“Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: Bread and Circuses.”Juvenal – Satire (100 A.D.)


Roman satirist and poet Juvenal was displaying contempt for a degraded Roman citizenry that had shunned civic responsibility, shirked their duties of citizenship within a republic, and had chosen to sell their votes to feckless politicians for assurances of bread and circuses. Rather than govern according to noble principles based upon reason, striving for public policies that led to long term sustainability and benefitting the majority of citizens, politicians chose superficial displays and appeasing the masses utilizing the lowest common denominator of “free” food and bountiful spectacles, pageants, and ceremonies in order to retain power.

The Roman Empire’s decline stretched across centuries as the gradual loss of civic virtue among its citizenry allowed demagogues to gain power and barbarians to eventually overrun the weakened empire. While the peasants were distracted with shallow exhibitions of palliative pleasures, those in power were debasing the currency, enriching themselves, and living pampered lives of luxury. The Roman leaders bought public approval and support, not through exemplary public service, but through diversion, distraction, and the satisfaction of base immediate needs and desires of the populace. Satisfying the crude motivations of the ignorant peasants (cheap food and entertainment) is how Roman politicians bought votes and retained power. Free wheat, circus games, and feeding Christians to lions kept the commoners from focusing on politicians pillaging and wasting the empire’s wealth.

History may not repeat exactly because technology, resource discoveries, and political dynamics change the nature of society, but it does rhyme because the human foibles of greed, lust for power, arrogance, and desire for conquest do not vary across the ages. The corruption, arrogance, hubris, currency debasement, materialism, imperialism, and civic decay that led to the ultimate downfall of the Roman Empire is being repeated on an even far greater scale today as the American Empire flames out after only two centuries. The pillars of western society are crumbling under the sustained pressure of an immense mountain of debt, created by crooked bankers and utilized by corrupt politicians to sustain and expand their welfare/warfare state. Recklessness, myopia, greed, willful ignorance, and selfish disregard for unborn generations are the earmarks of decline in this modern day empire of debt, delusion and decay.

“Armaments, universal debt, and planned obsolescence – those are the three pillars of Western prosperity. If war, waste, and moneylenders were abolished, you’d collapse. And while you people are over-consuming the rest of the world sinks more and more deeply into chronic disaster.”Aldous Huxley – Island

Rome was eight and a half centuries old when Juvenal scornfully described the degenerative spiral of the Roman populace. Still, the Western Empire lasted another three centuries before finally succumbing to the Visigoths and Vandals. The far slower pace of history and lack of other equally matched competing nation states allowed Rome to exist for centuries beyond its Pax Romana period of unprecedented political stability and prosperity, which lasted for two centuries. Prior to becoming an empire, the Roman Republic was a network of towns left to rule themselves with varying degrees of independence from the Roman Senate and provinces administered by military commanders. It was ruled, not by Emperors, but by annually elected magistrates known as Roman Consuls. The Roman citizens were a proud people who had a strong sense of civic duty and made government work for the people.

During the 1st century B.C. Rome suffered a long series of internal conflicts, conspiracies and civil wars, while greatly extending their imperial power beyond Italy through military conquest. After the assassination of Julius Caesar and the ascension of Augustus to emperor in 27 BC, after a century of civil wars, Rome experienced an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity. During this era, the solidity of the Empire was furthered by a degree of societal stability and economic prosperity. But it didn’t last. The successors to Augustus contributed to the progressive ruination of the empire. The repugnant reigns of Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero reflected the true nature of the Roman people, who had relinquished their sovereignty to government administrators to whom they had granted absolute powers, in return for food and entertainment. It was the beginning of the end.

The American Republic began as a loose confederation of states who ruled themselves, with little or no direction from a central authority. The Articles of Confederation, ratified in 1781 by all 13 States, limited the powers of the central government. The Confederation Congress could make decisions, but lacked enforcement powers. Implementation of most decisions, including modifications to the Articles, required unanimous approval of all thirteen state legislatures. After winning the war for independence from England, the U.S. Constitution, which shifted power to a central authority, was ratified in 1789. The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, was passed in 1791 with the purpose of protecting individual liberties and insuring justice for all. Their function was to safeguard the citizens from an authoritarian federal government. These imperfect documents would benefit and protect the rights of the American people only if applied by moral, just, incorruptible, noble, honorable leaders and enforced by an educated, concerned, vigilant citizenry.

As with the Roman Empire, the quality of leadership has rapidly deteriorated over the last two centuries and now wallows at disgustingly low levels. These leaders are a reflection of a people who have abandoned their desire for knowledge, responsibility for their lives, work ethic, belief in freedom and the U.S. Constitution. The Juvenal of our times was H.L. Mencken who aptly and scornfully described the citizenry in 1920 as an ignorant mob who would eventually elect a downright moron to the presidency. He was right.

“The larger the mob, the harder the test. In small areas, before small electorates, a first-rate man occasionally fights his way through, carrying even the mob with him by force of his personality. But when the field is nationwide, and the fight must be waged chiefly at second and third hand, and the force of personality cannot so readily make itself felt, then all the odds are on the man who is, intrinsically, the most devious and mediocre—the man who can most easily adeptly disperse the notion that his mind is a virtual vacuum.

