Do you need any more proof about who is calling the shots in this country than the fact that the CEOs of the TOO BIG TO TRUST Wall Street are meeting face to face with Obama in the midst of a government shutdown “crisis”?

Why isn’t he meeting with the CEOs of some small credit unions and local home town banks from Iowa? Why isn’t he meeting with some unemployed middle class workers or millenials up to their eyeballs in student loan debt?

He isn’t meeting with the little people because they aren’t running the country. We don’t live in a Republic or a Democracy. This country is run by bankers, mega-corporation CEOs, and shadowy billionaires.

Doesn’t it give you a warm feeling inside that the very same evil motherfuckers that crashed the worldwide financial system in 2008, stole $700 billion from the taxpayers, created the huge debt problem that has caused this debt ceiling crisis, and are now making record profits due to Bernanke’s ZIRP and QEternity policies, are the first people Obama consults regarding the government shutdown?

The men strolling into the White House this morning should be in the same prison as Bernie Madoff. They are criminals who have stolen trillions from the American people. Their leader is none other than Jamie Dimon, the head of the criminal enterprise known as JP Morgan. Calling them a criminal enterprise is not hyperbole. They have been forced to pay $7 billion of fines in the last two years for their criminal exploits.


The Department of Housing and Urban Development is in the process of fining them $20 billion for the largest mortgage fraud in world history. Jamie Dimon has been in charge of this criminal enterprise for over a decade.

How could the president of the United States allow criminals into the White House to give him guidance? Maybe it is because they bankrupted their own organizations and creatively used accounting gimmicks, fraud, and threats to bring down the financial system as their method to stay open and continue pillaging the muppets. Obama wants to know their tricks.

Inviting Jamie Dimon to the White House for guidance on handling this financial crisis would be on par with Franklin Delano Roosevelt inviting Al Capone to the White House for guidance about prohibition.

In case you weren’t sure yet, YOUR OWNERS ARE IN THE HOUSE!!!!


Wall Street CEOs to Meet With Obama as Budget Crisis Continues


  1. Great rant, but true nonetheless.

    Bubbles Bernanke and these criminals really run the world, although Obama is trying to destroy it. This government “shut-down”, tantamount to a sick day as only 3% of government workers are staying home, is a joke, and Wall Street barely even noticed. The Federal Reserve, and the men that own it are all that matter.

    I pleases me to remember that, in time, all criminals and fascists of this stature eventually are hung, shot, or commit suicide. This time will be no different. They don’t even try to hide their crimes anymore.


      Jamie And Lloyd Visit Obama

      Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/02/2013 12:12 -0400

      Five years ago today, the CEOs of the big banks visited one US president with one goal in mind: get billions in taxpayer dollars to get bailed out. Today, the same bank CEOs are once again at the White House, this time invited by a different president, “as part of the Obama Administration’s ongoing efforts to mend relations with the financial services sector and woo their support for White House policy.” One can assume that in addition to the trite generalities surrounding the shut government and the debt ceiling, one topic of conversation is how Wall Street can accentuate the severity of the ongoing governance crisis and most certainly includes such demands by Obama as “stop sending stocks higher when the only catalyst is my inability to create any sort of compromise.”

      So here they are:


      And Lloyd

  2. Obongo cannot pass up an opportunity to fellate his masters. They don’t even bother to do it under the table anymore.


    Because he needs his marching orders?

    Because he’s trying to solicit more funds to try and get elected for a third term?

    Because fuck America?

