1. Very nice. They said that not only can’t people fix the problem, they can’t even identify the root causes. So true. So true. Couple other random thoughts.

    They control minds by the power of REPETITION. For example, why was it necessary to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every goddamned day? Because after saying it 10,000 times you really will support “the flag” … i.e., the government … no matter what fucking bullshit they stick us with. It was Goebbels who said if you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it.

    The other great mind control technique to to make people STUPID. A “fair and balanced” debate on Fux Newz last about two minutes and consists mostly of sound bites. TV makes people stupid. That’s a fact. Install Common Core in skoolz, and turn little minds of mush into retards. Eliminate human to human communication to a little box and limit it to 140 characters. Watch 50,000 hours of commercials from the biggest liars on the planet, and you’ll take that red pill even though at the end they tell you that your dick might fall off. Bottom line? Create a Nation of Zombies.

    Lastly, perhaps the greatest of all mind control strategies is to make people DEPENDENT. Just look at the Free Shit Army and their collective Stiff Dicks for our beloved HNIC Despot. Case closed.

  2. So, a few years ago the USSA had a choice between a wuss that talks trash & a nut that’s trying to start WW3?

    Insane McCain’s Eleven Point Plan For War

    Daniel McAdams
    Lew Rockwell Blog
    March 19, 2014

    Sen. McCain to the rescue. He looks on in horror as the dramatic threats of the Obama administration against Russia on Ukraine are not only undeterring but in fact mocked by the Russians.

    He has developed an eleven point plan to hoist the administration back up onto a war footing with Russia. Never let a good crisis go to waste.
    McCain would start of course with money. Not his own but ours. His first point is to pass the one billion dollar loan guarantee to Ukraine currently stalled in the Senate. Just an appetizer, as he foresees much more US money “to strengthen the IMF’s ability to be a stronger partner to Ukraine.”

    Then McCain would have NATO come in to Ukraine to “rebuild” the Ukrainian military, presumably to prepare it to attack Russia and presumably we would have to pay for this as well.
    NATO would then be expected to be more attuned to the anti-Russian impulses of its new members in the Baltics and eastern Europe, or as Russia expert Eric Kraus puts it, the Baltic and Polish tail wagging the dog. Or as McCain puts it: “Enhance NATO’s force presence, security cooperation, and military exercises, especially in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries.”

    Most significantly, McCain’s plan is to bring into NATO as many countries as possible as quickly as possible so that the possibility that the US will not go to war at the behest of Georgia or some other chihuahua nation in the region will be legally impossible. Every little corner of the former Soviet world who pokes Russia should have the instant backing of the entire US nuclear arsenal.
    It is moral hazard on methamphetamine.

    Says McCain, we must:
    Work within NATO to take all necessary steps that can prepare for the expansion of the alliance to include countries such as Georgia and Montenegro as soon as possible.

    McCain is working overtime to push the US to war with Russia over an insignificant piece of land thousands of miles away. Expect at least a 15 point plan tomorrow.

  3. Stucky ,you still have emotional problems from all that REPETITION.Poor thing ,just ruined your whole life.Having to recite the pledge of allegiance .What horrible abuse.

  4. bb

    I didn’t say anything about abuse. The Pledge is, pure and simple, a brainwashing technique. Of course, you lack the intelligence to grasp such a simple concept.

    ALL of you — except our village idiot — will greatly enjoy this Pledge of Allegiance. I guarantee it.

  5. Who’s against the pledge when you have an honorable government that takes the moral high ground, follows the Constitution?

    Trade, not aid, no entangling alliances, taking care of the USA 1st, enforcing the laws on the books across the populace, etc. etc.

    Uh, does the US government do ANY of those things nowadays?

    The Mafia is more honorable. It is what it is & doesn’t go around pretending to some beacon of holiness. Putin reminds me of Mafia bosses. Does what he says, doesn’t pussy foot around. That’s what men used to do before they were emasculated by political correctness. He’s Eastwood-like.

    Hillary’s probably the manliest politician in the USA. But, she’s batshit crazy like Insane McCain. She’d get us into a nucular war too (as GWB would say).

  6. Stucky ,when I was in school the principle got on school radio every morning and did the pledge and then a student would say a prayer.That lasted up to THE early 70s.It was a good thing to do and nobody complained until some group said they were going to take the school to court.
    For all you unpatriotic shit heads who give me a thumbs down ,show yourselves so I can give you 40 lashes.
    Unpatriotic shit heads of the TBP .The country and it’s founding principles are worth fighting for .The country is not bad or evil .It’s the political ,ruling class that’s evil.

  7. “It was a good thing to do and nobody complained until some group said they were going to take the school to court.” ————bb, aka Village Idiot

    You are proof that brainwashing works.

    Congrats, moran.

  8. Stucky says:

    “A “fair and balanced” debate on Fux Newz last about two minutes and consists mostly of sound bites. TV makes people stupid.”

    The beautiful blonde turns on CNNTv hoping to get news of the missing plane, I tell her they will dribble it out the entire day. News indeed.


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