The Presidency tends, year by year, to go to such men. As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” H.L. Mencken

A Republic was formed 225 years ago, as opposed to a monarchy, by men of good intentions. They weren’t perfect, but their goals for the new nation were honorable and decent. Ben Franklin had his doubts regarding whether we could keep a republic. He had good reason to doubt the long-term sustainability of this experiment. Freedom is not something bestowed on us by men of higher caste. We are born into this world free, with the liberty to live our lives as we see fit, the opportunity to educate oneself and the freedom to succeed as far as our capabilities and efforts allow. Only a self-reliant, virtuous, moral, civic minded people are capable of enjoying the fruits of freedom. Once corruption, self-interest, greed, and dependency upon government bureaucrats for sustenance become prevalent, the populace seeks masters who promise safety and security in return for sacrificing essential liberty and basic freedoms.

The country has defeated foreign invaders, withstood financial calamities, endured a bloody civil war, benefitted immensely from the discovery of oil under its soil, became an industrial power, fought on the winning side of two world wars, and since 1946 has become the greatest imperial empire since Rome fell to the barbarians. Over the course of our 225 year journey there has been a gradual relinquishment of the citizens’ sovereignty and autonomy to an ever more overbearing central government. Lincoln’s unprecedented expansion of Federal government authority during the Civil War marked a turning point, as state and local rights became subservient to an all-powerful central authority. Individual liberty has been surrendered and freedoms forfeited over a decades long insidious regression of a once courageous, independent, self-sufficient citizenry into a mob of cowering, willfully ignorant dependents of the deep state.

From the inception of the country there has been a constant battle between the banking interests and the common people. Bankers have used fraudulent fractional reserve banking to speculate for their own benefit, made risky loans, and created every financial crisis in the country’s history. The profits from excessive risk taking are retained by the bankers. The inevitable losses are borne by taxpayers with the excuse that the financial system must be saved and preserved. The storyline never changes. The beginning of the end of the American Empire can be pinpointed to the year 1913, only 124 years after its inception. Private banking interests captured the monetary system of the empire with the secretive creation of the Federal Reserve. The power of the central state was solidified with the implementation of the personal income tax, allowing politicians to bribe their constituents with modern day “bread and circuses”, paid for with money taken at gunpoint from them by the central state. We are now nothing but the hollowed out shell of a once noble Republic.

A century of central banking and heavy taxation of the people by bought off politician puppets has coincided with a century of war, depressions, currency debasement, overconsumption, obscene levels of consumer debt, trillions of excessive debt financed government spending, hundreds of trillions in unfunded entitlement liabilities, and a persistent decline in standard of living for the masses due to Federal Reserve manufactured inflation. We have failed to heed the lessons of history. We have repeated the blunders committed by the Romans.

The American Empire will not be murdered by an external force because it is too busy committing suicide. The moneyed interests, corporate oligarchs and their hand-picked politician front men see themselves as conquering heroes. Their colossal hubris and arrogance is only matched by the ignorance, gullibility, quivering fear of bogeymen, and susceptibility to propaganda of the general populace. The Wall Street bankers and feckless politicians are not gods, they are only men. Death is the great equalizer for emperors and peasants alike. The only thing that remains is your legacy and whether you positively impacted the world. It can be unequivocally stated that those in power today are leaving a legacy of despair, destruction, and debt.

Empires are born and empires die. The American Empire will not be sustained for eight centuries, as the swiftness of modern civilization, nuclear proliferation, religious zealotry, and sociopathic leadership ensures we will flame out in a blaze of glory before reaching our third century. The spirit of independence, idealism, self-reliance, entrepreneurship, knowledge seeking, advancement, and goodwill towards our fellow citizens that marked the height of our fledgling country has succumbed to a malaise of government dependency, cynicism, living on the dole, financial Ponzi schemes, willful ignorance, materialism, delusion, and myopic self-interest. The moral decline of the American populace has been reflected in the deteriorating quality of leaders we have chosen over the last century. Prosperity was taken for granted and no longer earned. We abdicated our civic responsibility to corrupt financiers and power seeking politicians. As time has passed, the ruling elite have grown ever more powerful and wealthy, at the expense of the peasantry. These sociopaths see themselves as god-like emperors, on par with the vilest of the Roman emperors.

Historians will mark 1980 as another turning point, when the nation capitulated to the financiers and ceded control of our destiny to Wall Street bankers, the military industrial complex, and globalist billionaires. The final deformation from a productive society built upon savings, capital investment, and goods production to a borrowing, gambling, and consumption society built upon debt and profiteering by powerful corporate and banking interests had commenced. The peak of this warfare/welfare state insanity was reached in 2000 and the road to decline and decay is now littered with the figurative corpses of a gutted middle class and the literal corpses of men, women and children across the globe, killed during our never ending imperial conquests. The ruling elite sense the futility and foolishness of their folly, but their insatiable appetite for wealth, power, triumph and glory blind them to the destructive consequences of their actions upon the nation and their fellow man. Power and dominion over others is a powerful aphrodisiac for our current day emperors and self-preservation at all costs is their mantra.