    1. Bankers Warn Obama, Don’t Mess With The Debt Ceiling (Again)

      Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/02/2013 14:50 -0400

      15 Bankers just paid a visit to the White House, listened to President Obama, and explained what a total disaster it would be if the US debt-ceiling is breached and Treasuries technically default. While the politicians exclaimed how bad a government shutdown would be, the banks have turned the panic dial to 11 as Goldman’s Lloyd Blankfein noted, bankers are “in a position to really know early what the consequences are,” and it would be catastrophic. The irony that the firm which the government is trying to fine $20 billion for selling fraudulent debt and giving bad advice is now providing the same government with advice on its own bad debt, is not lost on us as Dimon was among the visitors but it is Blankfein’s warning, echoing Obama, that will get the headlines, “they shouldn’t use the threat of causing the U.S. to fail on its obligation to repay debt as a cudgel.”

      Via Bloomberg,

      Blankfein – “You can litigate these policy issues, you can relitigate these policy issues in a public forum, but they shouldn’t use the threat of causing the U.S. to fail on its obligation to repay debt as a cudgel.”




      “There’s no debate on the seriousness of the U.S. not paying its debt,” Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan tells reporters after he, other executives met with President Obama.

      Default might affect small businesses, Treasuries

      Debt ceiling fight in Aug. 2011 led “to a slowdown in the economy, and we’re facing that again”

      Bankers are “in a position to really know early what the consequences are,” Goldman’s Lloyd Blankfein tells reporters

      Says bankers “listened” in conversation with Obama, then told him “exactly how bad it would be”

      Blankfein: “There’s precedent for a government shutdown; there’s no precedent for default”

      “We’re the most important economy in the world, we’re the reserve currency in the world, payments have to go out to people”

      “If money doesn’t flow in, then money doesn’t flow out, so we really haven’t seen this before and I’m not anxious to be part of the process to witness this”

    1. Jamie Dimon Agonistes: Seder and Taibbi Discuss the SpokesModels of the Financial Press

      “There’s no such thing as good money or bad money. There’s just money.”

      Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano

      “Why is JP Morgan getting so much heat? Maybe because it is a massive international crime syndicate.”

      Matt Taibbi

      It may be unfair to take the measure of these news channels as journalists. For the most part they are not journalists, and these are not news channels, although they do sometimes display facts in small boxes on their screens.

      In defense of CNBC, Fox and Bloomberg are no better. I have heard the same meme about money and Wall Street there many, many times.

      There is a mind set that puts the Wall Street and their embedded entourage of enablers apart from the shared reality of the public. And the same thing is occurring with the press and politicians in Washington.

      The financial press are too often spokesmodels acting in extended infomercials, talking about current events with financial graduates of the Charles Luciano School of Economics, produced and put forward by the corporate interests and billionaires that own them and their careers.

      And this same problem of corporate cronyism is infesting the mainstream news departments as well.


    1. I wonder if Obama asked his mentors to tank the stock market in order to scare the muppets into calling their Congress critters and begging for a compromise. It worked with TARP. It worked during the last debt ceiling farce.

  4. [email protected] says:

    Circle Jerk.

  5. Why shouldn’t the bankers, the corporate CEOs, and the military be running this country? They have the most at stake, the most skin in the game. Plus they have the most information and more support than any other group.

    I suppose that you, Administrator, think the average American, such as your TBP readers should govern the United States.

    And I suppose, since you know it all Administrator, you’d want to be President. Can you image the chaos if we had a leader, like Chicken Little, who frequently shouted the the Fourth Turning was near and that the world will soon be failing. Then there’s race relations….

    Appointing Rodney to head the Department of Education might help relations with the Blacks but he’d be a disaster otherwise. Rodney’s revising basic readers to “See Dick,” “See Jade,” See Dick and Jade —-.” would alienate too many parents.

    AWD is a logical choice to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. But that appointment has it’s risks. His interests seem to bottom out with topless photos so can you be sure that AWD would prescribe the right kind of hands on treatment for the women of this country?

    Zarathrustra, as Secretary of State would be A RABid partisan who’d alienate friend (Israel) and foe (almost every other country in the world) alike. We’d soon lose the mandate of heaven to the heathen Chinese, Muslim terrorists, and Vladimir Putin.

