’t have financial problems
    Don’t do drugs
    Don’t drink
    Don’t smoke
    Not over weight

    I’m just an odd-ball, different from everyone and proud off if.

  22. “I’m just an odd-ball, different from everyone and proud off if.”

    Me too. A friend once said to me “Leobeer, I wish you were normal like everybody else.” I just smiled and said, “Did it ever occur to you that I am the normal one and the rest of the world is fucked up?” The friend laughed and said he had never thought of it that way.

    From one of my favorite bands.



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