While they bask in their perceived triumph and glory, achieved through rigging the financial and political systems in their favor, they should heed the faint whisper in their ear that all glory is fleeting.

“For over a thousand years Roman conquerors returning from the wars enjoyed the honor of triumph, a tumultuous parade. In the procession came trumpeteers, musicians and strange animals from conquered territories, together with carts laden with treasure and captured armaments. The conquerors rode in a triumphal chariot, the dazed prisoners walking in chains before him. Sometimes his children robed in white stood with him in the chariot or rode the trace horses. A slave stood behind the conqueror holding a golden crown and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory is fleeting.” George S. Patton, Jr.

The decline of the Roman Empire can be attributed to a number of supportable hypotheses, which have been documented by historians over time. They include:

  • Perpetual warfare depleted the treasury and wasted the manhood of the empire. The use of mercenary armies eventually led to the sacking of Rome by the very armies they had employed.
  • Military overexpansion and spending resulted in resources being diverted from technological advancement, maintenance of the civil infrastructure, and worthwhile investments to support economic growth.
  • Excessive welfare spending, oppressive taxation and currency debasement widened the gap between rich and poor, resulting in discontent, mistrust and rebellion.
  • The emergence of an all-powerful centralized authoritarian government ruling by mandate, racked by corruption, and kept in power by bribing its subjects with promises of bread and circuses.
  • Emperors and Senators became oligarchs and their conspicuous consumption provided proof of their corruption and decadence. The widespread corruption and incompetence of its leadership led to a waning in civic pride among the citizens.
  • The decline in productive commercial and agricultural industries due to high taxes on producers, used to support the military empire, contributed to the circumstances that allowed barbarian invasions to succeed.
  • The moral decay of the people was caused by the influx of slave labor from conquered territories, resulting in a decline in middle class work ethic, and the subsequent rise in the level of citizens on the dole. An economy based upon slave labor precluded a middle class with buying power.

In Part Two of this tale of two empires, I’ll document the parallels between mistakes made, eternal human foibles, military misfortunes, financial misconduct, and moral decay, that denote the decline of the Roman and American Empires.


  1. So very insightful.– Man, by his very [imperfect] nature of inherited imperfection, is unable to guide his own footsteps. Proverbs 20:24. Human leaders will always fail. And untill the One who gave us life puts and end to mans rule, we will continue to suffer. All life on earth is now suffering, and I fear greatly for what lies just ahead—————–

  2. Every day it seems we’re more and more repeating the fall of Rome. And I agree, Obama is probably more Caligula-like than “W”, who could aptly be named “court jester”.

  3. Thanks Admin. Well done indeed.

    I want to take this opportunity to talk a bit about something mentioned above, but which people have lost sight of. The Admin says “A Republic was formed 225 years ago”.

    The US was formed as a Republic. How often do you hear “but we live in a democracy”? all the time. How often do you hear “but we live in a Republic”? Never.

    The basic difference between a democracy and a republic, as I understand and see it, is that in a democracy all power is held by the majority, who can and do vote to screw the minority. In a Republic, the rights of the minority are paramount.

    The country no longer seems to be a republic, where the rights of the minority are defended. The Bill of Rights were meant to protect the minority. That no longer seems to be the case.

    The First Amendment was meant to protect free speech, religion, assembly, etc. There is no doubt that that has been eroded significantly.

    The Second Amendment – the right to bear arms – has been torn asunder, and what has not been torn asunder is under constant threat.

    The Third amendment re quartering of the military seems to be in place.

    The Fourth Amendment has been utterly destroyed. It is worth quoting it in its entirety: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized”. There is no part of the Fourth Amendment that still applies, in my opinion. For instance, the storm troopers can storm your house, drop a flashbang in your child’s crib, etc., on the basis of an anonymous tip. Where is the probable cause supported by oath or affirmation?

    The Fifth Amendment protects against double jeopardy and self-incrimination and guarantees the rights to due process, grand jury screening of criminal indictments, etc. That too is no longer a protection. US citizens can now be killed without any due process, etc.

    The Sixth Amendment covers speedy trial et al – it certainly no longer applies.

    The Seventh Amendment covers right to jury trial in civil issues. I do not know the status of this amendment.

    The eighth amendment : “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” Currently, for instance, US citizens can be fined 50% of the bank balance per year for each year they fail to report a foreign bank account. No taxes need to be owed – simply failing to report the account triggers the fine.

    The Ninth Amendment says that the bill of rights is not meant or intended to cover all rights – others exist as well. Good luck with that.

    The Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” That deserves a “bwahahaha”. The Fed govt has usurped almost all powers.

    I do not know what the US currently is, but a Republic it is not. It takes the worst of democracy – allows the majority to subjugate the minority at times – and combines it with bits of dictatorship, oligarchy, socialist, etc.

    A Republic is a fine thing. But the US is no longer that.

  4. I haven’t heard that Mencken quote about a moron being in the White House. The man NAILED it!

    “The American Empire will not be murdered by an external force because it is too busy committing suicide.” ——— Admin

    Reminds me of this quote …. (he just didn’t realize the rope would be from China)

    Brilliant piece, Admin.