    Reverse Engineer, Stucky, and even some of your old and dear friends like Jason Rines, the Senator, and David Pierre, would want jobs in your administration. And let’s face it, Administrator, you’re too nice a guy to refuse a couple of competent fellows or a trio of twerps.

    All in all Administrator, good as you are as a Cassandra (The world is going to hell), an investment advisor (Gold has done well in recent years and offers good long term prospect), a real estate investor (No hurricanes in Wildwood this summer), and a social critic (Right about the 30 blocks), you and your average American friends would make poor leaders.

    The right people are calling the shots in this country now and they’re the best people too.

  6. Ron Paul: “The Country Is Bankrupt… The People Are Being Bamboozled”

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/02/2013 17:23 -0400

    “The American people are being bamboozled into believing that you have to keep spending for ever,” Ron Paul exclaims, as “neither side is truly looking for spending cuts.” As he explains they all know that increasing spending is all that can maintain the status quo. In this brief CNBC clip, Paul says playing the blame game is ignorant of the reality that both sides are “rigid with bad ideas,” dismissing Obama’s ‘faction’ comments. For a glimpse at the chaos underlying the status quo (that is being exposed this week), Paul blasts that “it is a philosophy of government that is to blame; Keynesianism, Militarism, and Interventionism, and the funny-money system that we use. All that has come together and the country is bankrupt and nobody wants to amid it.”

    “Why in the world can’t the people have an option to opt-out?” is the middle ground possibility that Paul suggests…

    “While more are waking up to it (especially in light of the non-essential services furloughs currently), there is still an appetite for big government – people are afraid to give up on it.”

    The Democrats are just as “rigid” as the Republicans.. “They are rigid with bad ideas too in that “deficits don’t matter, the government has to spend, and the government has to take care of us, and you should print money when you need it.”

    Paul goes on to discuss Gold “all central banks work together – they collude”

    … Moral convictions, “right or wrong”, and “the only thing that really counts is what the American people believe the role of government should be… and if deficits don’t matter, it will not be a shutdown of government but a breakdown of government that occurs”

  7. A Fly on the Wall
    Author : Bill Holter
    Published: October 2nd, 2013


    Today the CEO’s of many major banks are meeting with the president in Washington…again. This will be the third such meeting in 5 months. Speculation and rumor has it that these CEO’s will be queried and discuss the current government shutdown and the debate to raise the debt ceiling. As I’ve said before several times, I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear not only what is discussed but the “tone” of these discussions.

    I say this because gold was trashed last April right after one of these meetings and trashed again yesterday one day ahead of the meeting. Yesterday saw 40 tons of gold sold in 3 separate 1 minute intervals and exactly 1 minute after the pre COMEX open, again 1 minute after the COMEX open and then again 1 minute after the London morning fix. These sales accounted for over $27 of the $40 loss, those with any skepticism at all would ask “what are odds” of these way outsized trades occurring EXACTLY 1 minute after a round number on the clock? Do these guys set an alarm clock ahead of time and hit the “red” button when the alarm goes off? I would say, “Yes, they absolutely do.” As a side note, after checking with James McShirley of GATA fame, today’s $30 up move has had not one single outsized volume “minute” of trading other than 1 minute overnight that saw selling, not buying. Just steady buying and of course almost no mention of the “up” price on CNBC today while nearly the same move yesterday to the downside had commentary of “panic…time to SELL!” So it goes…

    Another question that I’d love to have the answer to is why must gold be attacked on or around these bankster meetings with the president? What exactly is accomplished other than pulling the thermometer out of an obviously dying financial systems mouth and saying, “See, it’s all good!” We also have another G-20 meeting coming up in a week; it might be nice to be a fly on the wall there too. Rumors have been swirling around about the Italian bank Monte Paschi and also Deutsche Bank. Talk of a derivatives problem have become louder than they were earlier this year, are they real or just made up?

    You know where I stand on this topic. There has been way too much volatility in a derivatives market that is far too outsized in relation to the economy, players’ balance sheets and retained equity. I firmly believe that “someone…somewhere” is already dead and alive in name only while clinging to the life support offered by the Fed or the ECB. Not only has the volatility increased, it is increasingly increasing. Just look at the world’s bond markets or the FOREX markets, you cannot have 10-20% (or 50% in the case of the 10yr. Treasury yield) moves without someone, somewhere, being wrong…and wrong in a big way. Just look at JP Morgan, I think they are part of over a total of $70 trillion in derivatives and after checking (they have $209 billion) I think they have a little over $200 billion in retained capital. What is this…35-1 leverage? Think about this, if they “lose” 3% on this derivatives portfolio…they lose EVERYTHING! They don’t even have to be wrong on their bets as they can be a winner on every single one of them…but, what if 3% of their counterparties cannot perform? …like I said, EVERYTHING!

    Yes, I would love to hear exactly what is being discussed in these meetings because “fortress balance sheet” as we are told is complete and utter hogwash. We already know that the balance sheet of the Treasury is whacked out as there are over $200 trillion of debt, guarantees and future promises stacked upon an economy that even fudged only produces $17 trillion per year. This amounts to 12 times of leverage; can you imagine having a household income of only $30,000 per year and a bank lending you $360,000 with “nothing down” of course? This is looking at the “gross” number but what about the real, the important number…like tax receipts? Let’s be generous and say $3 trillion in receipts carrying $200 trillion of total future promises…oops, now we are looking at a borrower of 75 to 1 leverage. WOW, I’m even scaring myself with the reality of these numbers!

    So here we are in a system that is too levered up to take on any more leverage…but must increase the leverage in order for past leverage not to deflate. Houston we have a problem!

    I would say “and the funny thing is” (but I won’t) that owners of free and clear precious metals and mining shares are worried that the metals are “down.” Really? If you know for a fact that the entire system is absolutely upside down and completely broke from start to finish then what are you worried about? The current and falsely depressed “value” of your precious metals? When this thing goes up you will not care what your precious metals are valued at (though in dollars terms they will be multiples of a moonshot). No, you will only be concerned with what exactly you can receive in return for an ounce of silver or 1/10th ounce of gold. What I am trying to say is that it doesn’t matter what “they” say your metal is worth now, what will matter is what your metal will purchase AFTER “they” no longer have a say in the pricing mechanism

  8. Why shouldn’t the bankers, the corporate CEOs, and the military be running this country? -Irak

    Shorter Irak; Fuck The Constitution!

  9. So, Irak, are you saying that you are not smart enough to run the government?

    Ok. I agree. Now that we know you like your ignorant state, how does this give you the right, nay the self imposed ability, to decide who runs the federal government?

    [this should be good coming from a self-professed minion]

  10. Between innings while watching the Tampa Bay Rays, who are mostly owned by one of my dear friends, stick it to the Cleveland Indians, I clicked on TBP to see if any of you goyim had responded to my comment about who should run the United States. Of course some did. Kill Bill, who’s not one of our boys, thrice splattered his spittle over the page and some one, who wants to hide behind his hate for Blacks and the Chosen People, ranted.

    Bill doesn’t seem to understand that in America today we have a Living Constitution. It’s not that out-of-date scrap of paper written 225 years ago. Instead, our Constitution is a vibrant document that is in tune with the times. Our leaders by their actions and interpretations define our Constitution. Only a political Neanderthal would want it any other way.

    And Bill, as for giving me and mine the right to run the government, it’s our money, it’s our influence, and it’s our bought and paid for representatives who give me and mine the right to tell you and yours what to think and what to do. Don’t like it? Tough… just do it or suffer the consequences.

    By the way, Stu’s Rays beat the Indians, a lesser breed of baseball batters, 4 – 0.