  5. Don’t we live in the INFORMATION AGE? Then how can our fuckin leaders, and sheeple, be so goddamned stooopid?

    How come the Russians get all the good quotes?


  6. “Historians will mark 1980 as another turning point, when the nation capitulated to the financiers and ceded control of our destiny to Wall Street bankers, the military industrial complex, and globalist billionaires.” —————- Admin

    Two articles that backs up Admin’s comment, especially about billionaires.

    “The Most Dangerous Threat to Humanity– Not Ebola Not War” (it’s billionaires)

    “Why Ordinary People Bear Economic Risks and Donald Trump Doesn’t”

  7. I think the only reason this Keynesian scheme has lasted this long is that we were still on the gold standard from 1913 to 1971 when Nixon took us off gold to pay for the Vietnam war and the war on poverty. If not for this we probably would have already faced financial ruin.

    Good job Admin , I look forward to the second part.

  8. When Stuck and I were young boys, we carried silver coins in our pockets, around 66 or 67 they became scarce. We got clad copper for our troubles. Go back a bit, bb, you were almost there.

  9. Thanks Admin for tackling a big subject so succinctly. What a tragedy America has become. Somehow I don’t think the Founders would be all that shocked if they reappeared on the scene. They understood human nature all too well, and try as they did to design a system meant to keep it in check, it is ultimately impossible. Man is just too smart and too determined to feed his lusts.

    What I am struggling with these days is whether I should continue to participate in the current charade. To do so seems to be giving consent to its twisted evil. Choosing to not vote also feels like abandoning a sinking ship that still carries people I love, like my little grandsons. It’s a big dilemma.

  10. Empires are born and empires die.

    This is really all you need to know. It is the ebb and flow of history and it always will be.

  11. ” …since 1946 has become the greatest imperial empire since Rome fell to the barbarians.”
    What atrocious nonsense! Anyway, what is an “imperial empire”? Don’t you know enough English to understand that the word imperial is the adjectival derivative from the word ’empire’ itself?

    Poor stupid America was not, is not and never will be an empire. To be an empire, you have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty in your country of conquest. America doesn’t like to do that, mostly because it’s no good at it. In any case, the process doesn’t interest them.

    America is nothing more than a hideously vulgar country with no culture whatsoever that simply sends slick salesmen to its “empire” to sell coca-cola and Ford motor cars. Job done.

    Please! ‘Empire’, my foot!

  12. The FSoA has been a corrupt oligarchy from the very beginning. Jefferson was a scumbag and so was Teddy Roosevelt and FDR. Woodrow Wilson sold out to the Rothschilds in 1913. We have been cateloguing it in the Dead Presidents True History thread. Haven’t even got to Scumbag Lincoln yet.,2986.0.html

    Far as Rome goes, the collapse resulted from expanding complexity and depleting resources for their era and technology. The Empire grew through conquest and theft, and for so long as they were doing well with this Roman Citizens had a good life, while everybody else got screwed. Once the empire expanded too far for their supply chains to handle, they depleted their land, over farmed and taxed the living shit out of the periphery to support the core. Just as today the population is taxed to support Filthy Rich Capitalist Thieves, in the greatest theft schema ever developed.




  13. An institution created for the benefit of all its members, subverted for the benefit of a few.

    I think it’s good to shake things up on occasion. I’m just unhappy about the timing.

  14. Modern America produces far more low IQ people than our economy can ever produce enough good jobs for. The welfare class have become a severe drain on everyone else and they are a growing human bomb that will ultimately destroy our country with riots and chaos. The Elite want to reduce them ASAP and are working on it. We need to reconsider Eugenics ASAP (but not abortion) for our long term survival; people need an IQ over 125 to do well in a modern society but world IQ’s are dropping for the obvious reason. We must at least stop paying welfare queens to breed low IQ people that cause huge social costs every way you look at it. Failure to achieve this basic common sense policy, which becomes more difficult with every day we neglect, would be suicidal for our society or would Americans prefer we become another Liberia? .

  15. “Don’t you know enough English to understand that the word imperial is the adjectival derivative from the word ‘empire’ itself? Poor stupid America was not, is not and never will be an empire. To be an empire, you have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty in your country of conquest.” ——-DICK, errrr, Richard

    Funny how you criticize Admin for not knowing the definition of “empire” …. then fail to give a definition, while giving a ridiculous example of what it is – “roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty”. Hahaha.

    That is not to say that there is not vigorous debate as whether the USA is an empire, or not. There is! However, you added nothing to the debate, one way or another. So, let’s take a quick look at the Oxford Dictionary definition,;

    —– ““a state with politico-military dominion of populations who are culturally and ethnically distinct from the imperial ethnic group and its culture.”

    The Case That The USA Is NOT An Empire —- Unlike Rome, America does not extract tribute, exercises DIRECT political control, or conscripts men of foreign nations into our army.