  11. Looks like the Wall Street CEOs and Obama have hatched their plan. The HFT supercomputers have been programmed to sell and scare the muppets into forcing their Congress puppets to do as they are told by the owners.

    I think a 400 to 600 point plunge should do the trick. Then a compromise announcement will come shortly thereafter, and the market will rally 1,000 points – convincing ma and pa dumbass to get back into the market.

    I love Amurika.

  12. Exacamundo Admin. This ploy worked so well last time when Americans hit the streets to protest TARP. Why change tactics?

    Congress yielded to the will of the people and the the banksters crashed the stock market 1,000 points and voila’ TARP passed.

    Makes me so sick.

  13. Why does that surprise you. He put Timothy Geithner in as Secretary of the Treasury. Timothy was interrogated by the New York Police Department about his CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES AS THE HEAD OF THE N.Y. FEDERAL RESERVE.


  14. But, aren’t these “too big to jail” bankers virtually the same group of international bankers who actually own the Federal Reserve? Obama’s just the happy faced civilian; the NSA/CIA really runs the country. The Fed runs the world.

  15. I agree with much of this post and its general point about the world, particularly the United States, seemingly being run, or pretty much run, by a financial elite who since the 1980s have enriched themselves on an enormous scale to the detriment of others, particularly the middle and working classes. I live and work in the UK (I’m British) and there is a big hoo-ha today about our privatisation of the Royal Mail (the state Post Office). The government were advised by Goldman Sachs amongst others who advised an initial share price of around £3.30. The IPO was 24 times oversubscribed, there were calls that it was being offered too cheap and lo and behold the share price is now close to £6. Goldman et al were paid hefty fees for their “advice” (I use the word very very loosely) and the UK govt gave away huge chunks of shares at £3.30 to about 16 “private, priority investors” in the hope that they would keep their shares and become long term institutional investors. You can guess what happened. Most of those priority investors sold out almost immediately, banking huge profits and while their identity has remained a secret so far it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the people advising the govt were more than likely the recipients of the secretive initial share giveaway. The whole thing stinks and is more than likely criminal but as per the bank made financial crisis we have been living through these last 5 or so years, it is highly unlikely anyone will be prosecuted, let alone give the money back. The UK taxpayer has been duped and short changed yet again. It, like its American counterpart, is the golden goose that just keeps on giving. But……I have a question for the author and I’ll get to it eventually so here goes. I read today on some stupid website while I whittle away the hours at my desk about a house in the US being sold for $102million. A huge gaudy Palace of Versailles type place. Obviously the guy who owns it is a billionaire. His name is David Saperstein. I googled him and looked at his history. Now…if he’d been CEO of some giant US bank my faith in your article would have been bolstered but that’s not the case. He dropped out of college to sell used cars and came up with the idea to sell traffic reports on the radio. The medium by which I found out about him was google. One of its founders, Sergey Brin left the Soviet Union at the age of six with pretty much nothing and lived with his parents and grandparents in not exactly luxury surroundings. The medium on which millions waste their lives – Facebook – was founded by Mark Zuckerburg, the son of a dentist, and he was brought up in modest surroundings. My point is this. If the US is indeed governed by a financial elite one would think it would not exactly be welcoming to these types of outsiders, particularly Jewish outsiders who have been able through sheer hard work, and yes probably a bit of luck, to come up with things as random as a social networking site in their dormitory or the idea of selling traffic reports and make billions and billions of dollars. The US may be a hugely unfair place where the gap between rich and poor is enormous and growing ever wider but it does seem to be a place where if you have an idea, work incredibly hard and it takes off you can make untold riches. Yes, it would be better if it was more like Sweden or Denmark I guess but the examples I have given seem to suggest that it is not an entirely closed group making ALL the decisions and however small the chance is you can in fact “make it” big whoever you are. You’re banking system though seems to be bordering on criminal so please get Carl Levin to clean it up…
    Yours from across the pond

    Andrew Hamilton


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