    The Case That The USA IS An Empire —– we have several features that ARE common with Empire

    —- an empire is always dominated by a highly centralized executive power. America was designed not to be an empire but instead to be a federal republic made up of a central government with checks and balances. Well, that’s in the shitter! King, Louis XIV of France said, “I am the State.” . That’s empire. We have Oreo who decided to start wars by not calling them wars — kinetic actions — fuck the Republic. He is the state. This is empire.

    — Another aspect of empire is that domestic policy becomes subordinate to foreign policy. Sound familiar? Whose infrastructure are we being taxed to death to build? Hmm? We spend billions to bomb a country to smithereens, and then a trillion rebuilding its infrastructure.

    — Of course, one cannot discuss empire and fail to mention the domination of the military and how it instills fear in BOTH the foreigners it rules, as well as its own citizens. How about a thousand bases overseas? How about a budget approaches a trillion dollars? Can you remember any time since 1942 that we haven’t been in a war? Perpetual war … is this not empire? Most of the sheep in this country are too stupid and placated to fear our military … but, smart people are terrified of what’s coming.

    — ALL empires develop and maintain a system of satellite nations. A satellite nation is one that the empire deems is necessary for its own defense. Are these enough satellite nations for ya?


    — Lastly, the citizens of empire are consumed with a psychosis of pride, presumption, and arrogance that overtakes the national consciousness. It’s the way we view the world; we are the GREATEST nation the world ever has known! We are the free-est, the best-est, evah! USA!USA!USA! Is this what the Founding Fathers had in mind?

    The Romans also believed they possessed the Eternal Empire … until the emblem of the Roman Eagle crashed to earth and died. The American Eagle will suffer the same fate … probably within our lifetime. Only then will you be correct; America is an empire no longer.

  16. Lots of pretty pictures on Al Jezeera (probably CNN too) showing pretty cool missiles headed from our ships into Syria.

    Fuck Syria!

    Go USA!
    Go USA!
    Go USA!

    Empire at it’s damn best ….

  17. BTW … those Cruise Missiles cost about a million Oreo-bucks each.

    Why are you curs on TBP?? Work harder, you fuckers!!!!! Pay more tax!! MY “freedoms” depends on it!!

    1. USA USA USA!!!!

      We’re winning. Shooting $1 million missiles at camel jockeys will surely make us safer. The companies making those missiles are cheering. Profits baby!!!

      What a propaganda photo. Are you telling me our ships are at sea with American flags bigger than the entire ship? What a fucking pathetic joke.

  18. C1ue, Central America has invaded the USA for a solid 10 years…. while the U.S. “defense” dept is depleting its store of expensive armaments so Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and many others can meet their quarterly sales projections and satisfy their institutional shareholders.

    Does it matter if a nation is conquered by force of arms, or by a wave of immigration so large that the newcomers radically alter the voting patterns and very social fabric of the places they settle?

  19. Jim, one quibble:

    Civil Wars are are warfare between two or more political factions to establish which of them will rule the whole.

    The 1861-65 conflict was NOT A CIVIL WAR, even if endless historians use Newspeak in their treatment of it.

    It was an attempt at peaceful secession that was put down by invasion and slaughter, whose seed was the patently illegal resupply of Fort Sumter which everyone at the time knew was an act of war.

  20. We are ruled by SCORPIONS.

    Scorpions are by their nature driven to sting, to kill, to destroy even if in doing so they destroy themselves.

    What normal people would regard as behavior of a complete and total psychopath, the people who rule us deem perfectly normal.

    Never forget: We are ruled by people so different from the rest of us that they are essentially a different species, Homo sapiens subspecies sociopath/psychopath.

  21. He is not a moron he is a in idiot negro. I find it amazing they elected him in the first place and then I was more amazed they did it the second time knowing for sure he was not only the wrong guy but he was illegal in the first place!

    You are most correct when you say ” These imperfect documents would benefit and protect the rights of the American people only if applied by moral, just, incorruptible, noble, honorable leaders and enforced by an educated, concerned, vigilant citizenry.”

    Most of the concerned citizen already know what you are talking about but seem powerless to the point of only showing history and their errors that we should we warned about.

  22. The wave of southern European immigration 100 years ago pretty much destroyed the plurality of understanding limited government and republican values.

    The wave of Central American immigration now is pretty much killing the last vestiges of the embrace of civil society. What we are getting is a toxic combination of US hyper-political power and south-of-the-border overt corruption.

    What we end up with is the worst of both.

  23. ADMIN. You’ve done a MARVELOUSLY clear & concise job of “Learning (and teaching) from History”! I’m simply saddened to know that you & I are some of the FEW of the VERY SMALL MINORITY (who certainly appear to be your friends and fans), that COULD have, (had we had better opportunity), TAUGHT & EDUCATED the ignorant. So sad that the Dept. of Ed. so UTTERLY FAILED to maintain & educate the BASIC MORAL & ETHICAL foundation upon which this Nation was founded. BUT! THANK YOU very much for assisting me in the little opportunities to educate!

  24. This is well-done,but do not forget that there were “Five Good Emperors’ who provided over 80 years of relative peace and prosperity,and several of the ‘Barracks Emperors’ like Probus and Aurelian were saviors of public order. Finally, Diocletian and Constantine re-invented the Empire, whose Eastern half survived for a millennium. They had their ‘Fourth Turnings’ after a fashion, and they emerged to survive to fight another day for centuries. We can,too.

    Maybe James, Webb’s Presidential musings presage a turning point in our journey. S&H mentioned him as a Prophet archetype. He spoke today at the Nat’l Press Club:

  25. Excellent post as usual. You nailed it with the year 1913 being the turning point of the republic:

    “The beginning of the end of the American Empire can be pinpointed to the year 1913, only 124 years after its inception. Private banking interests captured the monetary system of the empire with the secretive creation of the Federal Reserve. The power of the central state was solidified with the implementation of the personal income tax, allowing politicians to bribe their constituents with modern day “bread and circuses”, paid for with money taken at gunpoint from them by the central state.”

    You only mentioned 2/3 of the triad precipitating the downfall though. Also passed in 1913 was the 17th Amendment, which changed election of U.S. Senators by state legislatures to direct election by the populace. Final loss of control for the states. Further “buy-a-vote” for politicians. More bread and circuses.

  26. Very nice Admin – looking forward to reading the next installment.

    From JC Collins:

    The Ottoman Empire controlled the larger middle eastern region from the 13th Century to the beginning to the 20th. Some of the largest oil deposits on Earth were discovered in and around the Mosul area in 1908. From this moment the efforts by the western banking interests to implement a central bank in the United States doubled and by 1913 the Federal Reserve, the first truly international central bank, was in business and the World War to fragment the Ottoman Empire was underway.

    I had never looked at things in this way – WW I engineered to put the oil in the Mideast in the hands of the western banks. Interesting – they don’t put that in the text books.

  27. I agree with the general direction of thought, but object to the catolicist and therefore globalist and relentlessly western myopic take of things. The breakdown, if you really care to know, began about a thousand years ago with the introduction of taxation by way of the fur tax that began deforestation, the replacement of the wood with the desert based polis, and tax slave based ‘modern’ government.

  28. Two points to make.
    First, the turning point was August 15, 1971 when Nixon defaulted by taking the US off the gold standard (or what was left of it). People are paranoid that the globalists want to create one world government and one world currency (thereis a difference betweencurrency and money). Precious metals were a global money for 5000 years bebefore the world adopted the fiat experiment for the last 40 years. Clearly it has been a failed experiment as in all other instances in history.

    Second, the founding fathers were paranoid about the “limited” central government that they were creating and they gave future generations a tool in the Constitution thar they could use to reign in that government in the form of Article V. It gives the state legislatures the power to call a Convention of the States to propose and ratify amendments to the Constitution with zero participation from the federal government. There are no limitations as to what the states can amend up to and includind the dissolution of the federal government. Article V has never been used by the states. The group, Convention of States is working to convince at least the minimum 34 legislatures to call that convention now. I would urge everyone to familiarize themselves with Article V and consider working to convince their state legislatures to call for that convention. It appears to be our last hope before falling back on the 3 percenters who typically end up making change by force.

  29. As usual, you made some very good points with this latest entry. It’s too bad the quote about electing morons brought out the “nigger” haters. I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of thumbs-down clicks, but let’s not run from the truth. We’re all prejudice, but Obama’s race has nothing to do with his decisions — be they smart or moronic.

  30. Most of the comments run parallel, assuming that the end is near. It probably is. It would be surprising if the federal system lasted more than 3 to 4 more years. Fortunately, there are states to provide political continuity.

    Yes, “New Rome” will burn. But there are plenty of areas which can remain vibrant, given freedom from the fetters of the dysfunctional central federal empire.

  31. @John,
    A con-con would produce an overt police state instead of the covert one we have.

    A con-con would undoubtedly codify cultural Marxism in law (worse than now) and attempt to repeal the innate rights noted in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments.

    Today’s typical American has no clue that the Bill of Rights simply enumerates liberties every human is born with, regardless of whether or not the despotism in which he lives respects them.

    Fewer than half of Americans can name the three branches of our political government, for Heaven’s sake.

  32. @dc.sunsets
    If you don’t trust the legislatures of 38 states to ratify only amendments that benefit the sovereign states and their citizens, then maybe it is time to jump to the 3 per center solution. Remember, Article gives the STATE legislatures the power to ratify ANY amendments, including the dissolution of the federal government and return of all powers of governance to the states.

  33. The 3rd article is the only solution. State sovereignty under the umbrella of protection agains war onfirmed by legislative consent only. Obama is Huckleberry. The People are a congregation of countrmen and women and non-cityzens.

  34. It is true that 1913 was probably the major turning point from a republic to a mobocracy, along with the four administrations of FDR, but the groundwork was absolutely laid by “Honest” Abe. Anyone reading here probably already knows the damage he did to the Republic, so suffice it to say that freedom in America died at the stone wall on the Gettysburg Battlefield, with the failure of Pickett’s Charge.

  35. 1913 was just the acceleration of a trend that inflected when Lincoln crushed the secession of the Confederacy.

    Lincoln’s War forever altered the very nature of the USA, from a voluntary collection of small states to a coercive empire.

    1913 saw the direct election of senators (eviscerating any power of the states to tell Washington DC to go screw themselves) and the Income Tax (which put every man’s property entirely at the mercy of the political mob’s thirst for others’ property.)

    B follows A. One could opine that without A (Lincoln’s War), there would have been no monolithic USA for Wilson to lie into war, World War 1 would have ended in stalemate so no Treaty of Versailles, the Bolsheviks would not have taken over Russia, therefore no Stalin, no communist mass murder, no rise of the Third Reich, no World War 2, no Cold War.

    The Fabians (bread-and-circus welfare promoters extraordinaire) might still be gnashing their teeth in frustration at the independence and liberty of American citizens.

    History is one long concatenation of errors committed at the ruling level.

  36. @John,

    I am all for libertarian ideology, but when I look at my fellow citizens and the assholes they send to their state legislatures (I live in IL, so we have it worse than some, I’ll aver) I’m left with zero expectation of benefit of any attempt to redo the state-federal relationship.

    We do not have the problems we have because aliens landed in Washington DC and they’re forcing people, at “gun point,” to do all this stupid stuff.

    We have these problems because the individuals in our society desire it.
    It is at its heart a philosophical and moral degenerative disease.

    The solution therefore (in my view) does not lay in constitutions, legalities, or revolutions. It lies in a renewal of moral vitality, and we have no hope of people re-learning those lessons without first experiencing the harshest of beatings….and even then, the odds don’t favor them learning jack.

    As Doug Casey cogently puts it, “There are no political solutions to problems created by politics.”

  37. dc. sunsets

    You have really been on a roll with your commentary.

    I’d love for you to write some articles if you so desire. With AWD gone, there has been a vacuum of good material that I can’t fill.

  38. @soulsearcher: “but Obama’s race has nothing to do with his decisions — be they smart or moronic.”

    You are full of shit. Obummer makes race a part of his agenda whenever he can, with the demon Valerie Jarrett whispering in his ear.

    [Admin, what the hell is this error from wordpress?: “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” It was at least 5 minutes between this attempt and my last one (mistakenly under “anonymous”).]

  39. I agree with admin, DC, you need to write some articles. Of course, the people who need to read them will not understand……if the people who need to read them read them at all.

    End game

  40. @ Stucky – picture of cruise missile launch

    The Roman Emperor Hadrian presided over one of the most peaceful and prosperous periods in Roman history second only to Augustus. How did he do it?
    His predecessor was Trajan, an expansionist warmonger. Trajan left Hadrian with an Empire at constant war with Mesopotamia (modern Iraq and Syria) and Parthia (modern Iran). Upon assuming the purple Hadrian quickly made peace with the Parthians and abandoned all of Trajan’s conquests in Mesopotamia, calculating them not to be worth the lives and wealth required to keep them. He contracted the Empire to a manageable size and prosperity followed.
    America is bogged down in exactly the same area of the world today and is confronted with a similar decision as Hadrian; continue to drain our nations (Empires) resources or cut losses and leave the area to its own destruction. History demonstrates that Hadrian made the wise choice. In future it will demonstrate that America made the wrong choice.


    You mention “five good emperors”.

    Trajan was one of the supposed five “good” Emperors mentioned by Gibbon yet
    his regimes policies more closely resemble Americas current policies, as far as I can tell, than any other Emperor. From his wars in what is modern Iraq, Syria and Iran, to the devaluation of Roman Currency, to the actual showering of plebs with cash (like Bush’s $500), his implementing social welfare programs, hosting games at the Colosseum and his grandiose building programs, he would have fit right into Washington today.

  41. The Pax Romana, was the greatest period of peace and prosperity in Roman history which lasted from 27BC until 190AD after the death of Marus Arillius. The above article mentions Imperial rulers from Julius Ceaser 42BC thru Nero 54AD. There where some terrible rulers such as Nero, Tiberius and Caligula, but the Empire was almost to it’s geographical historical expanse and it’s standard of living was the highest ever known to mankind and not to be reached again until the 19th century in England.

    The Romans where not oppressive rulers. If you paid your taxes and accepted Roman rules and laws, they would leave you alone. If you wanted to become a citizen of Rome, all you had to do was join the army and once you retired you earned your citizenship. An empire would not have lasted over 600 years by oppressive rule. Most of the population in the conquered areas thought of themselves as Romans and acquired Roman ways of living and culture.

    The Western Roman Empire did not fall until 476AD over 300 years after the death of Nero.

  42. Too often historian forget the 159 years – almost the amount of time from the Declaration to WWII -of the colonial experience. This has chilling implications when one considers the 400+ years the Pax Americana has been in both emergence and power.

    Semper Fi
    Go Flames!

  43. Meh.. Global collapse by 2016 or so is a given.
    Who gives a fuck about this shit ?
    Look – forget the verbose diatribe – focus on saving your own dumb arses ok ?
    Yeah, the USA is a failing corrupt diseased FIAT economy clusterfuck like most other countries so endless posts on the topic just wastes time and distracts YOU, the reader, from getting off your fucking arses and preparing.
    If you’re only learning about history now and seeing parallels you’ve wasted 6 years post GFC now haven’t you…

    Look… time is FUCKING LIMITED in the extreme ok ?
    Fuck screwing “the man”. You can’t and 90% of the population are too dumb to care anyway.
    Fuck endless 60’s and 70’s oldie music vids
    Fuck wasting your damn time on endless waffley shit.
    Fuck the current debt.
    Fuck China/Russia/Syria/Saudi Arabia/anyone fucking else.
    Fuck ANYTHING that doesn’t help YOU right now to save you and those you give a fuck about, ‘cos YOUR time is 99.9% G-O-N-E, got it ?
    Wake the fuck up or you’ll still be posting when the bomb drops.

  44. a nation ruled by effeminates male milksops and gender confused harpies will not stand the test of time on it.

    Men who have fought know how difficult it is to stand against the crowd and that civilization is fragile and important. A man who has experienced violence knows that, at its core, civilization is an agreement between men to behave well. That agreement can be broken at any moment; it’s part of manhood to be ready when it is. Men who have been in fights know about something that is rarely spoken of without snickering these days: honor. Men who have been in fights know that, on some level, words are just words: At some point, words must be backed up by deeds.

    Above all, men who have been in fights know that there is nothing good or noble about being a victim. This is a concept the modern “conservative movement,” mostly run by wimps, has lost, probably irrevocably. They’re forever tugging at my heartstrings, from No Child Left Behind to Israel’s plight to MLK’s wonders to whining that the media doesn’t play fair to the overwrought emotional appeals they use to justify dropping bombs on Muslims. The Republicans are even taking seriously a pure victim-candidate: Michelle Bachman. As far as can be told, she’s a middle-American Barack Obama with boobs and a slightly loopier world view.

    Modern “civilized” males don’t get in fistfights. They don’t play violent sports. They play video games and, at best, watch TV sports. Modern males are physical and emotional weaklings. The ideal male isn’t John Wayne or James Bond or Jimmy Stewart anymore. It’s some crying tit that goes to a therapist, a sort of agreeable lesbian with a dick who calls the police (whom he hates in theory) when there is trouble. The ideal modern male is the British shrimp who handed his pants over to the looter in south London.

    How did we get here? Estrogens in the food supply? Cultural Marxism’s corrosive influence? Small families? Some of the greatest badasses I’ve known had many brothers to fight with growing up. When good men who will fight are all extinct, there is no more civilization. No lantern-jawed viragos are going to save you from the barbarian hordes. No mincing nancy boys with Harvard diplomas will stand up for the common decencies: They’re a social construct, dontcha know. The conservative movement won’t save you: They’re chicken-hearted careerists petrified of offending a victim group.

    Teddy Roosevelt, my ideal President, kept a lion and a bear as pets in the White House and took his daily exercise doing jiu-jitsu and boxing. He even lost vision in an eye in a friendly boxing match while he was president. Our last three glorious leaders are men who kept fluffy dogs and went jogging. I don’t trust squirrelly girly-men in any context. When confronted with difficult decisions, they don’t do what’s right or tell the truth—they’ll do what’s easy or politically expedient. Unlike the last three, Teddy Roosevelt never sent men to die in pointless wars, though he was more than happy to go himself or risk his neck wrestling with bears.

  45. None other than George Washington made a covenant with God at the founding of this naton. As a nation we have turned our back on God and now we are paying the price. The wall of God’s protection has been lifted. Just think if the day of Sept 11, 2001 had been cloudy and foggy. Do you think those terrorist could have found the World Trade Center in clouds and fog?

  46. Mr Quinn,

    This was fantastically well written, and spot on. I found you through a few repostings in the Doomstead Diner, and you are suddenly in my top 5 favorite writers on these subjects. Thank you very much for sharing your brilliant thoughts with the world. Stay vigilant my friend.


  47. The most profound moments of moral, economic and social decline arrived via the “bailouts” of Wall Street. Bush and Obama were willing conspirators. The senile global gun slinger McCain would have to if elected. That single act became socialism for the power elite and capitalism for the rest essentially.
    A bell weather of any nation’s health is an examination of it’s female populace. Let’s have a looksy. Most are consumeristic, materialistic, carrer oriented over family oriented and/ or promiscuous, vain, dummed down and drugged up on “meds” and envious.
    Don’t count on churches to lead them or us. They advance the prosperity gospel and global exploits of other nations right from the pulpit. One world government isn’t the answer. One local brain at a time examining history is. We have seen this episode before and it doesn’t have a happy ending.

  48. The Roman empire had limited logistics, technology and only localized destructive weapons. The U.S. and Britain have the same Hubris as the ancients and much improved military might.
    Senseless violence and meaningless sex are the tools to entertain the programmed masses of today just as it was, it still is.
    Many aren’t very patriotic about defending the ideas of greedy and arrogant nations. Although they are told they must.
    Carl Rove’s infamous quote about history and who makes it may just be famous last words. Kinda like, “Hey watch this ! ”
    All we can do is be voyers to psychopaths destroying our world.


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